NYC Snow Monsters Intervention By Peter Regli

In front of one of our most famous buildings in the Flatiron Plaza, Peter Regli exhibited a beautiful installment. The Snow Monsters intervention showed 12 amazing marble snowmen experiencing the several stages of melting.

Culture Music Peter Regli Snow Monsters by ceos_downbeat

The Snow Monsters intervention presented by Dominique Lévy Gallery showcased during the month of March.
It’s was a fantastic and creative work! It amused not only visitors, but all New Yorkers that passed by the Plaza area. They became part of the beautiful scene in front of our famous Flatiron building, on 23rd Street.
This installment was part of a series called “Reality Hacking“, created by the Swiss-born artist Peter Regli. This series already add up to over 300 interventions around the globe. A remarkable number, for sure!
This one marks “his first large-scale sculptural intervention in New York City”.
These marbles sculptures were fabricated by the Hánhs – a Vietnamese family. Some of the most renowned Buddhist sculptures seen in temples are their art works.
Peter Regli is well-known for his public interventions around the world – a work that started back in 1996. We adore his disruptive, uncommon art works and how they interact with by-passers and the urban settings.
He explains:
I chose the snowman because of its Buddha-like nature. They appear briefly in the world, bring joy and evoke memories of childhood. Then, disappear again, melting away without complaint.
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Location: 23rd Street with 5th Avenue

Photo Credit: Rob Ceos, aka @ceos_downbeat
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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