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A surprising dinner under the bridge by Komeeda

Events Up Coming Komeeda Dinner Under the Bridge

Komeeda hosted a delicious dinner at a surprise breathtaking location in Brooklyn with a priceless view of the Manhattan skyline! It was literally, a dinner under the bridge.

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Komeeda organized a super unique and surprising dinner under the bridge. Chef Shuchi, from 29. Private Kitchen, was in charge during the night and did an extraordinary job!

As we arrived, there was this huge tabled set up for us, right by the riverside. Behind us, we had the beautiful Jane’s Carrousel.

Our group was small, and the perfect size for this experience. We all found our places and sat to talk and start drinking some wine.

The dishes were Indian-inspired and were very tasty. The presentation was also fantastic. Chef Shuchi was literally cooking the food in this super cool, portable oven just a few feet from us.

One of the highlights, even though there obviously were many through out the night, was seeing the sun set behind Manhattan.

After it set, the entire city started lighting up and the glow is indescribable. It’s a view that never gets old, that for sure! Plus, it always reminds us why we moved to New York City!

Komeeda creates unique and flavorful dining experiences throughout New York City, helping foodies discover new restaurants & culinary talents. Plus, they help explore creative dishes and interact with fellow foodies during their all-inclusive food events.

You just need to stay tuned and sign up as soon as they announce the dinner, since spots are super limited!

We’re on the countdown for the next event!

We curate and organize some of the most unique and priceless experiences in New York City. Our experts are creative professionals that will make your visit to NY unforgettable. If you live in NY, let us help you organize your events too.

Lastly, if you are a company bringing in a group of clients or your team, contact us so we can organize a fantastic experience for them.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Komeeda and @chiccsmf
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Dinner experience With A Michelin Starred Chef At The Norm

Events On Going The Norm Brooklyn Museum Dinner Komeeda Chef Saul Bolton

Surrender to a Night at the Museum at The Norm. Komeeda and Michelin Starred Chef, Saul Bolton, put together a unique dinner experience in Brooklyn!

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We’ve written quite a few times about the guys at Komeeda. We’ve covered many of their past events and we are always sharing every new and special experience they cater. Thankfully, we are always informed about them in advance, and we’re able to share with our readers as soon as they come out. They are all sold out pretty quickly!

So, this time, they’ve put together a special evening at the Brooklyn Museum with a mouthwatering eight-dish tasting dinner by Michelin Starred Chef, Saul Bolton. He’ll be showcasing his signatures for The Norm.

Furthermore, this feast will take you on a gastronomic tour of the culinary traditions that have helped make Brooklyn New York City’s most exciting borough.

From dished like golden deviled eggs and crispy curried cauliflower, to tonkotsu-style ramen and pan-roasted Atlantic salmon.

More about the restaurant:

“Inspired by the cultural diversity of Brooklyn, The Norm’s menu by Michelin-starred Chef Saul Bolton encourages a gastronomic exploration of the borough’s multi-cultural heritage.

Moreover, it incorporates Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Indo-Chinese and all-American elements. That exploration is complemented by a setting which evokes on of the museum’s inner sanctum. It’s storage area where priceless works await their star turn in the galleries.”

You can definitely expect a great night at a unique place.

Plus, sign up to our newsletter to be informed of all new, exclusive upcoming events with them, and other unique experiences in New York City!

In addition, if you need help organizing a private event or event a corporate dinner for your team or clients, our experts will be able to cater to you the best experiences!

All-Inclusive RSVP: $48
Date: Thursday, October 20th
Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Location: The Norm – 200 Eastern Parkway (Brooklyn Museum)


Photo Credits: Courtesy of The Norm

Put on your mask tonight for Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Corridor

“A legendary hotel. Shakespeare’s fallen hero. A film noir shadow of suspense.” Seems catchy, doesn’t it? Many people have been tirelessly talking about the unique experience they had while attending Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, in Chelsea.

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New York City definitely offers the most unique and amazing theatrical experiences in the plant! With a breathtaking scenography, super talented actors and, of course, the coolest crowd, these shows are always on the top of our list!

“Sleep No More is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare ’s Scottish tragedy through a film noir lens. Audiences move freely through the epic world of the story at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, and everyone ’s journey is different and unique. This indoor promenade performance can last up to 3 hours.”

…but the duration really depends on the spectator and what he/she feels like experiencing and observing.

The experience is retelling the famous Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Macbeth“, lived in a 1920’s hotel.

How does it work?

There are 5 arrival times for each performance ranging from 6pm – 12am depending on the day of the week.

First, this is not a seated performance. The Hotel transformed 5 floors and 93 rooms into this massive performance space where the guests walk through these different ambiances. You’ll be exploring different sceneries, observing thrilling and emotional performances and sometimes even interacting with the peculiar performers. No one talks inside! So keep it silent, please!

Also, every one receives a Venetian mask to keep the identities confidential This way, everyone feels more comfortable in being “voyeurs”, since there are some spicy scenes.

The rooms are amazing and were transformed into: a hospital’s psychiatric ward, an ultra luxurious room, a forest, a sophisticated hotel bar and several other surprises. The actors and actresses wander around the spaces, interact with each other and with the guests. This way, you can see the show in different chronological orders, as you wish.

After the show, look for the Manderley Bar where you can have a drink, relax and listen to music. Note: Prohibited to kids below 16.

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At the rooftop, you’ll find Gallow Green, a perfect spot specially during the summer time. The décor is pretty cool, with lots of greens all around. It’s considered one of the Top 10 Bars/Restaurants in the City. The sunset there is amazing, so you can chose to swing by before the show starts for a drink.

If you want to finish the night with dinner, you can also book a table at The Heath. They offer a dinner menu, a Sleep No More Prix Fix Menu and a delicious Dessert Menu.

Have fun! (…which we’re sure you will!)

If you want help booking everything or want access to a VIP experience for Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, contact us so we can arrange everything for you!

This is also a great spot for corporate groups that want to have some down time from work. Contact our experts, so we can organize it all for you and your team.

Location: The McKittrick Hotel – 530 West 27th Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sleep No More, Driely S., Loren Wohl and Yaniv Schulman
*Last Update on March/2020.*

I Forgot It’s Wednesday: An Artsy Dining Experience In NYC

Events On Going I Forgot It's Wednesday Dinner Experience Art

I Forgot It’s Wednesday (IFIW) is a concept that the talented Jenny Dorsey started with her husband 2 years ago after meeting him at Columbia Business School. It is a unique dining experience in NYC.

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During Business School, Jenny and her husband Matt, found it difficult to find a comfortable environment to meet interesting strangers and talk openly with friends. So, they started the I Forgot It’s Wednesday dinners with a unique mission to actively engage people on a deeper level.

Jenny is a professional chef and has a background in fine dining. Most recently she was part of the team at 2 Michelin starred Atera, in New York City. Her husband, Matt, a self-taught mixologist, recently won the Star Chefs Cocktail Competition. Amazing duo, right?

Since January 2014 they’ve hosted 70+ dinners, including 3 large scale popup events.

They just relaunched their dining experiences in New York City last month, after taking over San Francisco by storm last year.

They were named the “#1 supperclub in SF” by the prestigious 7×7 magazine, over Michelin-starred Lazy Bear! In addition,  SF Weekly, Eater and other renowned publications featured them!

Their February relaunch was profiled by UrbanDaddy. They’ve since been written up in Huffington Post and Epoch Taste as well!

I Forgot It’s Wednesday Dinner Series:

  • Location: Artist Loft in Chelsea – 18th and 8th Avenue
  • Dates & Times: Dinner – one Saturday a month at 8pm
  • Price: 7 Course Dinner | 4 Cocktail Flight: $85 | $30
  • Website & Menu: Check online

Today, the dinner series does not happen anymore, but they created Studio ATAO. It’s a 501(c)3 is a nonprofit, mission-driven immersive events company that creates exhibitions & live experiences at the intersection of food, art and social impact.

Last, if you are looking for other dining experience in NYC or would like a private and catered experience for you, contact our experts. On the other hand, we also work with companies of all sizes to organize corporate events and dinners.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of IFIW and their friends: MakeThingsWell, Nanette Wong, Peter Brock and BK Narayanan
*Last Update on March/2020.*


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