2nd Stand Up for Passion in New York City!

February 3, 2017 | BTSNYC
Events Up Coming Stand Up for Passion Ebay NYC

We are so excited to share this amazing event with you! We’ve partnered up with Arnaud Collery, Founder of Stand Up For Passion, for his 2nd NYC event.

Events Up Coming Stand Up for Passion Ebay NYC
Last year’s Stand Up for Passion event in NYC!

Our dear friend, Arnaud Collery, Founder of Stand Up For Passion, is hosting the 2nd New York City event! This time, we’re part of it! Our Founder, Fê Paronetto, is very passionate about the entire concept!

Arnaud is a very passionate and renowned French coach, working with the most renowned companies and organizations today. He started this passion project called Stand Up For Passion with the mission to not only inspire, but to dig deep into people’s stories.

The goal is to reach that turning point in their lives, where everything changed and a new universe appeared and consciousness was expanded.

In more details:

“Stand Up For Passion is a platform to share and spread passionate and inspirational stories. We believe that everyone has a story and everyone’s story can inspire the lives of others.

Therefore, at our next event in NYC, we will be discussing “Ambition and the Art of Happiness” with a panel of some of our top past speakers – specifically those involved in coaching and transforming others and organizations.

Ambition is the catalyst for pursuing your passions but it often causes stress and unhappiness when things don’t go as planned.

How do we reconcile pursuing our ambitions yet be happy at the same time? We will be exploring these topics as well as hearing from 3 special storytellers.

Therefore, a couple of our speakers are traveling from afar to join us – Sedona, Arizona and Casablanca, Morocco!A brain scientist, reality TV producer, well-being expert from the United Nations along with 4 coaches is a recipe for an inspirational evening!”

Come with your questions for the Q&A! Plus, come meet us and have some complimentary food and wine!

Date: March 2nd
Time: Doors open at 6:30pm
Location: EBay NYC – 625 6th Avenue, 3rd floor


Events Up Coming Stand Up for Passion Ebay NYC Arnaud Collery
Our friend, Arnaud Collery – Founder of Stand Up for Passion.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Stand Up for Passion

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