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Secrets And Fun Facts About Morningside Park In Harlem

September 8, 2016 | BTSNYC
Curiosities City Secrets Morningside Park in Harlem by Untapped Cities

A bit a culture and history with our friends from Untapped New York! We love exploring Harlem, so here are some secrets and fun facts about Morningside Park worth sharing!

Curiosities City Secrets Morningside Park in Harlem by Untapped Cities
Photo Credit: Benjamin Waldman

Every time we’ve been to Harlem, it’s been a fantastic experience. From the art and fashion scene, to all the delicious restaurants, the neighborhood is so rich and with so much to share!

Furthermore, one of their most famous parks is call Morningside Park and our friends from Untapped Cities shared a few secrets and fun facts about it!

So, come and check it out!

“Morningside Park is experiencing something of a renaissance in recent years, with booming real estate in Morningside Heights and Harlem surrounding it.

The picturesque park seems to have it all – grand landscapes, practical outdoor amenities, landmarked architecture, and commanding views.

Today, we’ll go through some of the most fun secrets and fun facts we came across while researching for a talk we gave with the Design Trust for Public Space inside Morningside Park last week.

10. Morningside Heights is Built Atop Manhattan Schist Up to 30 Million Years Old

9. Morningside Park Was Not Part of the Manhattan Street Grid

8. There Has Only Been One Road to Ever Go through Morningside Park, And It’s Long Been Lost

7. Until a Few Decades Ago, There Was a Blockhouse from 1812 in Morningside Park

6. Morningside Park Had a Vastly Different Original Plan

5. Some of NYC’s Most Famous Architects Worked on Morningside Park

4. There Used to be an Elevated Railway Next to Morningside Park

3. There Was a Massive Columbia University Protest Over a Gym in Morningside Park

2. The Remnants of the Gym Were Converted into a Pond and Waterfall

1. The Saga of the Statue of Lafayette and Washington in Morningside Park

See the original post of the Morningside Park, with many other pictures and infos!

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Curiosities City Secrets Morningside Park in Harlem by Untapped Cities Benjamin Waldman
Photo Credit: Benjamin Waldman

Text: Michelle Young from UntappedCities
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Benjamin Waldman

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Benjamin Waldman for Untapped New York
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