Banchan Story: A Korean Sea Vegetable NYC Cooking Class

February 18, 2016 | BTSNYC
Events Up Coming Banchan Story Cooking Class Delectable Sea Vegetables

We will participate this Saturday, February 20th in a delicious and unique “Delectable Sea Vegetable” Korean cooking class, hosted by Banchan Story.

Events Up Coming Banchan Story Cooking Class Delectable Sea Vegetables Chef Shin
This post was updated after the cooking class, with this picture of the final table.

Chef Shin, Founder of Banchan Story, will be teaching us about various types of delicious, healthy sea vegetables full of minerals. Plus, she’ll teach how to prepare them as a part of a daily meal through easy and simple steps.

After all, it is possible to cook a full course meal from salad to dessert with a Korean flare to it!

Cool right?

How this all started? Chef Shin explains:

“I decided to start my own Korean cooking class program because I wanted to share the Korean food culture. It has such a long, dynamic history with dishes using diverse, healthy ingredients.

In fact, Korean home meals are largely based on plethora of vegetables – both from the land and the sea. Although, it has gained popularity through Korean BBQ in recent years. These are the dishes I still like eating on a day-to-day basis. Plus, it’s what I’d like to share with more people through my cooking classes in the future.

I love sharing not only the ingredients and cooking techniques of Korean food, but also the stories related to each and every dish. It may be an anecdote from my family, a special meaning in Korean culture, or a significance in Korean history.

Hosting small, interactive, hands-on cooking classes gives me a chance to share these stories and cooking in person. Also, we can feed off from each other’s enthusiasm.”

Read more about Chef Shin’s NYC cooking class experience.

For private cooking classes, contact us!

Plus, if you’d like Chef Shin to cater for your private event or corporate event, let out experts organize it all for you!

Date: Saturday, February 20th
Time: 3pm – 5:30pm
Location: Basement Kitchen Studio – 306 West 51st Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Banchan Story

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