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Sweet Corner Bakeshop: A 2 Pound Chocolate Nutella Heart

Shop Specialties Sweet Corner Bakeshop 2 Pound Chocolate Nutella Heart

I cracked open New York’s most famous 2 pound chocolate Nutella heart at Sweet Corner Bakeshop, in the West Village, and got chocolate all over me. But, then again, it’s Nutella!

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Even before I moved to New York in April of 2015, I already had a favorite spot in the West Village I visited every time I visited to NYC. It’s not only loved by visitors, but also certainly, by locals.

So, today I have a surprise for you, so you might as well continue reading and watch the video above. Why? I cracked open their famous 2 pound chocolate Nutella heart.

The result? I had Nutella all over me. Hahaha!

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Located on a street corner in the super trendy West Village, Sweet Corner Bakeshop is known for their Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie.

I don’t need to prove how good it is, because everyone who’s tried it, will agree!

Shop Specialties Sweet Corner Bakeshop 2 Pound Chocolate Nutella Heart West Village
Sweet Corner Bakeshop, in the West Village. ©Behind the Scenes NYC

But, in case you’ve never been to Sweet Corner Bakeshop, I want to tell you that it’s even won the title of “Best Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie” in town. It’s hard to properly describe and put into words, but I can guarantee that it’s definitely worth ALL the calories, lol!

Plus, it’s made with 4 kinds of chocolate and Sea Salt directly from France, perfectly balanced per cookie!

To pair the cookie, you might want to order their coffee made with beans from Honduras, Brazil and Columbia. The killer combo for any time of the year.

Oh! And that’s not the only highlight. This neighborhood gem is also known for having countless desserts overflowing with a super delicious and rich Nutella filling, like their red velvet Nutella cookie.

Shop Specialties Sweet Corner Bakeshop 2 Pound Chocolate Nutella Heart Red Velvet
Photo Credit: Courtesy

And, come on, who in the world does not like Nutella?

Sweet Corner’s founder, Rodolfo Gonçalves, is also known for being a spectacular cake designer, with a creativity many other professionals might envy. Since he was a very young boy, he was always drawing and expressing his artistic gift in school.

The result? Well, you might want to pass by sometime and check out their cake boutique window at the store. You’ll certainly be amazed with what he’s been creating with his team of experts. Some cakes can even take up to 2-3 days to be completely finished!

Plus, as we know, every man has a powerful partner beside him, right? In Rodolfo’s case, his wife, Patricia, is his right and left arm. Such a beautiful, kind, smart and determined woman that is responsible for big part of their well-deserved success.

I told Rodolfo that I’d heard him saying that his mom thinks he’s a super star, and I found that adorable! I mean, moms are moms, but I told him…that maybe she’s right! I heard a few rumors of a quite exciting project coming in early 2019 that might prove her statement! I can’t it share now…but do keep your antennas on! This will be pretty amazing!

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Shop Specialties Sweet Corner Bakeshop Mini Chocolate Nutella Hearts
Mini Chocolate Nutella Hearts. ©Behind the Scenes NYC

I also asked him about a “big dream” he’s always had! Something about a F1 car!?

Well, it appears that, as a huge fan of Formula 1 race car driving, Rodolfo dreams to one day be able to design and bake a life sized replica cake of a Formula 1 race car. And….tchan tchan tchan tchan…this might happen earlier than we expect! So exciting!

Now, straight to the point! I had seen this surreal 2 pound chocolate Nutella heart they were selling during the 2018 Valentine’s Day. Oh, and it’s painted with this super beautiful edible gold paint! It’s went viral on Social Media, especially because only 300 special hearts were produced. Apparently, people were calling and begging to get at least one for them. Quite a commotion! So, I decided to head there, invade their kitchen and help create this huge piece of delicious art. And, of course, crack it open! As Rodolfo said:

“It’s the only heart you can break!”

I was able to do it all, get in action in the kitchen, but I had a bit of a hard time cracking it properly. And, it ends up that I got Nutella all over me and, with the help of Rodolfo, I even had it on my face! But then again, it’s Nutella, so it’s ok!

Shop Specialties Sweet Corner Bakeshop 2 Pound Chocolate Nutella Heart Fernanda Paronetto
Fê Paronetto preparing the 2 Pound Chocolate Nutella Heart – or trying. Photo Credit: Black3 Agency for BTSNYC

I’m a chocoholic and I do believe that chocolate is love, and so is Nutella. So, there’s no better gift, in my opinion, regardless of the time of the year. After all, Nutella needs no reason!

Keep your eyes open for the upcoming super star moment and also for the next Valentine’s Day, where they told me, they’ll have another big, viral surprise!

If you need any help to cater your private event, or if you need assistance for a corporate gathering, let your experts help you!

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Location: 535 Hudson Street


VideographyBlack3 Agency
: Black3 Agency and ©Behind the Scenes NYC

BeautyLeila Soldeira

Woops! Bakeshop: A Neighborhood Bakeshop In Williamsburg

Dining Woops Bakeshop Williamsburg Façade

Our Founder, Fê Paronetto, loves working from a cute Bakeshop in Williamsburg called Woops! BakeShop.

Dining Woops Bakeshop Williamsburg Façade

Woops! Bakeshop was founded in 2012 in New York City. Like many of the amazing store today, Woops started with a pop-up shop at Bryant Park’s Holiday Shops and after the huge success, they began expanding.

They started by making the famous macarons and today have a selection of over 30 yummy artisanal pastries inspired in their tireless travels around the world exploring what each place offers best!

We are always in search of the best soy chai in New York, and the one at Woops is Fê’s number one. She loves adding a bit of honey to make it a bit sweeter, since she’s got a sweet-tooth! Their mozzarella with olive pesto sandwich is a great pick for a quick afternoon bite!

You can find them in some of the coolest neighborhoods through out the U.S. But, you’d certainly think they are a small local vendor, with an amazing small bakeshop and to-die-for goodies. They kept the “local” vibe and it’s certainly what makes the difference.

As they explain:

“Although we have expanded quite a bit since our debut, we put in extra effort to keep a close relationship with our local communities. Nothing is more satisfying or heartwarming to us than creating a space in which people can connect, relax, and enjoy the “sweeter” side of life.”

The Williamsburg location is the one in NY we love the most. Their décor is super cozy and welcoming, all cool Brooklynites go there and the food is obviously fantastic. Plus, they are super friendly with freelance people sticking around to work, so they have plugs all over the shop, making sure can hang around for a while!

You’ll probably bump into Fernanda their, since this bakeshop in Williamsburg one of her top spots to work from!

It you’re in the hood, be sure to curiously walk through the streets and experience the local vibe.

You might want to go to the waterfront, to see Manhattan’s skyline and take a few Instagram-worthy shots. For lunch or dinner, try the Italian restaurant, Lilia, but be sure to book way in advance, since the waiting list extends a full month.

If you’re in the shopping fever, be sure to explore these 3 fantastic vintage stores with brands like Missoni, Oscar de la Renta, Stella McCartney and you might even bump into a Chanel ‘relic’.

We do know that many people come to New York and are so addicted to sports and fitness that they search for the best local gyms. Try Renzo Gracie’s Fight Academy Muay Thai class. Certainly our pick!

When night comes, go see a show at Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn’s latest venue.

Location: 549 Driggs Avenue


Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC
*Last Update on March/2020.*


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