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How to have a Luxurious Trip to NYC on a Budget

Facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today we will show you how to have a luxurious trip to NYC on a budget! Take a look and prepare your bags!!!

Facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Credit: Behind the Scenes NYC

New York City is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. The rent is expensive, a meal for two can be pricey, and you definitely count on taxis breaking the bank. But with that said, these high prices shouldn’t stop you from visiting NYC. So we will tell you how to enjoy NYC on a budget!

In fact, even though the city, both living and traveling in, can be expensive, it doesn’t mean that you need to sleep in sketchy motels or starve just to have a great time.

You can even enjoy luxury while exploring NYC on a budget. So, here’s how you can enjoy a luxurious trip in New York City while still remaining on a budget!

Stay in Manhattan

Preferably, you should stay somewhere like the Upper West Side when hunting for nice (and affordable) accommodation in New York City. But, it doesn’t need to end there, either.

Why stay in an Airbnb or even a hostel when you could indulge in a gorgeous hotel offering incredible service, such as The Lucerne?

Overall, Manhattan is an absolute must when visiting New York City, as it has some of the best hotels, views, and shops, but don’t forget about any of the accommodations, either!

On the other hand, open up to exploring and staying in other Boroughs like Brooklyn – which has been the hot spot in the last few years.

While Williamsburg is the hot spot, other neighborhoods like East Williamsburg, Greenpoint or even Cobble Hill, have great options. Plus, you’ll be more likely to explore the real New York, versus staying in Manhattan.


Eat Like a Local

One thing you want to SKIP OUT on is chains. Say “NO” to McDonald’s, TGI Fridays, BWW, and any other chain that you’re familiar with.

Why eat Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory when you can instead go to Junior’s and enjoy some magnificent cheesecake there?

While these smaller businesses may not scream out “fancy” like a Michelin Star restaurant does, in the end, you’re getting the local experience, and that alone is quite a luxury!

And, as you guys know, we are all about exploring local spots, so be sure to book dinners in restaurants like Frevo (entrance behind a painting inside a gallery in Greenwich Village), Sunday in Brooklyn (where are always take people for their first Brooklyn experience) or Milk & Roses (at the very tip of Greenpoint, only with locals).

Ah! And never think twice when entering a local coffee shop! They are all amazing and incredibly charming!

A local coffee shop in Brooklyn
Credit: Behind the Scenes NYC

Also, another great tip is, many of New York City’s best restaurants have special discounted prices on Mondays. It’s a slow day and you can actually have their main courses for only $15, like Osteria Morini (part of Altamarea Group)! Be sure to check out other restaurants and their Monday Specials!


Free show and event

As we said in the beginning, New York known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world. But, it’s also a city that offers countless FREE experiences throughout the year.

It’s one of the best cities in the work for music lover, art lover and entertainment in general.

Most museums have a special day a week (or a special day a month) with discounted prices, “pay as you wish” or free tickets. From the famous MET – The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim to other extraordinary ones like The Rubin Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum, you’ll be able to attend the best exhibitions maybe even for free!


There are Discounts for Everything

If you do enough research, you can absolutely count on finding discounts! Want to see a Broadway Musical while you’re in NYC?

Sure, it can happen! Tickets to Broadway musicals can be pricey, but a well-known but never old tip is to score discounted prices by visiting the TKTS discount booth in Times Square.

You may not be able to see a show you were dying to see, but regardless, you’re still going to be able to see a great show!

If you have credit card points, these can help you score experiences, too, whether it’s dining, shows, excursions in NYC, or even just transportation. For almost anything out there, you can expect to find discounts.


In the end, luxury has a different meaning for everyone. What may be luxurious to you may not be luxurious to someone else.

But, what matters most is just doing what you love and what you want to see in NYC while still saving some money. It’s possible, you can do it, and you can still count on having an incredible time during your stay…after all…it’s New York City!!! Enjoy NYC on a budget!

 Credit: Behind the Scenes NYC

Looking And Feeling Great In The Big Apple: Simple Health And Beauty Hacks

Man running in Central Park, Manhattan, New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

New York is a vibrant, bustling city synonymous with glitz and glamor. Residents of NYC are known for taking care of themselves, and visitors want to look and feel their best on their city break. In this guide, we’ll share some simple health and beauty hacks to ensure you look and feel great in the Big Apple.


Man running in Central Park, Manhattan, New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Exercise is part of daily life in New York. You can’t walk around an urban park or complete your daily commute without spotting endless runners, cyclists and outdoor fitness enthusiasts working up a sweat. Regular exercise is essential for physical and mental health.

The great news for those keen to get fit in the big city is that there are exercises and activities for everyone. From dance, yoga and spin classes to trampolining, Pilates, swimming, team sports and boxing, you’ll find classes and sessions for all abilities.

If you’re new to exercise, one of the best ways to up your activity levels is to walk as much as possible. We all know that rush hour traffic is a nightmare.

Save yourself time, money and stress and boost your health and well-being by walking instead of driving, getting cabs or riding the subway. Wearing an activity tracker is a great way to monitor your progress and work towards new targets.

If you need to cover longer distances, or you’re short on time, you could also consider cycling.

It’s beneficial to learn about the benefits of physical activity if you’re starting a new regimen, or you want to be more active. Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and some forms of cancer.

It also strengthens the bones and muscles, improves flexibility and lowers the risk of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. If you work out frequently, you may also notice that you sleep better and you feel happier and more energetic.

Moving your body releases endorphins and it also causes the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain to increase.



Woman in a skin care session - Behind the Scenes NYC

Looking after your skin is essential in a big city. Walking around crowded blocks and sharing the streets with thousands of vehicles can take its toll on your skin.

New York is also a city that experiences changeable weather. Freezing in the winter and hot and dry in the summer, you may find that your skin bears the brunt of strong winds, cold temperatures and powerful UV rays.

The best place to start when working towards healthier skin is to establish a daily skin care routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturize and use products that are designed for your skin type and cater to your needs.

You can buy a huge range of products today, ranging from serums and lotions to tackle dry, sensitive skin to anti-aging solutions and products designed to reduce redness or hide dark circles.

As well as adopting a daily skin care routine, it’s a brilliant idea to treat your skin to a little pampering from time to time.

You can visit one of New York’s many beauty salons, spas or aesthetic clinics for indulgent facials or non-surgical skin brightening or tightening treatments or enjoy a DIY spa day at home.

Protecting your skin from the sun is another crucial consideration in New York. In spring and summer, temperatures rise and the heat can be intense.

Wear SPF every day and use a high-factor sunscreen in the summer to prevent your skin from burning. Exposure to the sun is beneficial for producing vitamin D, but it can put you at risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

Always protect your skin if you’re out and about. It’s also essential to stay hydrated.



Woman at hair dresser - Behind the Scenes NYC

For many of us, our hair is our crowning glory. To enjoy healthy, lustrous locks, it’s important to manage stress, use products that suit your hair and nourish your scalp, keep hydrated and eat well.

Self-help techniques, such as regular exercise, meditation, taking time out, having a hobby and doing breathing exercises can all help to reduce stress levels. It’s also crucial to make sure you drink enough water and follow a healthy, balanced eating plan to boost hair health.

Foods that are particularly good for shiny, strong hair include eggs, oily fish, berries, nuts, seeds, avocados and sweet potatoes.

Visiting a professional salon regularly is beneficial for keeping your hair in good condition and getting styling advice and tips for hiding gray hair, boosting growth or changing your hair color or cut.

Salon treatments are often more intensive than treatments you can do at home and you can also benefit from expert advice and recommendations.

Whether you need inspiration for a makeover, you’re looking for ideas for wedding hair or a style for a landmark party, or you’d like help with covering grays or growing bangs out, you won’t struggle to find talented, experienced stylists in New York.



Woman sleeping in the early morning - Behind the Scenes NYC

Did you know that a third of US adults don’t get enough sleep? Sleep troubles tend to be more common in people who have stressful jobs and busy schedules. This is another one of our simple health and beauty hacks!

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. While this relates to the constant buzz of activity in the metropolis, it’s also an accurate description of sleeping habits for many residents.

A 2022 study concluded that New York is the most sleep-deprived city in the world. Good quality sleep is vital for optimum health.

Your body needs to rest to recharge and recover. While you sleep, critical restorative processes take place. If you don’t get enough sleep, or you have disturbed sleep, this can impact your body and mind.

Symptoms include loss of concentration, a lack of energy, increased susceptibility to illness, irritability, mood swings and fatigue.

If you find it hard to sleep, the first step to take is to analyze your routine. What time do you go to bed and when do you wake up? What do you do before you go to sleep? Do you go to bed at the same time every day?

Sleep patterns are influenced by our internal body clocks. If you go to bed at a similar time each night, you should find that you get tired when that time approaches. If you’re going to bed at 10 pm one night and 2 am the next, your body clock will be out of sync.

Establish a set routine.

Your environment is another important consideration, especially in the heart of the city. Bright lights and loud noises can make it difficult to drift off.

Try to make sure that your bedroom is as tranquil and serene as possible. Use heavy curtains, shutters or blackout blinds to block light and wear earplugs. Avoid taking phones and laptops into the bedroom and choose soothing colors and soft lighting.

New York is a sophisticated, chic city, which is known for its glamorous residents, as well as its iconic skyline and inimitable atmosphere.

To fit in and ensure you look and feel great in the Big Apple, take these health and beauty hacks on board.

Exercise regularly, enjoy the outdoors and take good care of your skin and hair. Make sure you get enough sleep and be proactive in managing and reducing stress. So, be sure to follow these simple health and beauty hacks!

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5 Fun Things to Do in New York City

woman at the Dia:Beacon museum in the garden - Behind the Scenes NYC

Check out 5 super fun things to do in New York City this weekend! We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time exploring the City!

woman at the Dia:Beacon museum in the garden - Behind the Scenes NYC

New York City is an incredible place to explore and experience. So, today we will share with you a couple of fun things to do in NYC with friends or family!

It’s a melting pot of culture, people, and activities.

With so much to do in NYC, deciding what activities to prioritize during your visit can be challenging.

To help you narrow down your options, here are five fun things you should do in New York City that will give you an authentic taste of the city.

#1 Go On a Food Tour

One of the best ways to experience NYC is through its food.

Countless restaurants, bars, and cafes throughout the five boroughs serve up delicious dishes from around the world.

So, if you’re looking for an immersive culinary experience, take a food tour with one of the many expert guides available in the city.

A food tour will take you to some of the most popular eateries in town while providing interesting insights into their history and culture.

Some tours even feature celebrity chefs or allow participants to learn how to make some classic dishes themselves.

#2 Take a Free Walking Tour

New York City has no shortage of attractions and sights worth seeing, but it can be difficult and expensive to cover them all alone.

Fortunately, plenty of free walking tours throughout NYC provide comprehensive explorations of different boroughs or neighborhoods. These guided tours typically last between two and three hours.

They are led by knowledgeable locals who can provide great insight into popular attractions and hidden gems off-the-beaten-path locations.

#3 Join a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are among the best team building activities in NYC and are offered all over the city.

They usually teach attendees how to cook staple dishes like pizza or bagels from scratch.

These classes help you learn new cooking skills and allow you to interact with other locals and learn more about their culture through food.

Not only will this allow you to pick up new cooking techniques, it could also come in handy if you ever want to impress your guests with homemade meals.

#4 Visit a Museum

A trip to NYC would only be complete with visiting some world-famous museums, and there are some amazing under-the-radar museums to explore.

On the other hand, you can’t miss the well-known one like: The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest in the United States and contains more than two million works worldwide.

If modern art is more your style, check out the Museum of Modern Art, which showcases some of the best contemporary pieces from today’s most renowned artists.

For a real educational experience, take a tour at the American Museum of Natural History or head to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum for an interactive look into aviation history.

Or, organize a day-trip upstate to some of the most amazing Contemporary Museums like Dia: Beacon.

#5 Visit Central Park

Central Park is one of the most iconic spots in Manhattan. Even though it’s probably the most well-known attraction in NYC, we never get tired of exploring and talking about it!

There are plenty of things to do here.

Whether strolling around scenic pathways or exploring beautiful gardens filled with lush greenery, Central Park has something for everyone.

If you plan, Central Park often hosts various events throughout the year, such as concerts or family-friendly activities like movie screenings on summer nights, which also make for great photos.

New York City is full of exciting activities that appeal equally well, whether traveling solo, with family, or with colleagues.

The choices are endless! You can easily fill up your itinerary with fun things while visiting New York City without breaking your budget.

Make sure that whichever activity catches your eye fits within your interests so that it truly helps enhance your visit here.

With all these options, there’s no excuse not to have an unforgettable adventure when visiting America’s favorite city.

Photo Credit: Exclusive of ©BehindTheScenesNYC

Get Fit and Fabulous: The Hottest Workouts in New York City

Woman on a Yoga mat exercising - Behind the Scenes NYC

Come take a look at some of the hottest workouts in New York City and prepare to get fit and fabulous yearlong!

Woman on a Yoga mat exercising - Behind the Scenes NYC

Are you looking to get into shape, improve your fitness levels, and feel fabulous? If so, you’re in luck because New York City is home to some of the hottest and most effective workouts around.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, these workouts will challenge you and help you reach your goals.

But, with so many options, deciding which ones to try can be overwhelming.

So, read on to discover the hottest workouts in New York City that will have you feeling fit, fabulous, and ready to take on the world.


New York is home to some fantastic bike routes, with more and more people taking to two wheels to get around the city and explore the beauty of the local area.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular whether you want to explore NYC via urban cycle lanes or go off the beaten track.

New York has everything from the Rockaway Beach Loop to the Hudson River Greenway Loop and even multi-day trails around the Adirondacks.

Just make sure you have the right cycle for your route, be it a road bike or urban cycling, or looking up what is a gravel bike for trails with steeper inclines and better handling on different terrains.

Aqua cycling

Aqua cycling is a unique and challenging workout in a pool.

It’s a low-impact workout that’s easy on the joints, making it an excellent option for those with injuries or arthritis.

The water resistance adds an extra challenge and helps to tone your muscles.

Aquastudio is a famous aqua cycling studio in New York City that offers classes in a heated pool. The classes are led by certified instructors who will guide you through a series of cycling exercises and upper-body movements.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workouts

HIIT workouts are a great way to burn calories and build strength in a short amount of time.

These workouts typically involve short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by short rest periods or low-intensity exercise.

One of the best HIIT workouts in New York City is offered by Fhitting Room.

Fhitting Room offers group classes led by certified trainers who will guide you through a series of exercises using kettlebells, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements.

The workouts are challenging but scalable, making them suitable for all fitness levels.


Yoga is one of the best ways to improve flexibility, balance, and strength.

Sky Ting Yoga is a popular yoga studio in New York City that offers a variety of classes, including vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga.

The classes are led by experienced instructors who will guide you through a series of poses and breathing exercises. The studio is known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it an excellent option for beginners.

Another popular yoga studio in New York City is YogaWorks.

YogaWorks offers a variety of classes, including vinyasa, ashtanga, and Iyengar yoga. The classes are led by experienced instructors who will guide you through a series of poses and breathing exercises.

Additionally, the studio also offers workshops and teacher training programs for those who want to deepen their practice.


SoulCycle deserves a section of its own because it’s one of the hottest workouts in New York City.

It’s is a high-intensity cycling class that combines cycling with upper-body exercises and choreography.

The classes are set to upbeat music and are led by motivational instructors who will push you to your limits.

SoulCycle’s cult following is known for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. With locations all over the city, finding a class that fits your schedule is easy.


If you want to get in shape and feel fabulous, New York City is the place to be. There’s something for everyone, from cycling to aqua cycling to HIIT workouts to yoga.

These workouts are challenging but effective and will help you reach your fitness goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your workout clothes and get ready to sweat!

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Ways to Have an Enjoyable Move to New York City

Moving boxes inside an apartment - Behind the Scenes NYC

If you have a move on the horizon, then you may already be starting to panic. So, check out a few ways to have an enjoyable move to New York City.

Moving boxes inside an apartment - Behind the Scenes NYC

Moving can be a very stressful experience for some people, and most people feel it to some degree, specially if you’re planning to move to New York City.

However, the severity of the experience can be mitigated by putting into a place a lot of measures.

In fact, if you are prepared and have the right mindset, it can actually be an enjoyable experience. So, let’s find out how you can make your move a lot more fun.

Develop a Positive Mental State

One of the most important things you can do to make the experience enjoyable is to think positively.

Focus on where you are moving to and how you are making a fresh new start. When you go through your things, make it a fun experience.

Take your time and think about all the memories that you made there and all the new memories you will make in the new space. If you like organizing, you can see it as a great way to hone your skills.

If organizing is not your forte, then consider it a challenge.

The more positive spin you can put on the jobs you have to do, the better you will feel, and your mental state will remain steady about the move.

Plan in Advance

The earlier you start the preparations for the move, the easier it will all be. To avoid stress, organization is the key.

Start by creating a long list of tasks that need to be done. These will include contacting your utility companies, contacting insurance companies, etc., and getting a removal firm booked in with a date in stone.

This may be even more vital if you are going to be crossing state lines; consider a firm like interstate moving if this is the case.

With a moving date, you will find you have something to aim for, and you can start creating timescales.

Other things you’ll need is to start decluttering, getting the right packaging, telling the children about the move, informing your families, informing schools, and quitting your jobs (well, at least one of you will if you are a couple), and so on.

There is an awful lot to consider, but if you have the time, then you will be able to remember everything and do it all with time to spare.


This may well be one of the largest jobs and potentially the most difficult job.

If you have a lot of stuff in your home, you may have to go through a pretty hard process of throwing stuff away, selling it, or giving it away. All your clutter cannot go with you.

So, that means you need to grow strong and start getting rid of all the things that you no longer need. In some cases, if you have an attachment issue, you may need extra help. Plus, ask a friend or a family member to help if you are struggling.

Look at this process as a way of cleansing you before you make the move.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nhành Mai Mới from Pixabay

The Ultimate TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide to The Big Apple

Studio Set - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Today, we bring to you the ultimate TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide to the Big Apple! So, come take a look and start planning your visit!

With New York being such an iconic city, it has drawn the attention of filmmakers and tv show creators from all across the globe. So, today we will share with you an awesome TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide with all the details for you to visit these spots!

With its tall buildings and diverse culture, having New York as the setting for a TV show is a dream.

There are dozens of locations and sets you can visit where you can recreate the scenes of your favorite shows.

Studio Set - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Firstly, Why Not Participate In TV Yourself?

If you want to live out your dream as a ‘Friends’ character or become a lawyer like in ‘Suits’, you can totally move to New York and get involved in TV production.

There’s a misconception that New York is very competitive to live in, but there are loads of condos available in New York City to choose from.

Be careful who you shop with though because certain companies like Zillow and Trulia earn money from selling your contact information – so always read the T&Cs!

By using a reputable company like Exprealty, you can find a property right for you – which could be next to a location used on your favorite TV show!

If you live in the Big Apple, you could apply to be on a TV show because studios are always looking for actors and extras to play characters.

Or, you can simply travel around the city and discover all the cool locations used in shows over the years.

So, let’s check out the TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide:

Gossip Girl

Gossip girl was a drama popular among teens that ran from 2007-2012, revolving around the lives of privileged students living on the Upper East Side.

Scandals, gossip, and heartbreaks unfold throughout the show, which is filmed in numerous locations including famous landmarks, restaurants, hotels, and shops. Here are some of the places you can go to recreate some iconic scenes.

The Empire State Building

If you head on up to the top of the Empire State Building, you can enjoy taking in the sights and reminiscing about that Chuck and Blair scene.

After a turbulent relationship, Chuck tells Blair that he’ll be waiting at the top of the Empire State Building. He waits there with a bouquet of pink flowers, and Blair doesn’t show up because something happens.

She visits later and finds the flowers there, but Chuck is nowhere to be found. This is probably a must for when you’re traveling around New York, so don’t miss out.

Dine At Veselka

After being mentioned so many times throughout the series, we finally see Dan Humphrey visit the Ukrainian restaurant of Veselka.

Offering some great breakfast options (all day!), you can certainly eat your fill at this place whenever you find yourself slightly peckish.

Grab A Cocktail At Campbell’s Apartment

This bar, now known as the Campbell, featured in the premier episode of Gossip Girl, where we see Serena van der Woodsen scandalously get it on with her best friend’s boyfriend, Nate.

Only go if you’re feeling pretty fancy though because it’s quite an expensive place!

Wonder Around Brooklyn

One of the main characters, Dan, lived in Brooklyn, so it is featured on most episodes of the show.

Try roaming around Washington Street, where the Humphreys lived, because you can get a great view of Brooklyn Bridge and spot some notable locations used in the show.

Manhattan's skyline seen from Dumbo in Brooklyn - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Sit On The Met Museum Steps

Many scenes saw a large part of the cast gather here to talk and hang out.

Some confrontations and arguments went down here – there are plenty of famous scenes to pick from if you want to recreate any moments from the show.

How I Met Your Mother

This long-running sitcom follows a group of friends living their life in New York. Falling in love, heartbreak, wild-goose chases, and drunken nights all take place in various places around New York, but most notably, a bar.

McGee’s Bar

McGee’s bar was the inspiration for the bar Maclaren’s, which features on every episode of the show and is almost a character in itself!

The bar hosts How I Met Your Mother trivia nights every Tuesday so be sure to check this out if you’re a fan and features cocktails inspired by the show, such as ‘The Naked Man’.

Eat The Best Burger In New York

One episode follows Marshall’s hunt for the best burger in NYC.

Sample the same goods at Corner Bistro, Paul’s Da Burger Joint, and ‘21’ Club. Perhaps you could recreate Marshall’s iconic speech about how “it’s more than just a burger”.

Ride “The Drunk Train”

Copy Ted and Barney as they rode the last train back from Long Island which is known as “the drunk train” because most of the people are traveling back from a night out.

The 2:39 am train back a night at the Joshua Tree can be an entertaining and fun ride back, to say the least.

Sex and The City

From 1998 – 2004, this rom-com sees Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte navigate the complexity of relationships, sex, and friendships in the Big Apple. New York undeniably aided in the show’s success and you can find many of the locations when you’re traveling around the city.

Carrie’s Apartment

The location used for the residence of Carrie Bradshaw is 64/66 Perry Lane in the West Village. The real-life owners of these addresses are not a fan of people coming to crowd their door so try to stay respectful as you go to admire it.

Catch A Game At Yankee Stadium

If you find yourself in the middle of a messy break-up (or not) as Cassie did in season 1, then go and watch a baseball game at the Yankee stadium. Aim number 1: catch a ball. Aim number 2: find a new sexy Yankees Player to date.

Baseball game at Yankee Stadium - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Go Shopping

If you love shopping as much as Carrie does in the series, then you can browse many of the same shops as her.

Unfortunately, Barneys, a shop that she peered into occasionally, has closed down. Barneys had a special window display in honor of the show but was bought over in 2019.

You can still shop at places she did like Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman.

Late-Night Shows

Many late-night shows are recorded in New York. Many of these have been running for decades and are a staple part of TV for many Americans. If you can, try and become an audience member, but if not you can visit the venues.

  • Saturday Night Live – 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 48th St
  • Late Night with Seth Meyers – 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th St
  • The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – 1697 Broadway
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – 30 Rockefeller Plaza at 49th St


Following a fraudulent aspiring lawyer who never attended law school. Suits was a successful show that ran from 2012 – 2019.

Although the show is set in New York, a lot of filming took place in Toronto too, but there are some memorable scenes that were filmed in New York.

One such example is Del Posto where ‘Darvey’ (the formidable duo of Harvey and Donna), goes to an Italian restaurant every year to celebrate the anniversary that Donna started working for Harvey.

Although Del Posto closed during the pandemic, it has reopened under a new name Al Coro, which you can still eat at.


Friends are arguably the TV show that most people will be familiar with. Airing from 1994 – 2004, Friends quite literally follows a group of friends.

This show was filmed primarily in a studio built set in Los Angeles but it is set in New York, so you can find some locations that were used around the city.

The Apartment Building

The external shots you see of the apartment building in Friends are located on 90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove Street – you should be able to find it easily from all the tourists that will be posing outside it.

The building is thought to have been built in the 1890s, although it wasn’t made famous until the show first aired in 1994.

American Museum of Natural History

The place where Ross works, and the location of Ross and Rachel’s first date, is the fictional museum of New York Museum of Prehistoric History which was filmed at the American Museum of Natural History.

This museum makes a great stop on your travels around New York, even if you’ve never watched the show.

Watch a Rangers Game At Madison Square Gardens

As the boys did in episode 4 of the first season (where the Rangers were playing the Penguins), you can catch a hockey game at Madison Square Gardens.

This is known as ‘the world’s most famous arena’ and can hold over 20,000 people. If you don’t fancy watching a game, there are arena tours you can book as well.

Rangers game at Madison Square Garden - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This show has aired from 2017 – the present, but its upcoming fifth season is apparently its last.

This period drama is set in the 1950s and follows Mrs. Maisel (Midge) who finds out her husband is having an affair, which causes her to start up a career in comedy.

See A Concert At Carnegie Hall

The finale of season 4 features the incredible Carnegie Hall, which still holds events to this day.

The episode sees Lenny Bruce (based on the real-life stand-up comic) take to the stage, who is also Midge’s mentor and romantic interest. The venue is in Midtown Manhattan and was built in 1891.

Since then, it has become the aspirational goal for many performers around the world – particularly those in music. Seeing an orchestra here is a must if you have the chance – it can be truly breathtaking.

Visit Coney Island

Coney Island is featured at the beginning of season 4 where the Maisels and the Weissmans have a memorable argument.

The location is a fun one to visit where you can spot the areas where different scenes were filmed, but also enjoy the carnival rides that are there.

See the sights from Deno’s Wonder Wheel, eat a famous hot dog, and seek some thrills on the rollercoasters – there’s something you’ll enjoy here, even if it’s simply appreciating the historic aesthetic.

People walking the beach at Coney Island - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Listen To Jazz At The Village Vanguard

This sensational venue has been running for decades and has always lived up to its name. Big names like Miles Davis, Horace Silver, and Thelonious Monk have performed here.

As well as jazz, it’s also been used for various other acts, which is why this venue featured as a stand-up venue in the show.

Sesame Street

For over 50 years, Sesame Street has been filmed in a studio in Queens. You can book a set tour to pose with all the well-known backgrounds used in the show.

There’s also a street sign that was put up in 2019 after the street was renamed. The sign can be viewed on the Upper West Side, near the Sesame Workshop headquarters.

Sesame Street character in a suitcase - New York - Behind the Scenes NYC

Mad Men

Don Draper is a talented ad executive in the 1960s; Mad Men is a drama that ran from 2007-2015 and the locations used are for people who enjoy a good bar crawl.

  • Grand Central Oyster Bar – Don and Roger enjoy a lunch filled with booze and oysters before having to climb 20 flights of stairs to reach a meeting they were already late for.
  • PJ Clarke’s – this restaurant has been open since the 1880s and was seen often in the first season of Mad Men. Don’t forget to play ‘the Twist’ on the jukebox as they did in the show.
  • Sardi’s – admire the caricatures on the walls and enjoy the continental food served where Don bumped into an ex-girlfriend, Rachel.

All in all, there are so many locations to visit you wouldn’t be able to do it all in one trip so why not consider moving there to give yourself the chance to see them all and even be in a show yourself?

From Gossip Girl to Mad Men – there’s bound to be a show you like that’s been filmed in the Big Apple so you can live out your favorite character’s fictional life!

Oh, if you enjoyed this TV Series-Inspired Travel Guide to NYC, be sure to check out this other awesome list of Movies that were shot in NYC to explore other locations as well!

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In NYC

Cover Spicy Moon Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

New York is the home of some of the best restaurants in the world! So, today we’re going to share with you top 5 vegan restaurants in NYC that are real hidden gems!

Cover Spicy Moon Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Spicy Moon NYC

Looking to try something new? Come check out these top 5 vegan restaurants in NYC that are true hidden gems in the city!

As we leap into the new year, it’s a great time to try a new dish.

Whether you’re a bonafide vegan or you’re just trying to experiment and try some delicious plant-based foods, NYC offers a virtually endless list of dining options.

Below, we’ll share 5 of the hottest vegan restaurants in NYC!

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In NYC

Fancy a scoop of creamy cashew-milk-based ice cream? How about a traditional slice? Ramen anyone? The following vegan restaurants all come highly recommended and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and begging for a second helping.

#1 Rawsome Treats

Rawsome Treats Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

When it comes to vegan treats, you can’t go wrong with Rawsome Treats. This small dessert shop is located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and is open most afternoons.

Rawsome Treats offers a variety of fruity, flavor-packed cakes and cookies. However, this spot is best known for its house-made vegan ice cream sandwiches, which are all made from creamy cashew milk.

The thing that makes Rawsome Treats such a great spot is that every dessert sold here is all made from scratch. No unnecessary preservatives or additives. It’s all made fresh every day!

  • Website:
  • Address: 158 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
  • Favorite Dish: Moo Moo Pie Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

#2 Go Zen

Go Zen Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Looking for traditional Chinese cuisine with a vegan twist?

Go Zen offers classic dishes made with meat substitutes like seitan, mushrooms, and tofu. Go Zen has also partnered with Beyond Meat to offer vegan burgers, vegan mac and cheese, and even a Beyond Meat Lo Mein!

Additionally, you’ll find hand-pressed juices, smoothies, and an incredible selection of non-dairy bubble tea. Compared to some of the other vegan eateries in NYC, Go Zen has very fair prices, and even has lunch specials with plates under $10.

  • Website:
  • Address: 144 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012
  • Favorite Dish: Sesame Seitan with Vegan Thai Bubble Tea

#3 Double Zero

Double Zero Matthew Kenney Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Double Zero offers low-key vibes, upscale service, and arguably the best vegan pizza in NYC.

The menu was curated and created by vegan celebrity chef, Matthew Kenney, who’s authored 12 plant-based cookbooks and has helped launch dozens of vegan eateries around the county.

All of the pizzas at Double Zero are made with an assortment of nut-based cheeses, fresh herbs and veggies from local farmers markets, and are baked in a traditional wood-fire oven.

In addition to pizza, this restaurant also offers pasta and a handful of other vegan dishes inspired by classic Italian cuisine.

The serving staff here is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and is more than happy to help you pair your food with a selection of fine vegan wines.

#4 Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery

Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

If you’re looking for homemade baked goods that aren’t made with any dairy, eggs, butter, and refined sugars, then Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery is a gem in the rough.

The storefront is unassuming and easy to miss if you’re just driving by, but the warm aroma of fresh baked goods is unmistakable.

Happy Zoe offers a selection of cookies, cakes, and has some of the best plant-based cheesecake in NYC.

  • Website:
  • Address: 102 B Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Favorite Dish: Vegan Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

#5 Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Spicy Moon has two locations – one in East Village and the other in West Village.

This small vegan eatery serves up traditional spicy Szechuan cuisine. Instead of meat, though, all of the dishes are made with mushrooms, seitan, and other plant-based substitutes.

The dumplings and “Crab-less Rangoon” are a great way to start your meal off, the ramen is nothing short of incredible, and Spicy Moon even sells its own homemade vegan spicy mayo and Szechuan sauces, so you can take the flavor home with you!

  • Website:
  • Address: 328 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003
  • Favorite Dish: Vegetable Ramen

NYC Is A Paradise For Plant-Based Eaters

As the plant-based lifestyle becomes increasingly more popular, even traditionally non-vegan restaurants are beginning to add more vegan options to their menus.

Today, there are over 650 vegan restaurants in New York City, and over a thousand more that offer vegan meals as part of their regular menu.

From spicy vegan Szechuan cuisine to plant-based ice cream, pizza, and more, there’s no shortage of incredible eats in NYC!

Guest Author: Emma Wilson from
Photo Credits: Courtesy of the venues

Secret Behind the Scenes Grand Central Terminal Tour

BTSNYC Experiences On Going Grand Central Terminal Secret Tour

Grand Central Terminal is one of New York City’s most amazing historical attractions. Even though it can be quite touristy, we always find a way to tweak it into a behind the scenes experience for you! Book your spot at our Secret Behind the Scenes Grand Central Terminal Tour!


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Grand Central Terminal Secret Tour

If you’ve never been to New York, or if you’ve been here countless times, the city can be quite overwhelming with things to do and places to go!

Even though we are always covering the best hidden spots, events and upcoming brands, there are quite a few historical places that will never negate! The city is overflowing with history and our efforts in keeping it live are tireless and endless!

One of the most magnificent and monumental attractions is our beloved Grand Central Terminal! We always get lost in thoughts and emotions when we walk through it.

We definitely experience a timeless affair with it!

The story behind this grandiose landmark is more than amusing, but let’s starts with saying it’s name correctly, ok?

People have the habit of calling it “Grand Central Station”. But, the correct name is “Grand Central Terminal”! Why? Because a terminal is where train lines “terminate”. It’s the start and ending point for trains, hence, it’s a Terminal, not a Station. So, let’s start saying the name right!


In the past, the Grand Central Terminal was seen as an embarrassment to the city of New York, and you can’t even imagine why!

This behind the scenes Grand Central Terminal tour will take you through the common areas. In addition, it will also give you so much rich, unpublished and private information of things people don’t quite notice while rushing by!

But wait, we want to tell you more! You’ll also finally be told where the 4 Whispering Arches are, if you haven’t found it yet.

Want something ultra top secret!? Ask about the M42, a secret sub-basement. Why it’s completely blocked by security and why its exact location is so closely guarded! The story is thrilling!

During the 2nd World War, even Hitler tried infiltration spies to gain access to destroy it, but was thankfully unsuccessful. It does not even show in the Terminal’s blueprints and maps, due to is secrecy.

So, expect not only to see many of the traditional spots – with secret information, but also experience some quite unique places within the building!


  • Peek into the entrance of the glass walkways;
  • Locate its lost armchairs;
  • Learn about Grand Central Terminal’s backwards ceiling;
  • See its hidden tennis courts;
  • Learn many more of its secrets!

Price: $39 / person
What to wear: Bring comfortable shoes.
What to know: The tour is 1.5 hours long; please consult with the MTA for weekend subway schedules and routing changes. Please note that due to enhanced security measures, Grand Central no longer allows access to places like the M-42 basement, FDR train car or glass walkways to non Metro-North or MTA employees.
Ticket Confirmation: After you book this experience, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner confirming you are attending the tour!


To organize a behind the scenes tour for your team or a special group of clients, contact our experts to learn more about our Corporate Tours & Experiences.

If you enjoy this type of tour, be sure to check what the Underground New York Subway Tour is all about! Plus, for the music lovers, explore these secret music gigs that happen around town!

Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC
*Last Update on Jun/2023.*

A Guide For The Ultimate Weekend In The Hamptons

Guide For The Ultimate Weekend In The Hamptons Behind the Scenes NYC

For those that love New York, we know that spending a weekend in the Hamptons is on most people’s bucket list. So let us help you out!

Guide For The Ultimate Weekend In The Hamptons Behind the Scenes NYC

The Hamptons is what weary New Yorkers think about when they want to have an indulgent and relaxing weekend.
It’s known for celebrity sightings and scenic beaches, and it’s also New York’s most expensive summer destination since it costs a little over $400 to spend a night at some of the best hotels in the area.

But, while a weekend stay in the Hamptons can cost a little more compared to other NY vacation spots such as

Geneva and Lake George, it’s ultimately worth it since there’s a lot to do here all year round.

If you’re planning to treat yourself to a luxurious holiday, here’s a guide on how to spend a weekend in the Hamptons.

Where to Stay

A getaway in the Hamptons requires careful planning so you can fully experience the best of what this destination has to offer.

First, you’ll need to pick the right place to stay, and there’s a lot to choose from, depending on what experience you’re going for. If you want to stay in a fancy resort, consider EHP Resort & Marina.

They opened their doors earlier this year, and the 9-acre resort has luxurious rooms and cottages, three restaurants, a marina, and a swimming pool.

For December 2022, EHS will be offering a wide variety of activities for guests to enjoy the holiday season, including a festive hot cocoa bar, holiday cocktail making lessons, and private wine tastings, among others.

Meanwhile, for those who’d rather stay in a bed and breakfast, there’s East Hampton Art House. This establishment is run by local artists, and the amenities come with free studio tours and beach passes.

There’s also The Huntting Inn, which is located about 2.7 km away from the East Hampton Main Beach.

This place has free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat screen TV in every room, as well as an impressive breakfast buffet for guests.

Where to Eat

Foodies will definitely jump at the chance to stay in the Hamptons as this destination has lots of places to enjoy good food.

For instance, there’s The Clam Bar, which is a favorite among lobster fans. Feast on classics such as two-pound lobsters and clam strips or a Lobster Salad Roll.

For Mexican food, there’s Coche Comedor for tuna tacos and pork rib carnitas. Meanwhile, for seasonal comfort food, locals and tourists alike can’t get enough of Nick & Toni’s, which has been around since 1988.

This restaurant serves sumptuous dishes such as Ricotta Gnocchi, Wood Grilled Heritage Pork Chop, and Roasted Lamb Ribs.

What to Do

Its proximity to beaches makes the Hamptons perfect for activities such as swimming, windsurfing, paddleboarding, surfing, and fishing.

There’s also plenty of hiking trails where you can admire gorgeous scenery, and towns where you can shop for anything from baked goods to luxury items.

The Hamptons is also a haven for artists as it’s home to art exhibits and festivals. Make sure to stop by the Pollock-Krasner House, which is dedicated to Jackson Pollock.

There’s also The Parrish Art Museum which houses some of Pollock’s works, as well as the LongHouse Reserve, which has works from Willem de Kooning and Yoko Ono, among others.

The Hamptons has long been a favorite place for rest and relaxation for many New Yorkers.

Consider these tips to make the most of your visit and have fun while staying in this idyllic vacation destination.

Beach Guide For The Ultimate Weekend In The Hamptons Behind the Scenes NYC

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Clay LeConey

5 Magical NYC Activities to Try This Winter

Swingers Gold NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC

Come explore 5 magical NYC activities to try this winter! So many unique spots to enjoy, so let us help you out!

There’s no shortage of exciting things to do in New York City. But, in this season of wind tunnels and freezing rain, locals and tourists alike have to get creative! So, come check out 5 magical NYC activities to try this winter!

Ice skating and holiday markets are all well and good, but what about some more original activities to try in NYC during the winter months?

To help keep up your spirits until the city starts to thaw, here are five magical NYC activities to try this winter.

#1 Go crazy golfing in a botanical palace

Swingers Gold NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Swingers

If you’ve never heard of crazy golf before, get ready to have your world rocked.

This new-to-NYC phenomenon combines all the best of mini golf, bougie bar hopping and delicious street food, with a setting fit for royalty – in this case, the underground palace of Swingers Crazy Golf in NoMad.

Here, you and friends can putt your way through three amazing crazy golf courses, challenging each other to get past their many riveting obstacles!

To help you keep warm, you’ll obviously get plenty of physical activity at Swingers, and you can have drinks delivered to you right there on the course. (The Chailand Iced Tea – an energizing combination of chai-infused vodka, lemonade and cinnamon syrup – is sure to leave you feeling toasty.)

With cocktails and golf clubs in hand, you’ll also have great props for posing with Swingers’ gorgeous botanical decorations! And once you’ve worked up an appetite, don’t forget to stop by the gourmet street food vendors for pescado tacos and pepperoni pinwheels.

If you’re after a deluxe NYC destination for food, drink and entertainment, Swingers does it all.

Location: 35 West 29th Street


#2 Curate tunes at a classic vinyl record bar

Tokyo Record Bar Restaurant NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Tokyo Record Bar

Karaoke is always a hoot, but for those who’ve heard a few too many off-key renditions of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, consider a much trendier option: an old-school vinyl record bar.

Our favourite in NYC would have to be Tokyo Record Bar, just a few minutes’ walk from Washington Square Park – and the ideal spot for a memorable night with friends (or to impress a date).

At TRB, you’ll be seated in an intimate, warmly lit space to choose from exciting drinks such as honeydew sake and buttermilk nigori. You can then proceed to the main menus, both culinary and musical.

On the former, you’ll find elegant dishes like hiramasa sashimi with burgundy truffle and caviar; for the latter, you and your guest(s) can select vinyl jukebox songs to be played as part of your dining experience.

Needless to say, a few hours at TRB can really reinvigorate a dreary winter evening… but make reservations now if you’re interested, because this 12-seat space fills up fast!

Location: 127 MacDougal Street


#3 Visit an enchanting French bookstore

Albertine Bookshop NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Albertine Bookshop

Bookstores aren’t such a rare sight in NYC, but bookstores like Albertine – located on the third floor of the Payne Whitney mansion on Fifth Avenue – contain a sliver of cultural magic.

This enchanting space has the largest collection of French language books in the country, with classic titles from 30 French-speaking countries, as well as plenty of English books and translations for those who don’t parlent français.

Visitors can enjoy this abundant, cross-cultural literature under a deep blue, astrology-inspired ceiling and golden hanging lamps. Without a doubt, Albertine is just the place to immerse yourself in another world on a cold winter’s afternoon (and maybe take a dreamy doze in one of their leather loveseats).

Alternatively, for those who don’t want to be tempted into buying any beautiful, expensive books, we’d recommend the Morgan Library and Museum: a glorious Beauty and the Beast-style collection situated two miles down the road, close to the Empire State Building.

Location: 972 5th Avenue


#4 Get your game on at an eccentric Brooklyn arcade

Sunshine Laundromat Speakeasy NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Sunshine Laundromat

Got some laundry to do? Looking to play a bit of pinball? Or just craving a beer after a long day? For any or all of the above, take a trip down to Sunshine Laundromat in Greenpoint.

This retro laundromat/arcade/bar feels very New York City: a quirky space that’s nonetheless quite functional and minimalist in design.

Indeed, some of the flashier arcade spaces in the city can feel a bit artificial. Sunshine Laundromat, on the other hand, is a truly authentic Brooklyn spot frequented by locals.

Pull up a stool and order a pint of locally brewed Greenpoint beer, or take a turn at one of the nostalgically themed pinball machines – Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park are just three iconic themes you’ll find here.

And if you happen to spill a drink on your jacket, simply pop it in the washing machine and pick it up on your way out! (Seriously, this is one amenity that every Brooklyn bar should offer.)

Location: 860 Manhattan Avenue


#5 Sip warming drinks at a secret speakeasy

Please Don't Tell Speakeasy NYC Activities Winter Behind the Scenes NYC
Credit: Courtesy of Please Don’t Tell

Speaking of highly authentic and slightly hidden NYC spots, our last suggestion is a speakeasy in the East Village – a place so covert, it has a hidden entrance and is quite literally called “Please Don’t Tell.” (We’re only defying their request because it’s a genuinely cool spot that many more people should know about!)

Step through the phone booth in Crif’s Dogs (a local hot dog joint) to a low-lit, highbrow space of brick walls and polished surfaces. Here, you can order signature PDT cocktails and classic drinks alike – perhaps a regionally appropriate Cosmo or Manhattan.

And if you want to go all out to beat the winter blues, consider hiring out the entire venue for up to 30 people!

Take note, however, that of all these magical things to do in NYC, an evening at PDT is one of the hardest to come by; they’re often booked up until well after midnight.

So, if this one sounds like a wintertime winner to you, we’d suggest making reservations well in advance.

Location: 113 St. Marks Place

Photo Credit: Swingers, Please Don’t Tell, Sunshine Laundromat, Albertine Bookshop, Tokyo Record Bar, 


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