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Telling Human Stories With Super Human Circus: The 7 Fingers

The 7 Fingers is a contemporary circus collective founded in 2002 by 7 artistic directors with [...]

Dance ‘till The World Ends: Martha Graham, A Modern Dance Queen

Our dear friend, contributor and famous Brazilian Singer, Aline Muniz, shared an amazing story and an [...]

New York City Ballet: A NYC Dance Experience For Everyone

We know that New York City Ballet is not a behind the scenes secret, but it’s [...]

The Fantastic House Of Yes In Bushwick!

Inside a 2,500 square foot loft in Brooklyn, in the year of 2007, the House of [...]

A New York theatrical dinner Queen of the Night mixes decay with glamour

The legendary hotspot Diamond Horseshoe reopened at the Paramount Hotel! This New York theatrical dinner Queen of [...]


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