9 Best Speakeasies In New York City

We contribute with New York content for Glamour Brazil. This post was about 9 best speakeasies in New York City that are secret spots!

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In the US, Prohibition Era happened between the years of 1920 through 1933. During these years, the American Constitution banned the sale and manufacture of alcoholic beverages in the entire country! It did not take long for the black market liquor traffic to appear and quickly grow.

One of the most famous traffickers this time was the famous Al Capone! Consequently, bars hidden deep inside restaurants or in the basements of bakeries, spread across the country. These places were called “Speakeasy” and served illegal alcohol for customers!

In New York there are still several speakeasies around the city, but obviously today are all legal. Anyway, it’s always a thrill to go into one of these bars, as they remain hidden behind small doors or in secret rooms, in the most unlikely places!

We reveal 9 best speakeasies in New York City at some of the most sought after addresses:

55 Bar

Nightlife Bars 55 Bar Glamour Magazine Brazil

Located in the Greenwich Village, 55 Bar has wonderful jazz concerts, funk and blues nights, seven days a week!

It is one of the bars with the best vibe, incredible music, a more intimate place, where bands interact with the public, which in turn is laid back, the decor is super cool … and the best: zero tourists!

Surely a perfect place for those who want to feel like a real New Yorker!

Take a look at their website to see what is their upcoming events and bands playing. If you live in New York, be sure go to there too!

Location: 55 Christopher Street


Please Don’t Tell

Nightlife Bars Please Don't Tell Glamour Magazine Brazil Credit Smoke Oakum's Gunpowder Rum

Nightlife Bars Please Don't Tell Glamour Magazine Brazil Credit Creamynals

After entering a small hot dog restaurant called Crif Dog, in the East Village, you will see an old phone booth to your left. This cabin is actually the entrance to the speakeasy called Please Don’t Tell (great name, by the way!).

As you pick up the phone, you inform the hostess the number of people with you and she will open the door!

No doubt it will be a grand entrance! The place is gorgeous, with a full bar and it can get pretty packed!

Nonetheless, you will have a great time!

Location: 113 Saint Marks Place



Nightlife Bars Apotheke Glamour Magazine Brazil

Inside an old opium den located in the famous, hidden Doyers Street, in the heart of Chinatown, an Austrian named Albert Trummer, founded Apothéke.

Now, imagine a place where a mad scientist meets a mixologist in a place full of opium! It is strange!

This speakeasy is one of the most stylish in the city, with a bar offering more than 250 drinks and 500 bottles of liquor brought in from different parts of the world.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays they have live music, but the coolest day is Wednesday with the house’s jazz band! Bewere of their dress code after 9pm – Elegant Sophisticated Attire – and you should be fine!

Location: 9 Doyers Street #1


Bathtub Gin

Nightlife Bars Apotheke Glamour Magazine Brazil Negin Blogger

Hidden deep in a cafe in Chelsea, Bathtub Gin has a very good menu and an interesting beverage menu with elaborate cocktails!

The name of the bar is in homage to the homemade Gin, who during the years of Prohibition in the United States, was very popular. Bathtub Gin portrays the poor quality of the drink that was available during that time in the country.

The suggestion is to try to make a reservation to ensure that you’ll be able to get it, since it can be tough at the door. You can still be lucky enough to attend one of the burlesque shows that take place at night!

Location: 132 Ninth Avenue


Here are a few more of the best speakeasies in New York City:

The Raines Law Room at Flatiron District – www.raineslawroom.com
Employees Only in the West Village – www.employeesonlynyc.com
Death & Company in the Lower East Side – www.deathandcompany.com
The Richardson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – www.therichardsonnyc.com
Hotel Delmano in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – www.hoteldelmano.com

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of venues and Max R. Sequeira Photography, Smoke & Oakum’s Gunpowder Rum and The Creamynals

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