Burrow: French And Japanese Inspired Pastry Shop In DUMBO

April 13, 2017 | BTSNYC
Dining Burrow Bakery Pastry with Nuts

DUMBO is a great neighborhood to explore after you’ve walked over the Brooklyn Bridge! Burrow, a French pastry shop in DUMBO with Japanese influences owned by Ayako Kurokawa, is a delicious place to recharge.

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Our Contributor, Helenita Salom, shared with us a delightful place to visit in DUMBO, that we love! We’ve written about it in the past and this is a fresh update!

DUMBO, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a wonderful, constantly evolving neighborhood in Brooklyn. Very easily accessible by the “F” train if you are coming from Manhattan, it is one of my favorite neighborhood for its charm, unique stores, beautiful views of Lower Manhattan, and extremely friendly walkable streets.

It has also been, for a number of years now, a growing tech start-up scene — but more about this, as well as the other charms of DUMBO, in another post perhaps!

What drew me to DUMBO for this visit was none other than Burrow, a French pastry shop with Japanese influences owned by Ayako Kurokawa.

“Ayako Kurokawa is a patissier, a pastry sculptor, and a food stylist in NYC. She picks her inspirations from her restaurant experiences, Brooklyn life, and day dreaming in the subway.

Her pastry recipes are based on classic French recipes, but are developed with the Japanese and American influences she had growing up. She developed the portrait and sculpture cakes from her love for stone carving and clay sculpting.”

I first came across Burrow on Instagram about one year ago. I saw a picture Burrow had posted of a Mer-man. That’s right, a fully iced sugar cookie shaped and decorated like a male mermaid. Immediately I knew I had to make a trip out to DUMBO and visit this bakery for myself and check out this superbly made portrait cookie of a mer-man.

Located on Jay Street inside the lobby of an old standard industrial looking building, is Burrow. I almost completely missed it on my first visit down there.

Once inside Burrow though, you immediately feast your eyes on beautiful seasonal cakes, cookies and many more treats. It all spans far beyond just the portrait cookies which, from what I understand, you order in bulk in advance and aren’t sold in the store. I must say the charm of Burrow did not disappoint.

I have been numerous times since my first visit last year, and among my favorite is the strawberry short cake. Light, creamy and just enough sugar to leave you satisfied, yet not in a food coma, this is a must have if it’s available.

If you are a fan of different textures in your dessert you will enjoy this too, as it has a few different layers to it which all complement each other perfectly.

I will most definitely be returning soon.

DUMBO is a fantastic and super cool neighborhood to explore and even stay, if you’re in NYC for a few days.

The 1Hotel opened its first location in Manhattan and is surely one of the best additions to Brooklyn! This hotel is one of our top picks if you’re more a Brooklyn-style traveller.

If you’re looking for a off-the-beaten track spot to go at night, St. Ann’s Warehouse is the place to go! They not only showcase the most unique concerts and theater performances, but the place is breathtaking. It’s located right by the East River and was a former Church in the 1980’s.

Be sure to save some time to just talk around the place and be sure to take that perfect picture of the Manhattan Skyline.

Oh! And even though quite touristy, be sure to see Jane’s Carrousel, just a few steps from the warehouse.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday 1pm – 5pm

Location: 68 Jay Street, #119


Photo and Text Credit: Courtesy of Helenita Salom and Burrow NYC
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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