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My Top Food Spots in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Dining Top Food Spots in Greenpoint Restaurants Glasserie Thumbnail

I’ve chosen a few of my top food spots in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to shoot a great video and share with you! Come see which are the spots that I love going to with my friends. I’m sure you’ll love them too!

Greenpoint has some pretty amazing places to go for lunch, brunch and dinner! As we’ve previously mentioned, the neighborhood is growing rapidly and new businesses are opening all the time.

One of the great things of Greenpoint is that, since the neighborhood is relatively small, everything is walking distance from each other and along the way you’ll probably find other amazing stores, cafés and happy hour places to go back to.

So, this time, I decided to list a few of my top food spots in Greenpoint that I truly love going to:


Dining Top Food Spots in Greenpoint Restaurants Glasserie
Photo Credit: Glasserie

Glasserie place is super unique and quite an experience too!

Why? Well, to start, it’s inside a former glass factory dated back to the 1860’s, which I think is awesome.

It serves Mediterranean food with a few dishes inspired in Egyptian street food, has a fantastic full bar and yes, the décor is fantastic.

Oh! It’s also a great spot to celebrate an important day with your loved ones!

Location: 95 Commercial Street


The Brooklyn Barge

Dining Top Food Spots in Greenpoint Restaurants Brooklyn Barge
Photo Credit: Brooklyn Barge

The Brooklyn Barge is one of my hidden gems and sometime not even locals know about it.

I’ve written about this place before and mentioned that it has maybe one of the best views on Manhattan, since it’s right by the river.

Getting there is an adventure on its own, since you’ll probably think you’re lost. You’ll pass by old warehouses and abandoned cars, but just continue walking.

They serve food and drinks and it does get quite busy!

Location: 3 Milton Street


Milk & Roses

Dining Top Food Spots in Greenpoint Restaurants Milk and Roses by Kayoko Ogawa
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kayoko Ogawa

Milk & Roses is one of my favorite spots and it will make you feel like you’re in Italy!

I love to take people that have never been to Greenpoint, to start their experience there.

The result: they always love it and want to come back!

The place is beautiful, the décor is quite special with a beautiful piano in the center of the main dining room, big red leather couches and a breathtaking garden in the back – where I always prefer sitting!

If you decide to go there on a weekend, you might take a while to sit down. So, be sure to get there early, make a reservation, or just relax at the bar with a drink, until your table is ready!

Location: 1110 Manhattan Avenue


Le Fanfare

Dining Top Food Spots in Greenpoint Restaurants Le Fanfare
Photo Credit: Le Fanfare

Still in the spirit of Italy, Le Fanfare is another great option! The owner, Luca, is also the owner of Epistrophy, located in Soho!

Here, you can expect live music on weekends Jazz nights, large communal tables and a beautiful bar in the front.

Oh, they also have a small private patio in the back open during the warmer months and there are special nights where Luca plays Jazz for everyone there!

Have fun!

Location: 1103 Manhattan Avenue


If you enjoyed this short list of my top food spots in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, you’re now probably craving a coffee and pastry, right?

And, you should also see which are the coolest bars, if you decide to take the day and just explore this neighborhood! There are great options there if you’re a night owl in search of fantastic signature cocktails!

Have fun exploring!

VideographyRenata Meirelles
Photo Credits
Renata Meirelles and courtesy of Diamond Big Co., Ltd/Kayoko Ogawa for Milk & Roses
: Leila Soldeira

The 5 Top Coffee Shops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 5 Top Coffee Shops Greenpoint Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

I love coffee and exploring new spots and revisiting old ones is always a thrill! Today I share my 5 top coffee shops in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! If you are also a coffee fan, go check them out!

Yes, everyone that knows me, knows that I’m c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y addicted to coffee (good coffee!) and I drink it throughout my entire day! Being Brazilian, I think it’s just a natural part of me. Ha!

I have friends that tell me that if they drink coffee after lunch time, they can’t sleep at night. And, that just sounds so crazy… I can literally drink a gallon on coffee at night, roll over and sleep like a baby.

That said, I love exploring all the new coffee shops in New York. We also have some pretty amazing traditional ones that are still going strong. Those bigger chains are certainly not up my alley at all. I like the smaller ones, independently owned that roast their own coffee and the smell just fills up the entire place.

We’ve already shared the 5 best bars in Greenpoint I love. So, today I’m sharing my favorite and 5 top coffee shops, also in Greenpoint. After all, I do love everything about that neighborhood.


Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 5 Top Coffee Shops Greenpoint Maman
Photo Credit: @thebrothersbuoy

If you enjoy good coffee and pastries, you’ve probably already heard of Maman.

The name means “mom” in French and the owners were inspired by their childhood memories of their mother’s recipes! They’ve got countless pretty tasty pastries, as well as savory options and healthy salads.

Besides this Greenpoint spot, they have a few other locations in the city, in the neighborhoods of Soho, Tribeca, Nomad and the Meatpacking District.

Each location is a bit different from the other and the one in Tribeca is also one of my favorites, for the have a great restaurant in the back!

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 6pm
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 4pm

Location: 80 Kent Street



Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 5 Top Coffee Shops Greenpoint Budin

Búdin was founded back in 2013 and serves not only tasty Scandinavian specialty coffees, but it also has a craft beer and wine bar. The Nordic menu offers sandwiches, salads and delicious Swedish pancakes.

One of the dishes I love is the Portobello + Fennel Sandwich with portobello cap, caramelized onions, fennel, whole grain Dijon mustard on a baguette.

But wait! That’s not all! In the back, they have a small, but pretty awesome design shop and an opened patio! The design shop brings together a curation of Japanese brands selling t-shirts, accessories and even a few jewelry pieces.

NOTE: On June 12th, Búdin sent out a message saying: “Due to an ongoing dispute with our landlord we have been forced to shut down for a while. We thank you for all the good times and hope to have more soon. We are trying to resolve the issue and find a positive solution as quickly as possible, be it reopening at our current location or finding a new home in Brooklyn.”

So, we’ll keep our eyes open to share their new spot!

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 12am
Friday: 7am – 1am
Saturday: 8am – 1am
Sunday: 8am – 12am

Location: New spot to be announced!


Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 5 Top Coffee Shops Greenpoint Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

Probably the first thing you’ll notice while entering Sweetleaf, is the décor. It has beautiful brick walls, original wood beams, as well as a fantastic variety of antique furniture collected from all over the world!

Besides the amazing smell when you walk in, it’s also very laptop friendly if you need to pull it out and work a bit!

They have a few other locations, but this one is the one that actually houses the roastery in the back. Don’t forget to peek inside to see the coffee being done.

Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 7pm

Location: 159 Freeman Street



Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 5 Top Coffee Shops Greenpoint Homecoming

Homecoming is certainly a different style coffee shop. Why? Because they have not only a charming flower shop inside, but they also sell accessories from amazing designers.

You’ll find everything from apparel, apothecary, objects for your home, jewelry, notebooks and planners, and even some creative gift cards!

It’s a great place to swing by for coffee and also check out the products if you’re looking for a special gift for a friend or loved one.

They also have a 2nd location in Williamsburg, at 92 Berry Street.

Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm

Location: 107 Franklin Street


Champion Coffee

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 5 Top Coffee Shops Greenpoint Champion Coffee

Even though Champion Coffee’s first location dates back to 2006, the North Greenpoint spot is kinda new and opened just a few years back in 2016.

You can also take their coffee home. They roast their beans in Maspeth, Queens and have 3 flavors: Decaf, Drip Blend and Espresso. The spot also serves a nice breakfast and lunch with a few options of sandwiches and salads.

They have 2 locations in Brooklyn with a 3rd one that just launched! Where? Inside the North 3rd Street Market, in Williamsburg, that opened a few weeks back and unites 25 fantastic vendors in one spot!

In Manhattan they have 2 locations and the 3rd one is on its way! 

Hours: See website for hours of specific locations

Location: 1107 Manhattan Avenue


Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo Credits
: Renata Meirelles, courtesy of thebrothersbuoy and of the venues

: Leila Soldeira

Exploring The 5 Best Bars In Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Beer and Ale Fernanda Paronetto

Explore with our Founder, Fê Paronetto, the 5 best bars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn! She takes you on a short and sweet walk around this upcoming neighborhood, with bars you should go visit with your friends!

There are so many awesome neighborhoods spread throughout Brooklyn and it’s always a thrill to explore them!

Greenpoint is one of the neighborhoods that has been attracting everyone’s attention and eyes, from locals to our type of tourist – the curious ones that want to explore New York off-the-beaten-track.

The neighborhood is not big, making it pretty easy to explore it all on foot. You’ll find everything from independently owned stores and fantastic restaurants to pretty cool bars and delicious coffee shops!

And, since we know that everyone loves uncovering the best bars spread around town, so we decided to give a little hand!

Today we decided to share with you our selection of the 5 best bars in Greenpoint, so be sure to tell your friends and go check it out!

Ok, ok…we agree that there are countless other bar that are amazing! So, if you liked this video, we can maybe do another one with more spots, in the near future! Leave us a message below, if that’s a YES!

Northern Territory

Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Northern Territory

During the hot months, Northern Territory is the place to go.

Why? Well, it’s rooftop area has an amazing view of Manhattan’s skyline, drinks are great and it’s always attracts a pretty group of people.

Monday – Friday: 4pm – close
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – close

Location: 12 Franklin Street



Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Troost

One of Greenpoint’s hidden gems is called Troost. Besides having a full bar with great drink selection, great music that attracts a laid-back crowd, it also has a beautiful green garden in the back, perfect now that the weather is getting hotter!

Plus, do you like wine? The owners John Ortiz and Jaime Eldredge opened this place due to the lack of a good wine bar in the neighborhood.

Read more about them here.

Happy Hour: 4pm – 8pm
Daily: 4pm – Close
*Close between Midnight – 2am*

Location: 1011 Manhattan Avenue



Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Brokenland

Brokenland is pretty low-key and also has a great list of creative cocktails. Plus, it’s another bar with a great back garden!

In addition, if you enjoy a low key, laid back environment, you’ll love it here. As they explain, they are a hip bar with wood floors and tin ceilings!

Monday – Friday:  4pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 2pm – 4am
Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: 4pm – 8pm

Backyard Hours (open year round):
Sunday – Thursday: Open until 11pm
Friday & Saturday: Open until 1am

Location: 105 Franklin Street



Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Ramona

As soon as you walk into Ramona, you’ll be in awe. The amazing full bar is definitely something to see! This family owned bar serves innovative original cocktails and re-imagined classics.

The house’s main barista, Jeremy, made us a delicious one named The Handsome Grandson. It’s basically gin, bay leaf syrup, pomegranate, basil, lime, topped with soda and goes for $13.

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 2pm – 4am

Location: 113 Franklin Street


Greenpoint Beer and Ale

Nightlife Bars 5 Best Bars in Greenpoint Beer and Ale Fernanda Paronetto

Greenpoint Beer & Ale is our last stop! While exploring Greenpoint, it’s hard to miss this place.

You’ll see countless communal tables on the sidewalks, with beautiful people hanging out in this German-style brewpub. Be sure to come early to get your seat outside.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 2pm – 2am
Saturday: 12pm – 2am
Sunday: 12pm – 12am

Location: 7 North 15th Street


For other great cocktail spots, you might want to check out a super cool interview we did with the hippest Brooklyn couple that know everything about cocktails! Rachel and Kyle Ford shared with us their 7 Best Cocktail Places In NY.

And last, if you enjoyed this post and you’re also the type of local, or tourist, that simply loves exploring New York off-the-beaten-path, subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be part of our Founder’s adventure around NY!

Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo CreditsRenata Meirelles and courtesy of the venues
Beauty: Leila Soldeira

Jason Naylor: 7 Best NYC Secret Spots By A Multitalented Artist

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Live Life Colorfully

We interviewed the multitalented artist, Jason Naylor, and learned about his journey, his upcoming projects and also his 7 best NYC secret spots! Check it all out below!

Today we bring you a fantastic interview with Jason Naylor! We’re sure many of you are already huge fans – as we are – and, have seen his work throughout New York City.

But, did you know that Jason is a multitalented artist? He is not only the Creative Director at his design company, but also a brand consultant, an artist, a designer and also, an illustrator. Phiuf!

He told us a bit about his journey:

“Well, I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. My mother is an artist, and so I spent my youth making art and entering art contests.

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Ice Cream

I always did well in art class and that evolved into going to Design School and studying Communication & Graphic Design. This sort of led to the designs I now use in my art, which are very typographic and design heavy.

My work ranges from graphic designs and paintings as well as illustration, to video and digital graphics. I currently am in a very colorful kick and love holographic colors and rich blacks.

I just finished a collaboration with COACH, where I used their logo to create a massive, colorful LOVE mural. The bright colors and blacks came together nicely to shape that piece, and the colors really fortify the message of love.

What better to explain love in a piece of art than bright colors, right?

In addition, I have a pretty cool series of projects coming up this spring, where I’ll work with schools to develop messages of empowerment and then paint the messages as murals on the walls of the playgrounds.

This will start to come together hopefully in the next few weeks, so I’m pretty stoked on that!”

Check out his breathtaking work on his website: http://jasonnaylorcreative.com

Now, take a look at his 7 best NYC secret spots:

Best unexpected date spot – LGA Airport

“Watching the planes land at LGA. Ok, if you don’t know about this, its SPECTACULAR.

Across the street from the Enterprise car rental at LGA, there’s a small park that overlooks both the freeway and the runway… and it’s the closest place you can get to the planes landing.

It’s literally like 100ft from where they land, and you can sit on the bench and watch / listen to the planes come in. It’s riveting. Great date spot too!”

Best hotdog – Anchored Inn

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Anchored Inn

The Anchored Inn is in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Little divey metal bar with a great kitchen. Amazing hotdog – a must try. Get the cheese fries too, you won’t be bummed.”

Their menu serves Mexican-American food, the décor is pretty cool, they have a few pool tables (FYI, we LOVE playing pool) and pinball machines.

As they say, it’s “a place to get fed and drunk”.

Who’s in!?

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 11 am – 4 am

Location: 54 Waterbury Street


Best inspiring lunch – Carthage Must Be Destroyed

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Carthage Must Be Destroyed Communal Steading by HeyDavina
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Carthage Must Be Destroyed Inside
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Carthage Must Be Destroyed Full Table by SheraStClair
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Carthage Must Be Destroyed Fruits
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Carthage Must Be Destroyed Details
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“I am not even going to say anything about Carthage Must Be Destroyed. You just have to go with at most one other person, or maybe just by yourself, and have lunch. It will change your perspective on the word beautiful.

This place doesn’t have a street sign, so pay attention when you’re looking for it. It’s really something! From the outside you’d never expect to see what’s inside.

As Jason said, we’ll let you go and experience it yourself!

Hours: Open 7 days a week and holidays: 9am – 4pm

Location: 222 Bogart Street


Best place to people watch – SoHo Park

“This is an obvious one, but this a place I like to go to sit and get fashion inspiration. Good place to sit and hang and soak in the beautiful people of SoHo.”

We have to agree! SoHo is one of the best neighborhood in New York City to people watch. You’ll be able to experience every style in only one place.

So, grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy!

Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 10:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 9:30pm

Location: 62 Prince Street

Best dinner – Beco Bar

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Beco Bar

“I always order the Brazilian Steak at Beco, in Greenpoint. Bring cash, for it’s cash-only. Put plenty of salt on your meat and be sure to order their famous Pão de Queijo too!”

We’ve written about them and posted about Beco countless times, and our Founder, , is also literally always there.

They have been chosen by locals as one of the neighborhood’s favorite to-go spots and it can get quite busy! Besides the fantastic food and specialty Brazilian cocktail drinks – like the Caipirinha and the Batida de Coco, they still have awesome live music performances.

One of our favorites bands is Regional de Nova York that plays the traditional Brazilian “Chorinho” music. This happens every other Sunday afternoon!

Monday – Friday 8am – 12am
Saturday 10am – 12am
Sunday 10am – 11pm

Location: 45 Richardson Street


Best secret place to watch NYC fireworks – Parking lot at Western Beef

“At the edge of Ridgewood there’s a grocery wholesaler called Western Beef. The parking lot sits on a hill and has a view of the entire city.

You can see ALL the fireworks that happen just by parking in the parking lot and hanging by the fence. It’s not the closest view, but you can see them all, as well as the NYC skyline, and it’s pretty quiet.”

Location: 47-05 Metropolitan Avenue

Best Bar – Boobie Trap

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Boobie Trap Nicole Dissier Bedford Bowery
Photo Credit: Nicole Dissier for Bedford + Bowery

“My friend owns this bar called Boobie Trap, and I designed a lot of the stuff in the place including the logo, which has boobs!!! You can also sit in my chair which is covered in art!!!”

Yes, this place is quite something!

Be sure to observe the details around the bar…you’ll certainly have a great time uncovering each one of them!

Have fun!

Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 4am
Sunday: 12pm – 12am

Location: 308 Bleecker Street


We also uncovered a few other curiosities about Jason:

Read below to get deeper into Jason’s journey. He shared more about his murals, his inspirations, what he enjoys working on the most, where we can find his murals around New York, which are his favorite artists and still, his passion with tattoos!


How did you start working with painting murals and what was the first one you did?

“The first mural I did was in 2013 – a producer friend called me in panic with an event for Microsoft at SXSW and their graphics for the event fell through.

She asked if I could get graphics up on the wall for the space as I had done that a lot before for brands – you know, design graphics to be printed on vinyl and wrapped on to walls.

But there was no time to have them printed so I offered to paint a mural on the wall during the event. I assumed it couldn’t be that hard? Get the right supplies and get to work?

So, I did, and it was a huge success, and they brought be back the next year to do it again! Meanwhile, I was hooked on large scale. Never looked back.”

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Studio

What are your inspirations to create these fantastic art works? Does your hometown of Salt Lake City have a part in it?

“Well, I’m inspired by anything uplifting. I like a ‘feel good’ vibe, and I like to brighten things with color and positivity. So quotes, motivational speaking, self help… these things inspire me, as well as anything colorful.

My upbringing I’m sure plays a big part, but that is a very long story, LOL. Suffice it say that I am happy about where I came from and happy about where I am now, and I feel inspired by anything that is optimistic or positive.”

You are gifted with so many expertise, from doodles, logos, typography, design, etc…what do you most enjoy doing?

“First of all, thank you! I honestly enjoy the range of things I do. The variety enables me to put all my love into each project, as it keeps things fresh and never feeling tiresome or old.

I think diversity in mediums and tools and projects keeps me on my toes, as well.”

Where can people find your murals around New York?

“On 16th Street with 6th Avenue, 60th Street with 2nd Avenye, Houston with 1st – 2nd  Avenues (in the park), Orchard & Houston (the ice cream shop gate), Bowery & Hester, Suffolk & Delancey,  (collaboration with HekTad).

Also, in Queens, on Queens Blvd with 46th Street and in Brooklyn, across from Kings Plaza.”

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Live Life Colorfully
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor All You Need Is Love
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jason Naylor Love Comes In Every Color
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This is tough, but what are some of your favorites works?

“Ohhh. Well. I love Tristan Eaton murals. Insanely cool and well planned. I love the photography of Nick Knight. I love Kaws, so smart and James Jean, his magical illustrations make me swoon.”

How about your tattoos? Are they all your drawings? If not, how do you choose the tattoo artist to be part how these drawing come to life?

“The only tattoo that I drew is the first one. I drew and re drew it 100 times before getting it tattooed.

Now, I’ve learned that you have to enable the tattoo artist some creative liberty, if you want a good tattoo. So, I try to selects artists based on their portfolio, style etc…and talk it through with them.

They know how your ideas will come out on the 3D surface of your body. Sometimes flat art doesn’t translate, and its best to let the artist do his/her thing!”

Jason, we had a great time interviewing you and learning more about your journey, your work, your 7 best NYC secret spots and all the upcoming exciting news!

Keep up this fantastic work and continue leaving your mark throughout our beloved New York City!

If you want to know who else is talking about Jason Naylor, read this interview with the Foodie Influencer, Cheryl Wat. And still, if you’re into street art, check out this tour around Bushwick and last, for the curious ones out there, take a look at a few more city secrets.


Video Credits: FreshNewYorkers and Test Truck by NotBeAfraid2Fail
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nicole Dissier for Bedford + Bowery, HeyDavina, SheraStClair and all venues

The Secret Restaurant Luksus At Tørst, In Greenpoint

Dining Luksus at Tørst Tasting Menu

This is one of the several hidden restaurants in Brooklyn! The secret restaurant Luksus at Tørst is located in one of our favorite neighborhood: Greenpoint!

Dining Luksus at Tørst Interior
Dining Luksus at Tørst Chef Daniel Burns
Dining Luksus at Tørst Thee Dessert
Dining Luksus at Tørst Tasting Menu
Dining Luksus at Tørst Beef Tartare
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This is exactly the type of spot we love exploring when we’re on our hunt for new spots in New York! Just the thrill of finding a hidden place, that not many people know about, is exciting.

The fact that there are no crowds of tourists, is even better! You agree?

To start off, the entrance is quite “camouflaged” if you’re not paying attention as you walk by.

At the back of the Danish craft beer bar named Tørst, you enter a small Nordic eatery in Greenpoint – Luksus. It’s actually right on Manhattan Avenue that is the dividing line between Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Chef Daniel Burn – ex-Momofuku, ex-Noma and ex-Fat Duck – is the talent behind the artistic dishes you will order. His prior experience? Pretty awesome resumé, right?

Also, if you enjoy tasting menus, they offer a unique seasonal tasting menu that go for $125/person and you can add drink pairing for an additional $55.

Wondering about Tørst? This beer bar is a great option to experiment different beer styles. Even if you’re not very fond of beer, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits your palate.

Oh! They offer some small bites, sandwiches and other dishes to share!

In conclusion, it’s certainly a haute Brooklyn dining experience in the 26 seat restaurant.

Plus, since you’re already around the neighborhood, be sure to explore more of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. You can take a look at our Self-Guided Tour of Greenpoint too! Want to stop for a drink, go to the super low-key spots locals love around the neighborhood.

Hours for Tørst:
Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 12am
Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 2am

Location: 615 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Luksus, @jmoranmoya, The Infatuation

Another Italian restaurant in Greenpoint: Milk and Roses

Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Garden

This restaurant in Greenpoint, located at the far tip of Brooklyn is one of our favorites. Milk & Roses offers a fine American cuisine with a Southern Italian influence, in a fantastic, low back environment.

Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Red Sofa
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Garden Flowers
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Menu
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Garden Guests
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Corner Table
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Poached Eggs Avocado Toast
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Toast
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Sweet Toast
Dining Milk & Roses Restaurant Fruits
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The restaurant is one of the delicious Italian cuisine spots in the Greenpoint and it certainly one of the neighborhood’s sweethearts.

Their decor is amazing and quite unique! Inside it looks like an old library, with a wall full of books and a beautiful grand piano.

At the back they have a gorgeous garden that will make you stay want to hang there for hours. It’s definitely perfect for a special night far away from the chaos of Manhattan. But note: The garden area gets obviously super busy, so be sure to arrive early or call for a reservation.

All the ingredients are carefully sourced and they make sure they come from the best suppliers on the market.

One of the dishes we always order there is the poached eggs with avocado toast! We’re always in search of the best one in NY, and their avocado does have a very tasty spice mixed in it, making it rank on the top of our list! It’s really fantastic!

If you enjoy cocktail drinks you will have a great time with their mixologists. They are pretty creative and the might just get you started on a great, long, Brooklyn-night! Plus, they offer boutique wines and craft beer too.

You can go there for brunch, lunch or dinner. If you just want to grab a drink, be sure to get a spot at their beautiful, rustic, library-décor bar!

Are you’re looking for a unique place to celebrate your birthday or even a small, intimate wedding?

This can be the right place for you! It’s surely very charming and we’re sure you’re going to love this restaurant in Greenpoint!

If you need help organizing your private event, let us know! We will certainly make it memorable!

Lastly, since you will already be in the neighborhood, why not take the day to explore it! Be sure to download our Self-Guided Tour to explore the best hidden secrets and spots in Greenpoint.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 12am (kitchen closes at 11pm)
Saturday: 10am – 1am  (kitchen closes at 12am)
Sunday: 10am – 11pm (kitchen closes at 10pm)

Location: 1110 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Milk & Roses

One of Greenpoint’s Treasures: Troost Bar

Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Appetizers

Troost Bar is one of Greenpoint’s treasures and we’re there, a lot. Yes…we love it! It’s one of these place you walk in and never expect to see what’s inside!

Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Whiskey Cheese
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Details
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Garden
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Outdoor Seating
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Decor
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Cheese Tasting
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Oysters
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Appetizers
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Large Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Night Time
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Vintage Pic
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Yes, we’ve said it a thousand time, and we repeat: We Love Greenpoint! The so many new places always opening that we are always UnCovering, the older, traditional spots are some of our favorites.

Troost Bar is one of them. They have a relatively small, but great place, with a beautiful outdoor garden. It’s completely full of plants and flowers everywhere you look.

At night they get pretty full with very good music, a great crowd, a full bar, coffee till 2am and a the relaxing outdoor area is obviously super coveted.

It’s an unpretentious, low-key place, with lots of charm where you’ll have great bites and drinks!

If you like wine, this is the place to go in Greenpoint. Why? Well, the owners John Ortiz and Jaime Eldredge opened this place due to the lack of a good wine bar in the neighborhood. And, they’ve done a great job!

They don’t have an extensive food list, but they do offer a few snacks, as they call it. You’ll be able to nibble on something, while drinking to help you hold your alcohol. They have, for example, a very nice cheese platter with a meat of choice, also sardines and mixed olives.

They have a no wifi and laptop policy, that we think it’s perfect! It makes people actually talk and enjoy the present moment with friends, right?

Take a look at their Music Calendar and plan your visit. Plus, you might want to consider a reservation for any upcoming celebration you might have.

Happy Hour: 4pm – 8pm
Daily: 4pm – Close
*Close = between Midnight – 2am*

Location: 1011 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Troost

The Brooklyn Barge: Greenpoint Gem with a Manhattan Skyline View

Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Sunset Manhattan

With one of the most astounding views of the Manhattan skyline, The Brooklyn Barge is one of our favorite to-go spots. The place is totally off-the-beaten-track, just like we love. Even getting there is an adventure making it one of Greenpoint’s gems.

Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Night Guests
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Sunset Manhattan
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Seating Area
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Table Area
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Draft
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Friends
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Hot Dog
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Mini Burgers
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Tacos
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Harmburgers
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Pickle
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Sunset
Nightlife Bars The Brooklyn Barge Canoe
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Even getting there – at night – looks a bit sketchy since you need to walk through a long, dark alley, with huge warehouses on both sides with abandoned old cars. We even found an abandoned yellow cab that reminded us of the movie “The Bone Collector“. We love it!

The Brooklyn Barge is quite big, with huge communal wooden tables that accommodates big parties without a problem.

Drinks are served on a floating deck or barge. If you pay attention, you can slightly feel the rocking of the platform on the water. Don’t worry, you won’t feel sick…

This Greenpoint gem serves a few dishes like:

  • Tacos with different fillings (garlic shrimp/adobo chicken/chipotle pork/grilled fish/marinated skirt steak)
  • One the most amazing fries you will ever eat
  • Guacamole with pickled jalapeño
  • Grilled and chilled corn in a cup (yummy!)
  • Hotdogs
  • Harpooned shrimp
  • A few salad options
  • A couple sandwiches including a veggie burger for vegetarians (like us!)
  • And to finish in great style…churros for dessert!

During the Summer, they offer during the day super cool Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Boarding lessons. It happens from 10am – sunset. How stunning would it be to find yourself on a stand up paddle, while the sun is setting behind Manhattan!?

Sunsets there are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, so you can go there during the day. But, if you’re the type that can continue having fun for hours and hours…and hours, stay there to enjoy their nightlife! Certainly, a Greenpoint gem.

You might think also about celebrating your birthday there. Your friends will surely talk about it for weeks and weeks.

They are opened 7 days a week!

Greenpoint is amazing and you might want to explore other 30 fantastic spots, curated by us, of course! Plus, other spots like Troost!

Monday – Tuesday: 4pm – close
Wednesday – Sunday: 11am – 1am

Location: 3 Milton Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of The Brooklyn Barge

Adaptations NY: Unconventional Vintage Furniture

Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Store Corner

Greenpoint in Brooklyn is a neighborhood we simply love to explore. If you are looking for unconventional vintage furniture, Adaptations NY is the place for you!

Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Plants Hanging
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Inside Store
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Store Corner
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Wooden Dresser
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Dark Chair
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Dining Set
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Chair Ottoman
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Corner
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Hanging Tapestry
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Dinner Table
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Dishes
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Hammock
Shop Home and Kids Adaptations NY Vintage Furniture Sofa
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Greenpoint is a neighborhood passing through a rapid growth. There are always new stores, coffee shop, galleries and other businesses opening. The best part is, they are all fantastic.

The neighborhood reunites some of the most brilliant and artistic minds in New York, and they are now, more than ever, proudly showing the world their talent!

Since we are huge fans, we love writing about them and showing everything they are creating! After all, we are a bit tired of stores that showcase more of the same.

As we said above, Greenpoint has some of the best restaurants and bars in Brooklyn, amazing stores and still, a breathtaking view of the City!

So, lets talk about reusing and honoring old items to decorate. This is what they are all about!

We recently went to Adaptations NY and couldn’t leave the store! As they explain, they are:

“…an unconventional vintage furniture boutique specializing in mid-century, industrial and farmhouse décor.”

Their products are very charming, super beautiful and will definitely make your Home, a Home! After all, who wants to arrive home and find items that every-other-person-in-New-York also has in their living rooms?

They have everything from furniture to smaller decoration items, so you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re looking for.

More about them:

“We enjoy reusing and honoring old items to create an eclectic laid back environment. We love all styles of design and we believe that an eclectic home is the best way for people to live. No one thing defines us, so why should our homes be just one style?”

They also have another store just a few blocks down, called Porter James NY. There they have objects not only for vintage, but also modern homes. They are located on 116 Franklin Street, Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

Further more, do you need help to do all your home or office shopping? Contact our experts regarding our Concierge and Corporate Services.

Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 7pm

Location: 109 Franklin Street, Greenpoint


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Adaptations NY

Le Fanfare: An Italian Restaurant In Greenpoint

Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Tables

The neighborhood of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn, isn’t as remote as people think! It’s actually only 1 stop away from the trendy Williamsburg, through the G line! Le Fanfare, an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, is always one of our recommendations for friends visiting the neighborhood.

Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Tables
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Beet Salad
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Pasta
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Wine Glasses
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Flower and Salad
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Area
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Indoor Seating
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Communal Tables
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It’s definitely one of the spots that makes you feel as if you’re faaaar away from New York City. It’s very a very chill neighborhood, with some of the most interesting people we’ve met and unique venues we’ve gone to.

The restaurant, Le Fanfare, was founded by the same owners of Epistrophy, that we wrote about a while ago. They have a great Italian menu – created by Chef Adam Ross – and wine list. Plus, their Jazz music nights is surely one of the highlights.

We went there for an early dinner and we had:

  • kale chips
  • artichoke with peas and onions
  • vegan pasta with vegetables
  • salad mix
  • some wine (white and red)

We tried the house-made bread that was actually the only non-vegan option we ordered that day. I’m vegetarian, so the bread was actually very fresh and tasty!

We sat at their outside area, that had just recently opened and love it. Tables and seats are small, making the space very cozy and intimate. The minimal décor basically all painted white, contract only with the flowers and plant that give life and warmth to the space.

Depending on the time you pass by, it can be very silent and tranquil, but during peak hours like lunch, happy hours, brunches and dinner, it can get quite busy!

They have two huge communal tables made out of beautiful wood and the ambiance is sophisticated but also cozy, with a cool bar upfront.

Also, if you enjoy live music, you should go there during the weekends, when they have a few bands entertaining the guests with great music.

If you’re looking for delivery, they offer it to a specific radius in Greenpoint and extend it to Long Island City.

Lastly, if you’re the type of independent person or traveller that doesn’t really enjoy tour guides (even though our guides are fantastic, local peeps!), you’ll love this!

We’ve created an exclusive Greenpoint Self-Guided Tour that can actually be divided into different days!

Or, if you are looking for unique tours in Brooklyn, try our Bushwick Graffiti, Bites & Drinks Photo Tour! After going to the best spots in Bushwick, you’ll go home with over 100 professional pics taken during your private tour!

Happy Hours: Monday – Friday: 5:30pm – 7pm
Tuesday – Thursday:  5:30pm –  12am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Friday: 5:30pm – 1am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Saturday: (Brunch) 11:30 am – 4pm (Dinner) 5:30pm – 1am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Sunday: (Brunch) 11:30 am – 4pm (Dinner) 5:30pm –  10pm (Kitchen closes at 10pm)

Location: 1103 Manhattan Avenue



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Vegan

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