Private Untold Stories Of 9/11 Walking Tour

December 19, 2017 | BTSNYC
BTSNYC Experiences On Going Private Untold Stories 911 Walking Tour Memorial

Everyone knows the general information of the 9/11 attacks, but most people have never heard of the untold stories! Come experience the Private Untold Stories Of 9/11 Walking Tour to know it all.


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Private Untold Stories 911 Walking Tour WTC

The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a seminal event, forever changing New Yorkers and their city.

While most of us are familiar with the basic elements of that day, there are fascinating facts and stories that are seldom told.

On this walking tour, we’ll uncover lesser-known aspects of the tragedy.

Discover the roots of the attacks and visit sites that played a key role in the incident.

You’ll learn about the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, while hearing stories of extraordinary heroism and miraculous survival.

It’ll provide context for the most momentous event in New York’s history.



  • Walk through the architectural vestiges of the original World Trade Center and uncover the meaning behind the design of the World Trade Center Memorial;
  • Hear about the largest water evacuation in world history. Plus, the site that became the center of rescue and relief efforts and the outrageous plans for a new World Trade Center;
  • In addition, discover the site of the first 9/11 Memorial. And, the Lower Manhattan landmark that was the target of a recent terrorist plot;
  • Finally, learn about the physical devastation of Lower Manhattan, the first terrorist attack in the neighborhood and the bizarre wreckage leftover.

Price: $39 / person, minimum 10 guests or $390.
What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes.
What to know: The tour is 1.5 hours and covers approximately one mile.
Ticket Confirmation: After you book this experience, you will receive a confirmation email from our partner confirming you are attending the tour!


BTSNYC Experiences On Going Private Untold Stories 911 Walking Tour Stock Exchange

Moreover, this is also a perfect tour for Corporate Groups looking for a different experience in Manhattan, specially since many companies are tired of the mainstream tours.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Noel Y. C. (aka NYCLovesNYC)
*Last Update on Feb/2023.*

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