Miss Lily’s Variety: A Collector’s Paradise In A NYC Record Store

Miss Lily’s Variety is an expertly-curated, West Indian NYC record store, themed gallery and boutique. It’s a collector’s paradise of rare and essential Jamaican vinyl.

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To begin with, we just love vintage record store that sell vinyl disk. They are so retro chic!

Many people we know are going back to purchasing some gorgeous vinyl playing turntables to decorate their homes and give that nostalgic feeling when it’s on! We’ve explored some other amazing vinyl stores for a YouTube episode you might want to check out!

Miss Lily’s Variety, will host a rotating program of photography, art, and graphics exhibitions. Each spawn associated books, prints, and shirts. Additionally, connected to Miss Lily’s Variety store, is Miss Lily’s Bake Shop & Melvin’s Juice Box – a casual, Jamaican patty bakery, juice bar, cafe, and take out. It’s an annex to the famed Miss Lily’s restaurant.

Miss Lily’s Bake Shop serves all the classics of the restaurant menu with an added section of homemade Jamaican patties, Trinidadian rotis. As well as a large selection of salads and vegetarian options.

Moreover, as with any true Bakeshop, it also offers a delicious variety of sweet and savory baked goods. We get excited, with our salivary glands bubbling, just talking about it. Ha!

All the goods are available for take out, delivery or in-house consumption in the bright, cheerful, and airy cafe space.

In addition, if you want to read more about Miss Lily’s Restaurant, that is still opened to the public, take a look at the post we wrote about them.

Location: 132 West Houston Street


Photo Credit: Unknown! Is your picture? Let us know so we can credit you!

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