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Teran Valdez: Awaken Creativity, Engage the Mind, Soothe the Spirit

Culture & Music Teran Valdez Work in Progress

Teran Valdez Studio’s sole focus is towards developing a creative dialogue through exhibitions and other organized events that will facilitate revitalization of fine arts in Newburgh and the Hudson Valley.

Culture & Music Teran Valdez Blue Eye
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Working
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Pictures Hanging
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Work in Progress
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Eye
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Corner
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Blue Flower
Culture & Music Teran Valdez Black and White
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The state of New York is very rich with amazing artists and creative spreading their love and their work. We are huge fans of finding who is making a difference and impacting our community in a positive, constructive and encouraging way. And, one of the duos we’ve heard about named their studio, Teran Valdez.

The studio is located in the historic district of Newburgh, in upstate New York. It was founded by the local artist Will Teran and business his partner Cynthia Valdez.

It hosted inside an amazing, and pretty big, 2,700 sqft space, where you will surround yourself with fantastic art works. So, we are sure it’ll all blow your mind. Perfect to indulge and awaken creativity, right?

The studio influences the exchange of creative endeavors between emerging and established artists. These, based within the Hudson Valley.

Today, Cynthia has on her apparel brand named CVC Apparel, so be sure to check it out! Will continues with his painting and drawing art works.

In addition, they are quite close to Dia: Beacon, so be sure to explore this opened air contemporary arts museum. It’s only 15-20 min car ride from Newburgh.

Lastly, if you enjoy upstate trips, take a look at our guide to Narrowsburg, put together by the gorgeous Juliette Hermant, Founder of Fish & Bicycle. Surely a place to visit if you want to escape the city’s chaos.

If you are an art lover and would like to know about hour our private art tours work, contact our experts to help you out. We have some pre-organized tours, but we are surely able to cater to your needs and customize a fantastic art experience for you.

We also work with big companies and corporate groups, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any corporate request.

Location: 119 Broadway, Newburgh

Excerpts: Courtesy of Teran Valdez
Photo Credit: Missoddball
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

If you like Rock’n’Roll check out The Brazilian Johnsons

The Brazilian Johnsons Michel Nasrallah

If you like Rock’n’Roll, here is a band you must see! This past November 23rd the Rockwood Music Hall , in Williamsburg, hosted a special show by the band The Brazilian Johnsons.

The Brazilian Johnsons Band

Making an amazing story short, The Brazilian Johnsons is formed by 5 fantastic musicians that studied together at Berklee College of Music,in Boston. After graduating, they moved to New York City to show what they are about.

To introduce, Michel Nasrallah is the leading vocal and guitar, Andre Vasconcelos on the guitar, Apoena Frota plays the bass, Bruno Esrubilsky rock on the drums and João Nogueira on the keyboard.

Furthermore, as many of you must know, Berklee is considered the Harvard University for music and several famous musicians have graduated there. A few names are Diana Krall, Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Esperanza Spalding, Joey Kramer and many others!

The Brazilian Johnsons is an “Energetic, Blues-infused, New Old-School Rock” band. In addition, they are creating their signature sound in town in style! Definitely Rock’n’Roll.

Plus, they recently launched their debut EP, entitled “Howdy Duty”. Their 2nd EP is on the works and everyone is quite excited to listen to it!

Curious??? Check it out at the iTunes Store and next time, if you’re in town, do attend their show! It’s definitely something to experience in NYC!

Also, take a look at the official video clip of their music “Need a Miracle”! The lyrics will definitely make sense for those living in New York!

Keep up the amazing work, guys!

So, if you enjoy discovering upcoming artists and band, you will love an article we wrote about what some of the cool kids, part of the Brazilian community in NYC are up to!

And still, keep posted on some of the upcoming events that will happen, mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn. You will surely be able to experience some of the most unique spots, where the local crowd hangs out!

Photo Credit: Studio 42 Brooklyn
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Cherry Lane Theatre: Longest Off-Broadway Theatre In New York City

Culture Music Cherry Lane Theatre Façade

Cherry Lane Theatre was founded in 1924 and is known as the longest continuously Off-Broadway theatre in New York City! Cool, right?!

Culture Music Cherry Lane Theatre Façade
Photo Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC

As most historical buildings in Manhattan, their story always starts with a long list of other businesses occupying the space. Before Cherry Lane Theatre became the longest continuously Off-Broadway theatre in New York City, a lot happened there!

This building was built in 1836, where is started off being a local brewery spot. After that what closed down, the space was the home of a tobacco warehouse and later on, a box factory.

It was only in the year of 1924 that a group of artists was able to transform it all into a beautiful theatre that showcased a ground-breaking performances, was a pioneer in countless works and had an important role in the future of the Arts.

Cherry Lane’s mission?

“To cultivate an urban artist colony, honor our groundbreaking history, and engage audiences in creating theater that illuminates contemporary issues, and at its best, transforms the spirit.”

Cherry Lane Theatre is located in the super trendy neighborhood called Greenwich Village, in Manhattan. The space is today the home – and “lab”, as they explain – of new American works. They also continue hosting amazing ground-breaking productions.

In 1998, they launched Cherry Lane Studio. Yes, it also has a past life! This space was once a restaurant owned by a renowned family called Carroad. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, it also served as a late-night gay club that was pretty entertaining.

It’s said that during the 1950’s, during an excavation that happened in the neighbor building, an underground river was found and it came filled with thousands of cute and friendly turtles.

Today, the Studio is:

“…a safe haven for the development of new plays. Our programs allow playwrights to hone their work without the pressure of reviews before sophisticated, thrill-seeking audiences who want to discover the bold new voices of today.”

So this fantastic place offers 2 stages – the main stage with 179 seats and Studio with 60 seats. They usually have 2 or 3 simultaneous productions happening. So, be sure to check online for further info, upcoming projects and ticket prices.

As we mentioned, it’s amazing that they are the longest Off-Broadway theatre in New York City! We definitely recommend this fantastic experience!

Many of our readers and clients, enjoy our tips and services, because we focus on unique tours and experiences around New York. That (re)said, if you are looking to explore other spots like this one, we would surely recommend checking out House of Yes, in Bushwick.

If you’re the type that enjoy uncovering spots on your with friends and no tour guide, you’ll definitely love our Greenpoint Self-Guided Tour in Brooklyn. It’s one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn today!

But wait! If you’re a business, let us surprise your team or your clients with the most amazing corporate experiences in town!

Location: 38 Commerce Street

Photo Credit: Brian Dubé

Funky Beats With Tali Ratzon And Her Band, Tali & The Grind

Insider Interview Tali Ratzon Singer Tali and the Grind Performing

The singer Tali Ratzon came to New York City in 2009 to live in Brooklyn. After a while, she started to work with different music professionals she met around town, and created Tali & The Grind.

Insider Interview Tali Ratzon Singer Tali and the Grind Performing

In no time, Tali Ratzon started rockin’ around the city!

She eventually found herself mingling with some of the most talented Berklee School of Music alumni, like Michel Nasrallah – vocalist and lead guitar of The Brazilian Johnsons.

Together, they started to put together a couple of pretty cool musics and started singing in multiple spots and cities across the US.

The band, called “Tali & The Grind“, is a mixture of Pop and Funk with a clear influence of Latin rhythms and reggae music! In other words…World Pop!

Tali’s voice is hypnotizing and the way she dances these latin, sexy rhythms, really makes you feel the song! Plus, they are always having the best time on stage. Nothing is more exciting during a show to see the band jamming off each other! And, these guys do exactly that!

We love all their musics, but “About to Pop” is our favorite one! The album is available at the iTunes Apple Store!

See of Official Video Clip, it’s amazing!

Plus, if you want to see more, take a look at their You Tube Page.

What she’s up to today? She says:

“I’m a part time musician and full time dreamer. Singing and writing songs is my passion. Bringing my music to millions of listeners all over the world is my ultimate career goal.

I aspire to get my music in commercials and movies, on the radio and travel the world playing it for people everywhere.

Today, I continue to write and develop my skills as I cross paths with musicians, producers, music supervisors, fellow dreamers and people in general.

I have released two albums and two music videos. I’m working on a third album. While I am embarking on a solo musical path, I am always open to collaborations.”

We’ll be sure to share any of her up coming shows, so do keep your eyes opened!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tali Ratzon
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

New York City Ballet: A NYC Dance Experience For Everyone

Culture Music JR New York City Ballet Art Series

We know that New York City Ballet is not a behind the scenes secret, but it’s surely one of the cultural spots that just have to be on your list. Plus, it’s surely a NYC dance experience.

Culture Music JR New York City Ballet Art Series
Culture Music Teresa Reichlen Joseph Gordon Troy Schumacher Common Ground
Culture Music Sara Mearns Adrian Dancnig-Waring Kim Brandstrup Jeux
Culture Music David Prottas Taylor Stanley Justin Peck's New Blood
Culture Music Cameron Dieck Emilie Gerrity The Four Temperaments
Culture Music Bewitching Ladies of the Corps
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Look closely into this first picture (above)! Yes, it’s a ballet piece by the New York City Ballet!

As they beautifully describe themselves:

“We are one of the foremost dance companies in the world, with a roster of spectacular dancers and an unparalleled repertory. We believe that choreographic exploration is what sustains the Company and the art form itself.”

It all started in 1920 in Boston, at the age of 12, when Lincoln Kirstein’s love for classical dance emerged after watching Anna Pavlova perform.

As an adult, he was very fond of the contemporary choreographer, George Balanchine. While in London, in the year of 1933, they had a chance to meet and in no time Kirstein invited Balanchine to join him in concretizing a lifetime dream.

Following Balanchine’s suggestion, in 1934, they first opened the School of American Ballet. They ventured through the creation of four enterprises: the American Ballet Company, Ballet Caravan, American Ballet Caravan and lastly, Ballet Society.

Finally, the Ballet was founded in 1948 as a resident company.

It quickly became world-renowned for its athletic and contemporary style. But, it was only in April of 1964 that the theatre’s door opened to the public.

Today, the company is hosted inside the now called David H. Koch Theater. A beautiful $30 million space, designed by Philip Johnson.

They are the biggest dance organization in America, with over 90 extraordinary dancers and running performances during 23 weeks throughout the year.

“George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein shaped the history of 20th-century dance. Under the direction of Peter Martins, New York City Ballet remains dedicated to the preservation of Balanchine’s ideals.”

Check their website for the full schedule. It’s an amazing one, by the way!

Also, take a look at their annual Special Events. They are focused on benefit events to not only raise money for the Company, but to offer everyone involved, priceless experiences.

Let us know if you need help organizing any group requests for you and your family, or your company.

Location: 20 Lincoln Center

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Paul Kolnik for the New York City Ballet 
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Paul Kasmin Gallery: Modern And contemporary Art Gallery In NYC

Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Peter Hujar Candy Darling on her Deathbed 1973

Paul Kasmin Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in NYC that represents several generations of internationally recognized painters, sculptors, photographers and filmmakers.

Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Peter Hujar Andy Warhol III 1975
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Peter Hujar Candy Darling on her Deathbed 1973
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Peter Hujar John Heys in Lana Turner Dress #1 1979
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Kenneth Noland Orientate 1976
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Kenneth Noland Half Day 1976
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Julles Olitski Silent Pass 1986
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Jules Olitski OG Challenge Two 1986
Culture Music Paul Kasmin Gallery Jules Olitski Goddess Alloy 1986
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As we mentioned before, we love art! Paul Kasmin Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in NYC, is another spot to add to your cultural list while your in NYC. If you’re a local and have never been there, you’re definitely missing out on some pretty cool works!

To start, the gallery first opened in the neighborhood of Soho, in the year of 1989.

“We have developed a program in which the work of historic Modernist and Post-War artists is in constant dialogue with that of mid-career and established contemporary artists.”

They represent some fantastic artists like: Deborah Kass, Roxy Paine, Walton Ford and a few other powerful names.

Currently, with three addresses in the neighborhood of Chelsea, in Manhattan, they were part of Frieze New York. As the best galleries around, Paul Kasmin has been part of other renowned fairs like the Miami and Hong Kong Art Basel, TEFAF and ADAA.

These are the upcoming exhibitions at the Gallery:

1. Kenneth Noland: UNBALANCED on view at 515 W. 27th Street from January 28 – February 27, 2016.

2. Jules Olitski: Plexiglas, 1986, at 293 10th Avenue, from January 28 – February 27, 2016.

3. Lost Downtown, the gallery’s first solo exhibition by acclaimed photographer Peter Hujar which will be on view at 297 Tenth Avenue from January 28 to February 27, 2016.

Also, be sure to check their website to stay up to date with what’s happening there! They always have some unique and exclusive exhibitions.

Many of our reader are big fans of the contemporary art world.

With that in mind, and if you identify yourself with these guys, you might enjoy Martha Graham. Born in Pennsylvania, she was NYC’s modern dance queen that lived from 1894 – 1991. Plus, there are other countless fantastic contemporary art gallery in NYC too!

In addition, we have fantastic expert art guides to curate for you a customized cultural tour that you’ll certainly love! Tours can be in groups of 10-12 people max, but also we’re able to offer private ones if it’s what you desire! You name it, we do it!

If you’re coming to New York for a corporate event and need assistance to organize all a work/meeting sessions and leisure activities, our Corporate Service experts can help.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm

293 10th Avenue
297 10th Avenue
515 West 27th Street

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Legendary Beacon Theatre: An Upper West Side Rock Room

Culture Music Beacon Theatre Audience

New York City offers an entire universe of theatrical experiences and shows that certainly overwhelm not only visitors, but locals. We love some of the more remote spots in the city and the legendary Beacon Theatre is one of them.

Culture Music Beacon Theatre Audience
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Scott Gries/Getty Images

As they explain, The Beacon Theatre: has become a venerable rock room for generations of New Yorkers and an intimate setting for unforgettable concerts and events“.

Countless greatest names in music have performed there, including the Rolling Stones, Queen, The Allman Brothers Band, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Paul Simon and many others. EvenHis Holiness the Dalai Lama has once lectured a class in their space!

A quite impressive list, right?

A little history about the place:

Herbert Lubin and Roxy Rothafel, were the brains and visions behind it all and initially named it Roxy Midway Theatre. Throughout the years where they were constructing the place, Lubin fell into a financial crises, leaving the project half way.

Warner Theatres jumped in and opened the venue on the Christmas Eve of 1929 as Warner’s Beacon Theatre.  With almost 3,000 seats, the project was lead by Walter W. Ahlschlager, the architect responsible for its art deco styling.

During its early years it showcased a theatrical genre called vaudeville and was also a destination for movie lovers.

Half a century later, in 1979, it became one of the venues listed as national landmark, under the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2006 they became part of the MSG Entertainment group. Then, in early 2009 they experiences an important restoration, making it even more attractive.

In 2012, the renowned Billboard Magazine – extremely important in its industry – voted The Beacon, for a second consecutive year, as number 3 in its category: “Top Grossing Venue”.

Today, the Legendary Beacon Theatre remains as one of the best venues in the city for live performances and other experiences! Maybe a little touristy, but hey, cultural spots have to be shared!

Do you enjoy these cultural experiences? You might also enjoy visiting the Cherry Lane Theatre, the longest off-broadway theatre.

We know people have doubts regarding what to do while in New York, so let our experts help you organize your trip!

If you’re organizing a huge corporate group coming into the city, or even a smaller team, contact us for more information on our Corporate Services.

Location: 2124 Broadway

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Scott Gries/Getty Images
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

What Lies Beyond Our Cosmic Horizon? Visit Dark Universe!

Music & Culture Museum of Natural History Hayden Planetarium

The new Hayden Planetarium Space show, “Dark Universe”, starts 100 million light years away from Earth. Come on this journey with us!

Music & Culture Museum of Natural History Hayden Planetarium

Practically everyone has heard about the American Museum of National History, specially after that blockbuster movie called A Night at the Museum, featuring Ben Stiller. That not a novelty at all, crowded with tourists, but it’s surely a to-go place. You won’t be able to escape that.

But, what many people don’t remember is that the Hayden Planetarium is there too! And come on, who doesn’t love a planetarium experience, right? Kids, adults, elderly ones…we all love it!

Dark Universe” is a fantastic travel into the Universe, where you will learn and discover more about its history, structure and even what is our part in it all. Plus, you’ll see what new studies are discovering and countless mysteries still to be uncovered.

And still, you’ll understand more about Edwin Hubble’s fantastic discoveries and fly back to the Big Bang! Imagine getting a glimpse of how IT all started?! Oh man, really, this is just so cool!

So, be prepared to see: stunningly detailed scenes based on authentic scientific data—including a NASA probe’s breathtaking plunge into Jupiter’s atmosphere and novel visualizations of unobservable dark matter. Dark Universe explores this new age of cosmic discovery and reveals the mysteries that have been brought to light so far.”

Below, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, curator in the Department of Astrophysics, explains:

“Many people don’t know that the museum is also a major research institute. Included in our Astrophysics research program is work directly related to the topic of show – taking data from the Hubble telescope and using it to identify a distant supernovae and from that to help measure the properties of dark energy. This space show is not just about what the Universe is, but how we measure.”

We are sure you’ll have a fantastic and enlightening time there, so enjoy!

If you get hungry, you can go to the Mediterranean restaurant, Hummus Place just a few blocks away. For the vegans, Peacefood it also a quick walk from the museum.

But, if you’re still in the mood for more history, head down to Chelsea to The Rubin Museum to explore a bit about  Himalayas, India and the Tibetan arts.

Monday – Friday: Every half hour, 10:30am – 4pm | except on Wednesdays, when first show begins at 11am
Saturday – Sunday: Every half hour, 10:30am – 5pm

Location: Central Park West at 79th Street

Photo Credit: Nasa
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

NYC Snow Monsters Intervention By Peter Regli

Culture Music Peter Regli Snow Monsters by ceos_downbeat

In front of one of our most famous buildings in the Flatiron Plaza, Peter Regli exhibited a beautiful installment. The Snow Monsters intervention showed 12 amazing marble snowmen experiencing the several stages of melting.

Culture Music Peter Regli Snow Monsters by ceos_downbeat

The Snow Monsters intervention presented by Dominique Lévy Gallery showcased during the month of March.
It’s was a fantastic and creative work! It amused not only visitors, but all New Yorkers that passed by the Plaza area. They became part of the beautiful scene in front of our famous Flatiron building, on 23rd Street.
This installment was part of a series called “Reality Hacking“, created by the Swiss-born artist Peter Regli. This series already add up to over 300 interventions around the globe. A remarkable number, for sure!
This one marks “his first large-scale sculptural intervention in New York City”.
These marbles sculptures were fabricated by the Hánhs – a Vietnamese family. Some of the most renowned Buddhist sculptures seen in temples are their art works.
Peter Regli is well-known for his public interventions around the world – a work that started back in 1996. We adore his disruptive, uncommon art works and how they interact with by-passers and the urban settings.
He explains:
I chose the snowman because of its Buddha-like nature. They appear briefly in the world, bring joy and evoke memories of childhood. Then, disappear again, melting away without complaint.
Lastly, we all know that New York City is one of the art capitals on this planet. So, if you’re all about culture and art experiences, let our experts cater the best places and events for you!
We have done projects with companies that bring clients to New York City and urge to impress. Let our Corporate Services experts organize the most memorable experiences for you! You’ll will impress!

Location: 23rd Street with 5th Avenue

Photo Credit: Rob Ceos, aka @ceos_downbeat
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

How about some Italian Modern Art by Giorgio Morandi

Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Corridor

We attended the official opening of a unique exhibition with the work of the famous 20th century Italian printer, Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964).

Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Flower
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Self Portrait
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Landscape
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Six Red Objects
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Red Object
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Paintings on Wall
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Vases
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Three Paintings
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Six Pictures
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Guests
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Corridor
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Room
Culture & Music Giorgio Morandi Exhibition Room Wooden Bench
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If you’ve never heard of Giorgio Morandi, it’s ok, but you most likely have seen his work. We are going to tell you a little about the Modern Art by Giorgio Morandi.

He was born in Bologia, Italy. Morandi focused his entire career painting still life objects like vases, pots, bowls, extending into flowers and landscape. You might also see a hand full of self portraits too.

His art work is very simplistic, the earthy tones. This surely made him a visionary of the Minimalism that started post World War II, around the 1960’s and 70’s. He paints (and repaints), several times these objects, paying close attention to the light aspects.

“The exhibition focuses on the artist’s rarely seen works from the 1930s—the decade when Morandi reached full artistic maturity and developed his distinctive pictorial language.”

There are over 50 paintings, etchings and drawings being featured at the Center for Italian Modern Art, a nonprofit organization located on Broome Street.

During his life, he drew over 130 etchings and painted over 1,300 oil paintings. Surely a remarkable number.

These fascinating art works have not been seen in the U.S. for over half a century and are definitely a must-see!

Tickets can be bought online, through their website – they cost a symbolic $10.

If you love are and want to explore New York’s art world, our art experts are able to talk you on the best tours around the city, and upstate too. Let us know what you like, and we’ll be happy to arrange it all for you!

On the other hand, if you are a company and would like to arrange a cultural-art experience for your clients, or your team, let us know what you’re looking for.

Hours: Friday’s and Saturday’s at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm

Location: 421 Broome Street, 4th Floor

Photo Credit: Courtesy 
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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