Ascari Bicycles Are Handmade With Pride By Helio Ascari

October 15, 2016 | Fê Paronetto
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Ascari Bicycles offers the most amazing classically designed, hand-built bicycles. As they say, they are handmade with pride and handcrafted in the U.S., by Helio Ascari.

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We all know how valuable handcrafted goods are, right? Furthermore, we also know how they exponentially increase the charm of a place.

“Looking back to move forward.” ~ Helio Ascari

Founded in 2011 by the designer Helio Ascari and frame builder Gary Mathis, Ascari Bicycles fuses a timeless sense of fashion with an equally timeless appreciation for the hand-built bicycle.

With the finest material, Ascari builds their own bikes – one by one. In addition, he cares about the minimal details, making sure it’s the perfect bike in aesthetics, fit and ride.

As a matter of fact, here is how Helio explains:

“At Ascari Bicycles we design and build our bikes. All our frames, forks and stems are made by us in the USA. By using time proven techniques and only the best materials we are able to build the finest bicycles on the planet.

As with the details such as our logos and head badges, the dropout faces and serial number badges are brazed in copper and brass.

They are works of art themselves. With a jewelers touch we bring the luxury to compliment the time and passion built into each Ascari.

As the Ascari name is synonymous with Formula One auto racing, Ascari Bicycles hopes to be as synonymous with the enduring legacies of fashion and cycling.”

Are craving to order your first Ascari bike? Well, you can be involved as much as you like in the design process! It is really going to be a one of a kind art work for you!

In 2016, they opened their first brick & mortar store, in collaboration with two friends. New York City based Max Poglia and Milan based Alessandro Squarzi. What a talented trio!

But unfortunately, the store was closed a few years later.

The store was named The Space NYC and was one of the most amazing places we’ve recently seeing opening. It was multi-faceted location with a store, workshop space, creative studio and a highly-curated showroom, in Bushwick.

We love the location in Bushwick, it was fascinating. It was certainly a unique store, great concept, fantastic products and with a very strong and individual identity.

Most certainly, one of the top places we recommend to visit if you’re passing by New York City, or if you live here.

Moreover, if you have any specific request regarding products, workshops, events, or any Corporate inquiries, let us help you out!

And last, after visiting the The Space NYC, you might want to check out the neighborhood. We love Honey’s, side by side with the store, with great wine options. In addition, if you want to explore the neighborhood at night, visit our friends at Lot 45 Bushwick, or see what’s going on at the House of Yes.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ascari Bicycles
*Last Updated on March/2020.*

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