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Troost Bar: One Of Greenpoint’s Treasures

Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Appetizers

Troost Bar is one of Greenpoint’s treasures and we’re there, a lot. Yes, we love it! It’s one of these place you walk in and never expect to see what’s inside!

Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Whiskey Cheese
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Details
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Garden
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Outdoor Seating
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Decor
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Cheese Tasting
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Oysters
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Appetizers
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Large Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Cocktail
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Night Time
Nightlife Bars Troost Bar Vintage Pic
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Yes, we’ve said it a thousand time, and we repeat: We Love Greenpoint! The so many new places always opening that we are always UnCovering, the older, traditional spots are some of our favorites. And, Troost Bar is one of them.

They have a relatively small, but great place, with a beautiful outdoor garden. It’s completely full of plants and flowers everywhere you look.

At night they get pretty full with very good music, a great crowd, a full bar, coffee till 2am and a the relaxing outdoor area is obviously super coveted.

It’s an unpretentious, low-key place, with lots of charm where you’ll have great bites and drinks!

If you like wine, this is the place to go in Greenpoint. Why? Well, the owners John Ortiz and Jaime Eldredge opened this place due to the lack of a good wine bar in the neighborhood. And, they’ve done a great job!

They don’t have an extensive food list, but they do offer a few snacks, as they call it. You’ll be able to nibble on something, while drinking to help you hold your alcohol. They have, for example, a very nice cheese platter with a meat of choice, also sardines and mixed olives.

They have a no wifi and laptop policy, that we think it’s perfect! It makes people actually talk and enjoy the present moment with friends, right?

Take a look at their Music Calendar and plan your visit. Plus, you might want to consider a reservation for any upcoming celebration you might have.

Happy Hour: 4pm – 8pm
Daily: 4pm – Close
*Closes between Midnight – 2am*

Location: 1011 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Troost
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Gallow Green: Explore One Of The Top 10 Rooftops In NYC

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Benches

We simply love rooftops in NYC during spring time. Even during the cruel summer, we’re always looking for the best spots. Gallow Green is one of the top 10 rooftops in NYC with a garden restaurant and bar located in The McKittrick Hotel, in Chelsea.

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Benches
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Sign
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Sunset
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Decoration
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Entrance
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Gallow Green is definitely a must-go, must-see in town! The view is great, the place is beautiful and the atmosphere has a nature-vibe to it.

When you arrive downstairs, just mention that you’re going up to the rooftop and they’ll let you in.

It’s definitely a different experience! With this hot spring-summer weather, the place makes everything refreshing with it’s countless plants and flowers. Surely makes everything more pleasant and also, gorgeous to the eyes.

The place was ranked as one of the top 10 rooftop bars & restaurants in New York City to visit! This is a pretty big thing, since the city has so many other rooftops.

The are currently offering every Saturday and Sunday a Rooftop Garden Brunch. There you’ll have great live music, special craft cocktails and sweet and savory open buffet.

Gallow Green also offers a dinner menu and a prix-fixe menu that are made with seasonal ingredients.

You can go online for reservations, which we do encourage. The place can get quite crowded and overflowing with beautiful people.

It’s easy to see why it’s considered one of the top 10 rooftops in NYC, right?!

Are you searching for a place for a Private Event? This is definitely a great spot! We can give you a hand, if you need. It’s also great for corporate groups and nights.

Lastly, the hotel houses one of the most amazing long-running interactive theatre productions in the city, called Sleep No More. We do recommend attending it! It’s pretty awesome!

We just love these rooftops in NYC.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 5pm – 3am
Saturday: 11am – 3am
Sunday: 11am – 12am

Location: 542 West 27th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gallow Green
*Last Update on March/2020.*

The Ship NYC: A Secret Soho Restaurant In A Basement

Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Counter

If you are walking through Lafayette Street, in SoHo, and see a little door saying The Ship NYC. Walk in and you’ll surely have a pleasant surprise! This secret Soho restaurant, in a basement, will take you on a journey!

Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Counter
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Corner Tables
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Inside Seating
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Sea Bass Ceviche
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Cocktail
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Cocktail Mixers
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Martini
Dining The Ship NYC Restaurant Bar Restroom
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One of our Contributors, Lygia Santos, went to The Ship NYC the other night and tried their amazing drinks and delicious food. This Soho restaurant is a great option of a special night! Owned by Michael Auerbach, it’s definitely an experience worth having in NYC!

“As I walked into the bar founded in 2014, I was immediately approached by one of the owners, Cervantes Ramirez, that gave me a fantastic tour around the place. He is also the head bartender there and very well known in the New York bar scene.

The drinks were both very refreshing and perfect for the NY summer. I tried the sangria with gin, allspice dram, pinot noir, orange, lemon, served on cracked ice and a super traditional piña colada.

If you are not a huge fan of cocktail drinks, it’s ok! You can have one of their excellent draft beers or try their wine list. Oh! The “Bartender’s Choice” is always a good pick if you’re the adventurous type!

The kitchen, managed by Chef Lucas Cerqueira (Brazilian born), is simple, yet extremely tasty.

I started with a slow cooked octopus with celery root puree, horseradish and sunomono. Then I tried the citric ceviche served with red onion, fluke, cilantro and leech de tigre. They were both amazing.

But, if you don’t really enjoy seafood, they have other great options too!

You can order dishes like the chicken liver foie gras, charcuterie and a Korean style BBQ called kalbi sliders. They also offer small bites like the artichoke feta cheese spread and the homemade ricotta.

Robert Jamieson, the owner’s friend, is responsible for the unique and intriguing décor, that portrays the inside of a Ship. Very cool!”

They accept reservation only from Monday – Wednesday, with 24 hours advance. We do recommend!

If you have a sweet tooth, you can head for an additional dessert and coffee at a few places close by. We love Maman, the super famous and traditional Eileen’s Special Cheesecake and Cha Cha Matcha, that has been a sensation since it’s launch!

We also recommend simply getting lost around SoHo! It’s the best way to discover new places!

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 6pm – 3am

Location: 158 Lafayette Street


*Cervantes Ramirez is no longer one of the owners at The Ship NYC.*

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Ship NYC
*Last Updated Feb/2020.*

Nuyorican Poetry Cafe: A True New Yorker Experience In The East Village

Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Façade

We recently went to the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe for a live poetry slam night and we were in complete “awe”! It’s definitely a true New Yorker experience you have to try.

Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Entrance Line
Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Show Time
Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Seating
Nightlife Bars Nuyorican Poets Cafe Piano Performance
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The Nuyorican Poetry Cafe is located in the East Village, close to East Houston Street.

The entrance of the place has some pretty awesome graffiti work on the walls and you’ll notice only a very local crowd hanging out there.

It was amazing to see the upcoming poets performing for the first time and definitely amusing to see the veteran poets rockin’ on stage!

Some of these veterans are the top Poets in the Country! They do mix poetry with music, uniting a great creative community in a dim lighted, beautiful brick walled, kinda dirty-cool space.

The space was founded by Miguel Algarin back in 1973. At that time, the magic happened inside his own living room, also in the East Village. Obviously, the neighborhood was very different back then.

Society was also very different and segregation was definitely more intense. There is a great group that is part of the founding artists behind the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

These guys were fantastic musicians of color, poets and some were playwrights. Their work was very unique and groundbreaking, but back then, it wasn’t accepted in the entertainment industry, as well as in other industries.

A bit over two years later, the space became small to host the rising number of artists eager to be part of this community. They expanded into an Iren Bar that was called Sunshine Cafe, but that lasted only another few years.

The space got small, once again, and they finally purchased and moved into their current location in 1981. They were able to bring in all the artists, expand the programs and the various activities they offered.

“Our Latin Jazz Jams on Thursday nights fill the space with stellar tunes by celebrated musicians. Our Hip Hop events include open mics and competitions for poets, freestylers and emcees, as well as collaborations for storytellers and jazz musicians.”

Nuyorican Poetry Cafe one of the most unique spots in the East Village and we are sure you’ll have a fantastic and enlightening time there!

For their full list of events, take a look online.

Last, but surely not least, at the door, ask for our dear friend Raul! He’s definitely THE guy to talk to and one of the responsible for making this place so special!

He also runs a special charity program called Latinos NYC, that collaborated once a month with Friends in Need. Check them out, if you’re interested in doing some service and using your time to help communities in need. We are always working with them on their feeding programs!

Get ready to immerse into a true New Yorker experience!

Hours: See online hours for specific night and shows.

Location: 236 East 3rd Street


Text: Excerpts from their website
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nuyorican Poetry Cafe
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Le Fanfare: An Italian Restaurant In Greenpoint

Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Tables

The neighborhood of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn, isn’t as remote as people think! It’s actually only 1 stop away from Williamsburg, through the G line! Le Fanfare, an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, is always one of our recommendations for friends visiting the neighborhood.

Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Tables
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Beet Salad
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Pasta
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Wine Glasses
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Flower and Salad
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Area
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Indoor Seating
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Communal Tables
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Le Fanfare is definitely one of the spots that makes you feel far away from New York City. It’s a very chill neighborhood, with some of the most interesting people we’ve met and unique businesses.

The restaurant, Le Fanfare, was founded by the same owners of Epistrophy, that we wrote about a while ago. They have a great Italian menu – created by Chef Adam Ross – and wine list. Plus, their Jazz music nights is surely one of the highlights.

This is what we had at an early dinner:

  • kale chips
  • artichoke with peas and onions
  • vegan pasta with vegetables
  • salad mix
  • some wine (white and red)

We tried the house-made bread that was actually the only non-vegan option we ordered that day. I’m vegetarian, so the bread was actually very fresh and tasty!

We sat at their outside area, that had just recently opened and love it. Tables and seats are small, making the space very cozy and intimate. The minimal décor basically all painted white, contract only with the flowers and plant that give life and warmth to the space.

Depending on the time you pass by, it can be very silent and tranquil, but during peak hours like lunch, happy hours, brunches and dinner, it can get quite busy!

They have two huge communal tables made out of beautiful wood and the ambiance is sophisticated but also cozy, with a cool bar upfront.

Also, if you enjoy live music, you should go there during the weekends, when they have a few bands entertaining the guests with great music.

If you’re looking for delivery, they offer it to a specific radius in Greenpoint and extend it to Long Island City.

Lastly, if you’re the type of independent person or traveller that doesn’t really enjoy tour guides (even though our guides are fantastic, local peeps!), you’ll love this!

We’ve created an exclusive Greenpoint Self-Guided Tour that can actually be divided into different days!

Or, if you are looking for unique tours in Brooklyn, try our Bushwick Graffiti, Bites & Drinks Photo Tour! After going to the best spots in Bushwick, you’ll go home with over 100 professional pics taken during your private tour!

Happy Hours: Monday – Friday: 5:30pm – 7pm
Tuesday – Thursday:  5:30pm –  12am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Friday: 5:30pm – 1am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Saturday: (Brunch) 11:30 am – 4pm (Dinner) 5:30pm – 1am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Sunday: (Brunch) 11:30 am – 4pm (Dinner) 5:30pm –  10pm (Kitchen closes at 10pm)

Location: 1103 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Vegan

The Tippler: Hidden Down Under The Chelsea Market

Nightlife Bars The Tippler Chelsea Market Entrance

Yes, yes, yes! We simply love these little spots in the city that live underneath New York City’s ground. People pass by and have absolutely NO clue it’s there. The Tippler is a bar, hidden under the Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District, that you’ll love!

Nightlife Bars The Tippler Chelsea Market Entrance
Photo Credit: mdisc

One of our dear friends and contributors, Dani Cutait, went to The Tippler yesterday and fell in love with it!

If you’re not familiar with New York and the Meatpacking District, this may be a tricky place to find. But, it’s not a problem. It’s can actually be fun! When you arrive close to the entrance, there is only a bright sign saying “Open” that guides you into the place.

The décor is made out of “reclaimed water tower wood and train rails from the nearby high line, repurposed antique fixtures, vintage library decor”. All with a distinctive speakeasy vibe.

Their menu serves locally made products, craft cocktails, plus a huge variety of artisanal spirits, beers and wines. They are also vegetarian-friendly and have a few great options.

In addition, for private events, you can reserve semi-private spaces for groups of 20 -100 guests. Private events can be arranged for a total of 250 guests.

How can we ask for more, right!?!?

Lastly, the Tippler does not take reservations, so try to arrive early, or just beware that you might have to wait in line

We are sure you will enjoy these spots. Even though they are in a busy neighborhood, we always manage to find some of these hidden little taverns and bars for you! Enjoy!

Sunday – Thursday: 4pm – 1am
Friday – Saturday: 4pm – 3am

Location: 425 West 15th Street


Photo Credit: mdisc
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Wilfie & Nell: An Off The Beaten Track Bar In The West Village

Nightlife Bars Wilfie and Nell Side Door

One of the beauties of New York City is just getting lost around town and suddenly bumping into one of those small, cool, off the spotlight places we just crave to uncover. Wilfie & Nell is one of these type of spots! A super cool bar in the West Village.

Nightlife Bars Wilfie and Nell Façade
Nightlife Bars Wilfie and Nell Side Door
Nightlife Bars Wilfie and Nell Inside Area
Nightlife Bars Wilfie and Nell Inside Seating
Nightlife Bars Wilfie and Nell Bar
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Oh, if these stone walls could talk…

The other night we went to a bar in the West Village called Wilfie & Nell with a group of friend. It’s exactly this type of place we described above.

The music was great, the décor of the place is rustic yet polished, with beautiful brick walls and pillars. Their full bar is gorgeous and there is a small private room which is one of the best spots in there.

They pride themselves in “serving good drinks & locally sourced food”, but people mostly go there for their fantastic booze.

There are no reservations available. Tables and bar spots fill up pretty quick, but there is always a gap to squeeze in with friends.

The food is served until 2am, so it’s a great place if you are a night owl. If you’re a vegetarian, like our Founder Fê Paronetto, don’t worry. You’ll have great options.

These are some dishes she personally enjoys:

  • Smashed avocado toast with soft boiled egg and chile flakes
  • Mushroom and goat cheese frittata with baked eggs, red peppers, scallions, crispy potato and mâche salad
  • Fried pickled cauliflower with smoked chile dipping sauce
  • Sax elby cheese board with experience with seasonal fruit and raw wildflower honey
  • Portobello mushroom burger with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion

Their sides are mostly vegetarian too and there are a few dishes you can order with no meat.

Over the weekends there is a younger, noisier crowd. So, if you’re into something “calmer”, try going on a random week night or just arrive there earlier.

Also, try their brunch Saturdays or Sundays!

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate your birthday or a special occasion, you might want to check the place out. We’re sure your friends will find it pretty awesome!

Just a few blocks away, you can also explore The Happiest Hour, where to cool Manhattanite kids hang. Also, for more off the beaten track place, try Hudson Clearwater.

Monday – Wednesday: 4pm – 3am
Thursday: 4pm – 4am
Friday: 3pm – 4am
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 3am
Brunch: Weekends: 11am – 4pm
Food served nightly until 2 am

Location: 228 West 4th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Wilfie & Nell
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Put on your mask tonight for Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Corridor

“A legendary hotel. Shakespeare’s fallen hero. A film noir shadow of suspense.” Seems catchy, doesn’t it? Many people have been tirelessly talking about the unique experience they had while attending Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, in Chelsea.

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Yaniv Schulman
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Corridor
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Woman DrielyS
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Loren Wohl
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Bathtub DrielyS
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Shadow DrielyS
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Office Room
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Performance DrielyS
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Couple Performing DrielyS
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel The Heath After Show
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel The Heath
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Stage
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Flyer
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New York City definitely offers the most unique and amazing theatrical experiences in the plant! With a breathtaking scenography, super talented actors and, of course, the coolest crowd, these shows are always on the top of our list!

“Sleep No More is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare ’s Scottish tragedy through a film noir lens. Audiences move freely through the epic world of the story at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, and everyone ’s journey is different and unique. This indoor promenade performance can last up to 3 hours.”

…but the duration really depends on the spectator and what he/she feels like experiencing and observing.

The experience is retelling the famous Shakespeare’s tragedy, “Macbeth“, lived in a 1920’s hotel.

How does it work?

There are 5 arrival times for each performance ranging from 6pm – 12am depending on the day of the week.

First, this is not a seated performance. The Hotel transformed 5 floors and 93 rooms into this massive performance space where the guests walk through these different ambiances. You’ll be exploring different sceneries, observing thrilling and emotional performances and sometimes even interacting with the peculiar performers. No one talks inside! So keep it silent, please!

Also, every one receives a Venetian mask to keep the identities confidential This way, everyone feels more comfortable in being “voyeurs”, since there are some spicy scenes.

The rooms are amazing and were transformed into: a hospital’s psychiatric ward, an ultra luxurious room, a forest, a sophisticated hotel bar and several other surprises. The actors and actresses wander around the spaces, interact with each other and with the guests. This way, you can see the show in different chronological orders, as you wish.

After the show, look for the Manderley Bar where you can have a drink, relax and listen to music. Note: Prohibited to kids below 16.

Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Benches
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Sign
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Sunset
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Decoration
Nightlife Bars Sleep No More McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green Entrance
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At the rooftop, you’ll find Gallow Green, a perfect spot specially during the summer time. The décor is pretty cool, with lots of greens all around. It’s considered one of the Top 10 Bars/Restaurants in the City. The sunset there is amazing, so you can chose to swing by before the show starts for a drink.

If you want to finish the night with dinner, you can also book a table at The Heath. They offer a dinner menu, a Sleep No More Prix Fix Menu and a delicious Dessert Menu.

Have fun! (…which we’re sure you will!)

If you want help booking everything or want access to a VIP experience for Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, contact us so we can arrange everything for you!

This is also a great spot for corporate groups that want to have some down time from work. Contact our experts, so we can organize it all for you and your team.

Location: The McKittrick Hotel – 530 West 27th Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sleep No More, Driely S., Loren Wohl and Yaniv Schulman
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Radegast Hall & Biergarten: An authentic beer garden in Williamsburg

Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Façade

As we said before, Williamsburg is one of the hypest neighborhoods today! Immersed in the music and arts scene, Radegast Hall & Biergarten is considered an authentic beer garden, where guests will usually feel like they are actually in Bavaria!

Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Façade
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Back Seating Area
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Guests
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Guests Daytime
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Back Bar
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Live Show
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Barman
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Draft
Nightlife Bars Radegast Hall Biergarten Waitress
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With obviously an amazing beer and draft beer selection, the restaurant is under the command of the Executive Chef Eric Francou. His menu offers delicious, tasty quality dishes using only local and seasonal ingredients.

The rustic space is filled with long communal tables which can discourage you at first, but it’s definitely worth the stay!

Inside there is a great bar, that we always enjoy sitting. It’s always the best places in the house. They also have some smaller tables, for small parties.

The place gets pretty full, specially over weekends. Unfortunately, they don’t do any reservations, but if you’d like to organize a private event, it is an option!

Radegast is perfect for afternoon drinks, brunch and dinner! For big events like the Super Bowl, World Cup and other games, they do have huge screens that tune into the games.

Oh! For vegetarians, don’t worry. They have a fantastic portobello mushroom burger. Delicious! Our Founder, , is vegetarian and loves it!

We’ve already watched a Super Bowl there and it was quite exciting!

Don’t forget to take a look at their website, to see what is the schedule for their live shows. It does get pretty packed and noisy, so just go with the flow and enjoy!

Sunday – Thursday: 12pm – 2am
Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 3am

Location: 113 North 3rd Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Radegast Hall & Biergarten
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Bar Pitti In The Greenwich Village: The See And Be Seen Hotspot

Nightlife Bars Bar Pitti West Village

With a see and be seen sidewalk, mixed with the trattoria formula, Bar Pitti in the Greenwich Village opened in 1992 and became a New York City hotspot. It’s literally neighbors with the famous Da Silvano restaurant.

Nightlife Bars Bar Pitti West Village

Thank God it’s Spring!!!

After so many months of cold, we are pretty anxious to enjoy the good weather. Plus, New York City is a completely different city during the hotter months.

Bar Pitti, a Tuscan-inspired restaurant, offers a small but pleasurable menu with plates like: Insalata Di Fagioli Tonno e Cipolla, Crostini, Caprese, Scottish Smoked Salmon, Antipasto Toscano and Fettunta.

Portions can be small if you are too hungry, but it’s a great place to hang in the afternoon. Or even, to start your night with a few drinks.

The décor is pretty simple, and not very fancy, even though it is a high-end spot. Plus, it can get quite crowded and tables might be arranged pretty close together.

During the hot months, they have a great outdoor seating area. It will definitely give you a VIP view of who’s passing by.

It’s the perfect place to see people like Olivia Palermo, Gisele Bundchen, the Victoria Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio, Heidi Klum, Beyoncé, Jim Carey and many other cool and famous people!

Bar Pitti only accepts reservation for parties of four or more and is cash-only. So, be sure to have money on you!

If you’re in the mood of the “see and be seen” vibe, then Bar Pitti in the Greenwich Village is the right place!

If you want to grab dinner before or after Pitti, you might want to try the fantastic vegan RockinRaw or the American Nouveau cuisine at the hidden Hudson Clearwater.

For good music with upcoming bands, walk a few blocks to The Bitter End. It’s one of our favorite spots where we’ve seen several amazing bands, and friends play!

Hours: Daily: 12pm-12am

Location: 268 Sixth Avenue


Photo Credits: Help us find out! Please claim it, if it’s yours, and we’ll properly credit you!
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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