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Record The Mantra OM For The World At The Rubin Museum in Chelsea

February 12, 2017 | Fê Paronetto
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How about recording your own voice saying the powerful mantra OM and having it combined with thousands of other voices that will be showcased in a remarkable exhibition in June!? This is an outstanding exhibition at the Rubin Museum in Chelsea.

This past week, I went to the Rubin Museum in Chelsea to check out the Om Lab that Michelle from City Wellness Collective told me about during a meeting.

They are having a several amazing exhibitions that we will soon post on our website, but this one we’d decided to share now!

The “OM Lab” is an installation located on the 6th Floor. If you study meditation or other practices and religions, you probably know that “OM” is referred to as: “The Universal Sound”.

As they explain it:

A Cosmic Vibration. ‘OM‘ is believed to contain the power of all other mantras and the elemental sound of creation. Its three phonetic components (A-U-M) and ensuing silence cover the entire spectrum of the human vocal mechanism, from the throat to the lips. The mantra OM is considered the embodiment of the ultimate, omnipotent, and all-pervading essence of existence.

While I recorded my voice, the line shaking in the back (see video!) showed the vibration of my “OM”! So cool!

All the voices recorded will be compiled into one single, universal voice by May 8th. Then, they’ll be showcased at “The World Is Sound“, opening June 16, 2017.

After doing the recordings, you can walk around the floor to read the explanations about the power of this mantra. It goes back to the Big Bang and how it all correlates. It’s simply fantastic.

Run to the Rubin Museum in Chelsea to record your voice and be part of the unique project!

I’ve done my recording! Actually, 3 times already!

Location: 150 West 17th Street

Video Credit: ©Behind the Scenes NYC
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