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Pio Pio Restaurant: A Delicious Peruvian Surprise

Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Bar Area

To kick off the evening, the birthday girl ordered a sangria pitcher and crispy calamari for everyone. Meanwhile I checked the menu at Pio Pio Restaurant to figure out what Peruvian food really was.

Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Façade
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Inside
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Bar Area
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Decoration
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Sea Food
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Cocktails
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Rice Dish
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Calamari
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Full Table
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Several Dishes
Dining Pio Pio Restaurant Fish Filet
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I love birthday celebrations! This time was my roommate’s bday and she decided to have dinner at a Peruvian restaurant in the Upper West Side. She always talked about Pio Pio, but I never had the chance to visit the place.

Actually, I was dreaming of it because of all the good things she and her friends kept telling me. I knew in advance Pio Pio had the best Salchipapas in town. Or, sausage with fries, and I was ready to try it out!

We were in a big group of friends so we made a reservation. I do recommend it, if you are with a big party, as well.

Strategically located on a street corner with a green façade and red signs with their name, the restaurant definitely surprised me! The venue was infinitely more beautiful and elegant than I had imagined.

I saw people from all around the world enjoying great Peruvian food and the place was so charming!

We sat right across a gorgeous brick wall with countless colorful paintings. Every art work was truly spectacular. They portrayed a Peruvian kids in the country side and really called my attention! And, amongst the kids, was a huge vertical painting of Our Lady, Mary.

So, to kick off the evening, the birthday girl ordered sangria pitchers and crispy calamari for everyone. Meanwhile, I checked the menu to figure out what Peruvian food actually looked like. Well, I found plenty of dishes made out of pollo – chicken and seafood.

After chatting a lot while drinking sangria, it was time to eat. Yayyy, my favorite time!! I shared a dish named Matador combo (Killer combo) with a friend, and it really was to die for. It was a preparation of rotisserie chicken served with yellow rice, avocado salad, red beans, tostones and the highly anticipated, salchipapas.

OMG, I loved it! I actually felt at home, since it was like comfort food to me. Other people ordered seafood dishes which all looked and smelled terrific!

For dessert we had tres leches – a traditional Latin sweet, flan – like a caramel custard, and Piononos – a roll cake filled with dulce de leche. I’m craving it all over again…

The experience I had at Pio Pio was really fantastic. And you can experience it too! Oh! And you can find at least one Pio Pio in each NYC borough.

If you enjoy Peruvian food, or if you’d like to try other cuisines like Mexican try Tijuana Picnic and the Latin American inspired cuisine, Colonia Verde.

Hours: Each location has different operating hours, so please check online.

702 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side, Manhattan
84-02 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights, Queens
282 Kings Highway, Gravesend, Brooklyn
264 Cypress Avenue, Mot Haven, Bronx


Text by our ContributorRafaela Azevedo
Photo Credit
: Courtesy of Pio Pio Restaurant

Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt: Not an Ordinary NYC Scavender Hunt

Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt

A Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt! Don’t get this wrong, guys…this is NOT an ordinary NYC Scavenger Hunt as all the others you’re heard about! We simply loved this!

Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Details
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt With Map
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Tips
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Team Work
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Subway
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Inside Subway
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Foodies
Events Up Coming Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt Art
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We all know how scavenger hunts can be boring and the same as every other one around. Usually, the tips are very simple and not very unique.

Well, the team at Gastronauts have used every neuron in their brains to put together this super unique scavenger hunt around Queens!

Yes! We love exploring other boroughs and getting you guys outside of Manhattan too!

Take a look at how they explain it:

…Folks, this isn’t an ordinary game of Clue. This ain’t no clumsy corporate team building exercise. No way. We’ve spent weeks coming up with our own Delicious Da Vinci Code, designing our own secret dinner decoder ring, and building a back alley brainteaser that will send you crisscrossing Jackson Heights and eating up the puzzle.

How much fun will this be? Well, we have Joe diStefano of Chopsticks and Marrow and his insane knowledge of everything there is to eat and see in Queens helping us.

We have our professional game designer friends at Interactive Escapes helping us come up with the perfect Game of Gastronauts, that involves eating, drinking, and thinking.

We can’t tell you where we’ll be meeting – you’ll find out when you need to know. And the rest, well, you’ll have to figure it out.

So come hungry. Come smart. Come ready to explore Jackson Heights inside and out. Because, by the end of this you’ll have explored its nooks and crannies.

This is pretty cool, right? So, go to their website to sign up for the Gastronauts Scavenger Hunt, and see you all there!

When: October 15th
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Location: Starts at a secret location in Queens



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gastronauts

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