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15 great places to visit in Astoria by Untapped Cities

January 24 2017 | BTSNYC
Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Sidewalk

Our friends at Untapped Cities shared a list of 15 great places to visit in Astoria, Queens!

Culture Music Museum of the Moving Image by Peter Aaron:Esto Sidewalk











15 Must Visit Spots in Astoria, Queens: An Untapped Cities Guide

Just a few decades ago, the two major ethnic groups in Astoria were Greeks and Italians but today, it’s is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Queens. Certainly, the most diverse of the 5 New York City’s boroughs.

According to recent Census data people from nearly 100 countries live in Astoria. Nationalities range from Greeks, Italians and Mexicans to Ecuadorians, Moroccans and Egyptians–plus, everything in between.

Here are the 15 must-go-to spots in the neighborhood:

1. Architecture: Steinway Mansion
2. Architecture: Modern Art Foundry
3. Coffee Shop: Omonia Cafe
4. Endless Hookah Places: Hookah lounges along Steinway Street
5. Museum: Museum of the Moving Image
6. Museum: Noguchi Museum
7. Restaurant: Queens Comfort
8. Restaurant: El Basuero
9. Parks: Socrates Sculpture Park
10. Parks: Athens Park
11. Parks: Astoria Park
12. Historical Sites: Steinway & Sons Factory
13. Shopping: Ukulele at the Uke Hut
14. Cool Street: Steinway Street
15. Quirky Spot: Ingraham’s Mountain

Read more about each of spot on the full post by Untapped Cities!

Astoria can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been there, but it’s an amazing neighborhood. We have readers and clients that have been with us to private day tours and loved it all.

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Oh! Not sure where Astoria is located? We’ll help you out!

15 Must See Places in Astoria by Untapped Cities


Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/Esto. Courtesy of the Museum of Moving Image

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