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5 Healthy Food Spots In NYC To Eat Well Or Splurge

Dining 5 NYC Restaurants Gabriela Pugliesi BareBurger

We shared a few NYC restaurant tips exclusively for the Brazilian fitness blogger, Gabriela Pugliesi. Take a look at 5 healthy food spots in NYC where you can go to eat well or even, break your diet.

Today’s post today is a delicious one!

There is nothing better than talking about travel and food, right!?! So, if you’re coming to New York City, we’ve chosen 5 great restaurants that should be added to your To-Go list!

Some are very healthy, and some are great places just to go when you feel like breaking your diet for the day!

A macrobiotic organic restaurant: Souen

Many will read “macrobiotic” and be immediately intimidated by the words. Don’t be!

In a nutshell, macrobiotic cooking is simply a term for identifying a food that is rich in whole grains, very healthy, that teaches us to be aware of what we eat. Why? The food we eat will become part of us – yes, it has ancient Japanese teachings behind this cuisine too! Plus, they do not use industrialized products. Moreover, there is still an explanation of macrobiotic food related to Ying-Yang, but we’ll not get into this now.

Well,  this cuisine is made up of whole grains, vegetables, sea vegetables, beans, fish and soups.

Whoever liked the brief description above, will love the Souen. With 2 locations – Soho and East Village – the restaurant was founded in 1971 and offers some of the city’s best natural organic and vegan foods.

It’s hard to say what to try, since anyone who enjoys healthy food will probably come back a few times to order different dishes. But, some of our suggestions are: the dishes with seitan (wheat protein), the wheat noodles are delicious, the salmon and the cod are divine too. You can still add to your order a salad and other side dishes.

Ah! Be sure to order the gluten free desserts! It will certainly be a different experience.


Chic Vegan Spot: Pure Food & Wine

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Erica Graff

Located at 54 Irving Place, Pure Food & Wine celebrated this year, 10 years!

Considered the 1st high-end vegan restaurant in New York, the menu is entirely based on vegetables. They do not use processed ingredients and nothing is heated above 118 degrees – thus it is possible to preserve the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the ingredients.

This restaurant is a great option for the lovers of healthy, vegan food, and also great for those who can’t eat gluten or lactose – neither of which are used on the menu.

In addition to the great take-out menu and an amazing presentation of the dishes, the ambience is super stylish with an outside area – certainly difficult to find in New York.

The waiters are very friendly and you certainly won’t stay for only 1 drink.

Farm to table: Market Table

Launched in 2007 and a huge success to date, Market Table is a restaurant with a farm-to-table menu.

Located on 54 Carmine Street, in the West Village, the restaurant is small, cozy, with impeccable service, giant windows and brick walls with that rustic feeling, serving healthy food. Their menu changes according to the season, so you’ll be sure to always have something new to try.

The kitchen is open, which gives the chef the pleasure of seeing the customer’s expression at their first bite! Certainly a thrill!

Dishes are simple, yet tasty and delicious. In the summer you can expect a menu with burrata, salads, seafood, vegetables and vegetables. In the winter, the food is a bit more full-bodied, like the pork rib dishes, but New York’s cold days call for these dishes too, right?

It’s a great place to go for dinner, or just go for a quick lunch. The wine list is very good too!


More than a restaurant, a lifestyle: M.O.B. – Maimonide of Brooklyn

Dining 5 NYC Restaurants Gabriela Pugliesi Maimonide of Brooklyn by Raven Crow Studio
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Raven + Crow Studio

Brooklyn has got a new vegetarian restaurant called M.O.B. – Maimonide of Brooklyn. M.O.B. it’s not only a restaurant, but the story of this project is pretty cool too!

Before we speak of this place, we’ll quickly explain the name. Moses Maimonides, from which came the name “Maimonide”, was a Jewish physician, philosopher and religious man, born in Cordoba in 1135. One of his great studies was to understand the health benefits of various combinations of fruits, vegetables and seasonings.

The French restaurateur, Cyril Aouizerate, Founder of M.O.B., studied for many years the philosophies of Maimonides and the HipHop movement, until he decided finally open a store at 525 Atlantic Avenue, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Cyril joined forces with Michelin-starred chefs, Alain Senderens and Jerome Banctel, and American chef Neal Harden to create the menu.

The main course, called the M.O.B., of course, is kind of tart with vegetables, fruits and spices, and is served on a tray and is shaped liked the Brookyn Bridge. Must haves on the menu are: burgers, hot dogs, mac&cheese. Plus, the desserts are to die for.

The place still offers a complimentary Comic Books, created by Cyril himself. You’ll find children puzzles, M.O.B.’s story, texts and poems and a comic book where the protagonist is a boy that discovers that his power comes from a pill he takes, made of vegetables and fruits. Very cute!

In addition, every detail of the place was carefully thought about and the result was amazing.

Cyril hired the duo of punk architects, Kristian Gavoille and Valerie Garcia.

The tables are giant and communal, with several drawers, where you find chalk for children, cutlery, etc. One of the walls has a giant United States flag and on the other wall, hunting trophies with a short description of what was “hunted”, such as: “Miss. Banana, June 2008-August 2008, died for banana bread”, or “Mr. Avocado, 2009-2010, died for guacamole” and even “Mr. Potato, May 2009 – July 2009, died for french fries”!

They also have a great bar and a gift shop. Anyway, it’s surely a unique experience in Brooklyn!

Who says eating healthy can not be fun ?!

For the Burger-holics: BareBurger

Dining 5 NYC Restaurants Gabriela Pugliesi BareBurger

Do you ever crave and just enjoying breaking your diet with a juicy hamburger or cheeseburger? Most likely, yes! But, can you eat it free of guilt?

BareBurger has countless different locations and is an organic & all-natural restaurant serving burgers, snacks and shakes.

The menu has their famous burgers, delicious salads, other types of sandwiches, some snacks and incredible shakes. The cool thing is that, unlike some places where only the meat is organic, Bare Burger works with all organic products from eggs, dairy, cheese, etc.

Plus, their organic options range from chicken, turkey and lamb to exotic meats like bison, elk and ostrich.

These exotic meats are considered leaner and have more protein than traditional meats. Just be careful if you have cholesterol issues.

To accompany any of the dishes, you can still choose a wine or a beer. Also organic!


If you enjoyed this post, you might want to read about a post about wellness and trendy lifestyle in NYC that we also wrote for Gabi.

For the original version of this post, in Portuguese, see Gabriela Pugliesi’s website.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Erica Graff and Raven + Crow Studio

Gisela Gueiros: NY Tips Through The Eyes Of An Art Expert

Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros by Victoria Will for Loeffler Randall

We interviewed the art expert, Gisela Gueiros. This Brooklyn-based art connoisseur shared with us the most fantastic list of NY Tips. Come explore the city through her eyes!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros by Victoria Will for Loeffler Randall
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Victoria Will for Loeffler Randall

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto interviewed Gisela Gueiros: a guide to the Arts, Vogue Brazil’s Correspondent, Blogger about what is happening in NYC, a Master in Art History and Founder of Taxi Amarelo.

Plus, she’s the mom of beautiful twin boys…transplanted from São Paulo to Brooklyn.

So, see below her Top 6 NYC Tips + 1 artsy spot in Connecticut:

“I recently celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Blue Hill Farm, in the Hudson Valley. Leaving Grand Central Station it’s about an hour away. The tasting menu is made up of the freshest seasonal ingredients – many of them picked directly from the farm where the restaurant is located. Dan Barber is the chef-owner. Divine!”

Located in Pocantico Hills, in the Hudson Valley, Blue Hill Farm was previously owned by two brothers, until Ann Marlowe Straus was able to buy it from them.

But, this actually took years to happen, since they didn’t want to sell it.

Ann share a bit more about the story:

“Back then it was a dairy run by two brothers. What a mess! They had cows pasturing in the front yard, for god’s sake… And the barn and house were run-down and so dirty I couldn’t believe it. And, you know what? I loved it. I loved the open pastures, I loved the backdrop of blue hills, I loved that I felt like a queen every time I came up here.”

Location: 630 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, NY 


Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Outdoor Area
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Oysters
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Sandwich
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Meat
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Fish
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Crepe
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros French Louie Avocado Toast
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Location: 320 Atlantic Avenue (b/t Smith and Hoyt), Boerum Hill


The gallery was founded in 1985 by Lawrence Luhring & Roland Augustine.

Its principal focus is the representation of an international group of contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture, video and photography.

Furthermore, it’s surely one of the best galleries to visit while you’re in New York.

531 West 24th Street, Chelsea
25 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick


Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery by Panoramio
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Bench
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Bronze Mask
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Stool
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Prints
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Bronze Bowl
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Mask
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Instrument
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Man Sculpture
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Tabwa Gallery Hand Carved Sculpture
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“This shop sells ethnic doodads – clothes, towels, pillows, rugs and jewelry. You can spend hours just browsing. I love it!”

Location: 66 Greenwich Avenue (b/t Perry Street & 7th Avenue), Greenwich Village


“I love the surroundings of Van Brunt Street, in Red Hook. In addition to the charming restaurants, such as Good Fork, it has my favorite plant store, the Chelsea Garden Center. Plus, the recently opened research center for contemporary culture called Pioneer Works.”

Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Van Brunt Street Good Fork Restaurant

“The Good Fork Restaurant and bar is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, serving eclectic seasonal new American food in a warm and cozy setting.”

In addition, the Good Fork launched in March of 2006 and has thrived serving the wonderful Red Hook community and beyond.

Location: 391 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook


Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Van Brunt Street Garden Center

Chelsea Garden Center opened for business in 1984 on a rubble-strewn 2,700 square-foot corner of industrial Chelsea with just a garden umbrella, a cash box, a tiny cedar potting shed and a spare lot brimming with plants specially selected for urban and city gardens.”

Their first Brooklyn location at 444 Van Brunt Street adjacent to the new Fairway market on the waterfront in Red Hook.

Location: 444 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook


Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Van Brunt Street Pioneer Works Red Hook

“Through a broad range of educational programs, performances, arts and science residencies, and exhibitions, Pioneer Works seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, foster community, and provide a space where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways.”

The organization was founded in 2012 by artist Dustin Yellin and is located in a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Red Hook.

Location: 159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook


And, a little bit of history about the park:

“In 1866, Stranahan and the  park commissioners hired Olmsted, Vaux & Company to transform 585 acres of remnant forest and rocky farmland into a landscape whose beauty, though manufactured, would nurture the mind, the body and even the fabric of society.

At the heart of their design were the 90-acre Long Meadow, the woodland Ravine, meandering paths with scenic lookouts, and a watercourse that featured waterfalls, springs and the 60-acre Lake.

Plus, the Park officially opened in 1867, even though construction continued for another seven years, and it was an unparalleled success.

An 1868 report to the Brooklyn Park Commissioners noted that in July alone there had been more than 100,000 visitors to the incomplete park.”

Location: 95 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn


Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros The Glass House Connecticut by Yayoi Kusama
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros Prospect Park
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros The Glass House Connecticut
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros The Glass House Connecticut by Stacy Bass Night
Curiosities Insider Interviews Gisela Gueiros The Glass House Connecticut by Robin Hill
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The Glass House, built between 1949 – 1995 by the architect Philip Johnson, is a National Trust Historic Site located in New Canaan, Connecticut. The pastoral 49-acre landscape comprises fourteen structures, including the Glass House (1949), and features a permanent collection of 20th-century painting and sculpture, along with temporary exhibitions. You can tour of the site from May through November and we recommend advance reservations.

So, what’s on?

Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden, a landscape installation that will be on view throughout the 2016 tour season to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Philip Johnson’s birth and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Glass House site to the public. First created fifty years ago in 1966 for the 33rd Venice Biennale, this iteration of Narcissus Gardenwill be incorporated into the Glass House’s 49-acre landscape. (Text extracted from website).

Location: 199 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT


Thank you, Gisela, for this fantastic list of insider tips! We are always eager to know what you will share next.


Photo Credits: Courtesy of the venues, Portrait of Gisela Gueiros by Victoria Will for Loeffler Randall, Elizabeth Keegin Colley, Martin Seck, Panoramio, Robin Hill and Yayoi Kusama

The Boerum: A Temporary Retail Concept in Boerum Hill

Shop Home and Kids Boerum House Decor

The Boerum House & Home is a new store for house and home. Hosted inside a luxury residential building, this is a temporary retail concept that you might want to check out!

Shop Home and Kids Boerum House Decor


To start, Boerum House & Home is a great place to buy amazingly beautiful and unique things for your home. The project is located in the heart of Boerum Hill, in Brooklyn.

They offer amazing curated collections of meticulously crafted objects from over 130 celebrated Brooklyn designers, makers, and artists. We find this fantastic and we love exploring Brooklyn-based arts and crafts.

Flank, a leading New York City architecture and development company, operates the store. They designed the store similar to a fully furnished apartment. Plus, the project is curated by Partners & Spade – an award-winning creative agency and design studio founded by Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti.

It’s definitely a place to go and surely you’ll have a tough time figuring out what you should buy first.

Note: This is actually a luxury residential building, where they added this retail concept to enrich the experience. It lasted only a few months.

Learn about the history of Boerum Hill:

“A local newspaper urged that Brooklyn “must necessarily become a favorite residence for gentlemen of taste and fortune. For merchants and shopkeepers of every description, for artists, artisans, mechanics, laborers and persons of every trade in society.”

Boerum was named by a family of early Dutch settlers who developed and defended the area during the American Revolution. It became home to the many commuting ironworkers who built the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as many of New York’s landmark skyscrapers.

As a satellite community to the city across the river, it has always benefited from five-star influences and tastes.”

And little bit more about Flank:

Founded in 2002, Flank was formed as a design and development firm. They commit to making meaningful contributions to the built environment.

Partners Jon Kully and Mick Walsdorf envisioned a vertically integrated practice that controlled the total real estate process—from concept to programming, architecture, development, marketing, and sales.

Completed work reflects the firm’s commitment to design, livability, and architectural achievement.

Flank’s primary focus is on residential and mixed-use condominium buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In addition, if you are moving to New York City or if you’re looking for a new home, we are fans of Brooklyn. But, our Real Estate experts are able to assist you in anything you might be looking for. From luxury residential building, to other options based on your budget.

Moreover, our team can also cater to any Corporate Request you might have, in partnership with our Real Estate experts.

Location: 314 Atlantic Avenue



Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Boerum
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