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Ernest Alexander Design Shop: A Unique Menswear in NYC

January 21, 2015 | BTSNYC
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Ernest Alexander, a great menswear in New York, launched a few weeks back, his design shop in New York City that is opened to the public!

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In the end of 2014 the city received a gift! Ernest Alexander opened his design shop for the public, in Lower Midtown.

The current flagship store, in SoHo, works exclusively with ready-to-wear menswear and accessories.

Going back in time:

The brand exists for over 5 years now and Earnest started from the desire of creating the perfect men’s messenger bag.

The idea was to create a messenger bag with “clean lines, functionality, traditional materials blended with a slightly modern aesthetic, something durable and good-looking”.

It took time, work and long exhausting hours of planning and testing, but around a year later, voilá! The Hudson Messenger was born!

One of the most special aspects in the brand is the choice of manufacturing everything around the New York City area and supporting NYC’s Garment District. There they offer the possibility for new designers to challenge their ideas and start their own clothing lines!

Cool right? We just love it!

Well, Ernest took another big step in 2014 opening his Design Store for the public to get a glimpse of their amazing work.

Ernest explained to WWD:

“I want people to walk into my showroom store and get the full experience of the brand. From seeing all we have to offer in accessories and ready-to-wear, customers will also get the opportunity to see where I work and where I get my inspirations.”

The Ernest Alexander: Design Shop opens by appointment only.  You can schedule Tuesdays through Thursdays and for walk-ins on Friday.

If you are not the type that is excited to shop and you just want to get things done, you might want to consider consulting our private Personal Shopping services.

Our experts pre select everything before hand, based on your style and budget. So, when you arrive at the store(s), it’s pretty seamless and painless.

Come explore the more unique menswear in NYC.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Ernest Alexander and WWD
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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