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Let There Be Neon Will Illuminate Your World With Neon Lights

April 21, 2017 | BTSNYC
Shop Home and Kids Let There Be Neon Bar Counter

This is a cool tip, if you’re in search for Neon lights!! For over 40 years, Let There Be Neon has created the most unique signages and creations to illuminate our world!

Shop Home and Kids Let There Be Neon Bar Counter
Photo Credit: The Atlantic

To start with, Let There Be Neon has been in business for over 40 years. Located in the neighborhood of Tribeca, their creations exceeds every client’s expectations and they always come back for more!

Read about them:

“Let There Be Neon has been the preeminent international supplier and creator of Custom Neon for signage and artistic applications.

Although neon is thought of as quintessentially American, it was a Frenchman (Georges Claude) who introduced the first sign, circa 1910.

Before long, a giant white ‘Cinzano’ advertisement was illuminating Paris, ‘The City of Light’. Neon made its American debut in 1923, with a sign above a Packard car showroom in Los Angeles.

Although minimal by current standards, it did what it was supposed to do: stop traffic. Neon took off with the 1933 repeal of prohibition, which created a need for eye-catching signs above bars.

Plus, in the 1930’s and 1940’s, neon became synonymous with Art Deco and the dreamily sinister look of film noir.

So, by the 50’s, it had become inextricably linked with drive-ins, diners, the glamour of Las Vegas and by extension, the American dream itself.

Although cheap fluorescent and plastic signs in the late 50′s temporarily displaced this burst of neon creativity, today the vibrant colored light has once again regained its rightful place on the international landscape.”

Do you own a store, a bar, are throwing a party or simply want to add some neon light to your home? These guys are the ones to go to!

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Location: 38 White Street


Text Excerpts by Let There Be Neon
Photo Credit: The Atlantic
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