Sofar Sounds NYC: Bringing The Magic Back To Live Music

July 27, 2016 | BTSNYC
Events On Going Sofar Sounds NYC Live Music Rooftop

If you’re into music, really good music, incredible artists and intimate events in unique spots, this is for you! Many have already heard of Sofar Sounds NYC, right?!

Events On Going Sofar Sounds NYC Live Music

It all started with a group of friends playing great live music in someone’s living room, back in London! People were chit-chatting during the show and this group of friends couldn’t really enjoy the band, as they wanted.

So, they decided to start hosting private, secret gigs, with fantastic upcoming bands, in their own living room. In no time, rooms were filled up and people were fighting for a spot at their events.

Then, their concept simply went global, and they started hosting events in several different cities and countries. Today, they are in over 300 cities and are still able to keep it private and secret.

How it works? You’re able to see the neighborhood the shows will happen, but you have no idea which 3 bands are performing. When you sign up, you need to wait for the confirmation that your ticket is confirmed. Then, the exact location is sent through email only a few hours prior to the show.

But wait!!! All Behind the Scenes NYC followers have a promo-code allows you to skip the line and guarantees you instant access when purchasing tickets! WUHU!

The code is: BEHINDTHESCENES (Code might change every now and then, so contact us if it doesn’t work!)

NYC’s Sofar scene has now grown and they host almost 100 events a month. Lucky us!

Take a look online at the upcoming shows and go online to save your spot! Don’t forget to use our promo-code!

About Sofar Sounds:

Formally Founded in 2010 and based…all over the place. Sofar is an expanding network of artists and music lovers. A Global Music Community. Each month Sofar is happening in 263 cities all around the world.

Sofar Sounds started in 2009, in a tiny North London flat. Frustrated by the traditional live music experience, we hosted three young artists who played to a carefully selected audience of true music lovers. And after that show, those people went and told their friends…

We are now the world’s largest live music discovery community; curating secret, intimate gigs in unique spaces all around the world. Bringing the magic back to live music.

Sofar Sounds offers artists and music fans the unique opportunity to perform and experience intimate gigs in packed living rooms regularly. 

Join us in creating a better way to discover live music. If you can get in.”

Lucky you are part of our BTSNYC world, so you can skip the line, right? You might bump into us and our Founder, – she’s always there with friends!

Have fun!

Check out their website for further information!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sofar Sounds
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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