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Why Launching Your Startup in NYC is a Good Idea

Curiosities City Secrets Why Launching You Startup In NYC Is A Good Idea Rob Bye

The tech industry in New York City is booming and there are many reasons why launching your startup in NYC is a good idea!

Curiosities City Secrets Why Launching You Startup In NYC Is A Good Idea Taton Moise

The tech industry in New York City is booming with Silicon Alley currently ranking at number 2 in the country behind Silicon Valley.

During 2016, a mere 421 New York-based tech companies managed to raise $9.5 billion in funding with many NYC startups becoming extremely successful. In terms of net dollars, Silicon Valley may still be ahead but the NYC tech ecosystem is actually expanding at a faster rate.

As far as the availability of investment sources are concerned, NYC enjoyed a 36% of the total US start-up funding in 2017 with an excess of 290 investors backing 1333 business initiatives.

If you are looking for a place for your tech startup NYC should, without a doubt, be on the top of your list for a myriad of reasons such as the following.

New York City has an energy unlike any other

There is no denying that, despite relatively high living-costs, NYC is simply a great place to work and live.

The vibe in and around NYC is unlike any other in the world, bursting with the possibility of everyone seeking to fulfill the American Dream. The city is home to a number of key industry players, something a tech start-up can only benefit from.

It is also easy to find good co-working spaces, such as those rented out by WeWork, which are ideal for entrepreneurs, startups and community groups alike.

Thanks to the advancements in cloud technology, most startups don’t require immediate server specialization, making working from a co-working space or even an internet café a completely viable option.

The tech ecosystem is exceedingly healthy

NYC is home to a large number of venture capitalists such as Erik H. Gordon (CEO of ErGo Ventures LLC), and many more who have strong ties to the city.

Angel investors and angel groups are also commonplace, as are the more than 30 start-up incubators and accelerators that will provide your company with funding, mentorship maintenance as well as invaluable access to possible investors and consumers.

Over recent years a number of tech start-ups, of which Zocdoc is a prime example, have flourished in the city. Zocdoc is an online platform that is dedicated to providing users with an improved all-around healthcare experience.

Currently valued at approximately $1.8 billion, Zocdoc makes use of technology to facilitate everything from diagnosis to treatments and payments – a concept that has made them one of the highest-ranked NYC tech startups ever.

The city boasts exceptional diversity in terms of talent

When compared to Silicon Valley-based companies, the NYC tech scene is far more diverse with up to 40% of the city’s tech employees being female and a fifth being individuals of color.

The general talent pool in New York is extremely diverse with engineers and economists casually rubbing shoulders with designers, medical technicians, and trendy creatives.

According to renowned US businessman Michael Bloomberg, New York’s engineering school is projected to produce up to 400 new companies in its first 30 years. He highlights the immense potential the diverse student population of NYC possesses.

While you are by no means limited to two choices (Silicon Valley vs Silicon Alley), when it comes to finding the right location for your tech startup, the benefits of picking NYC speaks for itself.

All you need is a great idea, a bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of determination to have as good a chance as any to make it in one of the most prolific cities of the world.

Guest Writer: Cindy Trillo
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rob Bye and Taton Moise

New York Through The Eyes of the Tech Entrepreneur: Graham Mann

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann by P_Nali

New York-based Tech Entrepreneur, Graham Mann, shared with us his 7 top tips in New York! Check out where the cool tech crowd hangs out!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann by P_Nali

Graham Mann is cofounder of Lean Systems, a logistics startup with offices in New York and Montreal, a graduate of Techstars NYC, and recipient of the 2017 Startup Canada Young Entrepreneur award. He grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, and did his undergrad degree in engineering at McGill University in Montreal.

He still leads the non-profit organization he founded, called Sail All, which provides sailing opportunities for youth in his home province of Nova Scotia, and mentors new entrepreneurs whenever he can, particularly for Founder Institute Montreal and Startup Weekend.

In his spare time you can usually find him on or near the water, sailing, windsurfing, or attempting surfing and kiteboarding, or out taking photos.

He writes regularly on his blog, and just launched a podcast called Starting Stories, where he interviews entrepreneurs, creatives, and more to talk about how they got started, and the habits and tools that led to their success.

Take a look at his 7 top tips in New York:

For Pizza: Lucali

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Lucali Pizza
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Lucali Close Up
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Lucali Margherita
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“I discovered Lucali through a cousin living nearby, and it’s known to locals for good reason: their pizza is delicious. They only serve pizza and calzones, and have different ingredients every day. It’s also BYOB – go to Henry Street Wine and Liquors down the street for some super-friendly advice on which wines to get. Go early as there’s no reservations, and it’s cash only.”

Their first and only location in New York is Carroll Gardens, in Brooklyn. The restaurant is specialized in pizzas and calzones, but also offers appetizer salads and fresh sides. Their thin-crusted pizzas and home-made sauces are loved not only by their neighbors, but by guests that come from all over NYC. Hence, the house is always full, as Graham mentioned above.

If you’re into craft draft and bottled beers, they have a good selection, as well as a wine menu with low production Italian wines.

Who’s the mind behind this all? The pizzaiolo Mark Iacono and he also has a location in Miami.

Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday – Sunday: 1pm – 12am

Location: 575 Henry Street


For Cocktails: Brooklyn Social Bar

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Brooklyn Social Club

“After pizza and wine at Lucali, you can stop by Brooklyn Social Bar on your way back to the subway. The atmosphere is great, cocktails are delicious, and the bartenders are super friendly. Go on an off-night and get to know the bartenders.”

Located in Carroll Gardens, this spot was the former Society Riposto, a private member’s Sicilian Club. This group started back in the early 1900’s, and only in 1967 they actually rented out this spot.

They had private gatherings and parties led by Isidoro Parisi and his group of Italian friends.

After the memberships slowly dissolving throughout the years, 3 30-year old Brooklyn residents decided to purchase and renovate the place.

Many of the decorations are still the original ones with amazing, vintage pictures and ornaments, allowing it to keep its original vibe.

It’s surely a place that will take you back to the past, as in you entered another place on Earth.

Sunday – Thursday: 5pm – 2am
Friday – Saturday: 5pm – 4am

Location: 335 Smith Street


For Those Interested In Travel: Voyager HQ

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Voyager HQ

“For anyone interested in, working in, or looking for a job in travel, you should be hanging out at Voyager HQ. It’s where we work in New York, the staff are super friendly, and they hold lots of great events. If you’re interested in travel, you should be there.”

We have to agree! We love everything that VoyagerHQ does and we are there quite often!

The place is great and the crowd is perfect for networking. They say they are “A Club for Travel Innovators”, so if this at all calls your attention, you should pass by.

In addition, they host some pretty cool events from breakfasts with industry professionals, to pitch nights with fantastic start-ups urging to change the world!

Location: 137 West 25th Street


To Escape the City (sort of): Roosevelt Island

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Roosevelt Island Mc Gutty
Photo Credit: Mc_Gutty

“One of my college roommates grew up here, and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Roosevelt Island. It’s right next to Manhattan, yet you’d never know it when you’re there, given how peaceful and quiet it is. Take the tram or subway there, go for a run, grab a coffee, or check out the beautiful new Cornell Tech campus.”

Yup, Roosevelt Island is a “life apart”, even though it’s nestled in the middle of the East River.

It’s a great place to go explore during the weekends!

If you have to pick a way to get there, we do recommend the tram. The journey will start with a spectacular view of Manhattan Island, Queens and the East River.

You’ll most certainly capture breathtaking Instagrammable shots!

The island has only one main street, called Main Street, ha, and a few additional side roads! But you can always walk towards the water through the path – that’s there the best views are.

If you’re the adventurous type, be sure to explore the Smallpox Hospital, also known as the Renwick Smallpox Hospital, in the Southern tip of the island.

Place to Take a Canadian: New York Islanders game

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann New York Islanders Hockey

“For Canadians, there’s no better way to spend an evening than at a hockey game, but given how popular it is in Canada, you’re lucky to get seats for a reasonable price. Take them to an Islanders game and they’ll love it, and for bonus points take them when they’re playing their favorite team.”

Canadians do love Hockey, but his is literally an activity for anyone that enjoys sports.

Moreover, if you or your friends have never been to a hockey game, we have to agreed you HAVE TO go to one.

Live hockey is definitely a thrilling experience and it’ll be a night of fun!


For Whisky: Caledonia Bar

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Caledonia Bar
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Caledonia Bar Menu
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Caledonia Bar Area
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“I got more of a taste for scotch after spending two weeks traveling Scotland last spring, and Caledonia Bar has the best selection I’ve found in New York. The atmosphere is as good as the whisky selection, and it’s a great place to take a date.”

Caledonia Bar has two locations in Manhattan. One is at the Upper East Side and the other at the Upper West Side, of Manhattan.

They have a great drink list, a few food options that vary a bit in each location and, a fantastic list of House Rules!

Wanna know some of them?

  • Five percent off for Tinder dates, you need to prove it by showing us your initial awkward messages
  • No credit card minimum, but if you keep swiping your card all night you are wasting paper, killing trees and in the long run killing all of humanity you selfish bastard. Start a Tab!
  • Gentlemen, this is a lady friendly bar, if it’s clear that they are not interested in you then stop talking to them. Obviously this rule does not apply to me.

Ha! So fun! Anyway, enjoy your scotch night out!

Upper West Side: Monday – Sunday: 4pm – 4am
Upper East Side: Monday – Thursday: 5pm – 4am and Friday – Sunday: 4pm – 4am

424 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side
1609 2nd Avenue, Upper East Side


For Shopping: Everlane

Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Everlane NYC Store Interior
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Everlane NYC Store Shoes
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Everlane NYC Store Denim
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Everlane NYC Store Clothes
Curiosities Insider Interviews Graham Mann Everlane Human
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“I generally try to avoid shopping in person as much as possible, but Everlane makes the experience enjoyable. I love that their simple, classic lines don’t overwhelm you with choice, and their commitment to ethical factories and transparent pricing make them a brand you can get behind. They currently only have two brick-and-mortar locations, and one is in New York.”

Located in the super cool neighborhood of Nolita, in Manhattan, Everlane believes in “Exceptional quality.
Ethical factories. Radical Transparency.” Totally up our alley!

Plus, their collections and products are timeless pieces that will be part of your wardrobe for a long time. How? Well, they source the finest materials and aren’t too focused on trends.

Oh! And still, they let the customer know exactly the true cost of materials, labor, transportation, taxes, etc…for the item they are purchasing. We love it!

They offer a complete line of products for men and women that believe, like them, that “we can all make a difference”.

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Location: 28 Prince Street


Thank you, Graham, for sharing these 7 top tips in New York! We are sure you will enjoy them all!

Finally, if you enjoyed this interview, we are positive you loved all the places that David Yarus, the Founder of the app JSwipe, shared with us! He listed 5 NYC spots that you’ve probably never been to! They are all surely worth the visit, so check them out!


Photo Credits: Courtesy of The Associated Press for the Washington’s Top News, Mc_Gutty, P_Nali and the venues

Learn How To Get The Best NYC Shots With Dani Diamond

Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Dani Smiling

New York City is a paradise for photographers, but getting the best NYC shots is not always easy! Dani Diamond, a professional photographer gives us a few tips to make it right!

At 27 years old, Dani Diamond, born in Ohio, but currently based in Connecticut, is more of the introvert type, so photography focused on Weddings & Events was definitely not up his alley, since he’d need to worry about countless details and bigger groups of people interacting with him.

He started working in Fashion / Comercial photography, at the age of 23, because he always wanted to be able to take amazing photos and, as we know, models do know their way in front of a camera (with a bit of orientation from the photographer, of course). So Dani, being a confessed introvert, found his way in.

His photography style is based on natural lighting and it’s surely what makes him stand out in relation to other photographers today. His technique also helped him built strong social media presence which, only on Instagram, is over 114k.

How he started? “I started on my own, figured out how things worked looking at Youtube videos. I studied in Business School and even though I didn’t follow that path, I can definitely apply what I learned to my own business.

As he says: “I wasn’t born talented, I was born ambitious.” Awesome, right?

He now has clients not only in the US like New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Texas, but also over seas in England and other countries around the Globe.

For this Insider Interviews, we decided to shift a bit the focus. So, this time instead of “Top 7 Secret Tips in NY”, Dani will give us his “Top 7 tips for Photographers that want to shoot in NYC”.

Read and learn, Guys!

#1 – I love Shooting in NYC mainly because I can work outdoors at anytime of the day and get that soft golden hour light.

The tall skyscrapers of Manhattan block the direct harsh sunlight from hitting the streets, so this really softens the light as its bounces off the buildings.

This does come with a price to pay though. Contrary to popular believe, shooting during Sunset hours in NY is not good because of this. The same way harsh sunlight is softened before it reaches the street during daylight hours, it also eliminates the much weaker sunset light.

Without much light at the golden hour it makes taking photographs very difficult. In the end, I’d take 10 hours of soft light over 1 hour of sunset light on any day.

#2 – Stay away from touristy areas, like Midtown, of course. I prefer mainly places in quieter areas. Areas like the Financial District on a Sunday where you’ll find absolutely no tourists nor business man walking around. You’ll have 10 blocks of beautiful emptiness.

In Brooklyn, Dumbo is favorite area. Even though you can find lots of people walking around, there are several streets that people just don’t pass by and that have a very unique cobble street look. You can also find great alleys, gorgeous store fronts, plus you have a breathtaking background with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge. You can find the Brooklyn Bridge Park with a great view of Manhattan’s skyline, all within a 5 minute walk, versus Manhattan, that doesn’t have all that in a small radius.

#3 The West Side Highway is great to shoot. The best time is to shoot during the first half of the day, before the sun reaches that area. The first half of the day, the sun is on the FDR side (East).

Plus, you also have nice docks with boats in the back, giving it a cool background.

#4 If it’s a rainy day, go to Soho. You’ll find tons of bars. You can shoot in the empty bars before 4-5pm, since people start showing up only after work for the endless Happy Hours. They all have different looks and personalities. Just feel free to walk in and politely ask to take pictures, not more than 5-6, though. SoHo has only a “10 block radius” and each bar speaks in a different way.

#5 The famous Highline! Try shooting early in the morning, before people come around. It does get quite crazy during the day. This area will give you a unique nature type of vibe and lots of green.

#6 Hit-up bridges in NY to shoot. Shoot at Sunset because you’re out in the open. The Brooklyn Bridge is #1, for sure, but it has the most number people too. The Williamsburg Bridge is great, but keep in mind it is very ‘red’, so remember this detail when styling the wardrobe. My favorite bridge is the 59th Street Bridge that crosses Roosevelt Island – there are no tourists and only a few people biking to work or from work.

#7 The best place to buy your equipment is B&H. They have any piece of gear you’ll probably need. And, the best is they are not forcing any things down your throat since they don’t get paid commission to sell. The store has robots hanging from the ceiling that take care of your shopping cart. Therefore, you don’t need to carry anything around while shopping! www.bhphotovideo.com

Here are a few other tips:

What is a hidden spot in NYC with a stunning view of the City?
As I said, Dumbo is great, and I also really like Hoboken, in Hudson County, New Jersey.

What piece of advise would you give someone that just moved to NYC?
Do not stay in the City. Get a place in Brooklyn or New Jersey, this way you’ll actually see the City’s beautiful skyline. It’s also cheeper and you’ll experience more things around it. If you stay in the City, you will likely stay o-n-l-y in the City. Plus, the ferries are cheep and pretty fun!


Oh! Dani told us that he uses a Nikon D800 and buys semi new cameras. His tip for buying a used camera is to check the shutter count to see how old it is. If it’s under 20k, it’s ok! Cameras are rated up to 200k.

Click on the images above to see further details of the camera and the lens! It will surely help you get the best NYC shots.


His YouTube page has great stuff and tells a bit more about his career and photography tips! Enjoy!

Take a look as some of his beautiful work:

Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Shooting
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Blue Dress
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Light Treatment
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Sitting Street
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Behind the Scenes
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Casual Shot
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Before and After
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Boat
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography 5 Kids
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Kids
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And, a few portraits:

Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Winter Beanie
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Snow
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Window
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Stairs
Curiosities Insider Interviews Dani Diamond Photography Close Up
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Photo Credits: Courtesy of Dani Diamond

Luxe APP: Parking in NYC Has Never Been So Easy

Curiosities City Secrets Luxe App Parking in NYC

Parking in NYC is one of the biggest hassles and only if you drive, you’ll know what we mean. Besides the astronomic prices, the time spent is irreparable. Luxe APP can be the solution to all your problems!

Curiosities City Secrets Luxe App Parking in NYC

We all know how hard it can be to find a spot to park your car in New York City, right? It can be very challenging and stressful, specially because New Yorkers are always on the rush!

In addition, the prices of parking in NYC can be, literally, ridiculously high!

In this overwhelming technological world, with so many apps being launched daily, we may have found the perfect solution for all your parking problems.

The team at Luxe APP has been doing a great job creating an extremely convenient solution for car parking in NYC and other main cities in the US!

Have you ever imagined having a Valet Service wherever you’re at? Sound like paradise, right?

It’s pretty simple: you just book through the app the location and time you’ll be at, and one of the valets from their team will be on spot waiting for you.

They park in their secured lots around the city. Plus, you can ask them to fuel it up and even wash it for you!

Just perfect and super convenient, right? When you’re ready to get your car back, just schedule the return 15 minutes in advance and, violá! They’ll be there in a few minutes and you’ll be able to head off to your next appointment.

This will certainly help us all be less stressed and in time for every single meeting and commitment we have for that day.

You can download the Luxe APP here.

If you don’t have a car, but you’re looking for chauffeur services, contact our experts. Our partners have multilingual driver, armored cars, bodyguard services, or simply, a great driver to talk you to your destination.

For Corporate requests for an executive, or even minibus and bus rentals for a bigger team, we have it all!



Photo Credit: Courtesy of Luxe App

The reality of a Social Galaxy created by Black Egg

Culture Music Social Galaxy Black Egg Samsung BTSNYC

As soon as our friend Lucas Werthein told us about the project called Social Galaxy he had launched in partnership with Samsung, our Founder, Fê Paronetto went to check it out!

Lucas is one of the brains behind the recently launched installation inside 837 Samsung, in the Meatpacking District. It is a breathtaking installation experience by Black Egg, called “Social Galaxy“!

The infinite mirrored tunnel gathers all the posts off public Instagram accounts. You connect it to your own feed, but you need to set it public, if it’s not. After connecting them, it projects it onto the countless screens. The system selects the texts and photos and, a robotic voice in the back, reads it all out loud.

The collage is amazing and unexplainable in words, projecting your entire social life in the tunnel. It takes you back to special moments and creates a nostalgic and emotional sensation!

Fernanda had a VIP run-through. The entire tunnel projected only our “Behind the Scenes NYC” feed!

“I was sitting at the corner of the tunnel, looking in awe and had goosebumps spread throughout my whole body.

It’s the feeling that your entire life, passions and memory have been extracted. Then, placed right in front of your eyes through an infinite image series.”

Culture Music Social Galaxy Black Egg Samsung Pictures
Culture Music Social Galaxy Black Egg Samsung Instagram
Culture Music Social Galaxy Black Egg Samsung Tags
Culture Music Social Galaxy Black Egg Samsung Captions
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Usually the tunnel divides into 3 parts so guests have only 1/3 of the screens. But, having it all for us, was an absolute experience!

When you leave the installation, Black Egg created a huge wall in the store – The Mosaic. Built with over 90 TV screens it projects photos taken on sight by a photographer.

“As guests emerge from the tunnel, they approach the Social Galaxy photo mosaic. Here, visitors snap photos of themselves at a photo booth using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone. The watch as their portrait is displayed on a huge, three-story LED Screen.

Each portrait is made from thousands of small images taken from the collective pool of past visitors’ Instagram feeds. It’s a reflection of self as a culmination of experiences.”

The algorithm selects pictures with different color pallets to replicated the picture taken. Then it uses all the images the computer stored in the past 24hours, used in the tunnel!

Crazy, right?

Thank you to our dearest friend Lucas, Co-Founder of Black Egg, for this journey into our Behind The Scenes NYC story! It was definitely a priceless experience to see our hard work exposed through an infinite image tunnel.

Go there to see what your social world looks like. You will have a great time!

Location: 837 Washington Street


**NOTE: Black Egg was rebranded and is now called Cactus! **

Museum of the Moving Image: A Digital World In Details

Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto

Located in the neighborhood of Astoria, in Queens, the Museum of the Moving Image is a fantastic museum to experience the evolution of images and technology. You see the digital world in details.

Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Sidewalk
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Façade
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Sitting Area
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Stairs
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Interior
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Screening Room
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto
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The neighborhood of Astoria is a great place to venture out and explore. We always say we get crazy when people visit New York and get stuck inside Manhattan. There’s a world to explore out of the island!

The Museum of Moving Image explains what they do:

“The Museum advances the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media by presenting exhibitions, education programs, significant moving-image works, interpretive programs, collecting and preserving moving-image related artifacts.

They have amazing exhibitions during the year! You can expect over 400 movie screenings, public discussions with creative professionals and their core exhibition with a behind the scenes view of the creative process involved in the piece.

Also, the changing exhibitions presents installations, videos, live events, educational programs, an amazing collection of artifacts related to the art, history, and technology.

Lastly, they have online projects presenting groundbreaking exhibitions.

The museum was fortunate to pass through a massive expansion in early 2011. It literally doubled it’s size and became even more beautiful.

We always have reading reaching out asking what they should do with small kids and teens.

Well, this is a fantastic option if you want to entertain them! Plus, you can explore a little bit of Queens, while there!

You’re actually not that far into Queens, so on your way back, you can pass through the famous MoMA PS1. If you are over 21, you can attend their Sunday Session parties, that happens only during the summer.

To finish your day, you can go to The Standing Room. A relatively small bar in Long Island City that has a full bar, great cocktails and hilarious stand up comedians on stage!

Take a look online to see what’s on view now before you go!

If you need help to book a tour or any detail of your visit to New York, be sure to let our experts help you out!

Wednesday – Thursday: 10:30am – 2pm
Friday: 10:30am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am – 7pm

Location: 36-01 35 Avenue




Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/Esto

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Munchery: Afraid of Winter? Order a healthy food delivery!

Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery With Note

Hey New Yorkers – and visitors! If today is a lazy day, plus it pretty cold outside, it’s the perfect day to order a healthy food delivery! We had a great experience with Munchery yesterday night!

Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Noodles
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Eating
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Veggies
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Chicken
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Sushi
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Sandwich
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Salad
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Salad and Drink
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Hotdog
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Ingredients
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery With Note
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Cookies
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Dessert
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Door Steps
Shop Specialties Munchery Home Food Delivery Our Order
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If you follow our account for a while, you DO know that this type of post never shows up. On the other hand, this is NOT a paid post, ok? The thing is, we were invited by a good friend to try out this food delivery service. So, since it’s quite cold outside and we were feeling very lazy to cook, we decided order in. Fair enough…

The service is called Munchery. They offer “nourishing, affordable, chef-cooked meals delivered right to your door”. We loved the concept at first sight!

The dishes are amazing, done by different chefs. You can filter the available dishes for the day selecting filters like: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Nut-Free. You can also select Entrées, Sides, Kids, Deserts, Breakfast and Drinks!

Now, after selecting it online and as soon as the payment was processed, they took literally less than 10 minutes to arrive! And, the food was super fresh and very tasty!!! WE really enjoyed the service, the food’s quality and presentation, since we do enjoy eating super healthy!

If you’d like to try it out, you have $20 off your first meal, since I’m inviting you through my personal profile! You can go to this link. You might also want to directly to their website and type a Code when you get to the payment processing: T4KFB73F.

Before anyone mentions…YES, we do get credit for people who sign up. But, believe us, we’re are only doing this because we really enjoyed their food and service.

We bought a bunch of food through our friend’s Code and payed only the delivery. That to say, the food has a super fair price too!!!

Let us know your feedback after using this healthy food delivery service!

Lastly, if you’re brave enough to leave your home, and enjoy healthy food, go to Forager’s City Grocer. We love them and they have a fantastic selection of healthy, organic, locally source food.



Photo Credits: Courtesy of Munchery

MoveMent APP: Apartment Hunting in New York City

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Manhattan Skyline Hudson River

Apartment hunting in New York City can be draining and overwhelming, but Movement APP will make the entire process seamless.

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Manhattan Skyline Hudson River

There is nothing more tiring than apartment hunting in New York City. Options are endless, amenities vary immensely and neighborhoods can be confusing. Plus, commuting is always an issue, prices can vary a lot within just a few streets and it seams like an endless process.

We feel exhausted just by writing about it! In this new technological world, it was about time that someone launched a good app to fulfill all these issues!

Movement APP was introduced to the market on May of 2014. It’s a great platform for apartment hunting through a mobile device.

Something that might eventually help to curb the misery of the apartment search experience.

Shop Home and Kids MoveMent APP Technology Screens

When it launched, it listed just under 2,000 apartments in the city. But, there is definitely room to grow. The New York’s 5 boroughs are overflowing with options.

So, after you log into the app, you immediately see a wide range of available apartments.

You’ll be able to see the address, price and bedroom/bathroom count for each to start your research!

Movement is on the right track to becoming the premier search engine for apartment hunting in New York City.

And, we do hope they follow on strong!

Read a little more about them:

“Known as the app to finally put landlords, brokers and the public on equal ground. Explore (public) and post (brokers & landlords) live geotagged videos/photos of apartments for rent.

  • Browse quality listings on a beautiful, smart & simple feed;
  • The only Real Estate portal that gives you access to view real time videos;
  • Our database is comprised of only quality listings that are verified by geotagging and captured in real time through our app;
  • Manage your listings: brokers and landlords can syndicate to Zillow & Realtor.com their Movement Listings from the app.”

On the other hand, if you’re not that much into tech, let our Real Estate experts give you a hand! Regardless if you’re searching for your own new home.

In addition, you’re a company needing assistance to relocate an executive, contact our experts and see what we can do for you!



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