Urban Cowboy: Arrive as Strangers And Leave As Friends

April 21 2017 | BTSNYC
Urban Cowboy B&B Breakfast Communal Table

Urban Cowboy is one of the coolest B&B’s (Bed & Breakfast) you’ll ever find in Brooklyn! It’s a place where you’ll arrive as a strange, and leave as a friend!

Urban Cowboy B&B Living Room and Kitchen
Urban Cowboy B&B Breakfast Communal Table
Urban Cowboy B&B Breakfast Table
Urban Cowboy B&B Hotels Breakfast
Urban Cowboy B&B Hotels Breakfast Table
Urban Cowboy B&B Couple Guest Room
Urban Cowboy B&B Couple Tree House
Urban Cowboy B&B Couple Tree House Bathroom
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Located in the hype neighborhood of Williamsburg, specifically on 111 Powers Street, the B&B created by Lyon Porter, offers 4 bedrooms in a freestanding townhouse. Oh, plus it’s the only B&B in Willyb! Pretty intimate, right?

“The Cowboy is luxury with a local sensibility. In the morning, breakfast is delivered from their local hospitality partners, so one can decide between an almond chocolate croissant, biscuits and gravy, or keep it healthy and have an organic green juice.

At night, guests can mingle with the native Brooklynites during the various dinner parties and events hosted by the owner.”

The décor is rustic and intimate at the same time, making you feel you’re at home, or at least, at a friend’s place. Every detail is intriguing, done with much love, but effortless at the same time, which definitely gives it a twist.

Urban Cowboy is definitely the place to stay to have a real Brooklyn experience!

Not sure what you’ll find close to it? We can suggest a few spots to pass by!

If you’re in the mood of eating fantastic seasonal American food, at a neighborhood style restaurant, try Concord Hill.

Beco Bar is one of the spots where the cool kids hang, so be sure to go there for some super traditional Brazilian food and drinks! Try the famous Caipirinhas!

If you’re in the mood of shopping and you love vintage store, you should schedule some time to visit these. Are you traveling without your girl? Go there buy her a great gift! She’ll surely love it!

Still craving more…just search our website to see what this fantastic “hood” has to offer!

We L-O-V-E it!

Location: 111 Powers Street


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Urban Cowboy, Mikeyawilson and Bethany Marieco

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