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NYC’s Iconic Empire Diner Will Reopen In Chelsea

Curiosity City Secrets Empire Diner by Untapped Cities

NYC’s iconic Empire Diner in Chelsea will reopen in November! Our friends at Untapped Cities tell us what’s going on with the iconic Empire Diner!

Curiosity City Secrets Empire Diner by Untapped Cities

We love keeping track of everything that happens to the most iconic places and businesses in New York City. As we’ve mentioned this before, we are huge fans of keeping the city’s history alive!

Our friends at Untapped Cities are great at keeping track of many of these spots and Empire Diner is one of them.

The place is scheduled to reopen in November of this year and is definitely a place work exploring. Plus, there is just so much to its story that you’ll be amazed!

“In 2015, Empire Diner, the iconic dining establishment in Chelsea, shut down after its second failed attempt at revival.

The windows of the restaurant are now covered in paper, but it’s slated to return under new management in November.

On Monday, we saw the doors open briefly with some activity inside, and we attended the liquor license hearing yesterday to get more details on the new iteration.

After 34 years of business, the original Empire Diner shut down in May 2010, when the landlords of the property refused to renew the lease.

At the time, the establishment had become the “latest hangout [for] artists, starving and otherwise,” as reported by The New Yorker. The classic rail car style diner became a poster child of the preservation movement to save the city’s vintage diners.

Today, the diner is located on the corner of 22nd St. and 10th Avenue, is one of the last free-standing diner spaces left in Manhattan.

Aside from new hours – it will now stay open until 2am – and brighter, more “friendly” decor, not much will change. The new Empire Diner returns with John DeLucie as chef.

Expect the same outdoor seating and another iteration of the classic all-American diner menu. DeLucie also tells us that because the exterior is a landmark, there will be no changes to the outside structure of the Empire Diner.”

We can’t wait for NYC’s iconic Empire Diner to come back to life!

Read the full, original post at Untapped New York and see more pictures!

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Text: Untapped New York 
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Untapped New York by Michelle Young
*Last Update on March/2020.*

New York City Historic East Village Food Tour

Events Up Coming Historic East Village Food Tour Untapped Cities

New York City has some of the most delicious food experiences on the planet. Come explore the New York City Historic East Village Food Tour through a tempting and delectable tour!

Events Up Coming Historic East Village Food Tour Untapped Cities

“Join James and Karla Murray, authors and photographers of the critically acclaimed books, “Store Front II – A History Preserved: The Disappearing Face of New York”, on this walking and tasting tour: New York City Historic East Village Food Tour.

Explore some of their favorite East Village food establishments.

In other words, discover the food, history and diverse culture of the East Village while tasting delicious specialties from at least 6 different tasting stops.

Many family-run businesses started out as traditional mom-and-pop stores passed down from generation to generation, and defined their neighborhoods.

These modest small businesses are falling away in the face of modernization, gentrification, and conformity. The once unique appearance and character of New York City’s colorful streets suffers in the process.

On this tour, you will learn about the diverse German, Italian, Jewish and Ukrainian history of the East Village. You’ll try some fresh homemade Italian mozzarella, drink an authentic New York City egg cream or have a freshly roasted cup of coffee.

Also, taste a hot Ukrainian potato pierogi with toppings, sample a freshly baked Jewish sugar cookie and enjoy an authentic New York hot dog and tropical drink. Lastly, taste a freshly baked Italian cannoli.

Enough food will be sampled so that, for most people, lunch afterwards is not needed.”

Date: Sunday, August 21st
Time: 12pm

Sponsored by our friends from Untapped New York!

For private tours or corporate tours, contact our experts and learn more. Also, take a look at our BTSNYC Tours & Experiences to book your next adventure!

We’ve also selected some of the best NYC Gifts within books, movies and more!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of James and Karla Murray
*Last Update on March/2020.*

I Forgot It’s Wednesday: An Artsy Dining Experience In NYC

Events On Going I Forgot It's Wednesday Dinner Experience Art

I Forgot It’s Wednesday (IFIW) is a concept that the talented Jenny Dorsey started with her husband 2 years ago after meeting him at Columbia Business School. It is a unique dining experience in NYC.

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During Business School, Jenny and her husband Matt, found it difficult to find a comfortable environment to meet interesting strangers and talk openly with friends. So, they started the I Forgot It’s Wednesday dinners with a unique mission to actively engage people on a deeper level.

Jenny is a professional chef and has a background in fine dining. Most recently she was part of the team at 2 Michelin starred Atera, in New York City. Her husband, Matt, a self-taught mixologist, recently won the Star Chefs Cocktail Competition. Amazing duo, right?

Since January 2014 they’ve hosted 70+ dinners, including 3 large scale popup events.

They just relaunched their dining experiences in New York City last month, after taking over San Francisco by storm last year.

They were named the “#1 supperclub in SF” by the prestigious 7×7 magazine, over Michelin-starred Lazy Bear! In addition,  SF Weekly, Eater and other renowned publications featured them!

Their February relaunch was profiled by UrbanDaddy. They’ve since been written up in Huffington Post and Epoch Taste as well!

I Forgot It’s Wednesday Dinner Series:

  • Location: Artist Loft in Chelsea – 18th and 8th Avenue
  • Dates & Times: Dinner – one Saturday a month at 8pm
  • Price: 7 Course Dinner | 4 Cocktail Flight: $85 | $30
  • Website & Menu: Check online

Today, the dinner series does not happen anymore, but they created Studio ATAO. It’s a 501(c)3 is a nonprofit, mission-driven immersive events company that creates exhibitions & live experiences at the intersection of food, art and social impact.

Last, if you are looking for other dining experience in NYC or would like a private and catered experience for you, contact our experts. On the other hand, we also work with companies of all sizes to organize corporate events and dinners.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of IFIW and their friends: MakeThingsWell, Nanette Wong, Peter Brock and BK Narayanan
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Banchan Story: A Korean Sea Vegetable NYC Cooking Class

Events Up Coming Banchan Story Cooking Class Delectable Sea Vegetables

We will participate this Saturday, February 20th in a delicious and unique “Delectable Sea Vegetable” Korean cooking class, hosted by Banchan Story.

Events Up Coming Banchan Story Cooking Class Delectable Sea Vegetables Chef Shin
This post was updated after the cooking class, with this picture of the final table.

Chef Shin, Founder of Banchan Story, will be teaching us about various types of delicious, healthy sea vegetables full of minerals. Plus, she’ll teach how to prepare them as a part of a daily meal through easy and simple steps.

After all, it is possible to cook a full course meal from salad to dessert with a Korean flare to it!

Cool right?

How this all started? Chef Shin explains:

“I decided to start my own Korean cooking class program because I wanted to share the Korean food culture. It has such a long, dynamic history with dishes using diverse, healthy ingredients.

In fact, Korean home meals are largely based on plethora of vegetables – both from the land and the sea. Although, it has gained popularity through Korean BBQ in recent years. These are the dishes I still like eating on a day-to-day basis. Plus, it’s what I’d like to share with more people through my cooking classes in the future.

I love sharing not only the ingredients and cooking techniques of Korean food, but also the stories related to each and every dish. It may be an anecdote from my family, a special meaning in Korean culture, or a significance in Korean history.

Hosting small, interactive, hands-on cooking classes gives me a chance to share these stories and cooking in person. Also, we can feed off from each other’s enthusiasm.”

Read more about Chef Shin’s NYC cooking class experience.

For private cooking classes, contact us!

Plus, if you’d like Chef Shin to cater for your private event or corporate event, let out experts organize it all for you!

Date: Saturday, February 20th
Time: 3pm – 5:30pm
Location: Basement Kitchen Studio – 306 West 51st Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Banchan Story

Gastromotiva Benefit Dinner NYC: Great Food For A Better World

Events Up Coming Gastromotiva Dinner Starred Chefs

The Gastromotiva Benefit dinner NYC joins forces with Chef Daniel Humm and parked up for a memorable evening! Where?  At the famous, upscale Eleven Madison Park restaurant.

Events Up Coming Gastromotiva Dinner Starred Chefs
Chef Daniel Humm from Elevan Madison Park and David Hertz, Founder of Gastromotiva.

Gastromotiva will happen on Monday, March 24th in the heart of Manhattan.

The event will be a unique opportunity to witness the team of Eleven Madison Park – rated 5th in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – pay homage to the Brazilian people and social-gastronomic movement.

During this night, they’ll serve a special five-course tasting menu. Created by the renowned Chef Daniel Humm, who will be in attendance during the night, it will be a remarkable experience.

By his side, the Wine Director, Dustin Wilson will be pairing wines with each course.

The event gathered 120 amazing people and raised funds to graduate 70 new cooks in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Take a look at the fantastic outcome of Gastromotiva Benefit Dinner NYC night on the video below!

And still, a little more about Gastromotiva:

Gastromotiva began operations in São Paulo in 2006, followed by Rio de Janeiro in 2013 and Salvador in 2014. It will soon open in other cities in Brazil and Latin America.
In addition to Vocational Kitchen Training, we encourage dissemination of Social Gastronomy in Brazil and worldwide. Why? To show food’s powers to transform.
Good work is always recognized.

Gastromotiva has become a bellwether in Brazil for its power to transform not only in the gastronomic market, but also in the third sector. In the name of founder David Hertz, the organization has received awards and tributes which enhance the value to the initiatives and projects undertaken.”

Also, we are very fond of working close to charities in New York and promoting their work. Feel free to reach out and contribute in ways, at your reach.

In addition, if you are a company, and have an upcoming Gala, we work with fantastic customized experiences that can be auctioned to help raise money.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of www.nycharities.org
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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