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Bushwick Book Club: Eat Book-Themed Food, Drink Book-Inspired Drink

“Eat book-themed food. Drink book-inspired drinks. Wear book-related clothes.” Where? At the Bushwick Book Club that [...]

Fernanda Feher: Art in a Bushwick Chocolate Factory

Are you an art lover? New York City is a city with countless amazing emerging [...]

Experiencing the 1920’s & 30’s At NYC’s Jazz Age Lawn Party

NYC’s Jazz Age Lawn Party happens twice a year on Governors Island! Everyone that has attended [...]

Komeeda: A Thanksgiving For Friends, By Friends

Do you guys remember of the post about a summer “Dinner Under the Bridge” pop-up by [...]

Gastromotiva Benefit Dinner NYC: Great Food For A Better World

The Gastromotiva Benefit dinner NYC joins forces with Chef Daniel Humm and parked up for a memorable [...]

Gratitude And Trust #140 Summit: “Soon Is Not A time!”

Gratitude and Trust #140 Summit will happen in New York City in one month and [...]


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