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UMA | Raquel Davidowicz: The Feminine Force In a New Era

Shop Ladies Uma Raquel Davidowicz Façade

“Androgyny is sensual, a timeless style is sophisticate, and a strong attitude is expressive.” UMA | Raquel Davidowicz is a renowned Brazilian brand that recently opened a store in the West Village.

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One of the most renowned Brazilian brands has finally landed in New York City: UMA | Raquel Davidowicz!

We all know how much the Brazilian fashion is gaining more and more exposure worldwide. Women and men from all the corners of the globe are hungry fascinated by it and the desire exponentially grows.

New York City is the world’s top fashion capital and as we all know that “if you make it here, you’ll make it anywhere.” That’s also true with fashion!

UMA | Raquel Davidowicz is a contemporary womenswear with an independent and timeless essence. Family owned and well established in Brazil for over 20 years, they are now present in New York City. So, get ready to go crazy inside the store!

UMA by Raquel Davidowicz opened its first international store in NYC’s West Village, on October of 2015. The Spring/Summer 2016 collection currently available is truly beautiful and fresh.

The Portuguese word UMA, translates to “one”, which relates to uniqueness and individuality.

Since its launch in 1996, the designer has been presenting sophisticated tailored pieces with a laid-lack appeal that translates the brands very solid DNA.

We are sure you’re going to enjoy it! And boys, this is a perfect place to purchase a gift your loved ones. Do consider passing by the store to check it out!

In addition, the West Village has a huge variety of brands for every style and budget. Therefore, contact us so we can have our fashion experts take care of you! There is nothing better than having a professional Personal Stylist with making sure you put together the perfect wardrobe for the upcoming season!

We’ve also worked with several Corporate groups that come into the city for work. Many are researching trends, while others desire benchmarking with specific companies and brands. We’ve delivered different projects where we organize Fashion Trend Researches and Study Tours for Delegations.

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 7pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Location: 371 Bleecker Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of UMA | Raquel Davidowicz
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Nili Lotan: An Expert At Dressing The Modern Urban Women

Shop Ladies Nili Lotan Profile

A New York City based brand that portrays a pure and sophisticated style! Nili Lotan knows how to reflect a women’s lifestyle through clothes.

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I’m totally in love with everything at Nili Lotan!

The Israeli designer, Nili Lotan, moved to New York City in 1980. She worked as a Senior Design Director for several leading fashion companies, including Ralph Lauren and Nautica.

Therefore, after several years and greatly acquired experiences, Nili decided to launch her own eponymous label. Nili’s simple design philosophy is pure and sophisticated. Less is definitely more.

In addition, Nili says:

“A woman’s wardrobe should reflect her lifestyle and function as an extension of who she is.”

Perfectly and simply said, right? The more our wardrobe reflects our style, the better and more confident we fell in work and life situations.

The tops, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, scarves are all amazing. We have to confess that we are deeply in love with the eco baby alpaca sweaters. You can shop them all online.

Granted that Nili loves and appreciates art, she often exhibits artwork in the store.

Moreover, you will also find a collection of rare books on topics ranging from film, architecture, photography and design.

“Nili’s collections has been equally well received by the market and editors alike. Her pieces regularly feature in top fashion and lifestyle publications like VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, WSJ.

Furthermore, over the years, Nili’s designs have accrued a glittering list of dedicated followers including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Christy Turlington, Jennifer Lawrence, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, and Karolina Kurkova, among many more.”

Since you’re passing through TriBeCa, you might want to explore it a bit! Stop for a great coffee and support Hugh Jackman’s beautiful cause at Laughing Man Tea & Coffee. Plus, go for a drink at the super traditional, Tiny’s or at the coveted Paul’s Cocktail Lounge.

And still, stroll through a New York City style alley.

Hours: See online for different locations.

188 Duane Street, Tribeca
87 Mercer Street, SoHo
38 Main Street, East Hampton


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nili Lotan
*Last Update on March/2020.*

McGuire Denim: The Perfect Hand Crafted Denim

Shop Ladies McGuire Denim New York City

Denim is one of the pieces that we have the hardest time to figure out what looks best when we’re out “on the hunt”! McGuire Denim will solve most of your denim issues!

Shop Ladies McGuire Denim New York City

“Style, substance, grace, humility and big dreams!”

We are definitely “denim lovers”, so we do have a considerable number of pieces in our closets. Our Founder could literally use them every-single-day-of-her-life.

Well, here is a great brand that can solve most of your denim issues!

McGuire Denim was founded by Marianne McDonald. The idea was conceptualized in New York City, and brought to life, in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, the goal was to create great jeans for great people with style, substance, grace, humility and big dreams.

The mixture of an urban style, with classic shapes and the softest fabric you’ll find, will make you feel amazing, and still comfortable.

Some of the most stylish girls in the planet are huge fans of the brands. Names like: Gigi Hadid, Arielle Noa Charnas (aka Something Navy), Jamie Chung, Kate Hudson and Jamie King are a few!

The jeans cost around $250 and they will make your legs look just like Gisele Bundchen’s, the Brazilian Über Model! Long legs and heals? Well, that’s the perfect math! But, then again, feeling comfortable and chic comes in first place, right?

Get ready to purchase amazing and ultra-chic styles, from boyish cropped to high-rise skinnies pairs! We love them all!

And still, they will launch their E-Commerce soon, so stay tuned! It might definitely become addictive one it gets so much easier to purchase, right?

In addition, find out more about our private Personal Shopping & Styling service and also the Wardrobe cleanse! They are fantastic services that will get you addicted! We have very loyal clients that book several times a month!

Shop at: Nordstrom and ShopBop


Photo Credit: Courtesy of McGuire Denim
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Pema NYC: A Brooklyn Store Getting You Ready for Winter

Shop Ladies Pema NYC Façade

If you are like our Founder, Fê, a great fan of Summer time, you’re probably already suffering in anticipation just thinking about the Winter that is yet to come. Pema NYC will help prepare your closet for this shift!

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Thankfully, the weather is still amazing and the sun is out! Before it gets really cold, you better suit up and start preparing your closet for this shift. One of the places to go is Pema NYC!

Packing the Summer clothes and bringing out the Winter ones is always an inevitable hassle. So, to make things more fun, use this time to select the ones you won’t use anymore. Then, you can separate them for donation!

With this done, now you can have a bit of fun, and shop for new stuff!

We’ve known Pema NYC, a Brooklyn original, for the longest time and this weekend we passed by their store in Williamsburg.

Founded in 2004, Pema launched as a family business. This was way before tourists discovered how easy it is to get into the neighborhood through the L line,

They offer everything you’ll need from hats, to great shoes – we loved the boots!, to dresses, denim, jewelry, scarves, gloves, bags, and even the cutest Happy Socks filling an entire wall!

“Our personal, friendly atmosphere is the perfect place to find a great deal. We sell party or casual dresses, jeans, tees, loads of jewelry, leather bags and wallets, heels and boots, hats and scarves and so on.

Come check it out yourself. And, find out why we are still going strong, even with Whole Foods and Apple in sight of our door.”

Plus, keep an eye for the items on sale which always great too!

And still, their website is always updated with their latest pieces, so you might want to keep your eyes opened.

Enjoy your shopping!

Let us know if you’re interested in experiencing our exclusive Personal Shopping & Styling services with the best New York City experts!

While in the neighborhood, you might want to try a few spots for lunch like Dziupla, Zizi Limona, Nora Thai. Also, grab one of the best Chai Lattes at Woops Bakeshop.

If you plan to stay up late, pass by Freehold to see what party they are throwing. Explore and uncover other Brooklyn original spots hidden throughout the streets!

Hours: Everyday 11am – 8pm

Location: 225 Bedford Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pema New York
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Interview With The Best NYC Spots For Style City

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Style City Braszil

Our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, was interviewed by Style City, a Brazilian travel website. She shares the places she loves the most in New York City. So check out some of the best NYC spots!

About BTSNYC What The Press Says Style City BraszilOur founder, Fê, loves to share the story of her journey to New York City. But, she also loved participating in interviews that ask about the best NYC spots. There are so many more, but she had to pick only a hand full to share…

For this interview, Fê (like our Founder’s friends call her), talks about:

  • the best neighborhood to stay and explore
  • a spot for people watching
  • she describes a perfect day in NYC
  • where true New Yorkers go for dinner
  • where to go on cold nights
  • what you can’t forget to pack
  • …and much more!

So, here is an excerpt of the interview:

“BTSNYC is one of the most popular accounts in New York – and very interesting for tourists that want to get away from the traditional routes.

It was created by a group of friends that lives in New York City that had the desire to share the best things that we hardly ever found in common travel guides.

And, since this team really are experts on the subject ‘New York’, we reached out and talked with their creators to see what are the best upcoming spots to explore during this upcoming season!

Come and see…”

Furthermore, take a look at the full Interview! Note: Even though it’s in Portuguese, we highlighted the posts, so you can definitely jot them down to explore!!

Don’t miss out on these city tips!

In addition, if you want to see where the most renowned Influencers and hottest names in the planet go to in New York City, be sure to read the posts on Insider Interviews!

You’ll certainly be enlightened with new spots to explore!


Schutz: Our obsession with a Brazilian Shoe Brand

Shop Ladies Schutz Madison Shoes Short Gladiator Something Navy

We all know that Brazilians love New York City, but New York City also loves Brazilian fashion. Plus, shoe’s are a girl’s second best friend, right? If you agree, Schutz is a Brazilian shoe brand to visit!

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Schutz is a Brazilian shoe brand with over 50 store worldwide. They opened their 1st flagship store in New York City, right on our famous Madison Avenue, on September 2012!

It’s been a while, but then again, it never gets old, since the more shoes we have, the better, correct?

Brazilians are completely addicted to shoes and the more they have, the merrier. Schutz is a young and very trendy brand that has been rocking the world of Brazilian beauties. Now, they are also found on the feet of stylish American gals out there!

With an amazing store project the walls are filled with huge geometric cubes on the walls. There, shoes and accessories are displayed in perfect synch. The store’s concept incorporates the inspiration of an art gallery yet, maintains an inviting, luxurious layout.

You’ll be able to find everything from countless pumps, high heals, the latest sandal styles, flats, boots and everything in between. Not only will you find countless styles, but also you’ll have shoes for every type of occasion. From going to the beach and enjoy a long weekend in the sun, to super fancy shoes and trendy boots to use in the winter! They have it all!

Schutz is one of the most desired Brazilian shoe brands, and their shoes go for $120 to around $360.

Their second store in the US opened in Beverly Drive in Los Angeles, so if you’re on the West Coast, go check it out! From there, they have now expanded to other places like: Aventura in Florida, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Short Hills in New Jersey.

Also, take a look at their latest shoe trends and shop new arrivals now!

With in the group, their sister brand is Alexandre Birman. This eponymous handcrafted luxury brand is higher priced, starting at around $295 and can skyrocket up to around $1,400.

For other Brazilian places in New York, check these out! Beco Bar, in Williamsburg, Capoeira Vida and Berimbau do Brasil in the West Village.

For one of the best beauty salons in New York City, go to Maria Bonita Salon and Spa. And also, check out a unique Jewelry Trunk Show that our experts organized for a Brazilian Marketing and PR agency.

Lastly, see what these Brazilian artists are up to as we wrote about them for Glamour Brazil magazine! As we mentioned above, Brazilians love New York City!

If you’re coming to New York or you live in our beautiful city, and you’re looking for a Personal Shopper & Stylist, let our experts show you how we do it in New York City!

And still, for corporate projects, like Fashion & Trends Tours,  Delegation Study Tours, or simply a fun leisure day contact our experts to learn more!

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Location: 655 Madison Avenue


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Schutz
*Updated on Jan/2020.*


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