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Windham Mountain Ski Resort: Skiing Getaways Upstate New York

Day Trips and Travel Windham Mountain Odyssée Montagne - Only Illlustration

Windham Mountain Ski Resort is located just a bit over 2.5 hours from New York City. Be prepared to witness some of the most amazing sceneries at one of the best skiing getaways upstate New York.

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The Windham Mountain Ski Resort has more than “50 ski trails, 12 lifts, an Inn, three restaurants, a golf course, spa, an adventure park and a lift -served mountain bike park”. Amazing right?

They offer a BootLab where you can buy and customize your boots with the renowned bootfitter, Mark Stewart.

Not everyone enjoys spending an entire day going up and down the mountains, so Windham Country Club offers a Mountain Yoga studio with several Yoga variations. You can try their Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Sunrise Flow, TGIF Yoga, Yoga Fundamentals and the Restorative Yoga.

The resort has a few dining options. You can try Rock’n Mexicana and Mulligan’s Pub. But, you can also choose from one of their many on-mountain dining spots!

So, for a lunch break or to finish the day, you can choose from burgers, to waffles, barbecue, and even sushi! They offer a great variety for all tastes.

Plus, they have great options for coffees, pastries, soups and sandwiches too!

If you’re not the skier-type, the resort is also a really great option to go during the hotter months.

They have countless outdoor activities from radical sports to golfing.

People have no idea how beautiful and green the state of New York is, so have fun exploring this fantastic place just a few hours from Manhattan. It’s definitely one of the best skiing getaways upstate New York.

If you need assistance to book this trip, let our experts give you a hand. For corporate groups and activities, learn what services we offer.

Location: 33 Clarence D Lane Road, Windham


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of OdysséeMontagne (only an illustrative image) and courtesy of Windham Mountain Resort
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Arrivals Gates At Flying Solo: A Shopping Experience In SoHo

Events Up Coming Arrival Gates Unexpected Cashmere Flying Solo Feathers

One of our very good friends referred this event. Arrivals Gates Unexpected Cashmere at Flying Solo will surely be a different shopping experience to go in New York City this weekend! Enjoy this unique shopping experience in SoHo!

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“Arrivals Gate – Unexpected Cashmere is Adriana Lerner Adelson’s mission to use her creativity while opening borders bringing traditional handmade shawls into modern life. Adriana envisions, curates and distributes high-quality native handicrafts from Kathmandu, Nepal and other communities in developing countries.

She expanded on her experience in the global business world to engage with communities while creating art.

Her creations explore the individuals’ desire to be unique. As a result, what could seem to be only an “accessory”, reveals itself to be what we are in the choices we make as individuals.

All pieces achieve unexpected visual similarities, although exploring their amazing different textures. Adriana’s creations express, inspire, surprise and connect … the cashmere way.

During her talk, the artist will explain her inspiration process to create the Unexpected Cashmere series, the social project through Arrivals Gate that supports the cashmere factory in Kathmandu, the shawls creation and what is Cashmere, where it comes from, care and usage questions.”

So, RSVP for this shopping experience in SoHo.

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Contact our concierge experts and let them tell you more about our professionals! They will cater to your needs and budget, prepping everything for you before you arrive at the store. Plus, if you need a wardrobe cleanse or personal styling, we have it all! Just beware, this service might be addictive!

Date: January 21st
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Location: Flying Solo – 224 Mulberry Street


Photo Credit and Text Excerpts: Courtesy of Arrivals Gates / Unexpected Cashmere
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Indie Beauty Expo: 6 NY based Vegan, Organic, Natural Beauty Brands

Fitness Health Indie Beauty Expo 2016 Violets are Blue Ingredients

We’ve been observing a trend around the world: people are changing their values about lifestyle. Behind the Scenes NYC attended the Indie Beauty Expo that took place in New York and found some amazing NY based Vegan, Organic, Natural beauty brands.

Indie Beauty Expo New York City 2016

During the last couple of years, the number of organic products have grown exponentially and more people started to practice physical activities as part of their daily routine. Today, we will tell you what we found at the Indie Beauty Expo in NYC.

There is a clear concern about the origin of every beauty product that we use. Even Netflix has launched a Series called Broken that shows the terrible things that happen in this industry.

People are now choosing to live in the most natural way possible. It’s not a surprise that this new lifestyle also includes the concern with cosmetic products we purchase.

Hence, we see so many new brands in the market, with different proposes, offering vegan and organic formulas.

We attended the Indie Beauty Expo, that took place in New York a while ago.

“IBE’S mission is to provide a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. Indie brands are among the fastest growing product categories.”

They have become a ‘must have’ in almost every retailer’s collection and are now directly influencing key trends in their markets. We can see this in New York, with several stores specialized in brands that offer natural cosmetics.

Here are some brands that called our Contributor’s, Laura Peruchi, attention at the Indie Beauty Expo 2016:

Escaping NYC: Exploring Narrowsburg In Upstate NY With Juliette Hermant

Insider Interviews Juliette Hermant Narrowsburg By Julie Holder Powell

Upstate NY is gorgeous. Juliette Hermant, Founder of Maison Bergogne, gave us a full itinerary so you can visit and enjoy a long weekend in Narrowsburg!

Insider Interviews Juliette Hermant Narrowsburg By Julie Holder Powell
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Julie Holder Powell

Upstate NY is so beautiful and most visitors and even New Yorkers don’t know about the amazing people and places they can find.

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, fell in love with Maison Bergogne, an antique, décor and design services shop in Narrowsburg, upstate New York. So, she decided to interview Juliette Hermant, the owner.

To start, Juliette Hermant is a painter, photographer and interior designer, who moved to the U.S. from Paris in 2007. She lived in Los Angeles working as an artist. Then, moved to the East Coast in search of a stronger sense of community.

Juliette didn’t really find it in Williamsburg (where she lived). Her strong, buzzing energy left her yearning for a different life. She wanted a place she could do meaningful work that was needed while feeling grounded in nature.

So, in 2012, she ended up in Narrowsburg, a historic Catskills hamlet perfectly situated along the Delaware River, just across the bridge from Pennsylvania.

There is a long history of artists in the town. So, it seemed full of potential to her.

Juliette acquired a beautiful brick 1920’s industrial building that had been boarded up and breathed new life into it, opening Maison Bergogne. She filled this emporium with antiques and vintage pieces, 90% of which are local to the Catskills, and offered her interior design services to local homeowners and businesses in partnership with Anie Stanley of Woolheater Wares.

She also set about engaging with the community to work on revitalizing the area. Moreover, this included developing a community garden and tending beehives on her rooftop. Over the years, she has become very invested in enhancing the town through initiatives with the Narrowsburg Beautification Group and Main Street Merchants.


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Juliette’s interest in permaculture has crystallized through her latest venture Fish & Bicycle. Foodies and makers collaborate with her desire to serve the Catskill’s bountiful flavors through local feasts, while also passing on skills and knowledge.  

Sharing flavors create bonds between people, which works to foster a sense of stable, collaborative community. Join them for a leap in the Catskills through their one-of-a-kind events & workshops and get a bite of their terroir cuisine with Fish & Bicycle’s catering services.
Fish & Bicycle Apiaries now offers the opportunity to join a honey-share, where your contribution supports permaculture ethics and edible pollinator’s friendly-gardens around her small town, as well as Juliette’s nearby Monarch butterfly nursery.
Launch date is still to be announced, so stay tuned!


Below are Juliette’s top tips in Narrowsburg and surroundings. It’ll be of great help to plan your Day-Trip or Weekend-Trip:

Part of Narrowsburg’s charm is its ideal location, perched above the picturesque “Big Eddy” of the Delaware River. Wild flora and fauna abound, including white-tailed deer, bald eagles and black bear. Lately, there has been an influx of New York City transplants and visitors to the area. In addition, new businesses are springing up.

The most beautiful approach to the town is along Route 97, a scenic byway that runs along the river. And, the nearest bus and train stations are more than half an hour away – in Monticello and Port Jervis, respectively. So, coming up by car is a good idea. (You can rent your car through our Concierge Services).

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