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Spice Up Your Life With Salsa Classes in NYC

Fitness Health Salsa Classes in NYC Joel Salsa Instructors

After researching Salsa classes in NYC, I came across Joel Salsa Company. They were offering a cool bootcamp package for beginners and I didn’t need to take a partner with me! Yes, this can be a setback when signing up for Salsa classes.

🎵 Ay, no hay que llorar
Que la vida es un carnaval
Que es más bello vivir cantando…” 🎵

…sings Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, in one of my favorite songs.

Dancing, as we already know, is great for our physical and mental health. I grew up taking dancing classes, but Salsa is definitely taking it to another level and I always wanted to learn it. Ahhh, my Latin blood…

Some people say original Salsa was created in NYC instead of a Hispanic country, after the influx of Latin and Caribbean immigrants in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The immigrants mixed bits of other ballroom and club dances into a new style. So yes, there are different styles of Salsa. Since I was in NYC, I chose this new style over Cuban or others out there.

After researching a little bit, I came across Joel Salsa Company. They were offering a cool bootcamp package for beginners and I didn’t need to take a partner with me! Yes, this can be a setback when signing up for Salsa classes.

I was not sure if I would have the “hips” that it takes to dance, so I signed up for just one class to try it out. After the 1st class I loved it so much that I registered for the full package: 8 classes, once a week.

I confess I wore sneakers in my first class! As soon as the instructors saw them, they asked me to come with a flat, ballerina or ballroom shoes for the next classes. So, now you know that sneakers are not good for dancing Salsa! Hahaha!

Fitness Health Salsa Classes in NYC Joel Salsa Instructors
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pablo Tapia Photography

About the instructors:

My instructors were actually the founders of the company: Joel Dominguez and the co-owner, Maria Palmieri. But, they do have a great team that really knows their moves, so don’t worry!

Joel has been part of the dance world for more than twenty years, competing, teaching and performing throughout various parts of the US and Mexico.

Maria, on the other hand, is certified as a professional dance teacher by DVIDA® – Dance Vision International Dancers Association. She’s won dance competitions like the Manhattan Latin Championships, where she actually got 1st place as a newcomer.

Both instructors taught class together. Maria taught the steps to us girls, while Joel taught the guys.

First we practiced the steps alone. By the end of each class we put all the steps and movements together and danced with a partner. A rotation system was used so everyone had the chance to dance with a someone.

Every week we could see visible improvements in our “Salsa skills”, but new and more difficult steps were being taught too. The speed we danced got faster each week, and do prepare yourself to spin a lot during this Salsa bootcamp.

Fitness Health Salsa Classes in NYC Joel Salsa Company

The company has plenty of events happening in other venues around town, where students are welcome to join. Most of them are at different Salsa clubs throughout Manhattan. It’s extremely restorative, funny and fun.

I just felt that Salsa was my thing, from day 1!

I “graduated” from my beginner salsa classes in NYC and I couldn’t wait to start the advanced classes. At that time they didn’t offer online classes, but now they do. Hooray! So, if you can’t attend it in person, you can still register for the online classes.

Are you excited? I want to do it all over again!

Joel Salsa also offers Bachata and Cha Cha Cha. For more info about dates, prices and other information, check their website.

Get inspired by the Latin rhythms and dance your hips off. It’s truly contagious, so just have fun!

Don’t forget to share your first steps with us! And if you enjoyed these salsa classes in NYC, you might want to test your limits at a fitness dance by Body Conceptions or just try the hottest fitness classes you need you know in NYC!

Location: 519 8th Avenue – 12th floor

Text by our Contributor: Rafaela Azevedo
Photo Credit
: Courtesy of Pablo Tapia Photography and Joel Salsa

The Hottest Fitness Classes You Need To Know

Fitness Health Inscape Dome Room

New York is a great city to find out the latest fitness trends! So, take a look at some of the hottest fitness classes you need to know while you’re in New York and, of course, if you live here! Lets get sweating!

Don’t think that New York is a place destined only to explore restaurants, museums, bars, nightlife, etc…

New Yorkers are extremely focused on health and staying fit, even during the super cold winter months. You can always see them carrying their gym clothes to work, so they had hit the gym when their day is over.

Yet, many of the early birds and prefer to start the day by sweating it out and getting energized for the rest of the day.

It’s a great city to find out the latest fitness trends! So, take a look at some of the hottest fitness classes you need to know while you’re in New York and, of course, if you live here!

Asphalt Green

Fitness Health Asphalt Green
Fitness Health Asphalt Green Aquatic
Fitness Health Asphalt Green Fun Day
Fitness Health Asphalt Green Pilates
Fitness Health Asphalt Green Soccer
Fitness Health Asphalt Green Training
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With two campus locations in Manhattan, Asphat Green is a paradise for the one that love “the burn”.

They have every activity you can possibility imagine – from aquatics to different sports and fitness classes.

If your into swimming and the pool feels like home, you can try their countless options. You can try their swim classes, private lessons, competitive swim, water polo, water exercises and more!

For the sports-addicts, you’ll find first-class instructional classes, recreational leagues and select competitive teams for all ages and skill levels. Sports are of all types: soccer, baseball, martial arts, flag football, tennis, triathlon and others.

Finally, if you’re more into fitness and love hitting the gym, you can sign up for classes like fitness training, spinning, yoga, group exercises, pilates, stretching, martial arts and the famous AG6.

The AG6™, was the one we shot in the video above! Yes, it was embarrassing, since I look totally goofy with no coordination. But, it’s “a high-intensity, circuit-based program and fitness experience like no other. AG6™ focuses on movement with purpose to uncover your athletic sixth sense and strengthen all major muscle groups, burning up to 1,000 calories in 45 minutes.”

I’m sure you’ll do better than me!

555 East 90th Street – Upper East Side
212 North End Avenue – Battery Park City

Brooklyn Boulders

Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Entrance
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Long Island City
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Blasts
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Student Climbing
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Decor
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Walls
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Different Walls
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Zooming In
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders
Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Steep Wall
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I’ve always loved rock climbing, but besides looking very easy, it’s really not. I’m not too good with heights either, but Brooklyn Boulders equipment makes you feel completely safe and tied up!

It’s surely not only a physical activity. I believe it’s even more a mental challenge, than physical.

They offer different classes that are 60-min long for all different levels, besides being able to have your own personal trainer and still, a fitness center too.

I loved the 4-week course, with 8 sessions, called Climb Like A Girl! It is “taught by women, for women. Train as a team as you improve your technique, gain climbing power and improve endurance. Each 2-hour session is progressive, carefully designed to holistically develop your abilities.”

Plus, if you have kids, they do have great options for them to have fun!

Let’s start rocking!

23-10 41st Avenue, Long Island City
575 Degraw Street, Gowanus, Brooklyn


Fitness Health Inscape Waiting Lounge
Fitness Health Inscape Dome Room
Fitness Health Inscape Reception
Fitness Health Inscape Interior View
Fitness Health Inscape Lockers
Fitness Health Inscape Store
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We all have read and heard about the countless benefits of meditation and how it can significantly improve our bodies and mind.

This beautiful community space offers not only meditation and relaxation classes, but also mind opening events and a great store! You can browse and find some of the best modern wellness products.

As they explain:

Sessions are audio guided to create consistency in your meditation practice and transition your practice seamlessly between studio and app. A consistent voice enables you to turn your attention inward and focus on your personal meditation experience.

Consistency is the key to developing a regular habit. Trained meditation facilitators are available to help you get started, answer questions, and talk through any emotions that come up during your session.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am – 8pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 7pm 

Location: 45 West 21st Street

There are countless other fitness activities and classes available throughout New York and new modalities showing up all the time.

So, be sure to follow our Fitness & Health page to stay tunes in the hottest fitness classes you need to know!

Are you ready to start the burn?

Videographer: Renata Meirelles
: Renata Meirelles and courtesy of Asphalt Green
: Leila Soldeira
: Camilla Adão

Get Fit with World Famous Fight Experts at Renzo Gracie Fight Academy

Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Fernanda Paronetto Daniel Gracie Nica

I worked today from one of the places I love the most, in Williamsburg, when two guys arrived and sat beside me, at the bar. I’m great at starting conversations with random strangers and this time, it lead me to learn more about Renzo Gracie Fight Academy NYC where world famous fight experts meet.

I always say that every cool girl, is half boy. Impossible not to agree, right!? While I was working today from Beco Bar, today I started a conversation with two guys.

These guys were Daniel Gracie and Nica. They start telling me about their Fight Academy just around the corner called Renzo Gracie Fight Academy.

I was crazy looking for a good place to go back to practicing Muay Thai, which I practiced for over 1 year back home. So, I’m definitely signing up with them later today for classes!

Their 1st academy was Founded by the famous Renzo Gracie 20 years ago. It opened right across from the Madison Square Garden where they still are today.

Many of their students were based in Brooklyn, so in 2011, they opened the Williamsburg location. There they have modalities like the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, but they also have spaces dedicated for weight training. Classes are not only for adults, but also for kids!

It’s surely one of the best fighting academies in NY  and I knew about them from back home in Brazil. Famous guys like Anthony Bourdain and Guy Ritchie have trained there too!

Daniel told me one of the funniest stories that happened with him and Guy Ritchie.

He was always training with Guy, and one night Guy asked “Do you want to come with me tonight to my wife’s show?”, and Daniel answered “Yeah, of course!”.

They got into Guy’s car and when Daniel noticed, they were entering Madison Square Garden. So, he asked Guy, “Wow, your wife must be pretty famous to be singing here!”

Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Teachers
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Students
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Daniel Gracie
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Nica and Alvaro
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Fernanda Paronetto Daniel Gracie Nica
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Class
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Jiu Jitsu Class
Fitness Health Renzo Gracie Fight Academy Store
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Obviously, Guy thought that Daniel was joking and he called Renzo Gracie telling what had just happened. He handed over the phone so Daniel and Renzo could talk, when Renzo said, “Daniel, that is Guy Richie!”

Daniel had no idea that he was THE Guy Richie, even though he loves Guy’s work as a movie director. He turned in amazement and said, “No way! I love your work! I think you’re one of the best film directors in the World!” Hahaha…

Well, obviously they still train together and are close friends today.

Daniel and Nica, thank you so much for a great “bar talk” and see you guys soon on the fighting floor!

Oh! If you like UFC, on November 12th, the 1st UFC will be hosted in NYC at the Madison Square Garden. Their academy will have 5 students fighting the Championship!!

If you’re interested in booking a private class or activity, let our experts help you out! If you’re a company, and would like a unique team building experience, contact us!

See hours for different classes online.

100 Bayard Street, Williamsburg
224 West 30th Street, Chelsea

Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo Credits
: Renata Meirelles and courtesy of RGFA

Brooklyn Boulders: Mixing adventure with technology

Fitness Health Brooklyn Boulders Illustration

Have you heard of Brooklyn Boulders? If you haven’t, it’s time to learn more about them! If you are hungry and restless to try some adventure with technology, this is a great place to go!

Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Professional
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Climbing
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Yoga Asana
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Grey Wall
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Class
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Beginners
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Gym
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Guy Climbing Wall
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Yoga
Fitness Health Brooklyn Bolder Graffiti
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“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ~ Edmund Hillary

Brooklyn Boulders is one of the greatest workouts to have a bit of downtime from the city. They offer a great 22,000sqft space for rock climbing since 2009.

Located in the neighborhood of Gowanus, in Brooklyn, every year their team bring novelties to the experience they create.

This time, they’ve added Augmented Reality to their menu of classes!

How it works? There are projections on the walls that create a videogame experience for the climbers. The objective is to touch each projection – or target – as fast as possible. At every touch,  a sound is ignited to confirm the target was reached. Pretty cool, right? Fantastic mix of adventure with technology.

Being fit definitely became more entertaining at Brooklyn Boulders!

Oh! They also offer yoga, acroyoga, capoeira classes, and a variety of fitness workshops. Plus, these guys love to party making everything fun.

If you are a bit lazy and need and extra push to exercise, they have fantastic personal trainers that can help you out and keep you disciplined.

Also, their free wifi will let you document your experience to share with your friends!

Lastly, after a fantastic class at Brooklyn Boulders, you might want to walk a few blocks to a neighborhood we love called Fort Greene. For lunch or dinner, go to Colonia Verde, one of our favorite spots!

If you want our expert’s help to organize a private party or gathering, let us know. This is also the perfect spot for a company outing or a team building day. Our team is also able to assist you in organizing it all.

Contact us for further information.

Monday – Friday: 7am – Midnight
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 10pm
Holiday hours may vary.

Location: 575 Degraw Street, Brooklyn


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Brooklyn Boulders

A Space for Healing, Rejuvination and Peace: City Wellness Collective

The other day we went to visit a gorgeous space called City Wellness Collective. They are dedicated to offering the most amazing wellness techniques in the city like healing, rejuvination and peace.

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After moving back from Berlin to New York, Michelle Keinan and Dan founded the City Wellness Collective. Dan is her partner is love, life and business.

The space is dedicated to you if you’re in search of the best healing and rejuvenation techniques or simply looking for peace. It’s also a place to check out, if you are a healer and need a beautiful space for your clients.

She found out that, like herself, other people were feeling isolated as solopreneurs. They were in profound need for community and support in this overwhelming (but amazing) city.

Michelle and Dan partnered up with Maria Lomanto, a design visionary that helped create the perfect space for healers and ideal for clients. We do need to confess, the space is fantastic. Just by walking in, you can already sense the soothing energy inside it!

So, if you are looking for healing, or peace and relaxation, their professional are certainly part of the top healers in NY. They offer a wide range of practices and modalities, based on your personal need and goals!

You can expect everything from acupuncture, advance biostructural correction, reiki, colorpuncture, integrative nutrition, somatic healing and massage. And still, women’s health and fertility, holistic facials, crystal healing, sound baths, breath work, intuitive guidance, Qi Gong and so much more!

The list is endless!

If you are a healer, be prepared for a great opportunity to learn, work and heal together.

Their network helps you find new clients and provides the tools you need to make the collective a sanctuary for your business.

Oh! Don’t forget to check out their event’s page! There are great workshop, healing sessions, talks, etc, through out the month.

We are positive you will find what you’ve been looking for!

To learn an apparently simple, but very powerful meditation, you might want to try out the Twin Heart Meditation by Grande Master Choa Kok Sui.

Location: 141 West 28th Street, suite 301



Photo Credits: Courtesy of City Wellness Collective and Dan Keinan

Test your limits at a fitness dance by Body Conceptions

Fitness Health Body Consumptions by Matt Simpkins

Lets sweat it off in style, girls! Body Conceptions is a fitness dance that focuses on the cardio and creates fantastic results for a perfectly toned summer body!

Fitness Health Body Consumptions Jump
Fitness Health Body Consumptions Details
Fitness Health Body Consumptions Crew
Fitness Health Body Consumptions by Matt Simpkins
Fitness Health Body Consumptions Brick Wall
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It’s hard to beat a concept like this one. Dance to build that beautiful, lean and sculpted body of a dancer, targeting everything from:

“…your arms and abs to your thighs, glutes and heart. Both the cardio and body-sculpting components of the method use integrated movements that involve multiple muscles and require engagement of and connection to your core.”

Plus, listen to great music to boost your energy! It definitely makes all the difference.

Body Conceptions offers a few different programs: Classic, Power 45, Power Sculpt, Blast 45, and Bootcamp (yikes!).

Now, if you really want to push it up a notch, try their BoCo’s #StrongforSummer Express Challenge. It’s a focused, 4-week program designed to help you get super healthy, strong and confident for summer time.

And still, they have private class options if you prefer. Join a group of 4-7 friends to inspire each other during classes and have tons of fun. If you don’t have a group, they can add you to a smaller group.

Also, you can set up a time for a bachelorette party, a birthday celebration or even, prepare your body for your wedding!

Do you like to test your limits? Well, then this is another reason why to try out these fitness dance classes by Body Conceptions.

On our side, we are all about testing limits! You might want to try another type of fitness experience too, at Brooklyn Boulders.

Adelante Studios – 25 West 31st Street
Stepping Out Studios – 37 West 26th Street

Weekday classes are at Adelante Studios
Weekend classes are at Stepping Out Studios



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Body Conceptions and Matt Simpkins

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa: For a Brazilian beauty style

Fitness Health Maria Bonita Salon Spa Main Area

The Brazilian beauty services and techniques are incomparable! We’ve tried a few, offered at Maria Bonita Salon & Spa, and completely loved them all.

Fitness Health Maria Bonita Salon Spa Manuela Giannini and Fernanda Lacerda
Fitness Health Maria Bonita Salon Spa Main Area
Fitness Health Maria Bonita Salon Spa Chairs
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We have to confess that we’re pretty picky when it comes to beauty products and specially services. A good product can be copied, but a good service is very hard to replicate.

Maria Bonita Spa & Salon was founded in 2003 by Fernanda Lacerda and is co-owned by Manuela Giannini. It has been considered the to-go-salon in Soho for all the Brazilian beauties that live or come to New York City.

The other day we experimented a few services we were curious about and after the fantastic results, decided to share it with you.

We started with a fabulous Gold & Diamond Facial that lasted over 1 hour.  We were “taken to heaven” and brought back. This treatment is used to “treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage and stretch marks. It helps to thicken your collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, which result in younger looking complexion.”  Virginia de Oliveira was the expert facialist behind the technique.

After the facial, we had a manicure. It’s hard to explain how different Brazilian professional do manicure services, versus the NY spots we’ve been to.

Believe us, it’s as perfect at is can get, and it definitely lasts much longer.

Last, but surely not least, we finished with a blow out. This, again, was amazing!

We haven’t tried the Wax, but we’ve heard miracles about it by friends and powerful women we know. So, if you’re looking for a waxing spot, there is surely nothing like the Brazilian Wax.

To wrap up we do have to say that, different from the NYC style, Brazilian spots allow you to take your time and relax. Nothing is rushed, so every moment is fully indulged.

All professionals were fantastic, super caring and hot hearted – like every Brazilian we know!

They recently launched a second spot, called MB45. It’s the perfect place for powerful women that live the New York hustle life. In other words, perfect for women that are always on the go. You can schedule a quick 45min blow up and manicure with them, for only $65.

MB45 offers manicures, blowouts, braids and make-up. We love all Brazilian beauty services.

Finally, to see what other talented Brazilians are up to in New York City, you’ll love this post.

We’ve worked with many people visiting NYC and corporate groups coming into the city, searching for leisure activities.

Let us know how we can help you or your company!

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa – 199 Mott Street
MB45 – 93 Worth Street, Unit C

Maria Bonita Salon & Spa:
Monday – Wednesday: 10am – 7pm
Thursday – Saturday: 10am- 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm

Monday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maria Bonita
** This post was updated on July 25th, 2017. **

Capoeira Brooklyn: A traditional Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts

Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Streets

We are very fond of Capoeira for several reasons! A while ago, we went to an event called Batizado (or baptism), and met a group called Capoeira Brooklyn. The modality is a traditional Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts.

Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Playing Drums
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Streets
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Costumes
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Beach
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Professionals
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Drum Music
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Kids
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn During Class
Fitness Health Capoeira Brooklyn Game
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This is a great group, if you are interested in Capoeira.

They explain that Capoeira is:

“…a child conceived in Africa and born and raised in Brazil. Originally outlawed in Brazil, the art of Capoeira was created and practiced by Africans forcibly brought to Brazil during the slave trade as a form of combating their oppression. Dance-like movements, instruments and singing disguised the martial nature of the art from the Portuguese slave masters.

Capoeira continued to be illegal in Brazil until the 1930’s when it was taken off the streets and brought into the classroom. Today Capoeira is a both legal and very popular in Brazil and throughout the world. On July 15th, 2008, Capoeira was officially recognized as a culturally preserved art by the Brazilian government’s Department of Culture. It is a rich and multi-dimensional art that teaches culture, language, music and encompasses a complete body workout.”

In short, this unique and traditional Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts mixes self-defense, acrobatics, with a specific music rhythm.

Capoeira Brooklyn was founded my Mestre Foca and his wife, Instrutora Rouxinol. Both have been practicing the technique for over 20 years. Mestre Foca decided to open the only full-time capoeira academy, in Brooklyn, years ago. Today, it a highly recognized school within the capoeira community in New York and abroad.

He is certified as a professional martial arts instructor through IDEA Health & Fitness Association, while Instrutora Rouxinol is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Besides the classes for adults of all levels, they also have fantastic classes for kids.

They are both specializes in teaching children, so it’s definitely a good activity for kids to try out too.

In 2012, Mestre Foca and Instrutora Rouxinol launched a music compilation called “Vem Brin Capoeira”.  They wrote and  You can buy on iTunes, if you’re interested.

So, we’re sure you’ll just love this Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts modality. Plus, there’s nothing better than to get fit with mental balance and great capoeira music!

Still in the Brazilian spirit, you might want to try a great restaurants, a bar and a bakery. Beco, in Williamsburg, Berimbau do Brasil, in Greenwich Village, and Padoca Bakery on the Upper East Side.

All Levels Capoeira for Adults: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8pm – 9:30pm at Way of Action
All Levels Outdoors! Saturdays: 11am-12:30pm at the grassy water’s edge next to LeFrak Center at Lakeside
Beginners Capoeira: Wednesdays & Fridays 6:30pm – 8pm at Way of Action
Intro to Capoeira: Thursdays 6:30pm – 8pm at Way of Action
Kids Capoeira Classes: Check out the youth programs for details!

Way of Action: 316 7th Street, 2nd Floor, in Park Slope, Brooklyn
PowerPlay: 432 3rd Avenue, in Gowanus, Brooklyn
LeFrak Center at Lakeside: 171 East Drive, in Prospect Park



Credits: Courtesy of Capoeira Brooklyn

Ancient Greek and Roman baths in NYC, at Aire Ancient Baths

Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths by Vogue

The experience of ancient Greek and Roman baths in NYC is just a few blocks from you! Aire Ancient Baths is one of the top get-aways in the city.

Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Façade
Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Lobby
Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Corridor
Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Salt Baths
Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Pool
Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Lamps
Fitness Health Aire Ancient Baths Hot Baths
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Located inside an old weaving factory in TriBeCa, Aire Ancient Baths is an experience you’ll never forget! Most likely, you’ll get addicted to it!

As we’ve all studied in History class, in ancient Greece and Rome, fancy banquets were organized for special guests with sessions to thermal baths. These public thermal baths were hosted inside beautiful palaces and were considered special rituals.

Aire Ancient Baths offers a variety of water induced relaxation sessions ranging from the hottest water at 102ÂşF, to the super cold water pools that can go down below 46ÂşF. Definitely, for the brave!

There are also steaming rooms that are intensified by aromatherapy and propeller jet baths at 97ÂşF for pre massage sessions.

Plus, salt water pools at 100ÂşF that is one of the most sought after baths because of its ability to induce mental relaxation, and much more!

We love their newest treatment called Red Wine Baths. We all know that grapes are huge antioxidants.

Extracted from the Matarromera winery in Spain, the treatment starts with 30 minutes inside a tub with tempranillo grapes concentrates. While in the tub, you’ll receive a scalp massage, as well as a facial massage. The best!

Then, you’ll head to a full body massage with grape seed oil that will do wonders for your body regarding hydration.

And wait! It’s still not over! You will still indulge yourself into another 90-minute Thermal Session in their different baths.

This experience lasts 180 minutes. Have fun!!!

Prices per person:
Monday – Thursday: $450
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $550

If you go there later in the afternoon, you can take an additional set of clothes and head straight for dinner. Since you are at the upscale TriBeCa neighborhood, you might want to try Bouley’s kitchens.

Last, we work with highly customized and strategic corporate services with small, medium and large companies. We’ve organized, in the past, some very exclusive experiences ta Aire Ancient Baths.

If this is something you’re looking for, let us organize it for you and you team.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 11pm

Location: 88 Franklin Street



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Aire Ancient Baths and Vogue Magazine (thumbnail image)

Meet one of the Top NYC Hair Stylists: Rogerio Calvalcante

Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Model

We’re here today to share a great tip if you’re looking for one of the top NYC hair stylists! We simply love the miracle hand and flawless work by Rogerio Cavalcante.

Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Model
Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Long Blond
Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Short Hair
Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Short Blond
Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Blond Smile
Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa 6 Pictures
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Hey Gorgeous Girls!!!

We’ve been receiving cou messages and emails regarding beauty treatments in NYC and the best salons in NYC. So, we’re here today to share a great tip if you’re looking for a top hair stylist in the New York!

Rogerio Cavalcante is Brazilian and we can say with extreme confidence that Brazilian hair stylists do know how to make women explore their best style.

He comes from a hair stylist family, hence his love and keen eye for the perfect hair style and color. It’s a talent that is literally stamped in his DNA!

At a very young age, 13 years old to be exact, Rogerio starting exploring the beauty and styling universe at his uncle’s salon.

Over 5 years ago, Rogerio came to NYC and opened himself to learn with great names – even if it meant, going back to working as an assistant. A great approach and vision with out a doubt!

He explains that inspiration is everywhere and it can be extracted from the most simple, to most complex things around you…at all times!

Working with countless hair styles is certainly a thrill and his passion transcends into appointments that can last up to 2h, or from 3h-6h if you’re going for coloring!

Yup, this is the Brazilian service ‘style’…not common in New York City, if you ask us… Brazilain professionals take time and want to be sure that the client leave their appointment more than happy.

He offers services like: Bangtrims, Women’s Cut, Men’s Cut and Blowouts, plus Coloring – single, full highlights, balayage and toner (glaze).

Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa Rates

As Rogerio aways says:

“Approach is everything! Styling is a fluid process. We’ll explore trends and work around what’s best for your features. And, at the end of the day, there is nothing like the look on my customer’s face when I’m done. Their happiness is priceless.”

Change is good and change is always welcome, so if you’re looking for it, try starting by meeting Rogerio! As we said, she’s definitely one of the top NYC hair stylists!

If you’re coming to New York and need private assistance at your hotel or you live in NY and don’t have time to go to the salon, let our experts take care of this for you. For businessmen and women coming into the city for work, meeting or events, we can also assist your needs.

Location: 199 Mott Street – Maria Bonita Salon & Spa

Fitness Health Rogerio Cavalcante Maria Bonita Salon and Spa
Rogerio Cavalcante in action!


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Rogerio Cavalcante

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