Anthony Bourdain’s International Food Market In NYC Will be Giant

We couldn’t be more excited with the new of the upcoming Bourdain Market – Anthony Bourdain’s International Food Market! We are huge fans, plus we’re confessed foodies, as you’ve probably noticed.

Dining Anthony Bourdain Food Market


Everyone probably knows who Anthony Bourdain is, right? If you don’t, it’s ok, but it’s time for you to learn about him.

Bourdain is a super celebrity chef that travels the world tasting the best and most unusual food. Moreover, his TV program is a success and entertains fans across the globe!

He has recently announced his plans to open a 100,000 square foot International Food Market called Bourdain Market. The market is scheduled to be launched in 2019 and will be accommodated at SuperPier, on Pier 57 – just newly renovated!

In addition, the space will house a 1,500 sq ft oyster day, a farmers market, a teashop, a butcher, a yummy pastry store, a section with street food stands and a tapas bar. There is an ongoing discussion about an outdoor garden area, which hasn’t been yet settled to what it would offer.

“It’s a bit more chaotic than how the hawkers markets are organized [in Singapore],” says Stephen Wether, Bourdain’s business partner. “Hopefully, it will be as crowded and popular, but it is supposed to be a mash-up of foods, styles, smells, tastes and visuals.””

We’re carefully assembling a dream list of chefs, operators, street food and hawker legends from around the world in hopes of bringing them together in one New York City space.” — Anthony Bourdain.

So, we are anxiously waiting for more news, since there is no final date yet announced for this grand launch!

We’ll keep you guys posted and let us know if you also have news about Anthony Bourdain’s International Food Market!

Location: Pier 57

Photo Credit: Courtesy of ilovefreeconcerts

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