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Adaptations NY: Unconventional Vintage Furniture

July 27, 2016 | BTSNYC
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Greenpoint in Brooklyn is a neighborhood we simply love to explore. If you are looking for unconventional vintage furniture, Adaptations NY is the place for you!

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Greenpoint is a neighborhood passing through a rapid growth. There are always new stores, coffee shop, the best bars, galleries and other businesses opening. The best part is, they are all fantastic.

The neighborhood reunites some of the most brilliant and artistic minds in New York, and they are now, more than ever, proudly showing the world their talent!

Since we are huge fans, we love writing about them and showing everything they are creating! After all, we are a bit tired of stores that showcase more of the same.

As we said above, Greenpoint has some of the best restaurants and bars in Brooklyn, amazing stores and still, a breathtaking view of the City!

So, let’s talk about reusing and honoring old items to decorate. This is what they are all about!

We recently went to Adaptations NY and couldn’t leave the store! As they explain, they are:

“…an unconventional vintage furniture boutique specializing in mid-century, industrial and farmhouse décor.”

Their products are very charming, super beautiful and will definitely make your Home, a Home! After all, who wants to arrive home and find items that every-other-person-in-New-York also has in their living rooms?

They have everything from furniture to smaller decoration items, so you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re looking for.

More about them:

“We enjoy reusing and honoring old items to create an eclectic laid back environment. We love all styles of design and we believe that an eclectic home is the best way for people to live. No one thing defines us, so why should our homes be just one style?”

They also have another store just a few blocks down, called Porter James NY. There they have objects not only for vintage, but also modern homes. They are located on 116 Franklin Street, Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 7pm

Location: 109 Franklin Street, Greenpoint


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Adaptations NY
*Last Update on March/2020.*

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