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15 Spots In New York For Every Photographer to Explore

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 15 Spots In New York For Every Photographer To Explore DUMBO

Today, we’re going to share you a different content. We’ve selected 15 spots in New York for every photographer to explore! And, great ones for the first timers too! So, let’s start with #1 in grand style, in DUMBO!

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 15 Spots In New York For Every Photographer To Explore DUMBO
DUMBO – Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC

So, our 1st from the 15 spots in New York for every photographer to explore, is located in Brooklyn!

This photo above is at the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street and is easily classified as one of the most photogenic spots in New York. DUMBO, a neighborhood known for its cobbled streets, got its nickname because it is located right under the Manhattan Bridge (Down Under The Manhattan Bridge – aka DUMBO). Looking at the bridge from the crossroads you can easily see the Empire State Building under its arches. This is the New York that everyone wants to get a taste of

When we think of New York we are often wowed by its majestic value. It’s a place that excites us and a place many have grown up watching on TV. New York is full of areas that bring art to life and are a dream for both filmmakers and photographers alike.

Tourists too, often flock to many places in the city for the perfect Instagram post. If you are in New York, you will probably know of all the great spots to stay. Accommodation in the city is massive, there is something for everyone and if you are traveling and are carrying lots of bulky cases and equipment you may need somewhere to store it. You may want to look at baggage storage to ensure that you have somewhere to keep your things before your next flight.

So, what makes New York tick? Well, plenty!

A little tip: when you travel to New York, it’s important to always respect the daily life of the locals. New York is full of people who have lived here all their lives and tourism can get heavy. There are so many ways to enjoy the view of a point of interest without making tourism a nuisance

So, where are these places that are incredibly Instagram worthy? Let’s face it, in New York City, a subway station is an epic Instagram shot alone!

Here are some more of our top picks for novice New York travelers and for every photographer to explore.

You might bump into quite a few tourists, which we are typically running away from, but for the 1st timer, these are the must-see spots:

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 15 Spots In New York For Every Photographer To Explore NYPL
NYPL (New York Public Library) – Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC

#2 New York Public Library

Also known as the Stephen A. Schwarzman building, has been not only the scene of countless blockbuster movies but, on the other hand, it’s a sacred refuge for New Yorkers that need time off from the noise.

#3 The Empire State Building

It’s great and definitely a place to visit if you never have before. But, we do love the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at the Rockefeller Center. Its 360º view is unbeatable.

#4 NY City Hall

Getting married in New York City is the dream of countless brides and brides-to-be out there, right? Well, to make it right – if you do make your dream come true – is go get your Marriage License at New York’s City Hall! So Carrie Bradshaw style…!

#5  Carry Bradshaw’s Apartment

…Which, we can’t forget when talking about the City of Dreams (and fashion, and art, and gastronomy…and…)! Well, it’s the best city. So, you must visit Carry Bradshaw’s apartment in the West Village – or just Village for the locals! 66 Perry Street.

#6 Foley Square

Located right in front of the famous New York County Supreme Court. Remember Harvey Spector and Mike Ross in the series Suits? We miss these guys…

#7 East Village

One of our favorite neighborhoods! It’s crazy (but we’re thankful), how tourists have not yet discovered how awesome the East Village area is! If you’re a food enthusiast, this area a great area to explore countless local gems!

#8 Little Italy

Mangia Che Ti Fa Benne! Literally, it translates to “Eat that it will make you well!”. Italians believe in the power of food and in the beauty of the entire food experience! And, Little Italy will welcome you into this mind set! Be sure to stop at any of the famous restaurants to enjoy pasta or pizza, with a nice glass of wine!

#9 Chinatown

Probably one of the most underrated areas in Manhattan. I guess, people just don’t know their way around the neighborhood, but those that do have a great time exploring speakeasy bars, amazing local restaurants like Buddha Bodai, creative cuisines…and some even venture into those small underground “spas” for a good foot massage.

#10 Soho

Not on the top of our list, but if you’re an Influencer, or aspiring Influencer, the area is the mecca for Instagram Fashion Photography. But yes, SoHo’s cobblestone streets are truly a beautiful background.

#11 Brooklyn Bridge

Probably the most famous Bridge in the world, and also one of the most unique for sure! It’s definitely a touristy attraction overflowing with visitors, locals bike riding their way across the bridge for work, local merchants selling small gifts…it’s a real confusion, hahaha! But, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge always gives me some of the most amazing feelings and you’re really able to experience New York City’s energy.

#12 Flatiron Building

Another great spot for photographers and visitors is the Flatiron Building. Its architecture is amazing, and it has a big history. Built in 1902, this magnificent building is located between 5th Avenue and Broadway. The neighborhood has become very popular and the pedestrian paths in front of the building as well as the nearby Madison Square Park are ideal scenery for photos.

#13 Brooklyn Wall Art

Graffiti is a huge deal in New York and has been relatively European, but not anymore. Lots of areas of Brooklyn have artistic walls, which make for great photography. Williamsburg, for example, has plenty of vivid graffiti murals that are unique and signed by famous names like Eduardo Kobra, or just Kobra! It’s time to discover the real New York. If you have time, go get lost in Bushwick (only a few subway stops from Williamsburg, also in Brooklyn), also known for The Bushwick Collective with its graffiti and street arts.

#14 Greenwich Village

One of the most beautiful places, the Greenwich Village, is known for its beautiful buildings, its red bricks or brownstones, and the different shades of green that exist in every corner of the area. Also, it boasts plenty of peace and quiet from the bustling city. The area is known for being a historic place in the fight for the LGBTQ+ rights and where the famous Stonewall Riot happened in 1969, kickstarting this movement.

#15 Liberty Island

Now this is surely a photographer’s dream location (but not a paradise for locals running away from the flocking tourists. Liberty Island is a small, uninhabited island, which hosts our beautiful and powerful Lady Liberty (aka Statue of Liberty).

The statue is 93 meters high and the seven rays of the crown represent the seven seas and seven continents. It takes about an hour to see it all and to take all the photos you’ll want – a bit longer if you really want to capture the hum of the city.

The view of Manhattan’s skyline, from the island, is unique and truly unforgettable – it’s a must for any new tourist to the city. If you do not want to get off the ferry boat, you might want to take the Staten Island Ferry that is a free option and you can see the Statue. Unless…you want to go inside the statue where it costs around $18.

It’s the true heart of NYC and a place that you will always remember visiting. The city itself is home to so much beauty so it’s always best to get around walking and exploring all neighborhoods. Leave the Ubers for nighttime when you decide to slip into those heals (or pretty shoes)!

Photo Credits: ©Behind the Scenes NYC

The 7 Best Food Spots By Alexa Mehraban From EatingNYC

Curiosities Insider Interviews Alexa Mehraban EatingNYC

There is nothing better than exploring the city with a top NYC food blogger. Alexa Mehraban, also known as EatingNYC, shares her 7 best food spots in New York City!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Alexa Mehraban EatingNYCNew York City is known as one of the best cities to explore the food scene!

So, our Founder,  Fê Paronetto, interviewed one of the most renowned NYC food blogger that shared her 7 best food spots in New York City! They are the top restaurant tips for several different occasions, from a girl’s night out to an affordable group dining.

Alexa Mehraban is a born and raised New Yorker with a love for food that expands far beyond her food photography and witty captions. Alexa started EatingNYC in 2014 to share and track her dining adventures with friends and family.

Since then, Alexa has utilized her industry expertise and social media and marketing prowess at PR firm Bullfrog and Baum. Now, she’s the Associate Director of Marketing and Communications at Tacombi Restaurants.

Today, over 288,000 people look at EatingNYC to make their next dining decision and to learn about the hottest restaurants in New York.

Alexa was listed as one of the top 30 people in food by AdWeek in 2016. Plus, she’s also been featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan and Zagat, amongst others.

Take a look at her 7 best food spots in New York City, for all occasions:

For Brunch: Sadelle’s

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“Sadelle’s epitomizes everything that defines brunch in NYC. They’re doing Jewish appetizing in ways that the world has never seen before. If it’s your first time, go all out and get the smoked fish tower.”

We all know that bagels are one of New York City’s most traditional food.

There are countless places that sell them, but the best bagels are not so easy to find.

Sadelle’s is a bakery and a restaurant located at the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Their kitchen offers a daily selection of fresh hand-rolled bagels, pastries and breads, and at night, they completely transform into a cute brasserie serving candle light dinners.

In addition, their dinner is well known for the fish dishes, so do try it out.

Location: 463 West Broadway, Lower East Side


“L’Artusi has been one of the best Italian restaurants for a while now. It’s a charming, no-frills spot that really knows how to make great pasta. It’s also now my favorite restaurant because I just got engaged there.”

One of our favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan is the West Village.

It’s definitely one of the places with the biggest concentration of restaurants and bars, in the city.

There are so many, that choosing one is literally a hard feat. Plus, everything there is extremely charming and it has some of the best spots in the city, like L’Artusi.

The restaurant has a modern approach to the traditional Italian cuisine, with very creative and unique dishes.

Location: 228 West 10th Street, West Village


“The Happiest Hour is the perfect post work spot. The specialty drinks are awesome (like the Pineapple Express), but I really come here for the happiest burger. Pretty self-explanatory!”

Yup, this is yet another place in the West Village.

We’ve written about this spot before and it’s surely one of the top hot spot, with a very high end and stylish crowd.

In no time, they became “the place to go”, hosting some of the hottest parties during the NYFW’s (New York Fashion Week).

The Happiest Hour is known for having gorgeous guests like Joan Smalls, Giovanna Battaglia, Poppy Delevingne, Karen Elson and Alexa Chung.

Location: 121 West 10th Street, West Village


The Yoga Shanti Technique by Colleen Saidman Yee

Fitness Health Yoga Shanti Asana Manhattan

The famous yoga teacher from the Hamptons, Colleen Saidman Yee and her yoga studio in the Flatiron District, in Manhattan. She created the Yoga Shanti technique.

Fitness Health Yoga Shanti Asana Manhattan

Yoga Shanti is a modern yoga technique based on the traditional Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.

The renowned yoga teacher, Colleen Saidman Yee, partnered up with other experts in the field to create a new modality. It is proper for the modern, western bodies and minds.

Furthermore, the school offers several different classes for all types of practitioners in every different stage: from beginners through advanced.

Some of their classes are:

  • Urban Zen classes includes a restorative yoga sequences, aromatherapy with essential oils, reiki, breath awareness and meditation.
  • Impossible Asana class breaks down the most complex asana’s in Yoga and teach you step by step how to accomplish the most challenging poses.
  • Shanti Sweat classes are for the ones that love the burn. It’s a combination of Shanti Flow and restorative poses. It’s what they call the Rock’n’roll yoga.

As an old, wise yogi saying goes: “Meditate 1/2 hour a day. If you are too busy, meditate for 1 hour.”

Therefore, yoga classes and other practices are always welcome, but do experiment the Yoga Shanti technique.

Oh! For the Yoga-Lovers, take a look at the book Colleen published this year – “Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom“.

In addition, our Founder, Fê Paronetto, practices since 2011 a very powerful and specific meditation called The Twin Hearts Meditation. During the session you learn how to activate your Heart and Crown chakras to bless the Planet Earth.

In short, it’s a meditation focused on world service, since you are constantly blessing the Earth through a non denominational prayer. Truly transforming.

Hours: Check website for class hours.

46 West 24th Street, Flatiron District
32 Bridge Street, Sag Harbor
132-6 Main Street, Westhampton Beach


Fitness Health Yoga Shanti Colleen Saidman Yee

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Yoga Shanti
*Last Update on March/2020.*

NYC Hot Spots By The World Traveller, Ido Simyoni

Curiosities Insider Interviews Ido Simyoni by Chris Loupos

We interviewed Ido Simyoni, a world traveller and the mind behind huge and successful Social Media campaigns that went viral on Instagram, #StopTheTerror. He shared with us his 7 NYC hot spots and answered a few fun questions!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Ido Simyoni by Chris Loupos
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chris Loupos

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, interviewed a very special guest for this week with an amazing story and how he’s influenced and is still influencing the world through Social Media!

Ido Simyoni (@Ido8All) is the mind behind huge and successful Social Media campaigns that went viral on Instagram, #StopTheTerror.

Check out his Bio, his +7 NYC Tips and a few fun questions:

“After 9 years of working on the biggest TV productions In Tel Aviv (from “The Israeli Idol” to “The Big Brother”), I decided that I need a new challenge. My biggest dream was to move to NYC and this was on my Bio, on Instagram, for almost 6 months: “Living in Tel Aviv, Dreaming of New York City – looking for an opportunity”.

But, the world had different plans for me and (almost 4 years ago) I was head-hunted by an education company (Kaplan International English), based in London, for the role of Head of Creative, Content and Social Media.

In addition, with my storytelling skills and my passion for Social Media, I’ve also managed to achieve some big success in my personal life: from running international the Social Media campaign (#StopTheTerror) to creating powerful Social Media accounts – even for my precious dog, Izo (@TheIzoTimes), traveling all over the world with my #Ido8allBus and sharing the love.”

See below 2 beautiful short videos of his breathtaking experience. The first, he tells us “How it feels to be dead” and his incredible recovery!

…and the second, how he skyrocketed his exposure on Instagram and went Global:

Now, to his +7 NYC Tips:

Burger and Barrel

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“My handle on Social Media is @Ido8all (Ido ate all) because I love food, so most of my time in NYC I’m looking for places to eat. The variety of burger places in the city is rad. Finding THE place for burgers was challenging and quite calorie heavy, however I’m happy to announce Burgers and Barrel as my winner because of the taste that makes you want to order more (even though you are completely full #TrueStory).”

Burger and Barrel is an American Pub and is owned by the renowned restauranteur John McDonald and Chef Josh Capon.

With a perfect location, in the heart of SoHo, they feature an award-winning burger named “Bash Burger”. Plus, they have an outstanding wine list.

Monday – Tuesday: 11:30am – 10pm
Wednesday – Thursday: 11:30am – 11pm
Friday: 11:30am – 11pm (kitchen) and 12am (bar)
Saturday: 11am – 11pm (kitchen) and 12am (bar)
Sunday: 11am – 10pm

Location: 25 West Houston Street, SoHo


Peacefood Cafe

“Go Vegan (?!) – I love meat and the more red, the better, however when my friend introduced me to Peacefood Cafe – next to Union Square, I just couldn’t believe how amazing Vegan Food can be (they fooled me with Fake Chicken).”

Moreover, the description on their website is surely the best one, so here it is:

Peacefood Cafe is named after the simple idea that peace begins on your plate. Two vegans founded Peacefood Cafe in 2009 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Eric, an antiques dealer, and Peter, an interior designer, believe the awareness of non-violence can be spread through feeding people with delicious vegan food.

Amazing, right? This is definitely up our alley!

Hours: Check their website to see the different locations.

41 East 11th Street, Greenwich Village
460 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side


Dominique Ansel’s Bakery

Curiosities Insider Interviews Ido Simyoni Dominique Ansel Bakery

“I usually don’t eat anything sweet in the morning, but one thing can’t avoid having at least (1…2… and 3) are the Cronuts at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery… This is giving Bakeries totally new meaning.”

Dominique founded his Bakery in November of 2011 and in no time, was all over the news and receiving countless awards.

Today, it’s not a “behind the scenes” spot any more, but we have to confess it’s still top of our list for Bakeries in the City.

Oh! You might be asking “What is a Cronut?”. It’s a croissant and doughnut hybrid – surely to die for, and as Ido said, hard to eat only one.

Plus, to see more pictures and infos on Dominique Ansel’s Bakery, see our post!

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 9am – 7pm

Location: 189 Spring Street, SoHo


230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

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“I am probably not up-to-date with the latest trendiest rooftop bars in the city, but my heart is with one of my firsts 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar – because the drinks are accompanied with fantastic views of the City and always packed with mega chic crowd. #SelfieWithEmpireState is a must.”

It’s surely one of the best views of the Empire State Building you’ll get, even though it is quite touristy.

The place is beautiful, large windows, beautiful opened area, delicious food and cocktails, paired with a great crowd, as Ido said.

The Music? Well, during weeknights they play upbeat lounge and weekends, primarily 80’s, 90’s and House Music.

Opened 7 days a week, all year long, from 4pm – 4am
Food served only up till 12am

Location: 230 Fifth Avenue, Flatiron


Shopping Spree

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“Shopping – When I’m not in Woodbury Common or The Mills at Jersey Gardens, you’ll find me searching for vintage clothes in the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.”

Woodbury Common features over 220 stores including Tory Burch, Nike, Celine, Bottega Veneta, Polo Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Burberry, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, The North Face and more. And, all of it at savings of 25% to 65% every day. They have a list of the best luxury brands with amazing discounts.

Contrary from Woodbury, The Mills at Jersey Gardens is a two-level indoor outlet mall in Elizabeth, located in New Jersey. It’s a great place to spend the day if you’re in the mood of shopping.

Williamsburg, or Willyb as we kindly call it, is definitely a great spot for shopping if you enjoy off the beaten track brands and vintage stuff. But, prices can get surprisingly high around there. We love it anyway.

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“You’ll always see me with my camera and phone when walking in the street of the City. However, one of the places I like capturing the most is Chelsea Piers – specially the skateboard park because it reminds me of Venice Beach in L.A., without the beach.”

Located on the Hudson River, Chelsea Piers offers over 25+ different sports if you’re into learning, practicing or even competing.

Moreover, they have great classes and competitions for kids and adults, plus a great health club and other dedicated event spaces.

Location: 23rd Street & Hudson River Park – 62 Chelsea Piers


Hairrari East Village

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“If you are looking to cut your hair in a cool friendly place you should try Hairrari East Village. I absolutely love them and my new haircut!”

Hairrari was founded in 2011 by Magda Ryczko in Williamsburg.

Different from normal hair salon, Hairrari “flips the barber salon concept upside down once inside”.

They welcome girls and boys and can work on your unique dream hair style.

And, as they say: “Take a seat, grab a drink, and check out the local art on our walls while we take care of your hair up top and give you the look you want.”

Location: 34 East 1st Street, East Village


We also asked Ido a few fun questions too:

What does NYC mean to you?

“NYC to me is my dream (and hopefully future) home. I have always been fascinated by the city and keep falling in love with it every single time that I’m there…”

Which famous New Yorker would you like to meet? And why?

“With no doubt, Jimmy Fallon. I’m always fascinated by talented people and he’s an example of someone who’s just good in everything he does. So, I would probably challenge him to cook me dinner and choose our outfits, while we do the history of rap 26.”

Do you have any embarrassing moments in the City, you’d love to share?

“I have been to New York more the 18 times and consider myself as someone who “knows the city”. One night, after going out with my non-local friends, I was in charge of ‘navigating’ and instead of going Downtown to Brooklyn we ended up in Queens.

I felt so dumb, but I blamed it on the great wine we had. Luckily they were so tired and tipsy that they ended up forgiving me for this long ride. My tip here is go download and use CityMapper.

And, for more information on Ido and his amazing and inspiring work, take a look at his website.


Photo Credits: Chris Loupos (portrait picture), Courtesy of the Venues, Insidertripps, LWYang, Greyline, Jie Jenny Zou, Jeff Gipson and Urban Omnibus
*Last Update on March/2020.*

By Chloe NYC: If we didn’t say Vegan, you’d never guess

Dining By Chloe Restaurant Vegan Full Table Menu

Last week we had lunch at By Chloe NYC restaurant. Yup, every single thing is done with plant-based ingredients.

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The cool thing there is that for those who are not Vegan, or are a bit skeptic of this upcoming lifestyle, you’ll be surprised at how delicious and tasty everything is.

I’m Vegetarian, but was particularly craving for something “burger like” on this day, so I ordered The Burger Classic and it was incredible. It’s made with tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut patty, pickles, onion, beet ketchup, special sauce, potato bun. Plus, it’s Gluten-free!

We also tried:

  • Quinoa Taco – spicy seitan chorizo, black beans, sweet corn, avocado, tomato, tortilla strips, crèma, agave-lime vinaigrette
  • Avocado Pesto Pasta – avocado-cashew pesto, grape tomatoes, almond parm, fresh basil – Gluten-free
  • Pesto Meatball – Italian meatballs (portobello + veggie), marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozz, almond parm, potato sub roll

And for dessert:

  • Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies
  • Raspberry tiramisu cupcakes
  • Chlostess cupcakes
  • Kale Cookies Ice Cream

The place has not even wrapped up it’s 1st year of life and these guys are have other locations popping up! Amazing work and definitely a huge success in New York!

Now, if you’re the type that craves sweets, try Sweets by Chloe.

It’s literally just neighbor to the restaurant in Greenwich Village and we are sure you will find yourself in paradise! The sweets are really fantastic! We love their Red Velvet cupcake!

And still, they’ve got quite a few stores spread around the US, so go find the one closest to you!

By Chloe NYC’s success is evident, right? As they say…”Eat Well. Eat with purpose.

Need help in NYC!?

We can put together a fantastic itinerary with the best spots, brands and events if you’re visiting New York City and need help! Take a look at our Concierge Services and see which options will suit your needs best!

In addition, if you are a company and would like assistance to organize breakfasts, dinners, cocktails and other events, contact our experts behind our Corporate Services.

Hours: Check their website for hours on each specific location!

Locations: 185 Bleecker Street – Greenwich Village | 60 West 22nd Street – Flatiron District | 240 Lafayette Street – SoHo | 171 North 3rd Street – Williamsburg | 1 Rockefeller Plaza – Rock Center (soon!) | 181 Front Street – South Street Seaport (soon!) | Sweet by Chloe – 185 B Bleecker Street – Greenwich Village


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Vegan

“I Don’t Follow Recipes”, says Chef David Bouley

Dining Bouley Restaurant Brush Stoke

David Bouley once said “I don’t follow recipes”, and completed it by saying: “You won’t become a good chef by following recipes!”.

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The four starred Michelin American chef, born in Connecticut, is best known for his French cuisine restaurant, Bouley.

With a fantastic background, he studied at the renowned Sorbonne in Paris. He had the opportunity to work with amazing chefs like Roger Vergé, Paul Bocuse, Joël Robuchon and Gaston Lenôtre.

Located in TriBeCa, Bouley offers French cuisine with modern Asian influences served in an elegant and intimate setting. In addition to the á la carte menu, the restaurant offers a $59 five course tasting menu for lunch. Plus, a $195 six course tasting menu for dinner.

In addition, there are tasting menus with the option of wine pairing, that you might really enjoy!

Also, try out Bouley’s cooking classes at Test Kitchen, where you’ll be able experiment his cuisine with ideal wine pairing at $175/person.

And last, if you’re planning an event, but isn’t sure where to host your guests, go and visit Bouley Botanical! Chef Bouley created this gorgeous, fresh space. It offers you the possibility of experimenting food with all 5 senses while hosting private events. Everything from dinners, weddings, corporate parties, cocktails, etc).

The venue envelopes your guests in an environ of pure ingredients, featuring 400+ edible species of plants growing in vertical window gardens. All supported by the largest bio-dynamic green house in New England.”

Bouley Botanical comfortably accommodates parties from 8 to 75 people for seated private dining events.  And, up to 100 people for receptions.

If you need help to organize a private party, contact our team for our Concierge Services, and if you’re a company, contact our experts and learn about our Corporate Services too!

We will help you organize an unforgettable event that can be anything from a birthday

Bouley – 163 Duane Street
Test Kitchen – 88 West Broadway
Bouley Botanical – 281 Church Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of David Bouley
*Last Update on April/2020.*

Eva Baczynska: Top NYC Tips By A Beauty, Health & Travel Expert

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska

The Beauty, Health and Travel Expert, Eva Baczynska, shares her NYC tips! Take a look at 4 places in New York City that you’re likely spot her in!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tommy Mendes Photography

We invited the beautiful and talented Eva Baczynska from Travelle.Co to share her best beauty, health and cool tips in town!

Eva is always on the go and in and out of planes, so she decided to share with us what she does to keep always healthy, fit and in style.

See below her tips:

Beauty Tip: Ten Over Ten

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Ten Over Ten TriBeCa

“With 3 nail salons in Manhattan (TriBeCa, Soho and Midtown), Ten Over Ten has a super unique store design that will make you feel at home while doing a manicure and pedicure! Plus, the have they own beauty product line!”

119 West 56th Street, Midtown
132 West Houston Street, SoHo
112 Reade Street, TriBeCa
121 Fulton Street, Financial District


Wellness / Exercise Tip: The Fhitting Room

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Fhitting Room

“The Fhitting Room is a boutique fitness studio, with a super modern environment, offering small classes with huge amounts of calorie burn, lean muscle growth and amazing results!

“Strong is the new skinny,” remember? I, myself, have tried the class! It was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g in a wonderful way! Results are definitely guaranteed!”

See more about the post we wrote on the Fhitting Room.

201 East 67th Street, Upper East Side
31 West 19th Street, Flatiron
584 Columbus Avenue, Upper West Side


Food Tip: Nourish Kitchen

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Nourish Kitchen

“Located in the West Village, Nourish offers amazing healthy, seasonally-influenced and locally-inspired takeaway foods and café!”

Location: 95 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Village


Style Tip: Otte NY

Curiosities Insider Interviews Eva Baczynska Otte NY

“Otte NY is one of the coolest multi brand stores in town! Originally from Williamsburg, each of the 3 stores – Upper East Side, TriBeCa, West Village – have a unique mix of brands that ‘evokes the vibe of each neighborhood’.”

121 Greenwich Avenue, West Village
37 North Moore Street, TriBeCa
1281 Madison Avenue, Upper East Side


Thank you, Eva, for the amazing NYC tips and congratulations for your fantastic work!!!

See more of her travel expert work on her website.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Eva B. and Tommy Mendes Photography
*Last Update on March/2020.*

The Nomad Truck: Wandering Fashion Boutique For Boho Lovers

Shop Ladies Nomad Truck NYC

Have you heard of The Nomad Truck? It’s a wandering fashion boutique that cruises New York City in great style!


This Nomad Truck we’re talking about is actually a “wandering fashion boutique offering a handpicked selection of ladies’ fashions from the back of a retrofitted delivery truck”.

You’ll be able to find amazing curated items from boho fashion pieces, to handmade jewelry. They are all carefully selected by he Founder, Jessie Goldenberg.

It’s definitely a different shopping experience and we incentivize you to try it!

Furthermore,  keep your eyes opened for the truck can be found in diverse locations. From street fairs, flea markets and colleges, too popping up on the streets of Flatiron, Soho, the Village, Williamsburg, and other parts of the city!

Take a look online to find our where she’ll be parking next, during the week!

A bit more about how it all started:

Shop Ladies Nomad Truck NYC Streets

“In 2013, I quit my full time job and bought a 24-foot aluminum box truck which I fittingly named Bertha. My 5-foot 2-inch stature needed two pillows to reach the gas and brake petals on Bertha. But, ask anyone around, I drove her like a champ.

The goal was to convert Bertha into a bohemian boutique-on-wheels. While the idea sounds like it came to me on a whim, many sleepless nights pouring over a business plan. And still, strategizing over fundraising, and maneuvering the intricate details of starting a business ensued.

The build out was a true labor of love with my family and friends donating their nights and weekends, time and skill. This was to make true this far-fetched idea I had of a traveling store a la gypsy caravan.

I will never be able to thank them enough. Nomad – The Wandering Fashion Boutique, took her maiden voyage from Brooklyn to the University of Delaware on April 10th 2013. ” ~ read more on the website.

In addition, see below a super cool video of Jessie’s adventure around the US!

In conclusion, we love the story, the idea, the products and the pursuit of a dream!

Unfortunately, in the Fall of 2015, the project came to an end. Here is a Note from the Founder.

So, if you want to explore other Boho stores, you might want to take a look at this selection of some of the top Brooklyn vintage stores.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Nomad Truck
*Last Updated on March/2020.*

Home Nature: Treating The Earth With Love And Care

Shop Home and Kids Home Nature Window

Home Nature works with treating the Earth with love and care! If you’re furnishing your new home, or is in the process of remodeling your current place, check out their eco-friendly décor!

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NYC Snow Monsters Intervention By Peter Regli

Culture Music Peter Regli Snow Monsters by ceos_downbeat

In front of one of our most famous buildings in the Flatiron Plaza, Peter Regli exhibited a beautiful installment. The Snow Monsters intervention showed 12 amazing marble snowmen experiencing the several stages of melting.

Culture Music Peter Regli Snow Monsters by ceos_downbeat

The Snow Monsters intervention presented by Dominique Lévy Gallery showcased during the month of March.
It’s was a fantastic and creative work! It amused not only visitors, but all New Yorkers that passed by the Plaza area. They became part of the beautiful scene in front of our famous Flatiron building, on 23rd Street.
This installment was part of a series called “Reality Hacking“, created by the Swiss-born artist Peter Regli. This series already add up to over 300 interventions around the globe. A remarkable number, for sure!
This one marks “his first large-scale sculptural intervention in New York City”.
These marbles sculptures were fabricated by the Hánhs – a Vietnamese family. Some of the most renowned Buddhist sculptures seen in temples are their art works.
Peter Regli is well-known for his public interventions around the world – a work that started back in 1996. We adore his disruptive, uncommon art works and how they interact with by-passers and the urban settings.
He explains:
I chose the snowman because of its Buddha-like nature. They appear briefly in the world, bring joy and evoke memories of childhood. Then, disappear again, melting away without complaint.
Lastly, we all know that New York City is one of the art capitals on this planet. So, if you’re all about culture and art experiences, let our experts cater the best places and events for you!
We have done projects with companies that bring clients to New York City and urge to impress. Let our Corporate Services experts organize the most memorable experiences for you! You’ll will impress!

Location: 23rd Street with 5th Avenue


Photo Credit: Rob Ceos, aka @ceos_downbeat
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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