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Gratitude And Trust #140 Summit: “Soon Is Not A time!”

Events Up Coming Gratitude and Trust Summit Host Jeff Pulver

Gratitude and Trust #140 Summit will happen in New York City in one month and will have the renowned Jeff Pulver as one of the hosts!

Events Up Coming Gratitude and Trust Summit Host Jeff Pulver

“Something Needs to Change and It’s Probably Me.”
“Soon is not a time” the time for change is now!!!”

We will participate in a super cool Summit on June 24th, called “Gratitude and Trust Summit”!

In fact, our very good friend Jeff Keni Pulver – a renowned American Internet entrepreneur – is one of the hosts for the day.

The event will bring together over 50 amazing speakers that will share precious insights, stories and advices!

So, who’s this Summit for???

“For anyone who has ever said “This is my last____” fill in the blank. Anyone who has tried time and time again to get a handle on their sugar addiction, compulsive shopping or negative thought patterns. For those who feel stuck in their job, their relationships or in their life.

For all of us who just need to live our lives in gratitude and trust and love and service. This is a conference whose core is about shedding old worn out habits and replacing them with new, healthy, productive ones. In conclusion, we all have places in our lives that just need fixing.”

If you’d like to come, contact us for a SUPER special price – really super special, believe us! We’ll give you the special Code to register online and you’ll be good to go!!!

Date: June 24th, 2015
Time: Starts at 9am
Location: 92nd Street Y

See you all at the Gratitude and Trust #140 Summit!!!


Jeff Pulver is a tech expert and entrepreneur that is revolutionizing the industry for decades! If you’re interested in more tech events in New York City, be sure to attend Tech Day NYC. We will also be there exploring what’s new and upcoming!

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