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The Surrey Hotel in the Upper East Side of Manhattan

The Surrey Hotel Entrance

Designed by Lauren Rottet, The Surrey Hotel in the UES was recently renovated and is New York City’s only Relais & Chateaux boutique hotel.

The Surrey Hotel Entrance
The Surrey Hotel Lobby
The Surrey Hotel Pleiades Bar
The Surrey Hotel Rooftop Summer
The Surrey Hotel Rooftop
The Surrey Hotel Ultra Deluxe Suite Living Room
The Surrey Hotel Deluxe Salon Two Queen Bed
The Surrey Hotel Deluxe Salon King Bed
The Surrey Hotel Amenities
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To start, the cost of The Surrey Hotel’s renovation was over $60million. The result? Spectacular, of course!

Build in the 1920’s, it’s one of the most luxurious hotels in town with almost 200 rooms and suites.

“Built in 1926 as a residence hotel, the original Surrey was home to many of New York’s most eccentric celebrities. JFK, Bette Davis, Claudette Colbert, and other famous faces who recognized the allure of exceptional, discreet service.

Moreover, in re-creating The Surrey, we collaborated with acclaimed interior designer Lauren Rottet of Rottet Studio—to maintain the integrity of The Surrey’s history while modernizing New York’s most intimate address. Rottet’s inspiration was a New York City townhouse passed down through the generations.”

In other words, if you have a super high-end lifestyle, but a very low-key mindset, this is the perfect place for you to stay.

You can surely expect a breathtaking experience. We’ll explain:

The hotel offers everything from a fantastic fitness center and spa treatments, to private cocktail experiences and private roof garden.

At the Pleiades Bar, decorated with an art deco vibe (bring us back to Coco Chanel’s time), you’ll be indulged by a unique cocktail experience. Who’s the name behind this all? The famous bartender, Darryl Chan. His Cranberry Granita Champagne Cocktail is a winner!

Here is what Gael Greene, of The New York Times, says about the dining experience:

“If you hunger for constancy and dignity, it’s time for Café Boulud. The big cheese himself, Daniel Boulud, may be downtown at Daniel, on the road peddling his pots, or cooking for charity. He’s given a talented protégé…leave to invent within his café’s stated quartet of themes—tradition, season, market, and a detour to foreign kitchens.”

Lastly, be sure to explore the neighborhood, where you’ll find fantastic restaurants, bar, numerous stores for the shop-a-holics.

And still, you’ll be steps from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the one and only, Central Park and other historical spots.

So, prepare yourself for a fantastic adventure in the Upper East Side of the city!

Want help? Take a look at our Concierge Services and contact us to organize it all for you.

Location: 20 East 76th Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Surrey Hotel
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

How About Some Chicken And Waffles To Start Your Weekend

Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Waffles

“At Sweet Chick, our philosophy is simple: great food, a cool vibe, and interesting cocktails at a great price.” After all, who doesn’t love chicken and waffles?

Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Bar
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Guests Staff
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Interior
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Waffles
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Waffles
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Beens Eggs
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Appetizers
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Table
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Sweets
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Cookies
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Salmon
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Pancakes
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Cocktail Drinks
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Corner Tables
Dining Sweet Chick Restaurant Close Up Bar
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Located in the super trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, Sweet Chick serves an American cuisine with a mix of Southern accents – as they say!

The food is locally sourced and the place is not that big, but extremely inviting.

During the weekends it’s quite full (which is a good sign, right?), and the hostess is very caring, which definitely makes the difference when the place is packed…but she can’t make miracles, so be sure to try and get there early, or just be patient.

What to order?? Tough to say…we’re sure you’ll be happy with anything you try, but of course their Chicken and Waffles is the best seller! We also like the salmon and the pancakes!

They also have a second place at LES (Lower East Side), in Manhattan. Plus, they already announced there Prospect Heights opening coming soon!

Oh! They don’t take reservations, so do try to arrive early since they get quite busy!

If you’re curious about exploring the neighborhood of Williamsburg, you should visit a few other spots. Try a few vintage shops selling high-end brands and grab the best soy chai at Woops Bakeshop. Still, you can have fun at Rough Trade store and finish your day visiting an authentic biergarten called Radegast Hall.

If you need help around the neighborhood to maybe plan our your day with the best spots to visit, contact us! Our experts will curate a customized agenda for you to visit the top spots based on your preferences and style!

You’ll certainly fall in love with Williamsburg! Our Founder, Fê Paronetto, does! After all, this was the place she decided to actually move to NYC!

Monday – Friday: 11am – 2am (last seating at 1:30am)
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 2am (last seating at 1:30am)

164 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg
178 Ludlow Street, LES

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sweet Chick, Daniel Krieger and @_essmei

Cherche Midi: “Just” Another Keith McNally Restaurant

Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Façade

If you know a bit about Gastronomy, this name will definitely ring a bell! So, we’re just being ironic by saying: “Just” another Keith McNally restaurant. Cherche Midi is Keith’s newest venture!

Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Façade
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Inside
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Pot de Fromage
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Chicken Paillard
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Tuna
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Frog Legs
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Lobster Ravioli
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Burger
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Steak
Dining Cherche Midi Restaurant Lemon Tart and Sherbet
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If you’re not so into names…probably Balthazar, Morandi, Pastis and Minetta Tavern will help! This list has some of the top restaurants in New York, so do keep them in mind – or on you’re to-go list!

Cherche Midi is another restaurant owned by the renowned restauranteur Keith McNally and again, he makes a perfect strike! The cuisine: obviously, French.

The staff is amazing, the decor is very welcoming, the courtesy with welcome cocktails is certainly unique, the food is delicious and beautifully presented. Don’t you just love an artistically designed dish? We do!

The team – with Chefs Daniel Parilla and Shane McBride – does make all the difference….and the guests? Well…you gotta go there to understand it!!!

A few plates you can try are the Prime Rib, the Lobster Ravioli, the roasted Chicken Breast, the Cherche Midi Burger, the Seared Salmon and the Angel Hair Pasta.

Oh! For dessert? Ahhh, the Chocolate Soufflé is our favorite, but you’ll be good with any other option too!

Plus, they offer delivery service for lunch and dinner, and still, if you’re looking for a restaurant to host your private event, they can accommodate all your guests.

Do you need help in organizing a fabulous private party? See how our Concierge Services can make this a memorable day!

Or are you a business needing help to organize a dinner for clients, or for your team? Contact us to see how we can assist.

Lunch: Monday – Friday: 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am-3:30pm
Dinner: Monday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 11pm; Friday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 11pm; Sunday: 5:30pm – 10pm

Location: 282 Bowery (at Houston)

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Cherche Midi, Ryan Sutton and Amy Lee
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

La Esquina: The Soho-Nolita Border Has A NYC Secret Worth Sharing

La Esquina Restaurant Façade

This is definitely one of NYC’s secrets worth sharing! The façade doesn’t tell much, but La Esquina offers an innovative rendition on tasty Mexican inspired street food.

La Esquina Restaurant Façade
La Esquina Restaurant Bar
La Esquina Restaurant Food Kitchen
La Esquina Restaurant Steak Tacos
La Esquina Restaurant Caballero Private Dinner
La Esquina Restaurant Margarita
La Esquina Restaurant Products
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At La Esquina’s flagship spot, on the Soho-Nolita border, you can expect an amazing selection of Mexican food – from Mexican style grilled corn to ceviche and the traditional tacos.

Established in the year of 2006, its popularity is certainly worth the wait.

The menu is fantastic, so if you’re in doubt about what to try, fear not! You can order some dishes to share, so this way you’ll have a great time tasting a bit of it all.

If you want to take home a bit of their “Mexican taste”, they sell 4 salsas/dips that will spice up your day! You might find them “sold out”, but that’s probably a good sign, right? They are:

  • Roja: A charred salsa famous at the restaurant for its fresh, yet smoky taste featuring fire roasted tomatoes, garlic and onions;
  • Roja Hot: A spicy (but not too hot) version of their original salsa roja;
  • Verde: This refreshing salsa is zesty and features tomatillos, fire roasted onions, serrano peppers and cilantro;
  • Black Bean Dip: This smoky dip is one of Food & Wine Magazine’s favorite snacks! Smoky, yet sweet, this dip features black beans, fire roasted tomatoes, serrano peppers and cilantro.

Now, the secret!

Through a disguised door that reads “Employees Only” you’ll find an entrance to their famous basement restaurant. Some people get mistake by their café which is just around the corner, but that’s not it! The only way of going in, is with a reservation so be sure to do that.

Plus, they offer catering service and also have a few amazing products for sale at Goldbelly, like different salsas and black bean!

They opened a second place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, named “Café de la Esquina”. But, they didn’t stop there. They have a total of 4 locations for everyone’s delight!

We do recommend calling for reservation, so you can have a seamless experience, since it does get quite crowded.

What the NEW YORK TIMES says: “Speakeasy-channeling pantomine of illicit, exclusive pleasure.

As we mentioned, definitely one of NYC’s secrets worth sharing!

We know that SoHo and Nolita are neighborhoods with never ending spots to explore, we we will help you out a bit.

Have fun!

Hours: Check website for each location.

114 Kenmare Street, Soho-NoLita
225 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg
200 West 55th Street, Midtown West
1402 2nd Avenue, Upper East Side

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Lucas Noonan and La Esquina
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Hey, Steve! I want some handcrafted ice cream, please!

Dining Steve's Ice Cream Cookies'n'Cream

Steve’s Ice Cream started back in the early 1970’s as a small handcrafted ice cream shop with only the will of offering the most innovative “mix-ins” around.

Dining Steve's Ice Cream Cookies'n'Cream
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Pretzels
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Taco Style
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Triple
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Bowls on Counter
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Black Berry Crumble
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Several Flavors
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Product Mix
Dining Steve's Ice Cream Honey
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I mean, who in the world doesn’t enjoy handcrafted ice cream? If this person exists, be careful with them! Ha! Just joking… But, we do know that New Yorkers are pretty fond of ice creams, since the ice cream shops are always overflowing with people, even in the winter.

In the beginning, they had a hunch that people out there would line up in huge lines to get a taste of their artisanal ice creams. They started out as a small little brand wanting to show the world their expertise. And, grew to become a brand that people not only lined up for their ice cream, but outbraved themselves in the middle of snow storms to guarantee their scoop!

Besides the traditional flavors, they also offer amazing non-dairy ice creams and sorbets.

With the years, and the renowned name they’ve got today, they explained that a few (not many), things changed.

“We still use “mix-ins” but now they’re a little more grown-up, with fresh, natural ingredients, and to create our signature flavors, we work directly with some of the most innovative and inspired artisans around. It took a while, but small-batch has finally gone big time. And that’s pretty sweet.”

They have some pretty interesting flavors like Pretzels, Honey Pistachio, Pies & Sweet Cream, Mexican Chili Chocolate, Southern Banana Pudding, Speculoos Cookie Butter and so many others!

Today, they are literally spread throughout the US. In NY, you can find them in several different markets in all the Boroughs – except Staten Island.

So, it shouldn’t be hard try some! I want some handcrafted ice cream!

Hours: Hours vary! Check Steve’s Ice Cream website.

Location: Multiple around town! Check Steve’s Ice Cream website

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Steve’s Ice Cream
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Chef Fed’s Sex on the Table Cooking Classes

Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Fire

Have you ever heard about Chef Fed’s Sex on the Table Cooking Classes? Let’s explain. The art of seduction is the ability to get all your senses working in unison. Feeling, touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting.

Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Students
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Wooden Table
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Organization
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Portrait
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Dish Wine
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Chocolate Dessert
Dining Chef Fed's Sex On The Table Appetizer
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Food Students
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Strawberry Dessert
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Meat
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Kitchen
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Ingredients
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Pasta Chicken
Dining Chef Fed's Sex on the Table Products
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At Chef Fed‘s cooking school, they believe that, to have a seductive meal, you need a mix’n’match of things.

The final presentation of your food, choice of ingredients, texture of your creation, way you combine flavors, where you dine, and how you eat are all vital to a seductive meal.

Chef Fed also offer private dinners cooked by himself. Plus, you can purchase his products with the most successful recipes he’s shared at his cooking school and dining society.

Everything is done by Appointment only.

About Chef Fed:

A mere three years after graduating from Switzerland’s prestigious Culinary Institute, Chef “Fed” Federer was awarded a Michelin star alongside Chef A. Blockbergen at the Auberge du Raisin at Lac Léman in Switzerland.

It is this nuanced and open-minded approach to cooking that was the genesis for his aphrodisiac cooking class, “Sex on the Table”, founded in New York City in 2012.

In a nutshell, Sex on the Table is a full circle sensory experience that engages students during the cooking and dining process.

Students not only create a complete three-course meal, but they also get to sit down and enjoy it. Since its inception, Sex on the Table has sold out over 400 classes in a row and has been featured on the Food Network, Fox, E! News networks.

It has been the subject of articles in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Time Out New York, and many more.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chef Fed

Tavern On The Green: A Modern Tavern In The Park

Dining Tavern on the Green Garden

Not a huge secret, yes, we know…but after its renovation, this modern tavern in the park, Tavern on the Green, is still an interesting and well located place to stop by. Besides being inarguably beautiful and relaxing.

Dining Tavern on the Green Garden
Dining Tavern on the Green Restaurant Entrance
Dining Tavern on the Green Outdoor Area
Dining Tavern on the Green Kitchen
Dining Tavern on the Green Restaurant Sandwich
Dining Tavern on the Green Restaurant Avocado Shrimp Toast
Dining Tavern on the Green Restaurant Waffles
Dining Tavern on the Green Restaurant Sandwich at Garden
Dining Tavern on the Green Restaurant Weddings
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Nestled in a bucolic Central Park setting, Tavern on the Green is an iconic, landmark restaurant unlike any other in Manhattan.

After being closed for around 4 years, from 2009 through 2013, New York City invited restauranteurs Jim Caiola and David Salama to take over and run the business.

Centered around Chef Katy Sparks’ hearty, rustic American menu shaped by local, seasonal ingredients, Tavern on the Green invites you into a warm, gathering space that captures the spirit of Central Park and the energy of NYC.

Originally designed by Calvert Vaux and built in 1870 it housed the sheep that grazed in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow. To date, Tavern on the Green has served locals, presidents, royalty, artists, actors, and first-time visitors since 1934.

In addition, it’s also a great place for a wedding ceremony or a party! The space is beautiful and their service is great. You’ll definitely have a priceless experience in the heart of Manhattan with all your guests!

Do you need help to organize this? Contact our experts and see all the Concierge Services we can offer you!

Lastly, this is also a great place for corporate events, meeting, brunches or cocktails, so send us an email to learn more about how our Corporate Services can assemble everything for you and your team.

This tavern in the park will definitely be a good surprise and the experience will be unforgettable. Plus, you can stroll through the park on your way back home!

Monday – Friday: 11am – 4pm; 5pm – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: Brunch 9am – 4pm; 5pm – 11pm

Location: Central Park West & 67th Street

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Tavern on the Green and nycarchitecture
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

The Wayfarer Restaurant Is The New Gem In Midtown

Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Meat

The Wayfarer restaurant is an artisanal American seafood and steakhouse located in the heart of midtown. Crafted by chef Chris Chea, it is one of the must-see – or better yet, “must-taste” – in the city!

Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Façade
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Corner Tables
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Interior
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Private Table
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Entree
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Meat
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Corned Beef Sandwich
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Seafood Shell
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Citrus Roasted Sea Bass
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Sushi
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Waffles
Dining The Wayfarer Restaurant Apple Pie
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The restaurant is relatively new, but it has been doing a fantastic job! On of our friends went there for cocktails and dinner and had a fantastic time.

Their menu based on a classic American dishes and is heavy on meat.

To start off your day, you can try their breakfast menu that is pretty diverse and has some fantastic options like the Belgian waffle, buttermilk pancakes, the smoked salmon platter, eggs florentine and the avocado toast! You can still order same good from the bakery selection and cereals!

Two of the amazing dishes you can try for lunch or dinner is the oysters tempura with cilantro and a chili dipping sauce, and the braised berkshire bacon glazed with maple syrup and xeres vinegar.

If you’re not into meat, their latest addition to the menu, was sushi!

The menu is complimented by custom cocktails created by award-winning mixologist Christian Sanders of Evelyn Drinkery.

The Wayfarer restaurant can be a bit touristy location, but you’ll definitely find a great, beautiful, local crowd. Well, our true New Yorkers friends are always there.

Before or after your visit to the restaurant, you can cross the street to visit the 1 Hotel, one of Manhattan’s new additions! Plus, the hotels is just so beautiful, it’s worth just to take a look and maybe you’ll stay there on your next trip to NYC!

Breakfast: Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 11am
Lunch: Monday – Friday: 11am – 5pm
Dinner: Monday – Thursday & Sunday: 5pm – 11pm

Dinner: Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 12am
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm

Location: 101 West 57th Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Wayfarer
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Miss Lily’s Restaurant Is A Caribbean Oasis In NY

Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Cartoon

A Jamaican style dinner, located on the far end of Greenwich Village, is best described as ‘a Caribbean oasis in the middle of downtown Manhattan’. That’s what Miss Lily’s restaurant is all about!

Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Façade
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Brunch Time
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Corn
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Waffles Chicken
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Jerk Chicken
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Chicken Waffles
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Corn Lobster
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Fish
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Table
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Appetizer
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Mussels
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Mango Arugula Toasted Almonds
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Tortillas
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Green Tea Smoothie
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Watermelon Cocktail
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Rum Bar
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Cooking
Dining Miss Lilys Restaurant Blogger
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To start, Miss Lily’s restaurant is a project by Paul Salmon, the designer Serge Becker, and the Jakupi brothers (Binn and Genc). Moreover, they are also known for having been an integral part of New York City’s most exclusive nightclubs including Bungalow 8, 1 Oak, and The Box.

Inspired in the diverse roots of Jamaican cuisine the kitchen offers delicacies like jerk chicken, escovitch fish, oxtail and curried goat seasoned with scotch bonnet peppers and fiery jerk spices.

Plus, Melvin Major Jr., a NY juice guru, runs their organic juice bar.

The décor is clearly inspired in the Jamaican lifestyle and vibe! Moreover, you’ll see references of hair saloons, music shops, small food joints and even bakeries! A mix-n-match of the best that this vibrant-hot-captivating culture has to share! In addition, the music is great too, so be sure to come prepared!

In short, Miss Lily’s is an island vacation in the middle of a busy city, plus hosting several cool people from the fashion industry like Giovanna Battaglia and hype New Yorkers.

Of course, their outdoor seating if obviously the most coveted place in the restaurant!

Lastly, they have a second location that is pretty cool in the East Village, right at the corner of Tompkins Square Park, called Miss Lily’s 7A Café. It’s also a pretty low-key place, with a great outdoor area, perfect for the hotter months!

Enjoy your Jamaican style dinner and let us know if you want help to organize any upcoming private event you might want to host in New York City! We also offer services for Corporate events!

Hours Greenwich:
Dinner: Sunday – Wednesday: 6pm – 11:30pm andThursday – Saturday: 6pm – 12:30am
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Lunch: Monday – Friday: 11:30am – 5pm
Early Birdie: Monday – Friday: 5pm – 6pm
Happy Hour: Monday – Friday: 12pm – 7pm

Hours East Village:
Dinner: Sunday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am andFriday – Saturday: 5pm – 2am
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 5pm
Lunch: Monday – Friday: 12pm – 5pm
Late Night: Thursday – Saturday: 11pm – 2am

Locations: 132 West Houston Street; Miss Lily’s 7A Café – 109 Avenue A

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Miss Lily’s
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Maharlika: 100% Filipino Tradition in NYC

Dining Maharlika Restaurant Table With Friends

Located in the East Village, Maharlika 100% Filipino cuisine will take you on a journey. Be prepared to indulge yourself!

Dining Maharlika Restaurant Outdoor Area
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Table With Friends
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Lobster
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Lobster Detail
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Full Table
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Eggs
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Drinks
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Appetizer
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Appetizer Entrance
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Salad
Dining Maharlika Restaurant Waffles Chicken
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Created in 2011 by the talented hands of Chef Miguel Trinidad and the dream of Nicole Ponseca, Maharlika will transport you to the distant island of the Philippines.

“Though Filipino food is arguably the original fusion cuisine with its cultural influences from Spain, Malaysia, China, America and indigenous ingredients and flavors, Maharlika Filipino Moderno is not a fusion restaurant.

Moreover, it features a curated selection of Filipino classic dishes as well as inventive dishes that use 100% Philippine ingredients and flavors.”

So, with no big pretension, but with lots of love, the restaurant aims to simply feed you good, traditional, Filipino food. Where? In a very welcoming environment that will possibility remind you of home.

Speaking about, the dishes have rich flavors and great presentation. Some of their typical dishes are:

  • Bibingka – glutinous rice cake w/ toasted coconut, salted egg, keso de bola, guava jam
  • Lumpiang Mini Shanghai – rice paper w/ beef, pork, aromatic vegetables, sweet chili sauce
  • Flip’d Chicken and Ube Waffle – batterless fried chicken, purple yam waffle, caramelized macapuno syrup, anchovy-compound bagging butter
  • Baked Kalderetang Kambing – goat shank, potato, bell pepper, carrot, chili, tomato, farm-fresh baked eggs
  • Uni Palabok – rice noodle, shrimp bisque, sea urchin, fried garlic, pandesal breadcrumbs
  • Kare Kare – oxtail, peanut butter, long beans, eggplant, bokchoy

That said, they are opened for brunch, lunch and dinner all week long, so be sure to stop by!

And, in addition, if you’re interested in their catering services, contact the to see how you can impress your guests.

Plus, if you need help with organizing your private party, take a look at how the experts behind our Concierge Services can help!

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday: 11am – 12am
Sunday: 11am – 10pm

Location: 111 First Avenue (at 7th Street)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maharlika

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