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This gastro pub in Willyb is a former Garage: The Bedford

Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Corner Outdoor Table

We had lunch at this great place called The Bedford. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, it was once a garage that was later transformed into a neighborhood gastro pub style restaurant.

Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Outdoor Seating
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Corner Outdoor Table
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Inside
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Entrance
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Three Dishes
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Split Pea Soup
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Salad
Dining The Bedford on Bedford Restaurant Brussel Sprouts Salad
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We had passed by it countless times, and at every new day, we became more and more curious about the place. The crowd was always gorgeous, the food looked delicious and the low-key vibe was surely our style.

Voilá! The weather is getting better so we ventured to Willyb (how our Founder, , kindly calls Williamsburg), to visit The Bedford.

With the beautiful sun out, we decided to sit outside, of course! This restaurant a perfect place for a lunch, brunch or dinner, specially now during the Summer time!

Take a look at what we ate:

  • Avocado Toast with charred sourdough, avocado, lime & sea salt
  • Crispy Brussels Sprouts with dashi soy, toasted sesame oil
  • Split Pea soup was delicious
  • Salad with cherry tomatoes, onions and romaine

All very, very tasty!

If you go there at night, they have a full bar. So, sit at the bar area (that is always the best spot), and try their hand crafted cocktails! Plus, it’s beautiful and the super rustic décor is just the way we like it and the way a trendy gastro pub should be.

The neighborhood is great and there are countless spots to visit, bars to hop, corners with the best view of Manhattan, unique local stores to shop and so much more!

See how our Concierge Services and Corporate Services can help you and your company create memorable experiences.

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 11pm | Back Bar: ’til 2am
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 12pm | Back Bar: ’til 4am
Sunday: 11am – 11pm | Back Bar: til 2am

Location: 110 Bedford Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brussels Vegan

Zenkichi Is A Hidden Modern Japanese Restaurant In Williamsburg

Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese Grilled Salmon

Zenkichi, a modern Japanese restaurant in Williamsburg is the perfect combination of 3 things: Japanese cuisine, in a hidden location, in Brooklyn. Perfect math, if you ask us!

Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese Omakase Tasting Menu 2nd Dish
Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese Inside
Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese Grilled Salmon
Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese King Trumpet
Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese Omakase
Dining Zenkichi Restaurant Japanese Sake
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They are a modern Japanese brasserie with a fantastic traditional Omakase menu. Perfect to experience a true Tokyoite meal!

Zenkichi opened it’s “camouflaged” doors in November 2006 by a homesick Tokyo-native. It’s a modern Japanese brasserie with an authentic dining experience of popular Tokyo establishments located in Williamsburg.

It’s surely a unique dining experience, from the hidden entrance, to the buzzer used to call the waiter, to the semi-private tables. The door is camouflaged within the façade, so do be alert while looking for it and let the excitement start!

The dime lights and the privacy obviously is perfect for a date night, so if you’re in search of a place to wow your loved one, this can be it!

As they mention, the biggest emphasis is of course placed on the Omakase – chef’s tasting menu – which changes every 5 weeks with different seasonal ingredients. There is a la carte menu that also changes every 3 months.

Also, it’s the perfect place to share dishes and this way, you can try a bit of it all!

If you’re not a big sake drinker, it’s ok. They are and they are experts! Just ask to pair it perfectly for you selecting from their 30+ selection of premium sakes. You’ll be amazed with the result!

Have fun at this fantastic Japanese restaurant in Williamsburg!

If you want to read more about Zenkichi, or if you want to explore a few other hidden Japanese gems, take a look at a post we’ve done for Glamour Magazine!

Monday – Saturday: 6pm – Midnight (Last call 11:00pm)
Sunday: 5:30pm – 11:30pm (Last call 10:30pm)

Location: 77 North 6th Street



Photo Credits: Courtesy of Zenkichi

Meet, Work, Play at Freehold, in Brooklyn

Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Coffee Shop

Our new favorite spot to work in Williamsburg is Freehold Brooklyn. It’s definitely the perfect place to simultaneously meet, work, play. We love Freehold!

Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Full Bar
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Outdoor
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Seating
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Bagel Coffee
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Mini Burger Beer Frieds
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Appetizers
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Oysters Wine
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Cocktail
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Working
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Tables
Dining Freehold Brooklyn Restaurant Coffee Shop
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In other words: meet interesting people, work is welcome with free wifi and play during the day or after work hours, when they start bringing the music’s volume up!

The space is literally amazing, and from the outside you’d never imagine it! It’s a mixture of coffeeshop, bar, restaurant with a great courtyard.

It has natural light all over the place, which is definitely one of the highlights here. There is nothing better that seeing the light of day during a fun lunch, and specially during your work hours!

The menu is very diverse, ranging from bagels & pastries, to breakfast specials, salads, snacks, sandwiches and desserts. I’m vegetarian and usually eat their salads (love the Farro Salad), or the sandwiches. One of the waitresses is also vegetarian and knows me, so they are also good and trying to improvise a sandwich for you! We love it!

There are numerous drink options too like cocktails, house classics, shooters, beer, wine, liquor, and obviously tea and different types of coffee! Ah! And for happy hour, drinks are 50% off!

It’s opened for everyone to just walk in, sit, work, have fun, meet young, interesting people, curious minds and have great food.

Wifi is free and you have energy plugs all around, so it’s perfect for people that come in and work. It’s certainly a freelance friendly place!

Oh, and the “play” happens after work hours. The place gets quite full, loud music and great people! No tourists! At night hours, things really get exciting, music is loud, lights are dimmed and people are dancing and having so much fun!

I’m sure you will have a great time there, and maybe, even bump into me!  Come say “Hi” and Meet, Work, Play at Freehold.

What’s close by?

You can go to Little Choc Apothecary for a to-die-for vegan crepe (the best one in town) and on your free time, roam around the neighborhood exploring these vintage stores that sell brands like Missoni, Chloé, Oscar de la Renta and Stella McCartney!

Coffee Shop: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 8pm
Lobby Bar: Sunday – Wednesday: 10am – 2am | Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 4am
Courtyard: Sunday – Wednesday: 10am – 11pm | Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 1am

Location: 45 South 3rd Street, Williamsburg


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Freehold

Instantly teleported to Thailand: Qi Thai Grill Williamsburg

Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Bar

Would you like to be instantly teleported to Thailand while being in Brooklyn!? Qi Thai Grill Williamsburg is the perfect spot for this journey, since they have very authentic Thai dishes and a décor that will definitely set the mood.

Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Bar
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Entrance
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Tables
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Grilled Pandan
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Spiced Up Chicken
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Pork
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Spicy Beef Tendon Salad
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Fiery Pork
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Ovaltine Ribs
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Spicy Pork Trotter
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Stewed Beef Noodle
Dining Qi Thais Restaurant Pumpkin Creme Brulee
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Cocktail Colors
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Chi Cocktail
Dining Qi Thai Restaurant Long Name Cocktaiil
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New York is certainly a multi-cultural city and that extends to the inexplicable diversity into the gastronomy world. You are literally be able to find any type of cuisine you crave for.

From Greek, Chinese and Italian, to Brazilian, Mexican and African…NYC rocks the world of the hard core food lovers that live here or that come visit.

We visited a few months back a great authentic Thai restaurant, called Qi Thai Grill and loved every single thing about it.

To start the décor teleports you into the heart Thailand. Lights were perfectly dimmed, decoration was flawless, the music was fantastic, the food extremely tasty, well served and beautifully displayed…and the price? Great!!!

We had a few different dishes like the: edamame, triple mushroom spring rolls, pad see ew (Fê’s top pick) and pineapple fried rice (that we never resist)!

For dessert? Hummmm! They’re all so good! We do recommend just trying what sparks your eyes and entices your belly worms, hahaha!

Their menu is full of different variations and options for vegetarians, vegans, for the courageous ones that dive into the most spicy dishes and for the ones that love exploring the local culture with the super typical recipes!

Qi Thai Grill Williamsburg has it all!

If you’re far from Brooklyn, they have two other locations in a bit more touristy area: Union Square and Times Square. They aren’t the same restaurant and menu, but they are all sister restaurants.

Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 11pm
Friday: 12pm – 12am
Saturday: 12:30pm – 12am
Sunday: 12:30pm – 11pm

Location: 176 North 9th Street.




Photo Credit: Courtesy of Qi Thai Grill

Jenna Rice: 10 Great NYC Tips From A NYC Blogger

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice

The NYC Blogger, Jenna Rice, from the Blond Well Traveled, shared with us a mix’n’match of 10 great NYC tips! From restaurants, hotels and bagel spots, to upstate trips, art galleries and beauty salons.

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice

Jenna Rice was born and raised in Florida, and currently lives in New York City.

She told us: “I followed my heart around the globe and landed in New York City.” Definitely a great place to land, right?!

She launched her passion project: a travel and lifestyle blog called Blonde Well Traveled, in 2015. Plus, she’s visited over 15 countries and doesn’t stop counting.

Since she moved to the “City that Never Sleeps”, she’s been sharing a glimpse into her experiences both within the city and beyond. All this, in addition to working full time in Public Relations.

Such a busy bee!

You can catch her on Instagram or check out her website.

Take a look at her 10 favorite NYC spots and in nearby towns:

Brooklyn Flea

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Brooklyn Flea

Brooklyn Flea is basically the cooler younger sister to Chelsea Market. There’s something for everyone, from vintage rings and designer bags to viney plants and eclectic home decor. Not to mention, they have some of the most popular food vendors from Smorgasburg minus the lines.”

We looove Brooklyn! We’re Brooklyn-based and even though the Brooklyn Flea can get a bit touristy, we still loooove it!

In addition, you’ll find 75 vendors with everything from clothes and accessories, to furniture and jewelry, plus 25 food vendors with the most delicious dishes.

During the winter they have only one location and it happens during the weekends: Saturday + Sunday from 10am – 6pm – called Winter Flea + Smorgasburg.

Location: 1 Hanson Place, Fort Greene


Mile High Run Club

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Mil High Run Club

Mile High Run Club is probably my favorite place to break a sweat in the City. It’s essentially a treadmill class with dimmed lighting, bumpin’ music and strobe lights…with a coach cheering you on through a series of intervals and hills. I recommend Dash 28 because it finishes with strength training utilizing kettle bells and core exercises.”

Do you like “the burn”? I mean, REALLY like it?

Well, if your immediate answer was “YES!”, then this is the place for you!

Mile High Run Club’s running program is uniquely designed to challenge your body and get the best results you’d ever imagine. Go to one of their 2 locations to try it out.

Plus, they offer indoor and outdoor classes, with amazing coaches! We’re sure it’ll become your newest addiction!

28 East 4th Street, NoHo
24 West 25th Street, NoMad



Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Heyday

HeyDay is easily one of my best NYC finds. My skin went nuts when I moved to the City in the heart of winter from Florida, and this place introduced me to several natural products that I now swear by.”

The weather in NYC can be pretty crazy and will test your skin to the limit!

And, summer can be burning hot, hot, hot, while the winter can be pretty damn harsh where we feel our skin will rip with the cold.

Yeah, we know, it sounds terrible, right?

Well, we are IN NEW YORK CITYYYY, of obviously that helps make it easier to accept, LOL.

HeyDay is a great place to go if you’re looking for the perfect facial, with a good price, at the time that’ll suit you best. Carly Heitlinger also loves it!

1130 Broadway, NoMad
92 Reade Street, Tribeca


Harriman State Park

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Harriman State Park Kanawauke by Mwanner

“For those who need a breather from the City, Harriman State Park is your sanctuary. It’s just a quick train ride from the city and much less crowded than some of the other hiking spots like Breakneck and Bear Mountain.”

Harriman State Park is located in Rockland and Orange Counties, Upstate NY – a little over 1h drive from Manhattan. The drive is actually a very quick and surely a gorgeous car ride up there.

They have almost 52,000 acres of mostly forested landscape and over 23miles of hiking trails.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab (or rent here) a car, and have fun!

And, more about them:

At 47,527 acres (192.33 km2), Harriman State Park is the second largest state park in New York. Located in Rockland and Orange counties 30 miles (48 km) north of New York City, it is a haven for hikers with over 200 miles (320 km) of hiking trails. The park is also known for its 31 lakes, multiple streams, public camping area, and great vistas.”

“The Jane is easily my favorite spot to go out in the City. It basically feels like you’re at a mansion party where your favorite songs are always playing and dancing on the furniture is encouraged. Every time I have a friend visiting, I take them there and they’re never disappointed.”

Yup! It’s one of our favorite spots too!

The Jane Hotel, is located in the West Village and is certainly a destination for the cool NYC crowd.

In addition, the hotel was launched in 1908 and has rooms that replicate luxury ship and train cabins.

On the other hand, rooms are pretty small, but come on, “Who” comes to NYC to stay in the room, right!?

Location: 113 Jane Street, West Village


Rockwood Music Hall

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Rockwood Music Hall

“For an intimate live music experience, hit up Rockwood Music Hall. A friend introduced me to this venue and it was everything I could’ve hoped for. While there are shows that require cover, there is a smaller room to the left of the main entrance that is free of charge.”

Rockwood Music Hall is known for having hosted performances of great artists like Lady Gaga, Gary Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Mumford & Sons.

It’s one our favorite spots to have a cool night out and listen to some of the best emerging NYC bands and musicians.

Plus, musicians from other nationalities are a big hit too, like Aline Muniz and André Vasconcellos.

They have 3 stages, full bars for all tastes, drinks aren’t so pricey, like expected in Manhattan.

We love it, and we are there quite a lot!

Location: 196 Allen Street, Lower East Side


Black Seed Bagels

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Bagels Daniel Krieger
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Daniel Krieger

“After a night out, nothing compares to Black Seed Bagels. Option #11 always satisfies! Another favorite is Tompkins Square Bagels if you’re in the mood for trying out a new cream cheese flavor like birthday cake or one of their French toast bagels.”

Bagels! We just love Bagels!

And, New York’s bagels are said to be one of the best on this planet, since our water is so fantastically clean and tasty!

Black Seed Bagels is certainly one of the most famous in town.

In addition, Tompkins Square Bagels’ are hand rolled, kettle boiled and baked over wood planks….yum!!!


Black Seed Bagels:
170 Elizabeth Street, Nolita
200 Vesey Street, Battery Park City
176 First Street, East Village


Tompkins Square Bagels:
164 Avenue A.


Buddha Bodai

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Veggie Dumplings
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Sweet
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Rolls
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Pad See Ew
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Limes
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Dumplings
Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Buddha Bodai Kosher Buns
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Buddha Bodai is an incredible vegetarian spot in Chinatown. The food is delicious (you can’t even tell there’s no meat) and the atmosphere is so authentic. I highly recommend the sesame “chicken”.”


When our Founder, , went with a very good friend to Buddha Bodai, she became c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y addicted to it!

She’s vegetarian, but loves Vegan food too, and she couldn’t believe how amazingly tasty everything was!

The dumplings are to-die-for, but everything is remarkably good!

But, it’s actually hard to know what exactly to order, so you might just have to go there multiple times to try it all.

Location: 77 Mulberry Street, Chinatown


Dia: Beacon

Curiosities Insider Interviews Jenna Rice Dia Beacon

Dia:Beacon is the perfect day trip for anyone craving a little artistic adventure, especially if you love installations! Be sure to purchase a round trip ticket with museum entrance included at Grand Central Station. Check out my full blog post on my experience.”

Dia:Beacon is surely a highlight if you’re into Art.

Located only 1.5h from Manhattan, it’s a beautiful place to visit and the trip there, is pretty easy too.

And, if you’re not sure how to get there, and would like help, contact our experts.

In addition, if you need assistance for any corporate activity with your team or clients, let our experts cater to all your needs and make the experience memorable.

Location: 3 Beekman Street, Beacon


“One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is pop into galleries in the LES and Chelsea. It’s a great alternative to hitting up a crowded museum, plus they’re completely free to enjoy! David Zwirner, Paul Kasmin, and Richard Taittinger are a few of my go-tos.”

David Zwirner is one of the top contemporary art galleries, with another location overseas, in Mayfair, London. They currently have 2 great exhibitions: “Yun Hyong-keun” up through February 18th and “Drawn Together”, up through February 18th.

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of large-scale paintings by Yun Hyong-keun (1928-2007) from the mid-1970s through the 1980s. The exhibition includes an unprecedented selection of paintings in the artist’s unique style of monochromatic abstraction, several of which are shown here for the first time. The exhibition marks the largest solo presentation of Yun’s work in North America to date.” ~ Read more here.

David Zwirner is pleased to present the gallery’s first exhibition of the collaborative work of Aline Kominsky-Crumb and R. Crumb. Both pioneers of underground and alternative comics, Kominsky-Crumb and Crumb have created a groundbreaking portrait of their shared lives and creative collaborations over the past four decades. In their ongoing “Aline & Bob” comics, the two artists have rendered their innermost thoughts, fears, and fantasies alongside the day-to-day realities of family life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, each in their own distinctive style.” ~ Read more here.

Paul Kasmin Gallery works and supports influential Modern and Contemporary artists. They are showcasing two exhibitions: NATURALIA” up through March 4th and “WILLIAM N. COPLEY: WOMEN”, up through March 25th.

Paul Kasmin Gallery and Sotheby’s Old Masters Department will present their first collaborative exhibition, Naturalia, curated by Danny Moynihan. The show will be comprised of works spanning six centuries which share a fundamental focus on the examination of natural science and its myriad presentations in art.” ~ Read more here.

COPLEY: WOMEN unites a selection of paintings that highlight the late artist’s preoccupation with the opposite sex, which he employed as an endless source for inventive figurative and narrative paintings that explored eroticism, sexual politics and the pursuit of pleasure. Originally defying painterly trends of the 1950s by making personal and narrative works, the self-taught artist developed a radical fusion of European Surrealist vernacular and a rogue, humorous American sensibility. Sex, eroticism and cultural critique were mainstays in Copley’s oeuvre of paintings that embraced idiosyncratic figuration, candy-colored palettes and Matisse-like decorative patterning.” ~ Read more here.

Richard Taittinger Gallery works in Presenting works by contemporary artists with significant global recognition. Stop by their gallery, in the Lower East Side, to see their current exhibition: “The Wsanderers: Contemporary Painting From CLUJ”. It will be on through February 19th.

For this exhibition, the curator has endeavored to make visible that, beyond the ascribed label of the Cluj School by way of international media, there is much more to be explored when considering this group of artists. Therefore, this multigenerational exhibition tracks a shared dialogue between masters and students in order to define certain Romanian traditions. Traditions, that has within the last decade, projected the painters of Cluj-Napoca, into the limelight, astounding the international art world.” ~ Read more here.

If you are an art lover, you’ll most certainly be fascinated by our art tours, so contact us. In addition, see how our corporate experiences related to art works.

David Zwirner: 525 West 19th Street, Chelsea

Paul Kasmin Gallery: 293 10th Avenue, Chelsea

Richard Taittinger Gallery: 154 Ludlow Street, Lower East Side

Lastly, to wrap up this great interview and a beautiful selection of hot spots in New York, we asked Jenna:

What does NYC mean to you?

“I could honestly answer this question so many ways, but I think NYC means being able to wake up each morning with every possibility in the world at your feet.

There is always something to do, someone to meet, something to see. To me, personally, it means perseverance. The people who live here are tough. For the most part, we all struggled in some way to get here, and continue to struggle now that we’re here. But somehow, it’s all worth it.

There’s no place in the world that can offer up this kind of experience to a person.”

Thank you Jenna for being part of our Insider Interviews and sharing these 10 great NYC tips.

Plus, don’t forget to check out her blog named the Blond Well Traveled.


Credits (Text and Photos): Courtesy of Wikipedia (Harriman State Park), Mwanner, Daniel Krieger, Jenna Rice and all the venues

Berimbau do Brasil: Authentic Brazilian Cuisine in Greenwich Village

Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Shrimp

In the Greenwich Village neighborhood, you can find an authentic Brazilian restaurant named Berimbau do Brasil do Brasil.

The “berimbau” is a Brazilian instrument with African roots commonly used in the capoeira martial arts dance. It has a very unique and peculiar sound!

To start, the restaurant’s décor is very simple with exposed brick walls and dim lights. Music is obviously the cheerful Brazilian tunes that makes any one cheer up!

Portions are generous and prices are modest. What to try? Well, let us help you out, since we are experts in the Brazilian cuisine!

As appetizers, try:

  • Pastel – a Brazilian empanada
  • Pão de Queijo – the famous homemade and freshly baked cheese bread
  • Acarajé – a mashed black-eyed peas cake w/ vatapá and topped sauteéd shrimp
  • Lula – fried calamari with spicy tomato sauce

Then, for the mains, you can order:

  • Picanha – a succulent prime Brazilian cut Top Sirloin served with vinaigrette, yuca flour, garlic rice and beans
  • Feijoada – a Brazilian national dish. Black beans stew with pork prime meats. Served with rice, collard greens, fresh orange slices and farofa
  • Picadinho Carioca – a slow cooked Sirloin cubes stew with veggies, egg farofa, collard greens, fried banana, rice and beans
  • Bobo de Camarão – a classic Shrimp dish served in a cream of yuca puree, coconut milk, palm oil, onion, pepper, fresh herbs and cilantro rice
  • Moqueca a Baiana – a traditional seafood stew, Mahi-Mahi, Shrimp and Calamari in a coconut and palm oil broth, garlic rice , and dendê farofa
  • Chicken Strogonoff – seasoned strips of chicken breast with cream and fresh mushrooms, with rice and house potato sticks
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Shrimp
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Tables
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Shell Appetizer
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Chicken Stroganoff
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Steak Rice and Farofa
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Meat and Vegetables
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Stroganoff Rice Chips
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Steak
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Caipirinha
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Cocktails
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Açai Bowl
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Pudding
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Adriana Lima
Dining Berimbau do Brasil Restaurant Instrument
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Lastly, for dessert, two super traditional options:

  • Authentic Acai Bowl made for real Acai Lovers
  • Brigadeiro – the Nation’s favorite! A small soft chocolate sweet made with cocoa and condensed milk

The famous caipirinhas are made to perfection, so be sure to order one specially if you’ve never tried on! Plus, the wine list is carefully edited to match the cuisine.

Also, the staff is very welcoming – as Brazilians commonly are – and professional, adding sincere hospitality to the delicious offerings and vibrant locale. You’ll feel just as if you were in Brazil.

By the way, if you’re looking for a few more Brazilian spots, here are a few more you’ll enjoy!

Beco is one of our top picks and you’ll probably bump into our Founder, , there. Similarly, Miss Favela is a place if you’re the energetic type, enjoy some day parties and traditional Samba music.

In addition, have you heard of Capoeira? It’s a very typical Brazilian dance and martial art that mixes dance elements with acrobatic movements. So, if you want to try a class, we recommend with guys at Capoeira Brooklyn.

Sunday – Wednesday: 11:30am – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11:30am – 11pm

Location: 43 Carmine Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Berimbau

Killing Your Burger Craving At BBD’s restaurant

Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Burger

Long Island is surely a spot to explore while visiting New York and to indulge your burger craving at BBD’s restaurant can be your go-to restaurant!

Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Interior
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Sandwich
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Burger
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Egg Meat
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Salad
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island French Fries
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Appetizers
Dining BBDs Restaurant Long Island Beers
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How they describe themselves? “A badass burger-creating, in-house-butchering, beer-pouring alternative to the bland.”

To start, BBD stands for Beer, Burger and Desserts! Sounds delicious right? It’s definitely the place to splurge and enjoy the “day-off” your diet!

Located in Rocky Point, Long Island, is owned by Chef Ralph Perrazzo, that has an amazing background experience in high-ended restaurants. Curious to know which ones? Bradley Ogden at Caesars Palace, Jean-George in Manhattan and Clio in Boston.

After learning and tailoring his expertise at these esteemed restaurants, he decided to fly solo and start is own business.

He explains it better:

There are a plethora of “Burger” restaurants flooding the market as of late, but BBD’s stands out among the pack for being the only one that makes all three cooking styles of burger.

Craving a big juicy Steakhouse Burger, cooked the way you like it on a wood & charcoal grill, with your choice of toppings? BBD’s has it.

Got a hankering for that sloppy, griddle burger with all the fixings and a secret sauce? It’s there. In the mood for a steamed burger, with spot-on onion flavor infused and a super soft bun? It’s waiting for you.

Everything is literally done in-house: from the burgers and sausages to their chicken nuggets in the kid’s menu. Their craftsmanship certainly differentiates them from other businesses.

Also, BBD is also part of the craft beer movement and offers ’25 direct draw draught brews and 40+ bottles’.

The desserts? Ah! Surely work aaaall the calories. Chef Ralph is known from having fantastic sweet-hands and his desserts are to-die-for.

All dishes are quite unique and has a special touch, that entertains and amuses guests

Hence, they are always coming back for more!

Finally, we do recommend organizing a day trip or a weekend getaway to Long Island. If you need help to plan everything out, discover unbelievably cool activities and get everything scheduled, talk to our experts to see all our Concierge Services.

Are you a corporation looking to organize a team weekend or special activity? Take a look at our Corporate Services and how we can help!

Enjoy and satiate your burger craving at BBD’s restaurant!

Monday – Thursday: 4pm – 11pm
Friday: 2pm – 12am
Saturday: 12pm – 12am
Sunday: 12pm-11Pm

Location: 49 Route 25A, Rocky Point, Long Island



Text and Photo Credit: Courtesy of BBD’s

Samui Brooklyn: A Modern Thai Heaven in Fort Greene

Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Façade

We absolutely love a low key neighborhood called Fort Greene, in Brooklyn and last Friday we went to dinner at a surprising place called Samui Brooklyn – a Thai restaurant.

Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Façade
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Entrance
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Bar
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Center Tables
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Side Tables
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Romantic Tables
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Small Tables
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Pad See Ew
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Appetizers
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Chicken and Salad
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Chicken
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Meat Dish
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Fried Rice
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Coconut
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Mushroom Soup
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Small Appetizer
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Sweet Potatoes
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Seafood
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Multiple Dishes
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Bar Night
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Night Center Tables
Dining Samui Brooklyn Restaurant Night Side Tables
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This newly opened restaurant (fresh from August) boasts an amazing ambience – from the decor, to the menu – everything is first class.

The façade is impossible to miss and was created by the talented and renowned graffiti artist Andrea von Bujdoss (a.k.a. Queen Andrea One). The three huge geometric chandeliers were designed by Joel Voisard and the unique projections at the bar wall, created by Aryn John Freysteinson, are paired with custom glass sculptures by Michael Skura, that replicate water bubbles.

It’s all extremely delightful and curious to the eyes!

Cleary inspired by the ocean, the bar (as it should be) is the centerpiece of this restaurant. We highly recommend you ask the talented Taja to make you the best ginger caipirinha – you will not regret it!

We enjoyed both a carnivorous and vegetarian modern Thai menu. To die for!

Here is what we ate:

  • As starters: steamy edamame, blue potato fritters with cucumber relish, vegetable somosas, turmeric garlic chicken wings with sweet chili peanut dip and a chicken and shrimp crepe with coconut
  • As mains: short rib massaman curry and the drunken noodles
  • For drinks: ginger mojito, ginger caipirinha and red wine

Unfortunately, there was no space left for dessert, but we’re surely going back for it. They have options like: poached pear with vanilla ice cream & pandan sauce, warm banana coconut milk and the mango & sticky rice coconut cream.

Must try dishes? We would say all, but it was a lot of food, so try the potato fritters, crepe with chicken and shrimp, the short rib massaman curry – it literally melts in your mouth and has a generous serving of beef that can easily be shared. As for the drunken noodles too, but be warned they are pretty spicy.

It’s a place to sit and enjoy the conversation and your company. Different from most NYC restaurants, Samui does not rush you out of the restaurant!

A. Napadol – the owner and Chef – is clearly passionate about the restaurant and her partner will spin meanbeatz – a fusion of funk and house music, so just sit, eat and enjoy the sound!”

I wanted to create a restaurant where people can afford to come more than once a month,” Napadol said. “Bring the luscious island and culture of Thailand to Brooklyn.

I purchased the space with my husband, music producer Hani Albader, and vow to turn it into a modern sanctuary for guests to relax under soft and sexy lighting with great ambiance and design”.

It’s also a great place for private events we can help you organize and they do already offer catering service too.

We’ll surely be back!

Tuesday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 11:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 5:30pm – 11:30pm
Sunday: 5:30pm – 10:30pm
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 4pm

Location: 15 Vanderbilt Avenue, Fort Greene



Photo Credit: Ashley Adele

The most famous Feltman’s of Coney Island Hot Dog is back

Culture Music Feltman's Coney Island hot dog Old Picture

The most famous hot dog in Coney Island finally is back! Our friend, Jason Homa, shared with us information and a bit of history about Feltman’s of Coney Island hot dog!

Culture Music Feltman's Coney Island hot dog Old Picture
Photo Credit: Boston Public Library

“In the spirit of the Fourth of July, I wanted to share this story about Feltman’s of Coney Island and the original hot dog. While Nathan’s is world-renowned and synonymous with Coney Island today, it was actually an offshoot of Feltman’s.

Charles Feltman first served sausages on rolls from a push cart in 1867 on the beach. He saved enough money to build what would become known as the worlds’s largest restaurant complex at the time. It is here he developed the modern hot dog. This establishment was upscale so the hot dog wasn’t his top seller.

In 1916 Nathan Handwerker left Feltman’s to create his own establishment, selling hotdogs for half the price. The two restaurants co-existed for about 40 years but Feltman’s closed in 1954.

Today, Feltman’s is having a revival as a Coney Island historian and tour guide reintroduces Feltman’s hot dog. They plan to sell it at half the price of Nathan’s.”

The Feltman’s of Coney Island hot dog store is actually in the East Village neighborhood, in Manhattan.

But, if you’ve never be to Coney Island, that is not really an island – now could be the perfect chance for you to visit. Go experience what it was like in the years of 1930–1945, when the picture above was made.

After visiting the store, you might have a sweet tooth and need to satisfy it. Walk only 1 block to Ray’s Candy Store for one of the best fried Oreos in the city!

If you have time, you might want to explore the neighborhood a little, so take a look at these 3 spots we love!

Location: 80 Saint Marks Place




Photo Credit: Boston Public Library

Beco Bar: Where The Cool Brazilian Crowd Hangs In Brooklyn

Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Henrique

We know that New York has it all when it comes to food! Beco Bar, the coolest Brazilian place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is one of our to-go spots year round!

Actually, we’re at Beco all the time! Some people say they are located in Williamsburg, while others say it’s already Greenpoint. Regardless of the right answer, this is truly a local’s pick!

We’ve been there early for breakfast, during their busy lunch hours, for an afternoon coffee, then for happy hour that lead to dinner and also for their late nights with live music or DJs!

Yup, we are totally addicted to them!

Their team is great and always smiling, with the best energy possible! Henrique, Ale, Anita, Andressa, Daiane, Steph, Luis…just to name a few! Plus, the guys in the kitchen really create miracle dishes from their “restricted space”, since it’s is pretty small.

It’s an intimate place (Just like we like it!), but they do have a few table outside when the sun is out. They do have the tables out even during colder times of the year, if you’re the hot blooded type.

The music is obviously very good Brazilian and Latin tunes and everyone there has a sincere happiness vibe that is surely contagious! Very Brazilian, of course!

For brunch, we had the eggs florentine that are to die for. We also tried the famous rabanada: french toast made w/baguette, cinnamon & sugar, mixed berries, & maple syrup, served w/choice of bacon, linguiça or turkey bacon. We asked for a vegetarian version that was immediately adapted.

Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Façade
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Entrance
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Henrique
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Inside
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Window Table
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Juho in bow tie
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Full Table
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Fruits
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Sandwich
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Prato Feito
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Egg Salad
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Egg Sandwish
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Dishes
Dining Beco Bar Restaurant Outdoor Seating
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For lunch or dinner, one of our favorite picks is a very traditional Brazilian dish called P.F. (a.k.a. Prato Feito). You can order the ingredients you want like: white rice, an extraordinary side of beans – our Founder loves, a Brazilian type of very tasty kale, zucchini, farofa and sunny side up eggs!

To nibble on, you can try their pão do queijo – the famous Brazilian cheese bread – or the coxinha with chicken.

And, for dessert, we never forget the brigadeiro. It’s a type of chocolate truffle ball – a very typical sweet all locals love.

If you enjoy good strong coffee, you’ll surely love their options!

Oh! They have great live bands every Fridays night from 9pm – 11pm, Saturdays they have DJ’s from 4pm – 7pm and Sundays another great lineup of live bands from 5pm – 8pm!

One of the bands we love the most, plays a typical Brazilian music style called Choro de Samba, or Chorinho. It’s the “root” from where Samba came from, it’s mostly instrumental with practically no voice, and it’s called Choro because it’s as if the instruments are crying. Choro, means cry, in Portuguese.

Get ready to immerse into the Brazilian vibe…but be careful, it’s addictive!

If you want to explore the neighborhood of Greenpoint, take a look at our Self-Guided Tour and have fun!

Monday – Friday: 8am – 12am
Saturday: 10am – 12am
Sunday: 10am – 11pm

Location: 45 Richardson Street


** Beco Bar is cash only, but if you forget you money, they have an ATM inside. **

Videography: Renata Meirelles
Photo Credits: Renata Meirelles and courtesy of the Venue, asimonse, brethomas, cjlotz, coachtran, ian_man_dingo, soulkat, thebrothersbuoy

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