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Discovering Hidden Gems: Things to Do in New York City

Discovering Hidden Gems is what we love the most, so check out some cool things [...]

Where To Go For The Best Cocktails In Brooklyn?

New York is known for having some of the coolest bars and best signature cocktails [...]

Sofar Sounds: A Secret NY Music Gig at Hell Phone Curated by Us!

On April 28th, we curated another Sofar Sounds NYC! This time, it happened at a [...]

Africa Miranda: A Multi-Talented Beautypreneur From Harlem

Africa Miranda, a multi-talented beautypreneur born in Harlem, shared with us her journey and her [...]

Urban Cowboy: Arrive As Strangers, Leave As Friends

Urban Cowboy is one of the coolest B&B’s (Bed & Breakfast) you’ll ever find in [...]

Your Next Go-To Music Spot: Brooklyn Steel in East Williamsburg

We are so excited with this new music venue that opens tonight in Brooklyn! The [...]


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