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City Wellness Collective: A Space For Healing, Rejuvination and Peace

April 18, 2017 | BTSNYC

The other day we went to visit a gorgeous space called City Wellness Collective. They are dedicated to offering the most amazing wellness techniques in the city like healing, rejuvination and peace.

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After moving back from Berlin to New York, Michelle Keinan and Dan founded the City Wellness Collective. Dan is her partner is love, life and business.

The space is dedicated to you if you’re in search of the best healing and rejuvenation techniques or simply looking for peace. It’s also a place to check out, if you are a healer and need a beautiful space for your clients.

She found out that, like herself, other people were feeling isolated as solopreneurs. They were in profound need for community and support in this overwhelming (but amazing) city.

Michelle and Dan partnered up with Maria Lomanto, a design visionary that helped create the perfect space for healers and ideal for clients. We do need to confess, the space is fantastic. Just by walking in, you can already sense the soothing energy inside it!

So, if you are looking for healing, or peace and relaxation, their professional are certainly part of the top healers in NY. They offer a wide range of practices and modalities, based on your personal need and goals!

You can expect everything from acupuncture, advance biostructural correction, reiki, color puncture, integrative nutrition, somatic healing and massage. And still, women’s health and fertility, holistic facials, crystal healing, sound baths, breath work, intuitive guidance, Qi Gong and so much more!

The list is endless!

If you are a healer, be prepared for a great opportunity to learn, work and heal together.

Their network helps you find new clients and provides the tools you need to make the collective a sanctuary for your business.

Oh! Don’t forget to check out their event’s page! There are great workshop, healing sessions, talks, etc, through out the month.

We are positive you will find what you’ve been looking for!

To learn an apparently simple, but very powerful meditation, you might want to try out the Twin Heart Meditation by Grande Master Choa Kok Sui.

Location: 141 West 28th Street, suite 301

Photo Credits: Courtesy of City Wellness Collective and Dan Keinan
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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