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NYC Nightlife: Bar & Club Crawl Tour

BTSNYC Experiences On Going NYC Nightlife Bar Club Crawl Tour

If you enjoy NYC nightlife, try the Bar & Club Crawl – a hosted group experience including live music, rooftop lounges, trendy bars, hidden speakeasies or a vibrant club.


BTSNYC Experiences On Going NYC Nightlife Bar Club Crawl Tour Cocktails

Yes, New York City is a city known for countless things! From fashion and food, to art and music! And, we couldn’t forget to mention, its endless nightlife.

With a city with just so much to do, a little hand with it comes to bars, rooftops and clubs, is always welcome. There is a reason it’s called “The City That Never Sleeps”, right?

There are many people that reach out to us saying that they are alone in New York, or in a small group, and would love to meet people in NYC!

Others are couples, but would love to join a group to have a great night out!

So, all these problems are solved with this Bar & Club Crawl tour!

Each night includes at least four venues, free admission, skipping the lines and two complimentary drinks.

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Oh! In addition, if you have a bigger party or a corporate group that would love the Bar & Club Crawl tour, but would prefer an exclusive experience, we can certainly make it happen!



  • $35 / person (Free admission to each location)
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Duration: Hosted by nightlife concierge for duration of 4 hours
  • Meeting Location: Dr. Smood Coffee Shop at 181 East Houston Street (at Orchard Street)
  • Two complimentary drinks (some purchase may be required)
  • Express entry to each venue
  • Dress Code: Upscale casual and neat. Moderate walking required. Comfortable shoes recommended
  • 21+ years of age – bring valid government issued ID (passport if not a U.S. citizen)
  • Ticket price includes tax and fees. Gratuity not included.


Lastly, if you need any other type of assistance, let us know!

There is so much you can do in NYC, from upstate art tours, to jet ski ride on the Hudson River, to open-door helicopter rides and picnics in the park!

Phiuf! And the best thing is that we can help plan everything for you!

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The Sleepless New York City Nightlife Circuit

Nightlife Bars Top of the Standard Boom Boom Room Guests

Today, our Contributor, Joey Zauzig talks about the sleepless New York City nightlife, the most exciting and exclusive places to go and their particularities! So, if you’re a night owl, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

“Nightlife, especially in New York City, can be like a merry-go-round: super exciting at first and then overly easy to get sick of.

Something to know about the nightlife in NYC is that it takes the perfect mix of lounges, clubs, bars and events. To keep things interesting, the right circuit as I like to call it.

Lets face it, who likes seeing the same ‘desperatos‘ waiting at the door to PHD at 3am, or the stragglers who think LeBain is still “exclusive”, you have to change it up.

The truth is, the clubs in New York City are like the Winter’s in New York. It’s cute for a month, then you’ve suddenly become completely sick of it. It doesn’t matter, whether old or new, the day of the week or time you go are major factors.

Some new places, such as The Blond, and even the elder, such as The Boom Boom Room are musts for the perfect circuit. They are great to ensure you’re not riding the merry go round.

Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel Art Work
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel by BFA NYC Couple
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel by BFA NYC for Gotham
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel by BFA NYC Guy Friends
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel by BFA NYC Hotel
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel Mezanine
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel Guest Room
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel Façade
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel by BFA NYC Two Girls
Nightlife Bars The Blond 11 Howard Hotel by BFA NYC Models
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Let’s start with the current, The Blond, located on the 2nd floor of the 11 Howard Hotel in SoHo, had it’s opening just this past weekend and was designed by Anda Andrei and SPACE Copenhagen. The owner is Aby Rosen and the nightlife veterans, part of Aby’s new lounge, Angelo Bianchi & Julio Montego had a spot called Beatrice Inn which was previously one of many and my favorite spots, on any given night.

The Blond gives a Rose Bar feel, but better. Full on glass walls, a spiral staircase, sick art and velvet details make it intimate. It just opened this past weekend. A few of the present guests were: Cuba Gooding Jr., Charlotte Sarkozy, Princess Olympia of Greece, Brian Atwood and Rory Tahari.

But, I see this being one of the new spots in many people’s circuits. It draws in an eclectic chill crowd that won’t be overwhelming to start or end the night. It opens to the public in April.

Nightlife Bars Vinyl Room SoHo House Bar
Nightlife Bars Vinyl Room SoHo House Tables
Nightlife Bars Vinyl Room SoHo House Sofa Chairs
Nightlife Bars Vinyl Room SoHo House Inside
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We have to talk about it, because a lot of people haven’t been, as it is members only – Soho House, located in Meat Packing. Yes, it’s exclusive and yes, it’s a restaurant/hotel, but recently they’ve added Vinyl Room.

Located on the 6th Floor in the old Library. Yes, it’s still members only, unless there is an event going on, then, you still have to be on a list.

This is my favorite if I’m in the mood to dance and throw back a few drinks. Meanwhile, I can also be surrounded by an interesting mix of people, at least until the roof opens in a few weeks!

Nightlife Bars Acme NYC Seating Area
Nightlife Bars Acme NYC Full Table
Nightlife Bars Acme NYC Bar
Nightlife Bars Acme NYC Appetizer
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Next we move on to ACME and, yes, maybe I’m writing about my circuit on certain nights… When it comes to the day of the week rule, ACME plays a big part. Every night of the week is different.

I.E Tuesdays is STRUT which is gay night. Wednesdays tend to be on the slower side. Thursdays which, in my opinion, is the best night for a more chill laid back feel, but always great music.

Nightlife Bars Top of the Standard Boom Boom Room Guests
Nightlife Bars Top of the Standard Boom Boom Room
Nightlife Bars Top of the Standard Boom Boom Room Entrance
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Then we have Top of the Standard, aka The Boom Boom Room. Most of the time, there is always something going on there, so you either know it or you don’t. Long story short, hard door.

Usually if you don’t know anyone, you’re not getting in. But, the place has an incredibly sick atmosphere and 99.9{c8399be91965ff06a5fa23750b49beaf0bc09e4b1c94b50d52f75c5d1635bbfd} of the time, a great crowd.

Nightlife Bars Up & Down Room
Nightlife Bars Up & Down Pool Table
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Now, if you are really looking for a late night and want to keep it going, try Never Never. Which is located right next to the club Up & Down – which is good, but needless to say – it is exclusive and as tiny as they get!

I love it there. The only downside really is 100{c8399be91965ff06a5fa23750b49beaf0bc09e4b1c94b50d52f75c5d1635bbfd} of the time you’ll smell like smoke for at least 3 days. But, I think it’s totally worth it. This should always be the last stop as things don’t get going here till around 1am. Very intimate, Benny at the door can be tough, but if you’re with or ARE the right people, you’re good.

So there’s a crash course for you in the New York City Nightlife scene. The places mentioned above all have pretty strict doors, but if you have the pluckiness, I highly recommend them all.”


If you’re the type that enjoys a bit more laid back spots and crowd, you can try some of these place. Sister’s Brooklyn has great live music.  For the rock’n’roll lovers try Saint Vitus Bar, in Greenpoint. We do have friend that enjoy Marie’s Crisis Cafe and pour their lung out singing Musical lyrics. Zinc Bar is a traditional Jazz Bar we absolutely love, in the Greenwich Village. Last, the Brooklyn Steel is one of the hottest spots in Brooklyn now for big live music performances.

The New York City Nightlife definitely has it all!

The Blond – www.11howard.com – 11 Howard Street, SoHo
Vinyl Roomwww.sohohouseny.com/house/vinyl-room – 29-35 Ninth Avenue, Meatpacking District
Acmehttp://acmenyc.com – 9 Great Jones Street, NoHo
The Boom Boom Roomwww.standardhotels.com – 848 Washington Street, Chelsea
Never Never and Up & Downhttp://uadnyc.com – 244 West 14th Street, Greenwich Village



Photo Credits: Courtesy of the venues, BFA, Buzz Tonight, Faboulous100, Bookabottle and Misssakeusa

Webster Hall: Allegedly owned by Al Capone during the Prohibition Era

Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Entrance

Located in New York City’s cool East Village, Webster Hall was built in 1886 and has hosted performances and major events from across all spectrums of culture. It was allegedly owned by Al Capone during the Prohibition Era.

Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Entrance
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Guests
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Wide Floor
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Bar
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Dance Floor
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Blue Bar
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Stage Area
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Smaller Bar
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Balcony
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Long Bar View
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Lights
Nightlife Bars Webster Hall Audience Seating
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Charles Goldstein, a Polish-born cigar maker, was the person that idealized the project of Webster Hall back in 1886. He hired Charles Rentz as the architect for this fantastic project that was about to be born.

In the beginning, Goldstein rented off the space for live performances, shows, private celebrations. In the early 1900’s it was used for socially and politically inclined purposes related to the NY immigrants.

Around the 1920, extravagant and unconventional masquerade balls took place inside the hall. These parties gathered unpopular groups like gays and lesbians, giving strength to the beginning of the LGBT community in the United States.

And, during the U.S. Prohibition Era, it was one of the most coveted speakeasies in New York City. During this time, it was allegedly owned by the Al Capone. Pretty cool, right?

After the massive fire in 1949, in the early 1950’s the place was still going strong and focused in emerging Latin talents. The venue was bought by RCA Records and was transformed to what was called the Webster Hall Studios.

There, it hosted a recording studio that worked with the biggest names in the music industry like Elvis Presley, Julie Andrews, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennet. Another big list of icons are known for recording their albums on the Grand Ballroom stage.

In mid 1980, it was renamed The Ritz and was one of the top rock’n’roll and punk club. There, guests were able to see live bands perform for the 1st time in North America. Who? Bands like U2, Depeche Mode and The Cure.

In 1992, when the club culture was at it’s heights peak, the Webster Hall was reborn.

Today, the Webster Hall is an architectural gem with 40,000 square foot. In 2008 it was considered by the Landmarks Preservation Commission a New York City landmark with an incredible history and tradition.

It has 3 amazing spaces where you can enjoy different performances. The Grand Ballroom has the capacity to host 1500 people, the Marlin Room, 600 and The Studio holds 400 guests.

Their best parties? Well, the Halloween party and their New Year’s Eve party attract people from all over the globe!

So, take a look at their upcoming events here.

There are other countless speakeasy spots in New York, so be sure to explore them. To visit other amazing spots in the East Village, you might want to start by these three.

Afraid to get lost? Don’t be! These are the situations you’ll have the opportunity of finding the most amazing places in town!

To organize your trip to New York, or a night with a corporate group, contact our experts to see what we can do and how we can be of service.

May vary, so check their website.

Location: 125 East 11th Street




Photo Credits: Courtesy of Webster Hall

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