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Your Friend’s Kitchen: A Dining Experience At The Chef’s House

New York is a gastronomy haven for those that love food! I want to share [...]

4 Unexpected Places You Can Visit In New York [NYC Secrets]

Although NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world, it’s also the home [...]

Must-See Jazz Spots In Harlem

We visited and shot a pretty cool YouTube video at a few of the must-see [...]

Seasoned Vegan: A Harlem Restaurant That Will Change Your Life

We love Harlem and everything about it! Seasoned Vegan is Harlem’s very 1st full-service Vegan [...]

The 7 Best NYC Social Dance Venues To Have Fun

New York City certainly has it all! The recognized ballroom dancer, Olga Kochnova, shared with [...]

Africa Miranda: A Multi-Talented Beautypreneur From Harlem

Africa Miranda, a multi-talented beautypreneur born in Harlem, shared with us her journey and her [...]

Doc Hersons: Story Behind a Harlem-born Absinthe Brand

New York City is known for many things, from being the #1 Fashion Capital in [...]

Secrets And Fun Facts About Morningside Park In Harlem

A bit a culture and history with our friends from Untapped New York! We love exploring [...]


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