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NYC Renting: Need-To-Know Facts In 2019

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Rent 2019 Daryan Shamkhali

If you’re considering moving to New York City, here are some need-to-know facts for 2019 about NYC Renting. We all know that rents can skyrocket, but we have some good news for you!

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Rent 2019 Jose Alonson

New York City has historically had relatively high rent, but there is good news for would-be citizens. According to the New York Times, there has been a 0.7% drop in rent prices on the average one-bedroom property. While modest, this is a welcome change to years of inflating prices.

It’s still a matter of careful planning for would-be NYC renters. With that in mind, a few changes are afoot that will change rental opportunities. Pay close attention if you’re looking to move to the Big Apple; it could save you a few dollars for the good things in life.

More inclusivity in properties

Many NYC properties are very old and, resultantly, outdated. Fortunately, many landlords are making efforts, along with city regulators, to make homes accessible. 2019 will see this fast tracked with the federal case against the MTA.

According to the New York Post, the United States Attorney sued MTA for their inaccessible subway stations and the outcome of this could have wide ranging consequences, including more housing inclusive of accessibility requirements.

Changes in tax

When you rent in New York City, make sure you know about your property tax. Homeowners can expect to pay up to 10%, according to Bloomberg. What Bloomberg also noted, however, is that the individual tax burden is reducing.

As years progress, you can expect the tax bill to be less cumbersome as other counties pick up the slack. This means that your overall rental outgoings may be lower in the next few years, especially when considered with the ongoing trend concerning landlords.

Curiosities City Secrets NYC Rent 2019 Daryan Shamkhali

Landlords are settling down

Whether it’s because of the political climate, or some other source of uncertainty, landlords are staying put. According to CNN Money, more and more landlords are aggressively pursuing rent negotiation, rather than simply putting prices up and letting the tenants make a choice.

This is a nod towards more stability, as a renter. You can expect that, if you look after your property and have good behavior, that your rent will reduce over the years. You will also benefit from a continued relationship with the landlord, which is advantageous for the likes of maintenance and security.

Renting in New York City can still be expensive, but it matches the high average income in the area. Making the most out of your rental will be easier in years to come, through enhanced levels of accessibility, lowered levels of tax returns and more consistent landlords.

Keep yourself aware of these trends and work around them to get your feet in the door in the grand old city.

Guest Writer: Cindy Trillo
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jose Alonso and Daryan Shamkhali

One Fine Stay: An “UnHotel” Is A Memorable NYC Experience

One Fine Stay Rentals Loft

You all know how fond we are of these 4 words: Living. Like. A. Local. So, the idea of staying at an “UnHotel” is always exciting! All the homes at One Fine Stay are fantastic options!

One Fine Stay Rentals Large Loft
One Fine Stay Rentals Loft
One Fine Stay Rentals Green Kitchen
One Fine Stay Rentals Living Room
One Fine Stay Rentals Rooftop
One Fine Stay Rentals Brik Bedroom
One Fine Stay Rental Couple Bedroom Windows
One Fine Stay Rentals Couple Bedroom
One Fine Stay Rentals Bedroom View
One Fine Stay Rentals Kitchen Island
One Fine Stay Rentals Kitchen View
One Fine Stay Rentals Kitchen
One Fine Stay Rentals Living Room View
One Fine Stay Rentals Lon Living Room
One Fine Stay Rentals Metal Kitchen
One Fine Stay Rentals Restroom
One Fine Stay Rentals Small Couple Bedroom
One Fine Stay Rentals White Restroom
One Fine Stay Rentals Wooden Kitchen
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Well, with the extremely curated work we do, we are always looking for people and companies with these same values, so here goes a tip we really enjoy giving!!! This is perfect if you enjoy staying at an “unhotel”, type of place!

Visiting New York is amazing, but it can be even more special if you experience the true New Yorker scene…and it can start by the place you’re staying.

There are great hotels in town, as we all know, but One Fine Stay is definitely the new way to travel!

They offer homes of real New Yorkers that are out of town and the selection they do is amazing!

Now, this is where is gets interesting. Not only do they have amazing apartments, but they offer amazing services too, making your stay unique and easy.

Every home is properly cleaned before and after you stay, beds made (they can even do hospital corners) and bathrooms kitted out with luxury toiletries. There’s a maid service if you want it, as well as other hotel-style amenities.

Once they’ve helped you settle in, they’re just a call away, 24/7.

And you will still find tips, selected by the owner of the apartment, of places to go in town! True local spots!

Want even more good news? They aren’t only in NYC, they also have amazing homes in Los Angeles, Paris and London.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help on finding you the best apartment for you to stay and to put you in touch with the great team at One Fine Stay! See more of our services here.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy staying at an “unhotel”. It will surely be a memorable experience!



Photo Credits: Courtesy of One Fine Stay

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