Patafísica: Suspensión, Fragmentación: The Concept of Fragmentation

This Thursday, March 20th, Filip Custic and María Forqué will present an exhibition at the James Fuentes Gallery. The name of the exhibition is “Patafísica: Suspensión, Fragmentación” the concept of fragmentation.

We all know that New York City is the place for every tribe to experience the best of what the city has to offer, right? So, we decided to share with you an exhibition called Patafísica: Suspensión, Fragmentación: The Concept of Fragmentation.

We can guarantee, that the bolder you are, the best time you are going to have. Being open minded in New York City is the way to be!

María and Filip have already performed at MoMA. Filipe has exhibited at Colette, The Garage Museum of Moscow and a few Spanish galleries (since they are originally from Spain).

In this exhibition, Filip will present a series of photographed installations and videos. Through them, he investigates the concept of the fragmentation, using the body as an object.

Pretty unique and intriguing, right?

On the other side, María shows herself as a sculpture suspended in the air. She’ll be using the Shibari Technic in collaboration with Jenni Henlser. She will be suspended for 3 hours – during the presentation.

Lastly, Nathan Corbin will create a sound to ambient the space.

This is surely something unique and completely off the beaten-track worth exploring this week!

We are certain you will enjoy!

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Location: 55 Delancey Street – D
Time: 7pm – 9pm

Video Credits: Courtesy of performers

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