Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In NYC

New York is the home of some of the best restaurants in the world! So, today we’re going to share with you top 5 vegan restaurants in NYC that are real hidden gems!

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Looking to try something new? Come check out these top 5 vegan restaurants in NYC that are true hidden gems in the city!

As we leap into the new year, it’s a great time to try a new dish.

Whether you’re a bonafide vegan or you’re just trying to experiment and try some delicious plant-based foods, NYC offers a virtually endless list of dining options.

Below, we’ll share 5 of the hottest vegan restaurants in NYC!

Top 5 Vegan Restaurants In NYC

Fancy a scoop of creamy cashew-milk-based ice cream? How about a traditional slice? Ramen anyone? The following vegan restaurants all come highly recommended and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and begging for a second helping.

#1 Rawsome Treats

Rawsome Treats Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

When it comes to vegan treats, you can’t go wrong with Rawsome Treats. This small dessert shop is located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and is open most afternoons.

Rawsome Treats offers a variety of fruity, flavor-packed cakes and cookies. However, this spot is best known for its house-made vegan ice cream sandwiches, which are all made from creamy cashew milk.

The thing that makes Rawsome Treats such a great spot is that every dessert sold here is all made from scratch. No unnecessary preservatives or additives. It’s all made fresh every day!

  • Website:
  • Address: 158 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
  • Favorite Dish: Moo Moo Pie Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

#2 Go Zen

Go Zen Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Looking for traditional Chinese cuisine with a vegan twist?

Go Zen offers classic dishes made with meat substitutes like seitan, mushrooms, and tofu. Go Zen has also partnered with Beyond Meat to offer vegan burgers, vegan mac and cheese, and even a Beyond Meat Lo Mein!

Additionally, you’ll find hand-pressed juices, smoothies, and an incredible selection of non-dairy bubble tea. Compared to some of the other vegan eateries in NYC, Go Zen has very fair prices, and even has lunch specials with plates under $10.

  • Website:
  • Address: 144 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10012
  • Favorite Dish: Sesame Seitan with Vegan Thai Bubble Tea

#3 Double Zero

Double Zero Matthew Kenney Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Double Zero offers low-key vibes, upscale service, and arguably the best vegan pizza in NYC.

The menu was curated and created by vegan celebrity chef, Matthew Kenney, who’s authored 12 plant-based cookbooks and has helped launch dozens of vegan eateries around the county.

All of the pizzas at Double Zero are made with an assortment of nut-based cheeses, fresh herbs and veggies from local farmers markets, and are baked in a traditional wood-fire oven.

In addition to pizza, this restaurant also offers pasta and a handful of other vegan dishes inspired by classic Italian cuisine.

The serving staff here is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and is more than happy to help you pair your food with a selection of fine vegan wines.

#4 Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery

Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

If you’re looking for homemade baked goods that aren’t made with any dairy, eggs, butter, and refined sugars, then Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery is a gem in the rough.

The storefront is unassuming and easy to miss if you’re just driving by, but the warm aroma of fresh baked goods is unmistakable.

Happy Zoe offers a selection of cookies, cakes, and has some of the best plant-based cheesecake in NYC.

  • Website:
  • Address: 102 B Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Favorite Dish: Vegan Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

#5 Spicy Moon

Spicy Moon Vegan Restaurants in NYC Behind the Scenes NYC

Spicy Moon has two locations – one in East Village and the other in West Village.

This small vegan eatery serves up traditional spicy Szechuan cuisine. Instead of meat, though, all of the dishes are made with mushrooms, seitan, and other plant-based substitutes.

The dumplings and “Crab-less Rangoon” are a great way to start your meal off, the ramen is nothing short of incredible, and Spicy Moon even sells its own homemade vegan spicy mayo and Szechuan sauces, so you can take the flavor home with you!

  • Website:
  • Address: 328 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003
  • Favorite Dish: Vegetable Ramen

NYC Is A Paradise For Plant-Based Eaters

As the plant-based lifestyle becomes increasingly more popular, even traditionally non-vegan restaurants are beginning to add more vegan options to their menus.

Today, there are over 650 vegan restaurants in New York City, and over a thousand more that offer vegan meals as part of their regular menu.

From spicy vegan Szechuan cuisine to plant-based ice cream, pizza, and more, there’s no shortage of incredible eats in NYC!

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of the venues

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