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Kamila Almeida And Pedro Cury, A NYC Wedding

Shop NYC Wedding Kamila Almeida Gurneys Montauk Married Happy

We all know how gorgeous the Hamptons region is. Now, imagine having the NYC wedding of your dreams at Gurney’s Montauk, one of the trendiest resorts Montauk! Plus, it’s literally on the beach!

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A new group purchased the hotel, so it recently passed through a renovation. We loved the result.

Friday, before our wedding, we also organized a welcome party to all the guests. Guests had time to find friends, meet new people and get into the Montauk vibe!

Take a look to see what a Brazilian beach wedding looking like:

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Both events – welcome party and the wedding, were flawless!

Take a look at the list below to see the name and contact of every supplier that Kamila and Pedro used for their wedding. Some were flown direct from Brazil, but many are local companies!

Nonetheless, nothing keeps you from flying in these Brazilian suppliers, right?

Stay tuned to see our NYC wedding selection, featuring the most amazing celebrations.

If you also want to have a super trendy wedding at a New York beach, but have no idea where to start, or which local suppliers is the best, let our experts help you out. Our partners are some of the top names in the wedding industry and will be able to make your dream wedding come to life in no time!

We also work with Corporate requests and events, in New York City and in around the state. Contact us so we can cater to your needs.

Photo Credits: Photography by Verdi
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Skydiving In New York: If You Love A Challenge, Head Upstate

Day Trips and Travel Skydiving Malone Parachute Club Vermont by William Klein for Harpers Bazaar

Many people that come to NY or even live here, have no idea of the beautiful upstate New York’s nature scene is. One of our Contributors, Marcela Brasil, decided to go upstate – border with Vermont – for a thrilling and adventurous experience: Skydiving in New York!

Day Trips and Travel Skydiving Malone Parachute Club Vermont by DoNorthMagazine
Photo Credit: Courtesy of DoNorth Magazine

Many people that come to NY for the first time, or that dream about coming to visit this beautiful concrete jungle, and even people that have been here countless times, have no idea of the beauty of upstate New York.

The drive is breathtaking with surprising views – so different from the City. Plus, places are not as far as you might initially think. You can hike, bike, practice for your upcoming marathon, picnic, do kayaking, camp and a huge list of other activities.

Renting a car is far from being a hassle, since it’s quite easy with rates as low as $50-$60/day, or even rates of $150/day (not bad at all!) for cars like Range Rovers and Porsche Cayenne, with our Partners, to drive in great style!

Take a look at what Marcela thought about her exciting skydiving experience:

“Door is open,” the pilot said. From the tiny airplane window all I could see were clouds. It was cold and windy, and I am not going to lie: I wanted to give up. But…it was too late as I could hear the clinging of the hooks that would hold the instructor and I together. Each click, making the latches tighter and tighter.

I was already high up in the sky, wearing a bulky unflattering skydiving suit and getting ready for the big jump into Champlain Valley, in upstate New York.

Suddenly, I was free falling from 12,000 feet above the ground. It lasted nearly a minute, but it definitely felt longer.

Back flips and a few 360-degree free-fall turns to spicy it up a bit were part of the show, as if skydiving itself wasn’t radical enough.

The fear of the free fall disappeared as I started appreciating the mind-blowing view of the North Country and its picturesque and beautiful landscapes. All I could feel up there was an inexpressible sensation of peace and freedom, as I felt fully isolated from the world.

New York State is way bigger than the crazy Big Apple, with its endless skyscrapers and overcrowded touristic spots. Whoever desires to see breathtaking landscapes, a quick drive to places located in upstate New York is essential.

I lived for many years in Plattsburgh, a four-hour drive from New York City, and located nearby the Canadian border. Upstate New York was the place I chose to skydive, and this choice couldn’t have been better. The North Country’s scenic views definitely sets an impression to anyone.

Driving upstate is so far the most beautiful drive I ever did — and I’ve driven all through the West Coast before! It doesn’t matter which season it is, I am sure you will be as amazed, as I always am. My favorite season to enjoy the driving view is the Fall, since you can experience the colorful fall foliage from far up.

Talking about seasons, skydiving is a different experience depending on the season as well. Due to super low temperatures, it is usually closed during the Winter and early Spring.

When I skydived, it was during the first few weeks into Fall, and the leaves were still pretty green. I am planning on doing it again but, this time, as soon as the leaves start falling. I am sure it will be a thrilling experience, too!

Whenever I get overwhelmed from the busy New Yorker life, I get a car and drive North to clear up my mind or to just breathe some fresh air.

I’m sure I’m not alone on these urges!

If that doesn’t work, I’ll put on a bulky flight suit, pretend I’m not afraid of height and simply jump out of an airplane from 12,000 feet, and disconnect with the world to reconnect with my inner self.

Below are a few places you can contact to Skydive upstate, but the one I went to was Malone Parachute Club.

I paid $220 for the jump and it was worth every-single-dollar! There are other prices/options too.

So, you might want to add onto your bucket list: Skydiving in New York!

If you’d like our expert’s assistance to organize a special weekend for you and your friends & family, let us know how we can be of help. For company gatherings, team building experiences and other purposes, let us create something unique for you and your team!

The Blue Sky Ranch
Gardiner Airport
55 Sand Hill Road
Gardiner, NY 12525
Tel: 845-255-9538

Saratoga Skydiving Adventures
288 Brownville Rd
Gansevoort, NY 12831
Tel: 518-895-8140

Western New York Skydiving
Pine Hill Airport
4906 Pine Hill Road
Albion, NY 14411
Tel: 716-597-7393

Malone Parachute Club
629 Airport Rd
Highgate Center, VT 05459
Tel: 802-868-9444

Photo Credits: Courtesy of William Klein for Harpers Bazaar (feature image) and Do North Magazine
*Last Update on March/2020.*

The Borscht Belt: Abandoned Sites In The Catskills Region

Shop Specialties The Borscht Belt Book by Marisa Scheinfeld Catskills NY Green Bar Stools

“The Borscht Belt: Revisiting the Remains of America’s Jewish Vacationland” is a great book by Marisa Scheinfeld! It shows gorgeous shots of ‘abandoned sites where resorts, hotels, and bungalow colonies once boomed in the Catskill Mountain region of upstate New York’.

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We love the Catskills region of upstate New York. Moreover, we are also fascinated in exploring abandoned spots where there once was an entire booming scene of people and life!

It’s incredible to learn what happened to these places. Why it became forgotten and to be able to walk through and register what it has transformed into.

If you L-O-V-E photography books and these abandoned locations, then you’ll love this book! It’s called “The Borscht Belt: Revisiting the Remains of America’s Jewish Vacationland”, by Marisa Scheinfeld.

It takes place in the Catskills Mountain Region, in upstate New York. In addition, it has some of the most intriguing images that will entice your curiosity.

Below is an excerpt from Marisa’s website where she explains with more details what this project is about.

“Today the Borscht Belt is recalled through the nostalgic lens of summer swims, Saturday night dances, and comedy performances. But its current state, like that of many other formerly glorious regions, is nothing like its earlier status.

Forgotten about and exhausted, much of its structural environment has been left to decay. The Borscht Belt, which features essays by Stefan Kanfer and Jenna Weissman Joselit, presents Marisa Scheinfeld’s photographs of abandoned sites. There, resorts, hotels, and bungalow colonies once boomed in the Catskill Mountain region of upstate New York.

The book assembles images Scheinfeld has shot inside and outside locations that once buzzed with life as year-round havens for generations of people. Some of the structures have been lying abandoned for periods ranging from four to twenty years, depending on the specific hotel or bungalow colony and the conditions under which it closed.

Other sites have since been demolished or repurposed. This makes this book an even more significant documentation of a pivotal era in American Jewish history.

The Borscht Belt presents a contemporary view of more than forty hotel and bungalow sites. From entire expanses of abandoned properties to small lots containing drained swimming pools, the remains of the Borscht Belt era now lie forgotten, overgrown, and vacant.

In the absence of human activity, nature has reclaimed the sites, having encroached upon or completely overtaken them. Many of the interiors have been vandalized or marked by paintball players and graffiti artists.

Each ruin lies radically altered by the elements and effects of time. Scheinfeld’s images record all of these developments.”

Take a look at Marisa’s countless upcoming events. These are great opportunities to meet her and get your book signed!

She is an extremely sweet person, besides obviously, extremely talented.

You will love her!


Text and Photo Credits: Courtesy of Marisa Scheinfeld
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Tentrr: The Airbnb Of Camping For Adventurers & Private Landowners

Day Trips and Travel Tentrr Camping Airbnb

Have you ever thought about going camping, but just thinking about the logistics, you got turned off? Well, we have great news and found the perfect solution! Tentrr is a considered the Airbnb of camping!

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We know that not everyone is an expert when the subject is camping. It demands a reasonable amount of time for preparation and forgetting something can be crucial during your adventure. Plus, putting up your tent might be a real challenge for some folks out there!

And still, even finding a great and safe spot to camp, might give you a headache.

On the other hand, if you are a land owner of a beautiful property and you might be interested in sharing the beauty of your place with the adventurous souls out there.

That said, we discovered the perfect solution for both scenarios: Tentrr!

“Tentrr is an online marketplace that connects local landowners with anyone seeking to explore the great outdoors. Through a streamlined search and booking system, people with extra space can share their land and create remarkable experiences for a growing network of happy campers.

Tentrr eliminates the stress of planning and executing a camping trip by providing insurance, customer support, and top quality equipment — including the tent.”

In other words, they are the Airbnb of camping, for adventurers and private land owners!

The weather is getting better with every new day! Summer is almost here and Upstate New York is surely a gorgeous and perfect destination for camping and escaping the city’s craziness.

Not sure how to get there? Well, renting a car was never easier!

For assistance to organize company outings and gatherings, or even unique team building experiences, contact our experts so they can make this work, flawless!

Let us know and have fun!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tenrr and Maison Bergogne
Tent on the featured image was designed by: Woolheater Wares and Maison Bergogne
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Tenet: A Principle, Belief, Or Doctrine At Southampton

Shop Ladies and Gents Tenet Shop Southampton Campaign

Going to the Southampton for a chill weekend is a great escape from the city. Shopping locally, can be quite an experience at the local boutiques, like Tenet!

Shop Ladies and Gents Tenet Shop Southampton Inside Store

Founded in November of 2009, by Jesse Warren, Tenet is “a lifestyle brand with the goal of creating a uniquely curated collection of emerging and well established fashion labels as well as a selection of contemporary art and furniture.

What does Tenet mean:

“It’s a noun. Means – a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially: one held in common by members of an organization or movement.”

From clothes and hand-made surf boards, art and design pieces, books and magazines, every item available at Tenet has been thoroughly considered”.

A few designers that you’ll find are Isabel Marant, Golden Goose, Zimmermann, and Sally LaPointe. As mentioned above they are all carefully curated, so the product mix at the store is fantastic!

For for gentlemen out there, you’ll be able to find great items by brands like APC, Alex Mill, and Gitman Vintage.

Plus, the store is located in the heart of Southamptons, with several other charming places and local boutiques close by. It’s the perfect opportunity to walk around and explore the area!

So, if you are eager to head to the Southampton for a weekend travel getaway or a longer weekend experience, let us know! You might not have a clue where to stay, how to get there, where to eat, shop, so our experts can give you a hand.

In addition, for Corporate travel requests like annual retreats or even if you want to put together a memorable gift for a special client, contact our team to assist you.

It will definitely be a relaxing and priceless experience!

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am – 7:30pm
Sunday: 10am – 7pm

Location: 91 Main Street, Southampton


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tenet Shop
*Last Update on March/2020.*

UnCovering Vail – An Exclusive Behind The Scenes Experience

Our Experts Recaps Vail Snow Mobiling BTSNYC Group

Hey guys, we are very excited to tell everyone about a recent skiing adventure, in Vail! We had an exclusive behind the scenes experience uncovering this incredible destination!

Our Experts Recaps Vail
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Vail Mountain

We were invited by Vail Mountain and Vail Brasil for an exclusive 5-day Behind the Scenes experience in the beautiful town of Vail in Colorado.

This was an amazing corporate project we organized in partnership with Azzi & Co – a PR agency based in New York City.

The group explored the town, #UnCovered its secrets, had fun skiing – and falling a lot, ate at the best restaurants and had a few sport adventures high up in the mountains!

The group had renowned Influencers from the U.S. and Brazil. We do hope you enjoy our post and pictures!

Oh! We before heading to Vail, we had a 2 day pitstop uncovering Denver, where we will also posted about what we discovered. Then, we had a beautiful drive up to our ski destination.

Game Creek Restaurant

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Having dinner 10,300 feet up in mountain!!!

So, the supreme restaurant in Vail, the Game Creek Restaurant, is not actually down in the valley, but high up in the mountains!

The experience started off by getting a gondola and going up, up, up in the mountains, with an amazing night view of the valley and a moon light…hard to describe, illuminating the beautiful lined up trees while we flew through them…

Then we jumped into one of those huge snowcats that cruise through the mountains like wild animals in their natural habitat! So cool!

The restaurant is an European style chalet, with a cozy ambience, great wine list and fabulous food! I had the heirloom tomatoes, the best butternut squash I have ever eaten, ratatouille and for desert the pear sticky toffee pudding, all paired with a perfect choice of red wine!!!

The experience is not half as fun, without mentioning extremely exclusive, as actually doing it in real life!

The Game Creek Restaurant is open from 6 – 8:30pm to the public for dinner, after that, only members are allowed in!

Winter: Tuesday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 9pm
Summer: Thursday – Saturday: 5:30pm – 8:30pm | Sunday: Brunch 11am – 2pm
*Reservations are required!*

Location: Game Creek Bowl, in the back bowls of Vail Mountain


Caca de Souza: A Book For The Haute Jetsetters Worldwide

Curiosities Insider Interviews Caca de Souza Book

Caca de Souza is well known for being one of the world’s top jetsetters. Now, he launches a unique book with a compilation of his favorite spots in the major fashion capitals.

This is for the Haute Jetsetters out there!

To start, the Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino and CEO & Creative Director of his jewelry design company, Most Wanted Design, Carlos Souza is known across the globe for his glamorous and fun-loving style.

Many know him as Cacá de Souza, a kind nickname given by close friends.

In addition, he told our Founder, Fernanda Paronetto, about his book, #Carlos’s Places, a guide to some of his favorite places around the globe.

From cities like New York and Paris to São Paulo, London, Rome, and Shanghai, Cacá shares all his top spots!

In each location, Cacá talks about the best the city has to offer. He lists his preferred places for dining, dancing, shopping, art visiting, or just going out for a good cocktail.

Plus, he also shares valuable information about the unique fashion, food, art, and design places of his interest.

With an introduction by the renowned British fashion journalist, illustrator, and filmmaker, Michael Roberts, the book was published by Assouline.

So, the book consists of 176 pages with 170 amazing pictures! The book goes for $50.

Now, here was the best news of all: Carlos did a book signing session at the Plaza Hotel in New York City to celebrate his book launch with Assouline.

Many of you were lucky enough to get your copy with his autograph, but if you weren’t part of this lucky group, you can at least purchase the book and guarantee your copy!

Also, follow his Instagram account (@CarlosSouza1311) to see all the breathtaking places he currently is visiting! His life is literally a dream for all the jetsetters out there!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Cacá de Souza and Assouline
*Last Update on March/2020.*

#UnCovering Denver before our skiing experience in Vail

Our Experts Recaps Denver Bar Dough Restaurant Octopus

We landed in Denver, Colorado, 2 days prior of heading up towards our breathtaking skiing experience in Vail. So, we decided to explore the city a bit.

Our Experts Recaps Denver Landscape by DCI Engineers
Denver’s landscape. Photo Credit: DCI Engineers

Denver is a very charming city, and we had a great time just exploring it and walking around before heading up for our skiing experience in Vail.

The city has a little over 680,000 people and it houses some of the most amazing 19th-century buildings, museums and landscapes.

These are a few of the places we visited:

True Food Kitchen

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For our healthy start in Denver, we went for lunch at True Food Kitchen. We do love healthy, seasonal and sustainable food, so it was the perfect place! Yes, they do have other restaurants in other cities across the U.S., but we had never gone there before. Nonetheless, they have a very good healthy menu that we really enjoyed.

We coincidently picked the top choices on their menu, and loved them all! These were our dishes:

  • Edamame Dumplings with a delicious white truffle oil
  • A to-drool-for “Inside-out” Quinoa Burger with hummus, avocado, feta, and other great ingredients
  • Winter Ingredient Salad had Brussels sprout, squash, mulberry, pomegranate

Do ask for dessert! They are all extremely tempting, and we just couldn’t get enough. We ordered the Flourless Chocolate Cake. It’s gluten free and vegetarian, with 72% cocoa, vanilla ice cream, almond butter and caramel. We also tried the Chia Seed Pudding with banana and coconut flakes, that was fantastic!

Last, but definitely not least, we tried the Genmaicha Green Tea with almond milk and vanilla!

And, the best news for us, healthy New Yorkers, is that they’ll be opening a beautiful and huge 3 story place this next fall! So, keep your eyes opened.

Location: 2800 East 2nd Ave, #101


Union Station of Denver

Our Experts Recaps Denver Union Station InsideAny place, is a work place, right?! Well, we think this way and any place with chairs, we pop opened our laptop.

So as we were walking around and exploring Denver and we bumped into the Union Station of Denver which was actually very interesting!

It was built in 1881 and they have restored the place beautifully!

We stopped there to work a bit, but we did walk around it too.

There are some nice restaurants, bars, retail stores with handmade stuff, candles, scarves, etc!

It also hosts the Crawford Hotel, so do check it out!


Bar Dough Restaurant

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At night, we decided to have dinner at a very trendy, relatively new restaurant named Bar Dough. It’s located in the Highlands neighborhood, today considered an upcoming, cool place to live.

We ordered a few different dishes, since we were curious about them all, so we decided to share everything and have a taste of each.

Our choices were: Garlic Bread – in-house made focaccia, parmesan, parsley, Oven Roasted Carrot – farro, chickpeas, carrot, cumin vinaigrette, Grilled Octopus – charred eggplant, caponata, toasted pistachio, mustard frill, King Trumpet Mushroom – guanciale vinaigrette, and for dessert the Fried Dough – served w/ lemon curd, caramel, hot chocolate sauce.

It was all very, very good! Plus the space is great, with a beautiful crowd.

Location: 2227 West 32nd Avenue


The Art Hotel

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“Fire” away to start off the day!

On our second and last day, we had breakfast at Fire Restaurant, located inside this super cool artsy hotel in Denver, called The Art Hotel. With a beautiful architecture, a fabulous view and a phenomenal service, it’s definitely done with the heART.

They host original art works and collections of 20th and 21st century artists from around the world, which does make a difference when you’re exploring the place!

To start off a dazzling new day, we had an amazing Smoked Salmon Benedict – to die for – and black coffee, which we love!

Thank you Chef Chris, and the team – Dan, Quenton and Aaron!

Location: 1201 Broadway Street


After exploring these fantastic places in Denver, we headed up to Vail for a very exclusive skiing experience.

We visited the most coveted restaurants, had exciting adventures in the snow and stayed at one of the best high-end boutique hotels in town!

Our group of friends has an amazing time uncovering Vail, so take a look at what we did there for the 5 timeless days.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of the Venues and DCI-Engineers
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Kat Tanita: NYC Highlights Through The Eyes Of A Travel Blogger

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kat Tanita NYC Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

Kat Tanita, one of the top Fashion, Beauty and Travel Bloggers, shares her NYC Highlights! Come see a few places she loves going to!

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kat Tanita NYC Fashion Lifestyle Blogger
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kat Tanita

We invited the dearest travel blogger, Kat Tanita to participate in another episode of our “NYC Hush Hush Tips” project, where we invite renowned and remarkably interesting people from all over the Globe to share their NY secret tips!

Kat is one of New York City’s supreme Fashion, Beauty and Travel Bloggers – spending also lots of time in Paris and exploring the World.

She also launched a perfectly elegant collection in partnership with Gigi New York, that you should definitely check out!

Here are the NYC highlights through her eyes:

Aria Wine Bar

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kat Tanita Aria Wine Bar

“My favorite wine bar in the city is Aria which is located in the charming West Village. They have a delicious cheese board and the ambiance is cozy and romantic.”

In command is Chef Roberto Passon, they offer Italian brunches, lunches and dinners, specialized in exquisite Italian tapas. Plus, it’s perfect to go with the one you love!

Beware: It can get quite full, so be sure to arrive early to secure your table!

Location: 117 Perry Street


Bluestone Lane Coffee

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kat Tanita Bluestone Lane Coffee

“Bluestone Lane Coffee is a local Aussie coffee shop (also in the West Village!) that serves delicious coconut chia seed pudding, avocado toast, lattes, and waffles. In short, the food looks as good as it tastes and is perfect for an Instagram shot!”

If you’ve ever been to Melbourne, in Australia, you know how tasty their coffee is. So, if you are a coffee lover like us, this is definitely a place to go!

You can find them in a few places around town!

Locations: See their website for all locations. Kat loves the 55 Greenwich Village, West Village one!


Marlton Hotel

Curiosities Insider Interviews Kat Tanita Marlton Hotel

“Curl up by the fire at the Marlton Hotel with a good book and a coffee or glass of wine. It’s a wonderful place to take a meeting, get some work done, or warm up in the winter. Plus, their bar/restaurant Margaux is great for happy hour.”

Yup! We love them too and during Winter time, their fire place is really tempting. You’ll probably meet the hippiest fashion and art lovers hanging out there too! Super cool crowd!

We’ve written about them too, so for more infos, click here.

Location: 5 West 8th Street


Thank you Kat for sharing a few of your best inputs of NYC with us!!!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kat Tanita
*Last Update on March/2020.*

Help Bride NYC: Getting Married In New York, In Great Style

Shop Weddings Help Bride NYC Wedding Planner Fernanda Monfrinatti and Dad

Getting married is always exciting, but the preparation phase may be exhausting. Help Bride NYC Wedding Planner will make your dream of getting married in New York, a reality!

Shop Weddings Help Bride NYC Wedding Planner

We all know that regardless of where you decided to have your wedding, the entire process is exhausting. The details are endless, the coordination needs to be flawless and last minute issues always come up. Now, image all of this, while you’re working on your full time job.

Seams rather impossible, right? Therefore, there’s nothing better than hiring a specialized service to help you out!

One of the coolest services today offering Wedding Fashion Styling and Wedding Planning in New York for the Brides-to-Be is called Help Bride NYC! Actually, their services extend outside of the State of New York, just in case you were wondering.

The Founder, Fernanda Monfrinatti, a good friend of our Founder, also named Fernanda, got married in the Hamptons a while back. The wedding was literally flawless and Fe was a stunning bride. She is known for always been a very bright, happy and uplifted woman, but on the day of her wedding, she exceeded all expectations!

Fe moved to New York City because of her husband’s was working here, so they decided to get married in the Hamptons. The interesting thing is: she actually met Felipe, in New York City, while traveling with friends.

So, of course, the reason of getting married in New York was fully explained.

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Most of her friends flew from Brazil, where she’s originally from, or came from other corners of the world. She dedicated a great deal of her time to organizing the wedding, specially because she was having so many international guests.

Numerous doubts appeared along the way, but Fe learned all the tricks behind organizing the perfect “Destination Wedding”.

After her wedding, she decided to start her own business, since she saw the potential and increasing trend of people wanting destinations in unique spots through out the world.

Plus, Fe researched the entire industry and was able to create fantastic relationships with the best professionals and companies. Hence, her clients are definitely in good hands.

We can’t forget to mention that Fe has an incredible aesthetic awareness and knowledge, something definitely owned by only few people. This makes her work a perfect match in the wedding industry.

Today, her company organizes everything from Wedding Fashion Styling, Party Planning and Wedding Planning. Her customized schedule with the Bride includes:

  • Appointments at the top bridal salons – Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and more
  • Styling tips to what fits best
  • Finding the perfect wedding location
  • Pointing out the best suppliers in the wedding industry
  • Just to name a few…

The service are for brides that want to get married in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean!

We are positive you will love her work, professionalism and most important, her energy and constant caring for her clients.

You’re probably curious to know who were to suppliers that she hired, right?

Venue: The Surf Lodge Hotel, in Montauk, East Hampton
Dress: Reem Acra
Shoe: Salvatore Ferragamo
Flats: Wedding Shoes
Jewelry: Fatiminha Marcondes
FlowersDecor & Scenography: Jewel Georgieff
Buffet: The Surf Lodge Hotel
Cake: Sweet Corner Bakery
Sweets: Danielle Andrade (coconut candy), Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (caramelized apples), Lavo (fried oreo with ice cream)
Bem Casados (a Brazilian sweet): Sweet Corner Bakery
Wedding Planner: Fernanda Monfrinatti, Help Bride NYC
Photography: Marianne Martin – Real Life Portraits
Film: H2 Brasil

If you want to see her work, the gallery above is from her own wedding. Plus, you can see Paula Merlo’s wedding at The NoMad Hotel, also organized by Help Bride NYC. It was impeccable!

If you are getting married in New York and need any additional help, or want us to put you in direct contact with Fernanda Monfrinatti, contact us.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Help Bride NYC and Leila Jacue & David Leon
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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