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Hey, Steve! I want some handcrafted ice cream, please!

Dining Steve's Ice Cream Cookies'n'Cream

Steve’s Ice Cream started back in the early 1970’s as a small handcrafted ice cream shop with only the will of offering the most innovative “mix-ins” around.

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I mean, who in the world doesn’t enjoy handcrafted ice cream? If this person exists, be careful with them! Ha! Just joking… But, we do know that New Yorkers are pretty fond of ice creams, since the ice cream shops are always overflowing with people, even in the winter.

In the beginning, they had a hunch that people out there would line up in huge lines to get a taste of their artisanal ice creams. They started out as a small little brand wanting to show the world their expertise. And, grew to become a brand that people not only lined up for their ice cream, but outbraved themselves in the middle of snow storms to guarantee their scoop!

Besides the traditional flavors, they also offer amazing non-dairy ice creams and sorbets.

With the years, and the renowned name they’ve got today, they explained that a few (not many), things changed.

“We still use “mix-ins” but now they’re a little more grown-up, with fresh, natural ingredients, and to create our signature flavors, we work directly with some of the most innovative and inspired artisans around. It took a while, but small-batch has finally gone big time. And that’s pretty sweet.”

They have some pretty interesting flavors like Pretzels, Honey Pistachio, Pies & Sweet Cream, Mexican Chili Chocolate, Southern Banana Pudding, Speculoos Cookie Butter and so many others!

Today, they are literally spread throughout the US. In NY, you can find them in several different markets in all the Boroughs – except Staten Island.

So, it shouldn’t be hard try some! I want some handcrafted ice cream!

Hours: Hours vary! Check Steve’s Ice Cream website.

Location: Multiple around town! Check Steve’s Ice Cream website


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Steve’s Ice Cream
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

Foragers City Grocer: A Grocery, Restaurante And Wine Shop

Shop Specialties Foragers City Grocer

Foragers City Grocer is not only a grocer, but also a true farm-to-table restaurant and a wine shop. One of it’s locations in the super cool neighborhood of DUMBO, in Brooklyn!

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The Foragers City Grocer opened in 2005 in DUMBO and carries locally grown organic produce, pastured meats and fresh local dairy.

Foragers is your go-to destination for the best, carefully-selected, locally sourced, and artfully prepared food. The demand we saw for clean and ethical foods inspired us to open our market in Chelsea, which also includes a restaurant and wine shop.

All the products featured come from trusted producers, or hand picked from our own farm in Canaan, New York.

The clients like to know where their food is grown, processed and handled.

Plus, they are interested in learning about the entire process and being sure that they are consuming what there is best in the market!

So, as they explain:

“Our sourcing standards ensure that every product you find at our stores is made honestly with all natural ingredients, grown with integrity, and raised humanely.”

This type of market is right up our alley, so we love every single aspect of it, support them, and hope to spread the work to other like minded people.

In addition, the restaurant is called Table. It runs under the direction of Executive Chef, Nickolas Martinez, and is more than a farm-to-table restaurant. They also grow their own food! Therefore, besides a delicious dinner, you must try their brunch that happens on the weekends.

They have a store in Chelsea too. So, if you don’t want to commute all the way into Brooklyn, to shop, you have another great option!

And, if you want to explore other farm-to-table restaurants, we actually recommend heading upstate NY.

There are countless close by day trips that you can plan for a different weekend. For help organizing it all, contact our concierge experts. In sum, they can cater an exclusive and memorable experience for you!

For Corporate requests, contact us and let us know how we can assist.

Hours: Please visit website for store hours of each location.

Locations Market & Table:
56 Adams Street, DUMBO
300 West 22nd Street, Chelsea

Location Wines: 231 8th Avenue


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Foragers City Grocer
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Fernanda Feher: Art in a Bushwick Chocolate Factory

Events Up Coming Fernanda Feher Bushwick Chocolate Factory Luisa Possas

Are you an art lover? New York City is a city with countless amazing emerging artists, and we love sharing their inspiring stories! Fernanda Feher is putting a show inside a Bushwick chocolate factory.

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Besides their stories, we also go to their events not only to support, but because their work is definitely worth seeing live and learning about!

We’ve interviewed a while ago an amazing artist called Fernanda Feher. In no time, she became a really close friend and we became huge fans of her work!

Fernanda is hosting a 1 month exhibition of her latest work called “While you were Sleeping“. It’s a project curated by the one and only Janaina Tschape!

The opening reception will be on October 22nd. It will happen from 6pm – 9pm at the Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn! The place is the coolest Bushwick chocolate factory and everything there is delicious!

The exhibition will be on until November 22nd!

See you all there!

Location: 288 Seigel Street

Events Up Coming Fernanda Feher Bushwick Chocolate Factory Flyer

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Fernanda Feher

The Rock’n’Roll Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint for Nirvana fans

Nightlife Bars Saint Vitus Nirvana Show

We are all about a neighborhood at the very tip of Brooklyn, called Greenpoint. So many new venues are constantly opening and attracting some of the trendiest people in the New York. Saint Vitus is one of the places you have to know about.

Nightlife Bars Saint Vitus Nirvana Show
Nirvana performs at Saint Vitus Bar.

Greenpoint is a neighborhood in expansion. Some of the coolest ‘kids’ in New York live there and others are venturing into starting their own businesses. All locally made, which we love!

You can find everything from restaurants, bars, coffeeshop and famous donut bakeries, to hidden art galleries, apothecaries and even, a true rock bar!

The rock’n’roll Saint Vitus Bar is the first and only gothic-themed bar in the neighborhood. With dim lighting, they attract the metalheads and rock fans.

“FEARFUL naïfs may assume that heavy-metal bars are cradles of malevolence where depraved longhairs slake their thirst with bats’ blood. But Saint Vitus, a gothic-themed bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, named after a Black Sabbath song, is actually a welcoming spot for downing cheap beers and listening to Pantera.”

After playing at the “Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame” on a Thursday night, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear (a.k.a. Nirvana), headed to Saint Vitus.

There they played an amazing full set of Nirvana Classics for the lucky crowd that was there that night!

The complete list of upcoming shows are online, so be sure to see what will be on during the night you plan on going.

As one of the owners once said: “It doesn’t have to be about metal, it’s a fun vibe.

If you want to explore the neighborhood, but have absolutely no idea where to start, let us help! Download our Self-Guided Tour of Greenpoint and explore the neighborhood with your friends. Here is a teaser of one of the places on the guide: Milk & Roses restaurant, one of our favorites!

Location: 1120 Manhattan Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Saint Vitus Bar
*Last Update on March/2020.*

The Beauty Of Jane’s Carousel At The Brooklyn Bridge Park

Curiosities City Secrets Janes Carousel Brooklyn Bridge Park by BeHappyNYC

A nostalgic moment everyone should experience! Jane’s Carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge Park is an experience for all ages, with a breathtaking skyline of New York City!

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I believe that everyone, at least once, has ridden a carousel! Kids, teenagers, adults and even the most experienced ones would probably want to try a 2nd, 3rd and even 4th time! It’s just so nostalgic, right?

Plus, rinding a gorgeous, vintage one is even more exciting! Pair that with a perfect skyline of Manhattan and voilá! It becomes an urban fairy tail! Well, it’s certainly OUR urban fairy tail and our hearts do beat faster when we see it.

That is to say that, one of the most amazing carousels you’ll ever see is called Jane’s Carousel. This magnificent art work located inside the Brooklyn Bridge Park, right below the Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s a huge, beautifully restored piece of art with 48 racing hand-carved horses. This classic 3 row beauty was built in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and is opened year-round.

A bit more of history:

The carousel was originally located at Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio in the early 1920’s. Then, in mid 1980’s, specifically in 1984, the duo Jane and David Walentas purchased it. They prevented it from being completely dismantled and having it’s pieces separately sold off. Lucky us!

That same year, Jane started the restoration with her own hands, at her studio in DUMBO, Brooklyn. It was amazing to see the original coloring of each piece surfacing back.

After documenting every color and every detail was faithfully done, so when the time came to replicate it all on the final pieces, the end result was breathtaking.

Moreover, all the electrical parts and machinery were updated with the latest technologies. And still, over 1200 lights were installed to give the final touch, bringing it to life.

It was finally shown to the public, at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on September 16th, 2011. It surely transformed the this area of Brooklyn’s skyline and has become a dear location in our heart.

It’s definitely something to experience in New York City. So, if you are interested in seeing what it’s all about, but would prefer help of an expert tour guide, contact us.

We’ve done some pretty amazing itineraries for big (and small) Corporate groups and delegations, so if you need help in organizing a special experience for your team or your clients, let us cater it for you.

Hours: Thursday – Sunday: 11am – 6pm

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dock Street


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Jane’s Carousel, Harper’s Bazaar (Mila Kunis), Vincent Mounier, Zen and the Art of Travel and BeHappyNYC (Featured image)
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Komeeda: A Thanksgiving For Friends, By Friends

Events Up Coming Friendsgiving Komeeda

Do you guys remember of the post about a summer “Dinner Under the Bridge” pop-up by Komeeda we wrote a few weeks ago? Well, here’s another Komeeda pop-up for you – last one of 2015! It’s a Thanksgiving For Friends.

Events Up Coming Friendsgiving Komeeda

We love everything about Komeeda’s Thanksgiving For Friends: Friendsgiving.

Last year, Komeeda hosted the “kommunity’s” members for a multi-course Spanish style tapas meal. This year they are doing it bigger, better and…in Brooklyn! We just love it, after all, we are Brooklyn-based!

They have partnered up with a rustic venue and two of Komeeda’s favorite chefs Chef Florvil Valdez and Chef Paula Ignacio. Both are former chefs from their Showdown event, where chefs compete for the 1st place title!

If you’ve been to their last two Showdowns, you’ve had a couple of their to-die-for culinary creations. Now, they will be teaming up and putting together an innovative multi-course Friendsgiving feast for their kommunity.

Date: Thursday – November 19, 2015
Time: 6:30pm – 9pm
Location: Downtown Brooklyn – exact location will be disclosed 48 hours prior to event only to those with confirmed tickets
Availability: 30 Seats
Tickets: Early Bird RSVP: $55 (SOLD OUT)  |  Standard RSVP: $60

To read about how it all started, read Jabber Al-Bahani’s statement below:

“Waking up in a hostel in Barcelona one morning, a fellow hostel-mate asked… “comida?”

What I assumed would be a quick lunch with an Argentinian hostel-mate, quickly grew into a group lunch with seven people from all over. Australia, Holland, Argentina, Spain, Libya, France, and of course… me the New Yorker.

We enjoyed two hours of food and drink at a mom & pop tapas restaurant off the beaten path, sharing our journeys & dreams for the future; all with no worry of judgement. I never expected to have this unforgettable experience with the random people that I met, but it felt so natural!

Komeeda is an easy way to discover unique gastronomic events, taste exciting new foods, and interact with other interesting guests, in addition to the passionate chefs who want to share their stories.

To find the perfect family-style Ethiopian feast, low-key beer & burger pairing, or whatever dining experience is right for you, explore Komeeda’s events.”

So, if their story excited you, don’t waist more time and go buy your ticket!

See you there!


Photo Credit: Courtesy

A Hidden Beach In Williamsburg Right Off The East River

Curiosities City Secrets Williamsburg Hidden Beach by Scouting NY

Brooklyn has many secrets and one of them is: there is a hidden beach in Williamsburg, right off the East River!

Curiosities City Secrets Williamsburg Hidden Beach by Scouting NY
Photo Credit: Scouting NY

Can you actually imagine a hidden beach in Williamsburg, located right off the East River?

Well, one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the moment is called Williamsburg. It’s the home of many of the coolest hot spots from bars, restaurants, nightclubs, countless stores and so much more!

This area is also growing with so many new residences. People are moving from Manhattan, into Brooklyn in a blink of an eye.

One of the tiny beaches in the neighborhood, that is very well-know to locals and visitors is the one inside the Brooklyn Inlet Park.

This is the area where the famous Smorgasburg open-air food market happens every Saturday. It’s very small, but it’s one of the highlights, specially due to the breathtaking view of Manhattan’s skyline. The spot is certainly on the top of the list for those that are looking for an Instagram-worthy shot!

But, if you walk south a few minutes, and pass behind a few buildings on Kent Avenue, you’ll find another tiny, and forgotten beach. There, you’ll see a very old and rusty ladder that takes you down to a bunch of rocks.

This, leads you up to this special and tiny beach, with another a-m-a-z-i-n-g view of New York’s skyline and the Williamsburg Bridge!

Surely, no tourists there!

The cool information is that this was the former site of the Brooklyn Ferry Company’s Williamsburg Branch during the second half of the 1800’s. Later, it was discontinued in the beginning of the 1900’s.

Now, we’ve all heard about the shutting down of the L line that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, in 2019. With this, the city is now arranging alternative transportation methods, and there will certainly be an increase in ferry services. Who knows they don’t reactivate this spot, right?

So, before this happens, be sure to go check out this hidden beach in Williamsburg. Just, be sure not to hurt yourself. Plus, we’re not sure how “legal” and safe it is…So, go at our own risk.

If you are interested in exploring Williamsburg, contact our experts to put together a customized tour or experience for you and your friends & family. For Corporate experiences, let our experts assist you too. We’ve worked with several corporate and private groups of all sizes for food, art, shopping and historical tours.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Scouting NY
*Last Update on March/2020.*

10 Top Secrets Of New York City That You Probably Don’t Know

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Underbelly Project Installation by Jeff Stark Credit Katherine Lorimer

New York City is a place full of secrets and with some the most intriguing hidden stories in the world. The more we learn, the more curious we become! Here are 10 top secrets of New York City that you probably don’t know!

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Collage

We just love exploring the city and all the hidden secrets that are super well-kept! Many of these have been shared before, but every time we tell a friend about them, they always reply: “Wow! I never knew about that!”.

Well, this made us think that, even though many of these places have been shared before, there is still a whole bunch of people that still have never heard about them. So, we decided to share the 10 top secrets of New York City that we think are the coolest ones!

Check them out below:

#1 Pomander Walk

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City City Pomander Walk by Sonja Stark
Photo Credit: Sonja Stark

The Pomander Walk was built back in the early 1920’s, specifically in year of 1921. It was built as an homage to the famous English romantic comedy that has the same name. It was written by Louis N. Parker and was famous back then, in London.

It’s located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Several famous names are known for having been residents there. Names like Humphrey Bogart, Rosalind Russel, and Lilian Gish. Unfortunately you can’t walk inside this special street anymore. They have closed the entrance and you’re only allowed in if you have a key, or if any of the residents there invites you in.

Nonetheless, you can still peek through the gate and get a slight view of this little Manhattan haven.

Location: 265 West 94th Street

#2 Tunnel below Columbia University’s Morningside Campus

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Tunnels Under Columbia University by Miru Kim
Photo Credit: Miru Kim

Back in the beginning of the 1900’s, this tunnel was a passage way to and from the Bloomingdale’s Insane Asylum. It ran from 1821–1889, when it was renamed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Westchester and relocated to White Planes.

Then, it served as a meeting place for scientists during the beginning states of the famous Manhattan Project. From there, the 1st nuclear weapons were created.

Today, they are the tunnel right below Columbia University’s Morningside campus. This curious network of underground tunnels connects several school building.

A few tunnels are still open to faculty and students to pass between buildings, but most are closed down for safety purposes. Some of them are located under the Buell Hall and the Pupin Hall.

Spooky, hidden, but amazing!

Oh! You must be questioning about this naked girl on the picture! Well, that’s the super brave and bold, Miru Kim! Yup! She accesses some insane out of bound spots, and shoots..naked!

Location: 3022 Broadway

#3 Hidden bomb shelter in the Brooklyn Bridge

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Brooklyn Bridge Hidden Bomb Shelter by Reuters
Photo Credit: Reuters

Discovered in 2006, this hidden bomb shelter in the Brooklyn Bridge, was one of the most amazing discoveries of the city. At least, in our humble opinion!

When it was found, they saw it was fully stocked with basic life necessities, in case of a nuclear attack. Everything from water supplies and medicine, to thousands of cracker boxes and blankets. These boxes were ink-stamped with the dates of 1957 – launch of the Sputnik satellite, and 1962 – the Cuban missile crisis.

That’s not the only secret space inside the belly of the bridge. Located within its base, a series of vast rooms known as the Brooklyn Anchorage were used for music and theater performances, readings and art exhibitions for nearly 20 years.

We would have loved going there for any of these gatherings!

Location: No need for it, right?

#4 Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Staten Island Boat Graveyard by Gordon Donovan Cater News
Photo Credit: Gordon Donovan/Cater News

Have you ever heard of a boat graveyard? Sounds interesting, right? In the past, the Staten Island Boat Graveyard housed a collection of over 400 decomposing and rusting steam vessels, warships, ferries and fireboats. Today, there are only a remaining 20-40 wrecks spread through out the place.

Furthermore, the graveyard was originally called Witte Marine Scrap Yard or Arthur Kill Boat Yard. In time, it earned the reputation of “a mecca for artists and photographers”.

Go to this spooky place while you can! It’s definitely worth it!

Location: Rossville, Staten Island

#5 New York Marble Cemetery

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Marble Cemetery Courtesy
Photo Credit: Courtesy

The New York Marble Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in NYC and dates back to 1831. We believe that today it might probably be one of the hardest burial grounds to find in New York City. Maybe, that’s why we love it so much!

Located in the East Village, right behind the Bowery Hotel, the cemetery gate can be found at the end of a narrow alley leading from 2nd Avenue. By the way, this gate is beautifully designed and worth the attention!

The cemetery is marked by plaques instead of tombstones. In addition, it can be visited for only a few hours on the 4th Sunday of each month, and during the months of April through October.

Location: 41 1/2 2nd Avenue


#6 Berlin Wall Remnants in Paley Park

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Berlin Wall Remnants in Paley Park by Naked Apartments
Photo Credit: Naked Apartments

The Berlin Wall Remnants in Paley Park is found inside a small Midtown plaza. It’s right at 520 Madison Avenue, and most of the time is unnoticed by the passersby.

I mean, New Yorkers are always in a rush, and passing straight by this monumental wall. So, it’s not a surprise people don’t even notice it.

The West side of this amazing piece of history is the work of German artists Kiddy Citny and Thierry Noir. It was put on display in 1990. On the other hand, the East side is pure concrete. It is meant to remember the oppressive political regimes of East Germany, back in the days.

Pretty cool, right?

Location: 520 Madison Avenue

#7 Rockefeller Center 620 Loft & Gardens

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Rooftop Gardens Rockefeller Center by Naked Apartments
Photo Credit: Naked Apartments

Ah! We love hidden gardens, specially if they’re located high up, up, up in the sky!

The Rockefeller Center 620 Loft & Gardens is secluded, and therefore, made invisible, a few hundred feet above the ground.

Well, other taller buildings can see it, so they are the lucky ones! Or, if you decide to host your wedding there, since it’s available to rent for private events and corporate events!

The garden was designed by Ralph Hancock, an English landscaper born in 1893. It came to life during the early/mid 1930’s and only three of the five gardens are able to be seen today.

So, be sure to head to the top of 610 and 620 Fifth Avenue!

The Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens are the ones on the ground floor, which people can walk by and photograph!


Location: 45 Rockefeller Plaza

#8 Whispering Gallery in Grand Central Terminal

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Whispering Gallery Grand Central Terminal by Staycay
Photo Credit: Stacay

The Whispering Gallery inside the Grand Central Terminal is located in front of the Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

Just a quick history: The Grand Central Terminal was build in 1913 and is the world’s largest train station. Plus, it’s definitely one of the most famous landmarks, being featured in countless movies.

This arch possesses a mystifying acoustic property. When two people stand at diagonal arches and whisper, they are able to hear each other’s voices. It seams to be “telegraphed” from across the 2,000 sqft chamber.

It is certainly a unique experience!

But the question still remains: “Was it constructed with the intention of producing the acoustic effect, or was it only an architectural mistake?”

It you are interested in exploring more the Grand Central Terminal, take a look at this secret tour.

Location: 87 East 42nd Street

#9 Underbelly Project

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Underbelly Project Installation by Jeff Stark Credit Katherine Lorimer
Photo Credit: Katherine Lorimer

This is maybe our top favorite NYC secret! It’s probably because we not only love graffiti art, but also because it lives several meters underground, in mysterious and secluded subway stations!

Underbelly Project: Street Art Way Below the Street unites the intriguing work of 103 street artists from around the world.

But, collectors can’t buy the art. People can’t really see it, since it’s been done illegally, in an old long-abandoned subway station.

“Though rumors have circulated that the station is above the G train’s Broadway stop in Williamsburg, don’t try to see for yourself — not only is it dark and dangerous, but it is also illegal. Plus, there have been at least 20 arrests of trespassers trying to visit the space.” ~ Erin O’Hara


#10 Hidden Subway Station Beneath City Hall

Curiosities City Secrets 10 Top Secrets in New York City Hidden Subway Station Beneath City Hall by Michael Freeman
Photo Credit: Michael Freeman

Last spot part of our 10 Top Secrets Of New York City is another hidden subway!

This hidden subway station beneath City Hall is way deep in the belly of New York’s subway system. It’s a beautiful untouched station that has been forgotten for years. Today, only a limited few lucky ones know of its existence.

It opened in 1904 and remained open through December 31st of 1945. Some people explain that “it sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter”. What? Wait! We LOVE Harry Potter!

So, to see this amazing spot, just stay inside the 6 train that is headed to the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station. When you reach the last station, don’t get off!

If you stay inside the train, it makes a turnaround – and that’s where the magic happens. Then, from inside the train you’ll be able to see this beautiful location with an amazing architecture. It has some gorgeous Roman bricks, tiled vaults, arches, stained glass and brass chandeliers.

Certainly a spot not to be missed! If you’re not sure how to do this, come with us to our Underground New York Subway Tour.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station

If you enjoyed these 10 top secrets of New York City, but is now curious to learn more, contact our exerts! We have some very cool tours to share with you. In addition, we work with customized concierge and corporate tours too!

So, come explore a little of this secret part of New York that just a hand full of people know about! Plus, you’ll certainly have some Instagram-worthy shots!!!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Sonja Stark, Miru Kim, Reuters, Gordon Donovan/Cater News, Naked Apartments, Staycay.net, Katherine Lorimer (featured image) and courtesy of the locations.
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Who’s having a Brooklyn Beer?

Dining Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Production

Beer tasting can not only be delicious and refreshing, but it can be a fantastic experience when you can see how it’s all actually produced! So, who’s having a Brooklyn Beer?

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Brooklyn Brewery makes beer. Good beer.” Yup, as they already say, their beer is pretty good, hence the success of their tastings, specially during the weekends.

This spot located, in Williamsburg, is not so much a “behind the scenes” place anymore, since the word got out and now they attract big crowds. But, it’s surely still worth writing about!

“Not only does it taste good and make your meal better but we like to think that since its founding in 1988, Brooklyn Brewery has brewed flavorful beers that enrich the life, tradition and culture of the communities it serves.”

As we know, in the beginning of the 19th century, New York became home to hundreds of immigrants. Many came from countries like Ireland and Germany – that are well know for their beer-culture. So, these immigrants brought their knowledge of brewing to Brooklyn, that soon became a hub for fantastic beer!

We’ve all heard about the Prohibition Era that made countless alcoholic-driven businesses collapse, and in the beer industry, it wasn’t different.

Years later, Steve Hindy and Tom Potter joined forced to bring Brooklyn Brewery to life. They brought on board the graphic designer, Milton Glaser, that gave life to the brand.

Its award-winning roster of year-round, seasonal and specialty beers have gained the Brewery notoriety as one of the top craft beer producers in the world.

See below the hours, but it’s basically a first come, first serve line, so you may bump into a reasonable line over the weekends.

After the tour and the tasting, you might want to check out a few places in Greenpoint, just a few blocks North.

We’ve created a fantastic Self-Guided Tour of the neighborhood, so download here and have fun! Oh! This tour can be split into multiple days, so don’t get overwhelmed with the number of places we refer!

If you want help to organize a visit/tour, contact our experts through our Concierge Services. We’ve also done tours with corporate groups that have tremendously enjoyed the experience, so see our Corporate Services for more information.

Monday – Thursday (reservation only): 5pm – 7pm – for small batch tours
Friday: 6pm – 11pm; free tours are also available only at 7pm and 8pm
Saturday: 12pm – 8pm for tours & tastings
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm for tours & tastings

Location: 79 North 11th Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Brooklyn Beer and Nathan Adams
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

FIT DUMBO Tour: Fun Course That Will Open Your Mind

Culture & Music FIT Tour DUMBO Park Lawn

If you haven’t been to DUMBO – Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass – or haven’t been going regularly, you are missing out on one of the most important hot spots for art, furnishing, food and culture trends. Try the FIT DUMBO Tour!

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You all have probably noticed by now that we’re all about hidden and unique spots. Plus, we are huge fans of everything related to food and culture. That said, this is surely a tour we recommend: the FIT DUMBO Tour!

Dumbo is a small neighborhood located in Brooklyn, right below the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s on the water front and has a fabulous view of Manhattan’s skyline.

In addition, the emerging art and culture scene is very fantastic and attracts a huge number of people through out the year that go to experience unique activities and events.

This is what to expect:

Nestled between two bridges and flanked by the illustrious Brooklyn Navy Yard, this re-emerging Brooklyn neighborhood has become a critical destination for fashion professionals and exudes a culture and atmosphere all its own.

The programs introduces you to boutiques, beauty spots, art galleries, lifestyle brand stores, and sources for great food, all in a architectural setting with fabulous view of the Eastside skyline. This one is named “DUMBO: Brooklyn’s Latest Hipster Haven“.

After a brief introduction at FIT, attendees travel by subway to DUMBO. No same-day registration.”

It costs $45/person. Food and subway cost not included in course fee. Seminar Leader: Trina Morris, publicist, Style Root PR.

While in the neighborhood, you might want to explore a bit!

Be sure to pass by Burr0w to recharge with a coffee and a delicious pastry. If you want to shop for locally source products, go to Foragers! Their selection is literally impressive and it will be hard not want to buy it all.

And lastly, learn with a photography expert how to get the best shots!

For private and custom-made fashion tours, or even corporate experiences focused on trend research and technical visits, contact our experts. We also offer a fantastic Personal Shopper & Styling service for visitor and New Yorkers!


Text Excerpts: FIT NYC
Photo Credits: Courtesy 
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*


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