Le Fanfare: An Italian Restaurant In Greenpoint

May 26, 2016 | Fê Paronetto
Dining Le Fanfare Restaurant Outdoor Tables

The neighborhood of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn, isn’t as remote as people think! It’s actually only 1 stop away from Williamsburg, through the G line! Le Fanfare, an Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, is always one of our recommendations for friends visiting the neighborhood.

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Le Fanfare is definitely one of the spots that makes you feel far away from New York City. It’s a very chill neighborhood, with some of the most interesting people we’ve met and unique businesses.

The restaurant, Le Fanfare, was founded by the same owners of Epistrophy, that we wrote about a while ago. They have a great Italian menu – created by Chef Adam Ross – and wine list. Plus, their Jazz music nights is surely one of the highlights.

This is what we had at an early dinner:

  • kale chips
  • artichoke with peas and onions
  • vegan pasta with vegetables
  • salad mix
  • some wine (white and red)

We tried the house-made bread that was actually the only non-vegan option we ordered that day. I’m vegetarian, so the bread was actually very fresh and tasty!

We sat at their outside area, that had just recently opened and love it. Tables and seats are small, making the space very cozy and intimate. The minimal décor basically all painted white, contract only with the flowers and plant that give life and warmth to the space.

Depending on the time you pass by, it can be very silent and tranquil, but during peak hours like lunch, happy hours, brunches and dinner, it can get quite busy!

They have two huge communal tables made out of beautiful wood and the ambiance is sophisticated but also cozy, with a cool bar upfront.

Also, if you enjoy live music, you should go there during the weekends, when they have a few bands entertaining the guests with great music.

If you’re looking for delivery, they offer it to a specific radius in Greenpoint and extend it to Long Island City.

Lastly, if you’re the type of independent person or traveller that doesn’t really enjoy tour guides (even though our guides are fantastic, local peeps!), you’ll love this!

We’ve created an exclusive Greenpoint Self-Guided Tour that can actually be divided into different days!

Or, if you are looking for unique tours in Brooklyn, try our Bushwick Graffiti, Bites & Drinks Photo Tour! After going to the best spots in Bushwick, you’ll go home with over 100 professional pics taken during your private tour!

Happy Hours: Monday – Friday: 5:30pm – 7pm
Tuesday – Thursday:  5:30pm –  12am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Friday: 5:30pm – 1am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Saturday: (Brunch) 11:30 am – 4pm (Dinner) 5:30pm – 1am (Kitchen closes at 11pm)
Sunday: (Brunch) 11:30 am – 4pm (Dinner) 5:30pm –  10pm (Kitchen closes at 10pm)

Location: 1103 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Vegan

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