Chef Showdown V For The New York City Foodies

Komeeda’s Chef Showdown is back and will rock the world of the New York City Foodies. Three amazing Chefs will compete in the Chef Showdown V!!!

Events Up Coming Komeeda Chef Showdown V 2016

Three Chefs. Six Bites. One Champion. This is Komeeda’s Chef Showdown V.

They are back and we couldn’t be happier to be part of it again!!! The event is organized by Komeeda and will be hosted at BKLYN Commons on Thursday September 22nd, 2016.

Three fantastic Chefs will be featuring two of their best bites for the crowd to eat and rate their culinary creations!

Who are they? Chef Alexander Magloire II, Chef Dania Robley-Lehi and Elijah Dalager! If you’ve never heard of the…well, you should! So, come a see what they will be creating for this night!

Come out and support them and their fellow competitors. And still, help us choose who will be the champion of the Chef Showdown V.

We will all be able to vote for the best food, presentation, creation! So exciting!

In addition, we’d also like to thank all our fellow Chefs, contributors, partners for this awesome food experience: Beyond The Eats, BKLYN Commons, Stefani Style Inc., Eemas Cuisine, Chef Paula & Nelson!

More about the event:

“The Chef Showdown is a kommunity competition, bringing together talented and extraordinary chefs, food influencers and food lovers for an evening of tasty bites, delicious drinks and an awesome foodie-sphere.

The experience is designed to create a competitive platform for three self-made culinary artists to cook up their creatively crafted bites to an audience of 100 attendees. The bites will be eaten and rated by the people, at which the chef with the highest rated dish at the end of the competition will be crowned!” 

Also, if you’d like a private event, catered for you with any of these chefs, let our experts organize it for you! For a corporate gathering, also contact us.

Price: $20/person
Date: September 22nd
Time: 6:30pm – 9pm
Location: 495 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn – beside Prospect Park

Events Up Coming Komeeda Chef Showdown V 2016 Flyer

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Komeeda

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