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How To Plan An Exceptional Wedding In New York City

Shop Wedding How To Plan An Exceptional Wedding In New York City

New York is also known as the city of dreams and many brides do dream about getting married here! So, take a look at how to plan an exceptional wedding in New York City!

Shop Wedding How To Plan An Exceptional Wedding In New York City

New York ranks fourth out of 51 states in its number of weddings, performing over 137,000 weddings in 2019. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how to plan an exceptional wedding in New York City.

It is a popular wedding destination for so many reasons, and being one of the greatest cities in the world is just one. New York City boasts so many places to hold a wedding ceremony, from sparse industrial spaces to lush outdoor parks, and it’s difficult to narrow down where you would like to exchange your vows.

One thing is sure though: each wedding that is performed in NYC is unique, and it’s not that difficult to plan one of the most unforgettable moments in your life.

Select A Unique Venue

NYC has loads of fantastic venues that you can choose from that will make your wedding unique. Fancy a wedding in Central Park, the New York Public Library or a cruise on the Hudson River?

If you’re a history buff, you can also arrange for your vows to be exchanged at the American Museum of National History. Note that if you’re choosing a venue that’s a public place, you might have to work your way around timings, since there are plenty of people in the area and you might not get a good photo op.

It’s also vital to include the pandemic regulations in selecting your wedding site. For example, mass gatherings might still be banned, and even if the ban is lifted, you must be flexible enough to plan or reduce the number of guests you can invite to comply with the rules.

Flexibility is vital in planning a wedding in NYC, from setting dates to changing reception venues.

Plan A Memorable Reception

If your wedding is held at an iconic venue, make sure that you offer a memorable menu at your reception.

A wedding at Central Park Zoo can feature vibrant colors and enticing entrée options. After a City Hall wedding, there is a plethora of restaurants that propose international menus if you have a diverse group of guests or if you have just flown in for your wedding.

It also goes without saying that you can transform your wedding venue to suit your personal style, even if it is held in a public space or a quintessential spot.

As long as it’s allowed by state or local ordinances, you can throw down an aisle rug and deck the assigned area with flowers for a wedding that is truly memorable. You can make any space work for you: the most important thing is that you’re getting married!

Getting hitched in NYC is a dreamy option for many couples and their guests. The city that never sleeps offers many possibilities for venues, not to mention the magical spirit of the metropolis that radiates from any event.

And lastly, if your dream wedding has always been in nature, don’t worry! The State of New York is amazing and won’t disappoint you.

Take a look at Stephanie Karvellas’ destination wedding at her Cedar Lakes Estate, a luxury custom NY wedding venue located in the heart of the Hudson Valley!

Wait! You prefer the beach!? Not a problem! You can take a look at this fantastic wedding that took place in one of the trendiest resorts in Montauk!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Trung Nguyen

A Different Type of NYC Truck: Uprooted Flower Truck

Shop Specialties UpRooted Flower Truck Client

New York City is known for the countless food trucks roaming tirelessly around the city. You can find food trucks, ice cream trucks, juice trucks and even fashion trucks. But, Uprooted Flower Truck is the one and only, flower truck!

Uprooted describes themselves are “NYC’s florist on wheels”, which I think is pretty awesome. They are pioneers in launching this business and we have to agree that if you’re a pioneer in NY, you’ll most likely thrive!

It all started back in April of 2015, the exact month that I actually moved from my hometown São Paulo, Brazil to New York City!! What an exciting month! Hahaha!

Founders Ashley Custer and Kristin Heckler ran a super successful Kickstarter campaign, raised $15,000 and started their entrepreneurial path! And, what a journey!

New York is known for being the birth city of countless successful startups, but is quite tough having a brilliant idea no one has thought about, right?

When I met Ashley, back in February of 2016, she told me that her very first job was working at a flower shop, at the age of 14.  She majored in Criminal Justice at Temple University, but felt totally uninspired with the current social system. When she moved to NY with Kristen, her Co-Founder and Partner, she got back to working with flowers to brighten people’s lives – and also, her own.

On the other hand, Kristen, always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As her first job, she founded a local event planning business in her hometown: Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She studied Women’s Studies and Spanish at Duke University, but chose to follow a career as a Theater Director. That was actually what brought the duo to NYC in 2013. Kristin was going to attend her MFA at The New School. Today, she continues to self-produce theatre as well as working on Uprooted Flower Truck.

So, let’s talk about the truck!

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The truck has a floral cooler, electrical system, work counters, and sink with hot water – surely a fully functional florist on wheels! Plus, there is no way to miss it, when it passes by or is parked somewhere around the city. It’s gorgeous and with beautiful bright colors!

Flower bouquets are prepared and sold in three sizes – “the studio”, “the loft”, and “the penthouse” ranging from $12 – $45. Pretty good price for NYC!!!

Are you organizing an event? Needing new ideas of how to “wow” your clients, your team or your friends & family can be quite exhausting. We certainly know how event planning can be crazy! Phiuf! So, besides being able to have all your flower arrangements organized by Uprooted Flower Truck, have you ever thought about actually “booking a truck”? They organize custom floral events including bouquet bars, flower crowns, & branded bloom giveaways.

And, of course, weddings! I love everything about wedding, but the flower decoration is something I always look forward to! Why? Well, I have friends in the flower business in Brazil and became passionate about it! Anyway, their arrangements are certainly the style I want for my own wedding. They’re extremely colorful, with exotic flowers, unique arrangements and that no one will ever have the same! So, talk to the girls to explain what you want for your wedding!

Now, if you’re the type that loves Doing It Yourself (DIY), the girls organize pretty cool workshops to learn how to make the perfect flower arrangements.

You’ll be sure to learn all the tips and tricks behind doing the perfect vase and bouquets. I had an “express” course when we shot the YouTube video and was amazed at little tricks that make all the difference on the final result!

And lastly, if you live in New York and love having you home weekly decorated with beautiful flowers, but like every true New Yorker, you have absolutely no time to refill your vases, take a look at the Uprooted Subscription! Besides saving money, it’ll save you tons of time and fill your home with gorgeous arrangements. As they explain:

“Treat yourself or one of your favorites with a gift that keeps blooming! Choose your delivery dates, tell us about your preferences & we’ll send you the freshest flowers in town!”

We are sure you’ll enjoy it!

If you want to really go “pro”, take a look at the post we wrote about the Flower School in NYC.

Hours & Locations: Uprooted Flower Truck hits the NYC streets Thursday through Sunday each week. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter for exact parking locations and other surprise pop-ups!


Videography: Black3 Agency
Photo Credits
: Black3 Agency and courtesy of Uprooted Flower Truck

*Last Update on March/2020.*

Kamila Almeida And Pedro Cury, A NYC Wedding

Shop NYC Wedding Kamila Almeida Gurneys Montauk Married Happy

We all know how gorgeous the Hamptons region is. Now, imagine having the NYC wedding of your dreams at Gurney’s Montauk, one of the trendiest resorts Montauk! Plus, it’s literally on the beach!

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A new group purchased the hotel, so it recently passed through a renovation. We loved the result.

Friday, before our wedding, we also organized a welcome party to all the guests. Guests had time to find friends, meet new people and get into the Montauk vibe!

Take a look to see what a Brazilian beach wedding looking like:

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Both events – welcome party and the wedding, were flawless!

Take a look at the list below to see the name and contact of every supplier that Kamila and Pedro used for their wedding. Some were flown direct from Brazil, but many are local companies!

Nonetheless, nothing keeps you from flying in these Brazilian suppliers, right?

Stay tuned to see our NYC wedding selection, featuring the most amazing celebrations.

If you also want to have a super trendy wedding at a New York beach, but have no idea where to start, or which local suppliers is the best, let our experts help you out. Our partners are some of the top names in the wedding industry and will be able to make your dream wedding come to life in no time!

We also work with Corporate requests and events, in New York City and in around the state. Contact us so we can cater to your needs.

Photo Credits: Photography by Verdi
*Last Update on March/2020.*

My Sweet Brigadeiro Reminds Us How Much We Love Brazil

Shop Specialties My Sweet Brigadeiro

We love Brazil for several reasons: the beaches, the Carnival, the happy and always solicit people, the amazing climate! But, one of the big reasons are because of a sweet called Brigadeiro and My Sweet bakes it perfectly!

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Anyway, the list of reasons to love Brazil can just go on forever. As we mentioned, the even sweeter reason are the famous brigadeiros.

Brigadeiro is a chocolate type of candy that is very traditional and with a very unique texture!

Brigadeiro Bree-gah-day-ro is Brazil’s favorite and most traditional sweet. Made with condensed milk, cocoa and butter, its cooking process requires love and patience. The result is a delicious round shape sweet with a unique and unforgettable consistency.

Two Brazilian expats in New York, Paula Barbosa and Christina Bahn launched My Sweet in 2011. The recipes and idea came through Paula. Her Grandma Lucila is the one that inspired and taught her how to perfectly bake them.

And, we have to agree. Everything we learn with Grandmas, are the best, right?

Speaking about, Paula uses only organic and very high quality ingredients, sourced through local producers. A great way to support the community, for sure! In addition, there are absolutely no preservatives and artificial ingredients, making them perfectly natural, and delicious!

Do you want to know who are a few of their most loyal customer are: Gisele Bündchen, Al Pacino, Andrea Dellal, Alessandra Ambrosio and Izabel Goulart!

So, it’s a definite pit stop when you are exploring the super artsy Bushwick neighborhood.

Lastly, you can also shop online if you aren’t able to go to the store. There, you’ll be able to discover all the amazing different flavors. Flavors like: cinnamon pecan, peanut lover, BW crunch, lavender, ginger, fresh mint, sea salt and countless others! We particularly love the traditional one, with only chocolate.

So, as we stated: We love Brazil!

This might be a great treat to have at any upcoming private event or dinner you might be organizing for friends and family. It’s also very popular to see it in weddings, so it can be a great option! If you need assistance to organize a Corporate event or meeting, our experts can cater to your needs.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Location: 57 Porter Avenue, Brooklyn
Plus, you can also find them at Whole Foods Tribeca.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of My Sweet Brigadeiro
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Martina Campos & Rafael Quintela’s NYC Wedding

Shop NYC Weddings Martina Campos Cedar Lake Kiss Cab

With a love story born in New York City, Martina and Rafael’s NYC wedding had no other option, than happening where it all started! Their wedding was the perfect example of what “being a New Yorker” feels like.

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Martina Campos and Rafael Quintella are both Brazilians, born in São Paulo. They met in the gorgeous Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha through friends in common. However, the “flirting scene” took place in the Big Apple, where Rafael had been living for a couple of years.

In no time, Martina transferred to NY through the company that she worked for and moved in with Rafael. After running the New York Marathon a few months later, Rafael proposed at the finish line! Surely a surprise for her!

They immediately chose New York City to celebrate the wedding. This way, their friends and family could feel a little bit of all the excitement and affection that they both have for the city.

They wanted a party where they could show what “being a New Yorker” feels like. Therefore, they avoided all of the typical Brazilian wedding peculiarities like: the Bem-Casados – a typical sweet given to every guest at the end of the party, a Brazilian DJ, flowers scattered throughout the entire party. They decided to play around with the New York characteristics.

They left the church in a vintage yellow taxi cab, appetizers were all typical dishes such as oysters, dumplings and hotdogs and the furniture had a cool vintage style. Plus, the DJs were the same that were seen playing in the best nightclubs in town.

This is what they organized:

Thursday night the couple hosted their guests for drinks in the speakeasy bar in Chinatown, Apothéke. It’s one of those hidden spots that only after walking in, you realize how cool it is. Very NY-style.

On Friday, they had a formal cocktail at the rooftop of Hotel Americano. After all, the New York skyline is definitely one of the highlights of our beautiful city!

The wedding ceremony happened in the “Church of Saint Paul the Apostle”, located in the Upper West Side. After leaving the church, guests headed to the party in those touristy double deckers buses. It was unexpected and surely very fun!

Lastly, the party happened at Cedar Lake, a dance & art space in Chelsea. The neighborhood is known for being the home to the coolest art galleries in New York.

As we all know, Brazilians are definitely one of the liveliest people in wedding parties. So, everyone was there until sunrise, evidently.

See below all the professionals hired by Martina for her NYC wedding:

Venue: Cedar Lake
Dress: Johanna Johnson
Shoe: Kila (Brazil)
Make Up: Junior Castro
Hair: Junior Castro
FlowersDecor & Scenography: Julia Lake
DJ: Eli Dias
Band: Justin Miller
Buffet: Peter Callahan
Cake: No cake
Sweets: Cupcakes, instead of the traditional Brazilian Bem-Casados
Wedding Planner: Classic Events NYC
Film & Photography: Josh Wong

If you also want to have a typical NYC wedding, let our concierge experts help you out. We work with the best partners in the wedding industry. Therefore, we will be able to cater to all your desires and make your dream wedding come true!

For Corporate event requests, let us assist you and create a memorable experience for your team or clients.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Josh Wong
*Last Update on March/2020.*

We Are Addicted To The Little Cupcake Bakeshop In Brooklyn

Dining Little Cupcake Bakeshop Food Cart

A while ago, we passed by The Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Brooklyn. With 3 locations (Manhattan and Brooklyn), it’s a great place to stop by to sweeten up your day.

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The Little Cupcake Bakeshop was launched in 2005 and they explain that their desserts are produced by “using only the freshest, sustainable ingredients, predominantly sourcing locally, from farms in the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Vermont, New Jersey, and in strides, seasonally, with all baking done in small batches on-site, everyday. No shortening. No preservatives.”

Plus, they continue by saying that their milk comes from “grass fed cows and the espresso bars serve organic teas and Non-GMO illy caffe.”

At every store, they are awesome in supporting the local community and having “a green architectural design”. They work in different sustainable projects locally, nationally and even internationally.

We do love their well known favorite Brooklyn Blackout Cake, but the Carrot Cupcake was also very tasty! And, of course, like every good New Yorker, we love the Red Velvet options too!

If you’re thinking they only sell cupcakes, wait! They have also layer cakes, half sheet cakes, cookies, bundt cakes, cheesecakes, ice creams, puddings, pies, sweet bars and even breakfast options!

If you are vegan, they have some really tasty options, so you certainly won’t feel left out!

We love businesses that incentivizes the vegan lifestyle and helps to show that vegan food is just as heavenly and temping…so why not try!

Speaking of which, you should try By Chloe and their sweet store in Soho. All vegan! All amazingly tasty!

You have to agree, it’s a real temptation!

Want to know a super cool thing about them?

Their “goal is to create a new business model that works for people and the planet. Each Little Cupcake Bakeshop institutes energy efficient practices, appliances, equipment and tools.”

How amazing is this? We definitely need more businesses that have this type of conscious business model.

The store we typically go to is the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Brooklyn, on Vanderbilt Avenue. You’ll be just a few blocks from Prospect Park, so grab your cupcake and go eat it on their lawn!

Oh! Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Steve Tyler love the spot too, so keep your eyes opened when you go there…maybe you’ll bump into an undercover Hollywood Star.

New Yorkers! Don’t roll your eyes to our comment above. Come on! If you favorite actor was having a cupcake beside you, we know you’d be tempted to talk to him. Why not break down your pre-conceived ideas of “what’s cool” and just ask for a picture!

Prospect Heights:
Sunday – Thursday: 8am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 8am – 11pm

Bay Ridge:
Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 11pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 11pm

Monday – Thursday: 7:30am – 11pm
Friday: 7:30am – Midnight
Saturday: 8am – Midnight
Sunday: 8am – 11pm

598 Vanderbilt Avenue, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
9102 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
30 Prince Street, SoHo


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Little Cupcake Bakeshop
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Fernanda Camões & Alejandro Esteve’s NYC Wedding

Shop NYC Wedding Fernanda Camoes Press Lounge Eye to Eye

Organizing a NYC wedding is definitely not an easy task, but the result is certainly breathtaking. Fernanda and Alejandro got married with one of the most gorgeous views in New York City!

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If you’re engaged and starting to organize your NYC wedding, you’re probably experiencing how hard it can be to pick the correct professionals to make this remarkably important day as gorgeous as possible, with the least headaches.

Well, the dearest Fernanda Camões married to Alejandro Esteve last October in New York City at The Press Lounge. Her wedding was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! We invited her to share all her tips and pictures to help inspire and guide you!

Fe, as her friends call her, studied Fashion & Design at Parsons School of Design. She currently works as a Fashion Designer at Oscar de la Renta!

She was definitely one of the “most stylish brides of 2015” in NYC, as said by the Huffington Post.

We do agree!

Here is the complete list of professionals she hired for her wedding party!

Dress: Dolce & Gabbana
Shoe: Casadei
Make Up: Julie Palmieri
Hair: Dayler Chagas
Flowers: Jewel Georgieff
Decor / Scenography: Jewel Georgieff
DJ / Band: Michale Dhundee
Buffet: Print Restaurant
Sweets: Sweet Corner Bake Shop
Cake: Sweet Corner Bake Shop
Bem Casados: Sweet Corner Bake Shop
Gifts: JoMalone
Wedding Planner: Help Bride NYC
Film: H2 Brasil
Photography: L&L Style Photo

The Groom? He wore The Ludlow Shop and together they definitely made a perfect couple.

Take a look at the details on their NYC wedding décor:

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Plus, we all know how overly animated Brazilians are during wedding celebrations. So, take a look below at what happened during the dinner and the party! The party was on until very late hours!

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And, lastly, here are a few more pictures of The Press Lounge:

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If you also want to have a NYC wedding, but have no idea where to start organizing or which suppliers to hire, let our experts help you out. We work with the best partners in the wedding industry and will be able to cater to all your desires and make your dream wedding come to life!

For Corporate requests and events, let us assist you too and create a memorable experience for your team or clients.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of L&L Style Photo
*Last updated on Jan/2020*

Big Mozz: Fresh Hand-Pulled Mozzarella Makes You Beg For More

Shop Specialties Big Mozz Smorgasburg Brooklyn

A while ago, we did something different and adventured ourselves into the touristy Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, and gladly discovered Big Mozz. Their fresh hand-pulled mozzarella is to-die-for!

Shop Specialties Big Mozz Smorgasburg Brooklyn
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Mozz

Even though many people know about Smorgasburg, and yes, it’s quite a touristy spot, believe it not not, many others have never heard of it.

Yes, it’s super crowded, but we know that every time we risk ourselves in the ocean of tourists (and locals too), we always find something new to share! There are countless amazing vendors that sell their products there, and many eventually succeed to the point of opening one or more brick & mortar locations.

You don’t believe us? Well, Wowfulls is a perfect example of this. We met them at Smorgasburg and now, they have a super cool spot in the Lower East Side.

So, we’re writing this post because we actually did discover a new supplier that we simply loved this last time we were there! Not only their product is literally to-die-for, but the name is also great: Big Mozz (a.k.a. Mozzarella)!

One of the owners, Elliott Anderson, told us that The Atlantic Ave Co. started off selling delicious and tasty red sauces. All product have “no preservatives, no tomato paste, and no added sugar, ever”. Their new venture is Big Mozz, with amazing fresh hand-pulled mozzarella!!!

We are vegetarians, so we couldn’t say no to trying one of their creations, right?

Elliott was actually doing a delicious freshly-pulled mozzarella while telling us their story! So cool.

The process is amazing and they also offer classes, teaching professionals and aspiring chef the “How To’s” to stretching and making the perfect mozzarella ball. The idea is: you learn, you stretch and you dine!

“Big Mozz hand-stretches fresh mozzarella cheese, sourced locally from Caputo Brothers Creamery in York, PA. We are a local NYC startup, and our team was selected to Zagat’s 30 Under 30 list for 2015.

Our stretching class is the perfect way to learn the art of cheese making while enjoying delicious appetizers from our catering menu, and lots of wine.”

In addition, they also offer catering, which will leave all your guests breathless with their food! The Mozzarella Sticks are some of the best sellers, leaving guests wanting more.

Thank you Elliott and Matt for the amazing gastronomic experience! Your fresh hand-pulled mozzarella deserves every award it’s received! We are your newest fans!

During our crazy NYC lives, you may want some additional help to organize your upcoming private event. Contact our experts to see how they can make your life easier!

For Corporate events and activities, our team is fully prepared to cater to all your needs. Let us know what you need.

Hours: Please check website for specific hours and locations!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Mozz
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Little Treats NYC: Tradicional Brazilian Brigadeiros In Town

Shop Specialties Little Treats Brigadeiro Fall

If you’ve been to Brazil, you have probably tried one of their amazing tradicional chocolate sweets named Brigadeiro. To our happiness, Little Treats NYC offers some very exclusive flavors!

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What are brigadeiros? They are basically a small, handcrafted truffle-sized sweet ball made with condensed milk, chocolate and butter.

Sounds simply delicious, we know! And they are! This is the #1 Brazilian traditional sweet that is part of the amazing culture. Probably, one of the reasons Brazilians are so happy! Ha!

Well, the sweet itself seams relatively simple to make. Moreover, it’s actually hard to compare to anything we know around here, since it’s looks like a truffle, but the taste is completely different! So much better, we have to confess!

Well, the chocolate flavored are the original ones. In time, due to the sweet’s huge popularity – being the top “sweetheart sweet” in the country – there are today infinite variations and flavors. Plus, even sizes! We find some very tiny ones and, on the other hand, some massive ones! To be honest, we just think the normal sized ones are perfect for any type of craving.

In addition, if they are smaller, the action of eating more of the small ones, for some weird reason, is so much more fun! Go figure…

Now, if you’ve never been to Brazil or tried one of these beauties, you can try them here in New York City!!!

A few years ago, Cinthia and Andreza – two super polite and dear Brazilians girls we met – opened they own Brigadeiro company called Little Treats NYC! Every time we ordered with them, or bumped into their kiosk at a market place, the sweets were amazingly fresh! They always seamed to be super recently baked.

Little Treats NYC has a few special flavors like: capuccino, coconut, Oreo, lemon and pistachio.

You can buy the online, which is great, and they also offer catering services for every type of event. After all, Brigadeiros are the perfect sweet for any occasion!

Lastly, if you want to adventure yourself and bake them, search online for the recipe and follow it precisely. The BEST part of it all is: scraping the pan at the end, with that chocolate leftovers still hot! OMG…

Enjoy and save some of us!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Little Treats

Help Bride NYC: Getting Married In New York, In Great Style

Shop Weddings Help Bride NYC Wedding Planner Fernanda Monfrinatti and Dad

Getting married is always exciting, but the preparation phase may be exhausting. Help Bride NYC Wedding Planner will make your dream of getting married in New York, a reality!

Shop Weddings Help Bride NYC Wedding Planner

We all know that regardless of where you decided to have your wedding, the entire process is exhausting. The details are endless, the coordination needs to be flawless and last minute issues always come up. Now, image all of this, while you’re working on your full time job.

Seams rather impossible, right? Therefore, there’s nothing better than hiring a specialized service to help you out!

One of the coolest services today offering Wedding Fashion Styling and Wedding Planning in New York for the Brides-to-Be is called Help Bride NYC! Actually, their services extend outside of the State of New York, just in case you were wondering.

The Founder, Fernanda Monfrinatti, a good friend of our Founder, also named Fernanda, got married in the Hamptons a while back. The wedding was literally flawless and Fe was a stunning bride. She is known for always been a very bright, happy and uplifted woman, but on the day of her wedding, she exceeded all expectations!

Fe moved to New York City because of her husband’s was working here, so they decided to get married in the Hamptons. The interesting thing is: she actually met Felipe, in New York City, while traveling with friends.

So, of course, the reason of getting married in New York was fully explained.

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Most of her friends flew from Brazil, where she’s originally from, or came from other corners of the world. She dedicated a great deal of her time to organizing the wedding, specially because she was having so many international guests.

Numerous doubts appeared along the way, but Fe learned all the tricks behind organizing the perfect “Destination Wedding”.

After her wedding, she decided to start her own business, since she saw the potential and increasing trend of people wanting destinations in unique spots through out the world.

Plus, Fe researched the entire industry and was able to create fantastic relationships with the best professionals and companies. Hence, her clients are definitely in good hands.

We can’t forget to mention that Fe has an incredible aesthetic awareness and knowledge, something definitely owned by only few people. This makes her work a perfect match in the wedding industry.

Today, her company organizes everything from Wedding Fashion Styling, Party Planning and Wedding Planning. Her customized schedule with the Bride includes:

  • Appointments at the top bridal salons – Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and more
  • Styling tips to what fits best
  • Finding the perfect wedding location
  • Pointing out the best suppliers in the wedding industry
  • Just to name a few…

The service are for brides that want to get married in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean!

We are positive you will love her work, professionalism and most important, her energy and constant caring for her clients.

You’re probably curious to know who were to suppliers that she hired, right?

Venue: The Surf Lodge Hotel, in Montauk, East Hampton
Dress: Reem Acra
Shoe: Salvatore Ferragamo
Flats: Wedding Shoes
Jewelry: Fatiminha Marcondes
FlowersDecor & Scenography: Jewel Georgieff
Buffet: The Surf Lodge Hotel
Cake: Sweet Corner Bakery
Sweets: Danielle Andrade (coconut candy), Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (caramelized apples), Lavo (fried oreo with ice cream)
Bem Casados (a Brazilian sweet): Sweet Corner Bakery
Wedding Planner: Fernanda Monfrinatti, Help Bride NYC
Photography: Marianne Martin – Real Life Portraits
Film: H2 Brasil

If you want to see her work, the gallery above is from her own wedding. Plus, you can see Paula Merlo’s wedding at The NoMad Hotel, also organized by Help Bride NYC. It was impeccable!

If you are getting married in New York and need any additional help, or want us to put you in direct contact with Fernanda Monfrinatti, contact us.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Help Bride NYC and Leila Jacue & David Leon
*Last Update on March/2020.*


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