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3 Unique Spots In The East Village

November 29, 2016 | Fê Paronetto
Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 3 Unique Spots East Village Hi Collar Entrance by Rockmamanyc

We are totally in love with the East Village and every small business you can bump into just by walking along the streets. We chose 3 unique spots in the East Village that we adore!

Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 3 Unique Spots East Village by MellieKR Watching  Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 3 Unique Spots East Village by MellieKR Bike  Curiosities Our Bucket Lists 3 Unique Spots East Village by MellieKR

As you guys know, every Saturday morning, at 11:30am, we are part of a volunteer group called Friends in Need that helps distribute food to 200 homeless people. So, I decided to share some spots in the East Village that I enjoy.

When you come to New York City, and specially when you live here, you are able to see how many people actually need our help.

Anyway, after the program I help to coordinate I love to walking through the neighborhood trying to find new spots to #UnCoverNYC for you guys!

This neighborhood is overflowing with new businesses ranging from bars, restaurants, coffee shops, to stores, hidden museums and an amazing night scene!

I do go a lot to the East Village during the day, but at night too, and the options are endless. It’s definitely one of the neighborhood that is a perfect “behind the scenes” example!

So here are 3 super unique spots in the East Village I always go to:

For an Exotic Lunch: Quintessence

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I am is super into Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants. Quintessence is a vegan raw food restaurant and it’s amazingly delicious! It’s a tiny place, with only a hand full of seats, but it’s surely one of the neighborhood’s sweet hearts!

They serve everything from soups, salads and quinoa dishes, to rolls, tacos, tostadas, nachos, burgers, sandwiches and crepes. The desserts? Hum! Try them all, but we love the Original Chia Pudding! Oh! They have fresh juices and shakes, which are awesome too.

“Our food is comprised of some of the most rare and exotic ingredients found on earth, and combine to form the elegant, innovative dishes that have been celebrated as some of the very best found in New York City. But more than just great tasting food, everything served at Quintessence is home-made, organic, vegan, mostly raw, and gluten free.”

Location: 263 East 10th Street

For Coffee (and Cocktails): Hi-Collar

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The best places to sit, when going to a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop…is the bar area. It’s certainly the best VIP space, where you’ll probably get lucky and experiment new drinks created by the great mixologists behind the counters and get inside info on what’s “going on”.

We’re always excited to go to places that are very small and have ONLY a bar area – this way, everyone is VIP! Lol! This is exactly what Hi-Collar looks like. Inside a small door, you’ll find a narrow passage and a long, gorgeous bar with only 13 stools.

The food there is great, and the coffee is definitely something to try! They offer the Japanese method of flash-brewing for very tasty cold coffee and also a variety of hot coffee brewed over ice cubes. All very unique and done with beautiful traditional coffee accessories. Try their Hot Cake – perfect with the coffee!

“Fashion-alluding term popularized during the Japanese Jazz Age. Symbolizes Japan’s flirtation with the West. During the daytime, Hi-Collar is a Western-inspired Japanese cafe – popularly known as kissaten – specializing in siphon coffee & Kissaten menu. At night, the space transforms into Hi-Collar Bar, a place where ‘high collars’ are abandoned and sake is celebrated.”

Lunch & Coffee:
Daily: 11am – 5pm (Last call 4pm)

Sake Bar Time:
Sunday – Thursday: 6pm – 1am (Kitchen last call 12am)
Friday & Saturday: 6pm – 2am (Kitchen last call 1am)

Location: 214 East 10th Street


For Healthy Shopping: Live-Live

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It’s impossible not to get crazy in a store with a huge variety of the best healthy, organic products, right? Live-Live sells raw (food, snacks and chocolate), organic, vegan, gluten-free products and super foods, plus great clean skincare products and food-grown supplements.

Oh, they also have a small shelf with great books. We loved every-single-product in the store, and we’re totally crazy for a skincare brand called Bee Yummy – raw and organic. It’s amazing how the skin feels after using it and improves with these different products.

The Crystal Ally Deodorant is also perfect if you’re trying to let go of these toxic ones that currently dominate the body care industry. It’ll be certainly a fun and educational shopping day! Have fun!

“We are here to support your juicy and vibrant lifestyle. Live Live and Organic™ has been embraced as the best store for raw, organic, live & vegetarian health products. We also offer excellent nutritional consultations as well as detoxification and fasting programs. We specialize in unique products of exceptional quality from all over the world and you can buy them here at the best price anywhere – we guarantee it!”

Hours: Daily: 11am – 10pm

Location: 261 East 10th Street


If you are interested in exploring more spots in the East Village, but you would like a private tours and experiences for your friends and family, let our experts cater the perfect itinerary for you!

Plus, for corporate services, brunches, lunches, dinners, or any other request, let us assist you.

Lastly, if you are the type person that really enjoys discovering off-the-beaten track spots, take a looks at this Self-Guided Tour of Greenpoint, in Brooklyn! Most certainly one of the up and coming coolest neighborhoods today.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of MellieKR (East Village pictures), RockMamaNYC, Kathyylchan and of the Venues
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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