The Creative Young Brazilian Community In NYC

We contributed during 1 year for Glamour Brazil. This post was about the creative young Brazilian community in NYC.

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New York is known for many things. The food, the corporate madness, the great Broadway and Off Broadway shows, the incredible fashion world and uncontrollable consumption of tourists and New Yorkers.

The beauty of Central Park and the fantastic art world are unquestionable. Lastly, it’s also know an “incubator” for new, upcoming talents.

We share with you the story of some young folks that are making a difference here. Others are just starting out their promising career and they sure have an incredible work worth following.

Culture & Music Max Poglia Working

Max Poglia

The Brazilian with clear Italian descent (beginning by his name), Maximiliano Poglia, also known as Max, is a designer and lives in New York since 2009. Max has worked with the renowned and always crowded restaurant Buvette, that we love.

He has created a line of exclusive products for the Bedford Post – a charming hotel in Bedford – part of the Relais & Chateaux group. And, has collaborated with various New York brands like TheBKCircus, a man’s fashion brand.

Today he has launched his own product collection with stylish leather handbags. His handmade knives that are not made of stainless steel purposely to allow the product to age. Plus, the soft unique fleece blankets have no artificial coloring and beautiful leather details.

You can find his products at stores like 3×1 in Soho, Modern Anthology in Dumbo, the Gentry in Williamsburg, the Warm in Nolita, The Space NYC, in Bushwick and a few other places around town!

Culture & Music The Brazilian Johnsons Sitting

The Brazilian Johnsons

Berklee College of Music College, in Boston, is known for having huge music alumni stars like Diana Krall, Quincy Jones, John Mayer, Esperanza Spalding, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford (both from Aerosmith), among many others!

A band named The Brazilian Johnsons was created by five Brazilians who studied together at Berklee and now live in Brooklyn, obviously. Michel Nasrallah, the vocalist and guitarist, André Vasconcelos rocks on the guitar, Bruno Esrubilsky hits the drums, Apoena Frota plays the bass and João Nogueira on the keyboard. All fantastic musicians!

Michel tells us that their – classic rock’n’roll – was inspired by bands like Rolling Stones, Beatles, Queen, Led Zepplin, Cold Chisel, Lynyrd Skynryd, AC / DC, just to list a few.

In December 2013 they released their first CD called “Howdy Duty” and made its debut with an exclusive show at Piano’s, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The songs are amazing, with a very particular style, exclusive copyrights lyrics that speak of obstacles. It talks about difficulties encountered at the beginning of their careers. Also, they describe the challenges of being new in New York, numerous teachings, the experience of broken hearts and simply how life may be surprising.

The songs are for sale on iTunes! Here is the music video of one of their most successful songs:

Culture & Music Alessio Romano Band

Alessio Romano

This an Italian artist has several “gifts”. He’s a drummer, musical producer, audio engineer and also photographer. With all these different talents, Alessio Romano decided to open his own studio in Brooklyn in the beginning of 2014, called Studio42. There he can work with music, video and photography.

I’m personally a huge fan of his photography work. With spontaneous images and a perfect light, his pictures definitely surprise viewers with all the captured details and his critical eye!

Culture & Music Tali Ratzon and the Grind

Tali Ratzon

Last, but definitely not least, with an Israeli and American descent, the singer Tali Ratzon! She arrived in New York in 2009 chasing a dream!

A common story to hear in New York…

Tali says she’s “just a girl with a guitar,” but her music certainly does make everyone want to dance! She sings pop music, mixed with funk and bringing influences from Latin rhythms and reggae music, i.e. World Pop.

One of the songs I enjoy the most and sing by heart is “About to Pop”.

Take a look at her the music video:

So, you all have to agree, this guys are really going some awesome work around here, right!?

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Max Poglia, Roberto Vietri, Alessio Romano and Alison Luntz
*Last Update on Feb/2020.*

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